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🏛 | Priority measures such as prevention of spread Miyazaki Prefecture to extend until September 30 Governor Kono shows policy to continue only in Miyazaki City


Priority Measures to Prevent Spread, etc. Governor Kono Shows Policy to Continue Only in Miyazaki City Miyazaki Prefecture

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On top of that, regarding the priority measures area, we have indicated a policy to continue only in Miyazaki City, where the infection remains high.

The government has decided to extend priority measures such as prevention of spread to Miyazaki until the 30th of this month.Governor Kono is Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Miyazaki City

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Atago Shrine in Sadowara-choImage providedplease.(2021/10)

Miyazaki City(Miyazaki) isMiyazakiIn the southeast ofCity.. MiyazakiPrefectural office locationso,Core cityIs specified in.

Phoenix Seagaia Resort,Qingdao,Professional baseball-Professional soccer campWith many tourist resources such asTourist cityBut alsoKyusyu-OkinawaIn rural areasNagasakiIt has the 7th largest population after.1998 (Heisei 10) to become a core city.


Miyazaki PlainLocated at the southern end of theOyodo RiverFlows,Hinata NadaIs pouring into. SouthCrocodile mountainsMost of the area is urban except in the mountains.Alluvial plainWhen,Diluvial plateauAccount for the majority.

  • Mountain:Futoshiyama(Volume Shiyama)Mt. Shizuka
  • River: Oyodo River, (Kiyotakegawa), (Kaedagawa),Hitotsagawa
  • Lakes: (Tampori) and others for irrigationReservoirMany
  • East end: 131°29'27'E
  • West end: 131 degrees 19 minutes 26 seconds east longitude
  • North end: 32°00'45'N
  • Southern edge: 31°43'04°N


The average annual temperature is around 18℃. The annual rainfall is usually over 2,000 mm, and sometimes over 3,000 mm in some years, which is extremely high. Also, sunshine hours rarely fall below 2,000 hours a year. In terms of high average temperature, high annual rainfall, and long hours of sunshine, all of them are within the third place at the prefectural offices nationwide. Generally speaking, residents other than Kyushu generally imagine.Kyushu climateCan be said to be the climate most applicable to. Although there are frost observations at the Meteorological Observatory in Miyazaki City,QingdaoThe coastal area to the south is a frost-free zone.


3From mid4The weather remains unclear until the end. The weather can change,(I.e.Passes through the Sea of ​​Japan, the temperature rises,Fern phenomenonIt became hot outside the season atSummerOr up to near 30℃.


5From late7Towards the beginningrainy seasonNext, the end of the rainy season may be hit by heavy rain. Urbanization is not significantTropical nightThere is not much, and the southwesterly wind is predominant, and the peak temperature of July is susceptible to the Fern phenomenon, and the average temperature in August isFukuoka CityCompared to It can be said that the heat of summer is mild in Kyushu.


Following the summer heat in the first half of SeptembertyphoonIt will be the season of invasion. In the rainy season, which is comparable to the rainy season, it is a phenomenon peculiar to Miyazaki that heavy rain continues from the stage where the typhoon is far south to the wet eastern wind.11Is a refreshing autumn sunny day.


Most of the weather is dry and sunny with a strong westerly wind. Around Kyushu (KagoshimaEven in the case of snow in (including southern Kyushu), only Miyazaki City is often clear (Kyushu mountain areaHinders snow clouds). Even on the Pacific side,South KantoExcluding coastal areas and mountainous areasShizuokaExcluding mountainsKinkiCentral and SouthSanyo region,ShikokuAs well asWinter typeIt can be said that there is almost no snowfall under atmospheric pressure. Of wintersnowFor many years, snowfall itself is not observed.SnowfallIs extremely rare, and the number of times that snow cover of 1 cm or more was observed is only a few times.Late Showa period1961 以降では3回(1975年、1987年、2005年)のみである。記録的な寒波に見舞われた2005年12月22日に1cmの積雪を観測したが、1cm以上の積雪は約20年ぶりで、12月の積雪は60年ぶりのことであった[1].. While it is warm during the day, the minimum temperature may be below freezing due to radiant cooling, especially the next morning when the winter type is loose.Winter dayIs much more than in central Tokyo.There is no year in the past where no winter days were observed like Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, and Kagoshima (until 1).[Annotation 1]..Cloudy and rain are noticeable in late winter when spring is near.

Climate of Miyazaki Local Meteorological Observatory (Kirishima, Miyazaki City, altitude 9m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F)25.1
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F)13.0
Average daily temperature ° C (° F)7.8
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F)3.0
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F)−7.5
Precipitation amount mm (inch)72.7
Snowfall cm (inch)0
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)
Average number of snowfall days1.
Average monthlyDaylight hours192.6170.8185.6186.0179.7119.4198.0208.6156.5173.6167.0183.92,121.7
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1886-present)[2][3]

City area

southFrom the oldCity areaNakamura, which is adjacent to Jogasaki,NorthHanagashima and Ehira, a small town in Japan, are located in the middlePrefectural officeIt was connected by the urbanization of Kamepeppu Village where was built, and it became a long and continuous urban area in the north and south. The city area expanded around this first city area. further1960 eraFrom Heiwagaoka, starting from the hill and surrounding the city in an arcNew townWere developed one after another,populationIt became a saucer for the increase.

Adjacent municipalities

Place name

Place name of Miyazaki citychecking ...


Muromachi Period Of1551 (Astronomy 20th year), Tadanobu Saemon OtaOyodo RiverLocated on the right bank of the river near the mouth (south side)JogasakiI opened a town in that area. This JogasakiAkae PortAs a town of merchants refraining from trade, trade with the upper part was actively carried out, and haiku and other townsman culture developed.Edo PeriodOf Jogasaki and Akae PortMr. ItoObi ClanLocated in the northeastern part of the territory,Hyuga countryAs a base for logistics trade with the merchant district in Edo and Kamikami,Mr. ItoObi ClanWithAbandoned DomainEven more prosperous than the Muromachi period. The rest of the area is rural,HeavenIt was a frontier land in which the enclaves of other clan were complicated.

1871 yearsAbandoned DomainでBibizuWhen the (Mimitsu) prefecture and Miyakonojo prefecture were born, the Oyodo River was the prefectural border and the current Miyazaki city area was the prefectural border. But in 1873Bizu PrefectureとMiyakonojoSince the eastern part was merged and it was necessary to set up a prefectural office in the central part of the prefecture, the prefectural office was placed in Kamepeppu Village, Miyazaki District, and Miyazaki Prefecture was born. Miyazaki Prefecture in 1876KagoshimaAnd the prefectural office became a branch office,1877 (Meiji10 years)Southwest WarWhen an outbreak ofSatsumaSamurai OfSaigo TakamoriJoining the faction, the defeat of the Satsuma domain caused the Miyazaki prefecture side to be involved and confused and exhausted.1879 The former Miyazaki prefecture was divided into five counties: Miyazaki, Naka, Koyu, Usuki, and Morokata, and the Miyazaki branch was abolished and became the county office of Miyazaki and Naka districts.

In 1883Obi ClanSwordsmanSusumu KawagoeWhen Miyazaki Prefecture achieved the relocation by the prefectural movement, the Miyazaki Prefectural Government was established again in Kamibetsu-mura, Miyazaki-gun, and Miyazaki-cho was born with the enforcement of the town-village system in 1889, and later became Miyazaki City.In this way, Miyazaki City, which is geographically located in the center of the prefecture and has a wide Miyazaki plain as its hinterland, will develop around the prefectural office.


  • 1873 (Meiji6 years)May 1 - Bizu Prefecture-MiyakonojoMerged and Miyazaki Prefecture was established. The prefectural office was placed in the current location (Kamibeppu Village, Miyazaki District at that time).
  • 1876 (9th year of Meiji)May 8 -Miyazaki Prefecture is merged with Kagoshima Prefecture.
  • 1880 (Meiji 13) April 4-Kuninari Fukushima invests his personal propertyOyodo RiverTo the firstTachibana BridgeBuild (Kibashi).
  • 1883 (16th year of Meiji)
  • 1888 (21st year of Meiji) December 12st-1th generation Tachibana Bridge (Kibashi) is replaced by the current position.
  • 1889 (22th year of Meiji)May 5 - Municipal systemFollowing implementation, the next municipality, which will be the current city area, will be established.
    • Miyazaki-gun --Miyazaki Town / Oyodo Village /Omiya Village・Ikime Village, Uryuno Village, Tano Village, Kita Seibu Village, Minami Seibu Village
    • Kitanaka -Akae Village, Aoki Village, Kibana Village, Aoshima Village, Sumiyoshi Village, Sadohara Village, Hirose Village, Naka Village
    • Higashi-Moro County-Kuraoka Village, Takaoka Village, Mukasa Village
  • 1891 (24th year of Meiji)May 7 -North Seibu Village and Minami Seibu Village are merged to become Seibu Village.
  • 1896 (29th year of Meiji)May 4 -The town system of Sadohara is enforced. (At the same time, Kitanaka-gun is transferred to Miyazaki-gun)
  • 1902 (Meiji 35) April 5- Miyazaki Prefectural LibraryFounding
  • 1907 (40th year of Meiji) November 11-Crown Prince Yoshihito (Emperor Taisho)ButMiyazaki ShrineTo worship.
  • 1912 (Meiji 45) February- Emperor MeijiGives a sword to Miyazaki Shrine.
  • 1913 (Taisho2 years) June 12- Miyazaki StationOpened.
  • 1916 (Taisho 5)May 2 -Oyodo Village is enacted as a town system.
  • 1920 (Taisho 9)
    • March 3-Crown Prince Hirohito (Emperor Showa) Worshiped at Miyazaki Shrine.
    • April 4-Takaoka village is enacted.
  • 1923 (Taisho 12) December 12- Nippo Main LineIs all through.
  • 1924 (Taisho 13) April 4-Miyazaki Town, Oyodo Town, Omiya Village merged,Municipal system enforcement.. Population 42,920, area 45.15km2.
  • 1926 (Taisho 15)
  • 1930 (Showa5 years) June 10- Population exceeds 5.
  • 1932 (7)May 4 -Incorporate Kimura.
  • 1934 (Showa 9) October 10st-Emperor Jimmu The eastern Emperor of the Emperor 1 is held for the dedication.
  • 1935 (Showa 10) November 11-Emperor ShowaImperial Japanese ArmyAt the time of special exercise,Emperor Jimmu Eastern conquestThe Imperial Palace that is said to be the site of the Imperial Palace (Imperial Shrine) Worship.
  • 1936 (11)
  • 1937 (Showa 12) April 4-NHK Miyazaki broadcasting station is open.
  • 1940 (15)
  • 1943 (18)
    • April 4-Transfer Akae Town.
    • December January-Former Japanese Navy Akae Airfield as the largest air base in southern Kyushu (currently:Miyazaki Airport) Opening of the port.
  • 1945 (20)
    • March 3-First air raid in Miyazaki Prefecture by the US military.

Hyundai (after World War II)

  • 1948 (Showa 23) July 6- Tachibana ParkEstablished.
  • 1950 (Showa 25) May 5-Tanomura and Kiyotakemura enacted the town system.
  • 1950 (Showa 25) July 10- Population exceeds 10.
  • 1951 (26)
    • -Opened Miyazaki Prefectural Museum.
    • March 3-Transfer Uryu Nomura, Kibana Village, Aoshima Village, Kuraoka Village.
    • April 4-Hirose village enforcement.
  • 1954 (29)
  • 1955 (30)
    • May 3 -Takaoka Town incorporates the Sego district of a large paper shop in Nojiri Town, Nishimori Prefecture.
    • April 4-Satohara Town and Nakamura will be merged into Sadohara Town.
    • April 4-merged Takaoka-cho and Osamura and become Takaoka-cho.
    • August 6- QingdaoThe surrounding areaNichinan Kaigan Quasi-National ParkSpecified in.
  • 1957 (32)
    • May 5-Miyazaki Ohashi opened on the Oyodo River.
    • May 10 -Transfer Sumiyoshi Village.
  • 1958 (33)
    • April 4-Sadohara Town and Hirose Town will be merged into Sadohara Town.
    • August 10- Population exceeds 15.
  • 1959 (Showa 36) July 1- Yomiuri GiantsStarted camping at Miyazaki Prefectural Baseball Stadium in Miyazaki City.
  • 1960 (35)
    • August 5- Hisanaga Shimazu-TakakoMr. and Mrs. (Emperor ShowaFifth Princess) visited for a honeymoon.
    • July 7-NHK Miyazaki Broadcasting Station started TV broadcasting.
    • October 10-Miyazaki Broadcasting started broadcasting TV.
  • 1961 (36) May 5-Miyazaki Airport is designated as a second type airport.
  • 1962 (37)
    • May 5-Crown Prince Akihito (laterAkihito), Crown Princess (laterMichiko Empress) Visited.
    • October 10-The title of honorary citizen of Miyazaki City is given to Shotaro Iwakiri.
  • 1963 (38)
    • April 4-Transfer Ikumemura.
    • May 5-All Nippon Railways Nichinan Line.
  • 1964 (Showa 39) June- Tokyo Olympics OfTorch relayHeiwadai Park will be the second starting point.
  • 1965 (40) April 4-Locations such as Miyazaki CityYasunari KawabataOriginalNHKContinuous tv novel5st workTamayuraIs broadcast.
  • 1966 (Showa 41) July 2- NaraKashiharaとsister cityConclude.
  • 1967 (Showa 42) June 6-Miyazaki Prefectural Aoshima Subtropical Botanical Garden opened.
  • 1968 (43)
    • March 3-The 23st Miyazaki Flower Show is held at Heiwadai Park.
    • September 9-City Flag, City Tree (Camphor), city flower (Hanashobu) Is established.
    • October 10-Awagihara Forest Park (Citizen's forest)Founded.
  • 1969 (44)
  • 1970 (Showa 45) July 4- TV MiyazakiStarted TV broadcasting.
  • 1971 (46)
  • 1972 (47)
  • 1973 (48)
  • 1974 (49)
  • 1975 (50) February 2-The Yomiuri Giants relocated the camp from Miyazaki prefecture baseball stadium to Miyazaki general sports park second hardball stadium.
  • 1976 (Showa 51) July 9- Minamimiyazaki StationWas newly built.
  • 1978 (53)
  • 1979 (54)
  • 1981 (56)
  • 1982 (57)
    • March 3-Move the venue of Miyazaki Flower Show to Miyazaki Prefectural Sports Park.
    • May 5-International Youth Chamber Asia-Pacific Conference held.
    • November 11-Open Takamatsu Bridge on the Oyodo River.
  • 1984 (59)
    • March 3-Miyazaki City and 24 surrounding citiesTechnopolisDesignated as a construction area.
    • April 4-Held the first to commemorate the 22th anniversary of the municipal organization.
    • August 9- MRT miccOpening.
    • August 12- FM MiyazakiIs the 12th station in Japan (the 4th station in Kyushu and Okinawa).
  • 1985 (60) April 4-Miyazaki City is elected as Vice Chairman City of Japan Convention Promotion Council.
  • 1986 (Showa 61) June- Ministry of Construction OfTop 100 Roads in JapanTachibana Park is elected.
  • 1987 (62)
    • June 6-30 cities and 6 towns, including the city of Miyazaki, are designated as the second international tourism model district.
    • August 8-World's largest (at the time)planetariumThe Miyazaki Science and Technology Museum is opened.
    • August 8-10 roads in Japan selected by the Ministry of Construction "Nichinan Phoenix Road" (Horikiri Pass-Namicho Meizu) is elected.
    • August 8-With Miyazaki City Tourism AssociationAsahikawaThe tourism association signs a friendship agreement.
    • November 11-Yasunari Kawabata literary monument "Tamayura" was built in Tachibana Park.
  • 1988 (63)
  • 1989 (XNUMX)
    • February 2-Sadohara TownWest cityA part of is incorporated (boundary change).
    • March 3-Large domestic rocket at Miyazaki Science MuseumHIThe full-scale model (40 m long) is completed.
    • June 6-Professional baseball game ``Fukuoka Daiei Hawks versus Lotte OrionsThe match is held at Miyazaki Municipal Baseball Field.
  • 1990 (2)
    • April 4-Miyazaki at Miyazaki Port-Osaka NankoIn between ferry service.
    • April 4-24th World Amateur Surfing Championship held in Miyazaki.
    • May 5-Tsubakiyama Forest Park is completed as a 22th anniversary commemorative project.
    • July 7-Change boundaries with the town of Kiyotake.
    • December 12-Change boundaries with Takaoka.
  • 1991 (3)
    • April 4-In the flower tree of Miyazaki cityCamelliaSpecify.
    • May 5-Miyazaki City's first Kibana Sumo DanceIntangible folk cultural propertySpecified.
    • October 10-ASP World Tour Miyazaki Pro Surfing World Championships held.
    • November 11st-1th All Japan Masters Athletics Championships held
  • 1992 (4)
    • February 2-The second national camellia summit Miyazaki tournament held.
    • April 4-Reopening of Children's World.
    • August 5- The United States of AmericaVirginiaVirginia Beach CityConcluded a sister city agreement with.
    • July 7-Opened Hasugaike Historical Park as a 25th anniversary commemorative project.
    • July 7-Opened Miyazaki Museum of History and Culture as a 25th anniversary commemorative project.
    • August 8-Held the 1 National High School Sports Festival. The main venue is Miyazaki Prefectural Sports Park.
    • October 10-Incorporated part of Kiyotake Town (change boundaries).
    • December 12st-Designated the Aoshima Usudaiko dance as an intangible folk cultural asset in Miyazaki City.
    • December 12-Held the 6st World Blind Marathon Miyazaki Tournament.
  • 1993 (Heisei5 years)
    • August 4- Miyazaki Public UniversityFounded.
    • May 5-Open the International Beach Entrance Plaza.
    • August 7- General Recreation Area Improvement ActIt is the first applicationSeagaiaOpened some of the world's largest indoor pool "Ocean Dome" and started business.
    • October 10-JR Miyazaki Station new station building completed. Opened at the same time as Fresta Miyazaki.
    • October 10-Awarded the cityscape grand prize in the Gotagawa green road district (established by the Ministry of Construction).
    • December 10-7stWorld Veterans Athletics ChampionshipsHeld.
    • November 11-Miyazaki City won the highest award in the municipal department at the 12rd National Flower Town Competition.
    • November 11-As a 22th anniversary of Oki prefectureMiyazaki Prefectural Art TheaterHall.
    • December 11-26stLPGA Tour ChampionshipHeld. (Since then held in Miyazaki City)
  • 1994 (Heisei6 years)
  • 1995 (7)
    • March-Completion of Miyazaki Prefecture Cultural Park.
    • March 3-Move the Miyazaki Flower Festa (formerly Flower Show) venue to Children's World.
    • March 3-Oyodogawa Learning Center completed.
    • August 10- Population exceeds 30.
    • October 10-popular theater "Miyazaki Tachibana Theater" opening.
    • August 10- Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of ArtOpening
    • October 10-JR Miyazaki station West exit station square is completed.
    • August 11- National Land AgencyDesignated Miyazaki City as an international model city.
  • 1996 (8)
    • April 4-Renamed Miyazaki Sunshine Lady Miss Miyazaki.
    • July 7-Nichinan Coast (Aoshima, Miyazaki City-Ishihama, Kushima City)Top XNUMX beaches in JapanTo be selected.
    • July 7-JR of the first airport connecting train at the regional airportMiyazaki Airport LineOpened.
    • August 9- Miyazaki Cable TVOpening.
    • September 9-Miyazaki Civic Center closed.
    • August 10- Miyazaki City Culture HallOpening.
    • October 10-Port of Miyazaki International Tourist Ship Wharf is temporarily in service. As the first issue, the large international sightseeing boat "Asuka" came to the port for the first time.
    • October 10-Seagaia's Ocean Dome becomes the world's largest retractable indoor water parkGuinness BookBe certified by.
    • December 11-9stNational Health and Welfare FestivalHeld (Nenrin Pick).
  • 1997 (9)
    • - Miyazaki Prefectural College of NursingFounded.
    • May 5-Professional baseball as the 3th anniversary of Miyazaki City Tourism AssociationEastern LeagueOfficial game "Yomiuri Giants vs. Yakult SwallowsHeld.
    • July 7-Miyazaki Shirahama Auto Campground opened as a commemorative project for the 1th anniversary of the municipal organization.
    • October 10-Takachiho-dori district won the cityscape grand prize (established by the Ministry of Construction).
    • August 10- ToyotaHeld the world tournament Miyazaki '97.
    • November 11-Miyazaki City Tourism Association 24th Anniversary "All Japan Veterans Golf Festival in Miyazaki" held.
  • 1998 (10)
    • August 2- Miyazaki Kita BypassAll lines are open.
    • March 3-Qingdao beach is the Environmental Agency55 baths in JapanElected to.
    • August 4- Core citySpecified in.
    • April 4-Men's Tennis NECDavis Cup1998 Asia/Oceania Zone Group 2nd Round “Japan vs. New Zealand” opens.
    • May 5-Miyazaki Prefectural Museum reopened.
    • May 5-First held.
    • August-8th Festival Miyazaki held. This time ends.
    • September 9-Boundary change between the town of Kiyotake and Tano.
  • 1999 (11)
    • March 3-Miyazaki International Tsubaki Conference held.
    • August 3- Green Expo Miyazaki '99Held.
    • April 4-Miyazaki Resort Onsen "Tamayura no Yu" opens.
    • October 10-Miyazaki holding the 23th National Volunteer Festival.
  • 2000 (12)

Contemporary (21st century)

  • 2001 (13)
  • 2002 (14)
    • January 1-Change boundaries with the town of Kiyotake. On the same day, the boundary was changed with Takaoka Town.
    • February 2-Honorary Director Yomiuri Giants LifelongNagashima ShigeoMr. Miyazaki is given the title of Honorary Citizen. This is the first time for a person from outside the city.
    • August 3- Akijo CastleThe trace is designated as a national historic site.
    • August 5- 2002 FIFA World CupAt (Japan-Korea World Cup)Swedish national teamIs camping.
    • August 5- 2002 FIFA World CupAt (Japan-Korea World Cup)German national teamIs camping.
    • August-The joint name of Miyazaki Prefecture and Miyazaki City "Special Zone for International Convention and Tourism" proposes a special zone concept to introduce a special case of casino acceptance in part of Miyazaki City.
    • August 8- Skynet Asia Airlines(Miyazaki-Tokyo) in service.
    • August 8-Miyazaki Hometown Festival changed its name.
    • 12 month - Miyazaki City Ikimomemori Sports Park Baseball Field(Ivy Stadium) The first baseball field opens.
  • 2003 (15)
    • March-Tsubakiyama Forest Park is the first in Japan to be recognized as an "excellent garden for the International Camellia Conference" (International Camellia Association).
    • March 3-Miyazaki Toshiya Department Store reopened as Carino Miyazaki.
    • November 11-Opening.
    • October-Miyazaki City Ikimomemori Sports Park Baseball Stadium (Ivy Stadium) Partial facilities such as the second baseball field and indoor practice area are completed and open.
    • November 11-Fukuoka Daiei Hawks (current:Fukuoka Softbank Hawks) Started camping at the baseball field in Ikime-no-Mori Athletic Park, Miyazaki City.
  • 2004 (16)
    • March-Within Miyazaki Prefectural Sports ParkTree flower domeOpening.
    • May 5-To celebrate the 12th anniversary of the municipal organization, a professional baseball game ``Fukuoka Daiei Hawks vs. Seibu LionsHeld at Sun Marine Stadium Miyazaki
    • May 5-15th anniversary commemorative ceremony of Miyazaki City Organization.
    • May 5-To commemorate the sister city exchange with Virginia Beach City to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the enactment of the city system, Ueno-cho Miyazaki City (blue sky market trace) completed Virginia Beach Square.
    • August 5- People's Republic of ChinaLiaoningAshijimaConclude a friendly city with.
    • June 5-Professional baseball game ``Yomiuri Giants versus Hiroshima Toyo CarpHeld at Sun Marine Stadium Miyazaki (Yomiuri Giants' first official match in the prefecture)
    • September-Miyazaki City receives the "Floral Tourism Destination Grand Award" sponsored by the Japan Tourism Association.
    • December 10-9stFarm Japan Championship(Japan Professional Baseball 2 Army League's No. XNUMX match in Japan) is held at Sun Marine Stadium Miyazaki.
    • August 10- Education league(Open match between two Japanese baseball teams, commonly known as the Phoenix League) is held mainly in Miyazaki City. (Since then held in Miyazaki Prefecture)
  • 2005 (17)
  • 2006 (18)
    • August 1- Tano Town-Sadohara Town-Takaoka TownTo be incorporated.
    • August 1- Population exceeds 35.
    • August 1- 2006 FIFA World CupAt (German Games)Japan national football teamThe team camps at Miyazaki Prefectural Sports Park.
    • March 3-National Route 27 opened.
    • March 3-popular theater "Miyazaki Tachibana Theater" closed.
    • June 6-The main tournamentHawaiiDone inHulaJapan's qualifying session, "Moku o Keave International Festival Japan Tournament," will be held for the first time at the Seagaia Summit Hall.
    • July 7-Professional baseballAll star gamesHeld at Sun Marine Stadium Miyazaki.
  • 2007 (19)
  • 2008 (20)
    • February 2-Shotaro Iwakiri award ends 7 times.
    • March 3-National Highway 23 Qingdao-Nichinan improvement project "Oriisako-Inland Sea" opening.
    • August 4- Ikime Burial Mounds Historic Site ParkOpening.
    • May 5-Official baseball game "Fukuoka Softbank Hawks vs. Saitama Seibu Lions" held at Sun Marine Stadium Miyazaki.
    • August 6- EVA AirStarted Miyazaki-Taipei (Taiwan) flights.
    • March 7-National Route 29 opened.
    • November 11-Akae Bridge opens on the Oyodo River.
    • December 12-The 14nd Qingdao Pacific Ocean Marathon is a course on the main street of Miyazaki CityTachibana StreetIs added.
  • 2009 (21)
    • August 2- 2009 World Baseball ClassicInBaseball representative from JapanThe team camps at Sun Marine Stadium Miyazaki. The number of spectators mobilized for 6 days excluding rest days is 24,1000.
    • April 4-Ikume no Yu Kokokan opened.
    • August 8-Fukuoka Softbank Hawks ChairmanSadaharu OhHe is given the title of Honorary Citizen of Miyazaki City. This is the second person from the suburbs following Shigeo Nagashima.
    • September 9-EVA Air Miyazaki-Taipei (Taiwan) flight suspended.
    • October 10-Miyazaki Art Center opened.
    • October 10-Nichinan Line Limited Express ``Umiyuki Yamayuki"(Miyazaki-Nango) service started.
  • 2010 (22)
    • January 1-January 13, 2006, observed snowfall for the first time in four years.
    • August 1- China AirlineStarted Miyazaki-Taipei service.
    • January 1-previous yearJapan Championship SeriesHeld a welcome parade of the Yomiuri Giants who won the. The number of spectators is 48,000.
    • August 3- Kiyotake TownTo be incorporated.
    • April 4-Within Miyazaki PrefectureFoot-and-mouth diseaseOccurs. For more informationOutbreak of FMD in Japan in 2010.
      • May 5-Miyazaki City Phoenix Natural Zoo is a temporary closure for prevention of infection.
      • June 6-Designated as a vehicle disinfection mandatory area in Miyazaki Prefecture (Act on Special Measures against FMD).
      • June 6-Miyazaki City closes 11 facilities such as the general sports facility "Ikamemori Sports Park" near the outbreak farm. The prefecture also closed five facilities in Miyazaki city, such as the library, museum, and art museum.
      • August 8-announced the declaration of termination of foot-and-mouth disease by the Governor of Miyazaki Prefecture, Higashikunihara.
    • December 8-1stNational High School Cultural FestivalHeld.
    • August 10- Population exceeds 40.
    • August 11- Cross Mall KiyotakeOpening
  • 2011 (23)
    • March 3-Miyazaki Flower Festa ends (19 times in total), renamed and deployed throughout the year.
    • October 10-A commercial complex in front of the west exit of Miyazaki stationKITENOpening of business.
    • October 10-The 8th Farm Japan Championship held at Sun Marine Stadium Miyazaki.
    • August 12- Tokyo Girls Collection Sweet Xmas Edition supported by Miyazaki Koi Tabi at the Seagaia Convention Center at Phoenix Seagaia Resort.
  • 2012 (24)
    • January 1-Held a welcome parade of Fukuoka Softbank Hawks, who won the previous year's Japan Championship series. The number of spectators is 31.
    • March 3-All shares of Phoenix Seagaia ResortSEGA SAMMY HOLDINGSAcquired and made a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • October 10th and 26th-Kojiki compilation 27 commemoration 1300 Miyazaki Jingu Grand Festival God festive line "Kamigami no Parade" is held. The number of spectators is 24 on the outbound route and 102,000 on the return route.
    • December 11-23stNational Wagyu Competence Promotion MeetingでMiyazaki beefAchieved the prefectural Thanksgiving Day parade as they achieved their second consecutive title. The number of spectators is 2.
  • 2013 (25)
  • 2014 (26)
    • August 3- Higashikyushu Expressway Nobeoka-Open all lines between Miyazaki City.
    • August 3- Japan Triathlon UnionHas designated Phoenix Seagaia Resort and surrounding facilities as a base for strengthening the triathlon Olympics.Japan Olympic Committee"National Training Center(NTC) It has also been decided to apply for "strengthening base facilities by competition".
    • April 4-Express Bus "HimukaIs in operation.
    • April 4-MEXT in 14Rio de Janeiro OlympicsHas designated Phoenix Seagaia Resort as the official training center facility for the National Training Center (NTC) of each golf. The period is from April 2014, 4 to March 14, 2017.
    • April 4-Official baseball game ``Yomiuri Giants vs. Yokohama DeNA BaystarsIs held at Sun Marine Stadium Miyazaki.
    • August 8-Festival Miyazaki is back for the first time in 23 years.
    • October 8-Miyazaki CityLocal hub citySelected as a model project.
    • August 8- Orix BuffaloesAnnounced that it will use the Miyazaki City Kiyotake General Athletic Park SOKKEN Stadium as a spring camp site for 2015.
    • August 9- 6th IBAF Women's World CupHeld at Sun Marine Stadium Miyazaki and Ivy Stadium.
    • October 10-The 4th Farm Japan Championship held at Sun Marine Stadium Miyazaki.
    • October 10-16 ambassadors to Japan from 13 countries came to Miya. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has carried out since 21 for the purpose of exchanging local and foreign countries, and the second visit to Miyazaki for the first time in 1988 years since 1997.
    • October 10-nickname of Miyazaki Airport "Miyazaki Bougainvillea Airport" is determined.
    • December 11-1stNational Tea FestivalHeld. Held for the first time in 1995 years since 19.
  • 2015 (27)
  • 2016 (28)
    • March 4-Higashikyushu Expressway Kitakyushu-Open all lines between Miyazaki City.


Successive mayors

1Motoshige Osako1924 May 81927 May 10
2 · 3Sosuke Kawagoe1927 May 121935 May 2
4Seiichiro Kakihara1935 May 71937 May 6
5Nei HisagoOctober 1937th, 61940 May 12
6Zensuke Aoki1941 May 11945 May 1
7Wada Kaiji1945 May 21945 May 6
8Takashi Kayashima1945 May 61945 May 12
9Futami Jingo1945 May 121947 May 3
10 - 11Arakawa Iwakichi1947 May 41955 May 4
12 - 14Mima Arima1955 May 41966 May 7
15 - 17Kiyoyama Yoshio1966 May 81978 May 8
18Takanori NakamuraOctober 1978th, 81982 May 8
19 - 21Nagatomo TeizoOctober 1982th, 81994 May 1
22 - 25Shigemitsu Tsumura1994 May 22010 May 2
26Tadashi TadashiOctober 2010th, 2(Current position)

Administrative organization


  • Chair: Yoshihisa Ichinose (As of May 2018, 5)
  • Quota: 40 (Number of staff: 40)
  • Parliamentary structure: Hamayu-3 people, Shinshinkai-6 people,Komeito -6 people,Civic club -3 people, Miyazaki future-5 people,Social Democratic Party -3 people, Shinseikai-3 people, Municipal Doshikai-4 people,Japan Communist Party -2 people, citizen Miyazaki-1, Shinseikai-1, Kikoukai-1, Doshikai-3, Seiseikai-3

Wide area administration

Miyazaki Togo Prefecture Wide Area Municipal Area Council

  • Miyazaki Public University-Dissolved Miyazaki Public University Administrative Union in April 2011 (started independent operation by Miyazaki City)
  • Miyazaki City Night Emergency Center
  • Miyazaki City Development Support Center-Medical and childcare facility for infants with various disabilities that are well-known in all prefectures
  • Miyazaki Funeral Center

Merger of municipalities

2006 May 1To Tano-cho, Sadohara-cho and Takaoka-cho on March 2010, 3, and Seibu-cho on March 23, XNUMX.Special merger wardWas installed. Special merger ward will be 5 years laterLocal autonomous districtMove to. In other areas, from January 2006, 1, regional autonomous areas were established based on the old towns or junior high school districts.

Local autonomous district

Local community tax

Local community taxWas established by the city of MiyazakiOrdinanceFounded in April 2009 based onLocal tax.

About 37 of the city's total population (about 16),municipal taxThe tax will be levied on the per capita rate of ¥500 per year. thisMiyazaki City Local Community Activity FundAccumulated in the city asLocal autonomous district(2005 districts in the city of Miyazaki before 16),Special merger wardAllocate to (three districts) in proportion to the population. Each regional autonomous district/special merger district will utilize the fund as a cost for regional activities.

Originally planned to be established in April 2008, the start time was postponed for one year due to lack of public awareness. It was planned to be introduced in Kiyotake Town from 4.[4] Therefore, it was excluded.

Local community tax was one of the issues in the mayor election in January 2010. Tadashi Toshiki, who won the election with the promise of "abolition of community tax", submitted a draft proposal for the abolition of the local community tax to the assembly in June, but it was a continuous examination, and the assembly was treated the same in September. However, in the December parliament, the Citizens' Economic Committee on the 1th passed the abolition ordinance with a majority of 6 to 9, and the plenary session on the 12th was decided to be abolished as the agreement was significantly exceeded. As a result, the local community tax will be abolished two years after the introduction, and the reduction in revenue of 14 million yen due to the abolition is planned to be generated from general financial resources.

National/prefectural government

National politics

House of RepresentativesSmall districtIn the electionMiyazaki 1 ward(Miyazaki City,Higashimori prefecture(Aya Town,Kunitomi Town)) belongs to. The members elected in recent years are as follows.

Miyazaki Prefectural Assembly

Miyazaki City Election District
  • Constant number: 12 people
  • Term: September 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 20) to September 2023th, 5 (5th year of Reiwa)
Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Youichi HidakaMiyazaki Prefectural AssemblyLDP
Noriko WakitaniMiyazaki Prefectural Assembly Liberal Democratic Party
Sachishi NozakiMiyazaki Prefectural Assembly Liberal Democratic Party
Hajime WatanabePrefectural Union MiyazakiParty membershipConstitutional Democratic Party
Yasuo SakamotoKomeitoMiyazaki Prefectural Assembly
Kojiro ShigematsuKomeito Miyazaki Prefectural Assembly
Tatsuya IwakiriPrefectural Union MiyazakiParty membershipSocial Democrats
Teruo YokotaMiyazaki Prefectural Assembly Liberal Democratic Party
Mae Yashiki EmiJapan Communist PartyMiyazaki Prefectural Assembly
Takamatsu UematsuMiyazaki Prefectural Assembly Liberal Democratic Party
Koichi AriokaGochu no KaiIndependent
Kiyoko InoueVoices of citizensIndependent

公共 機関


Disaster prevention


Emergency designated hospital

Miyazaki City County Medical Association Related Facilities

  • Miyazaki City Night Emergency Center
  • Clinical laboratory
  • Miyazaki Nursing College

National office

National Police Agency

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Ministry of Defense


Authorized corporation

Independent administrative agency

National University Corporation

Special corporation

Prefecture administrative agency



Primary industry

Mainly in Akae, Kobana, Sumiyoshi, and Uryuno districtsTomato-green pepper-cucumberForcing cultivation is popular.mangoIs also one of the specialties. In Qingdao areaFishery:Is the center.

Secondary industry

Miyazaki Higashi area is Miyazaki SUNTechnopolisAlthough it is designated as a sphere, the main area is the former Kiyotake-cho, Kunitomi-cho, and former Sadohara-cho,PrintExcept for business, there is no large-scale industry in Miyazaki City. The industrial composition is characterized by the extremely small proportion of secondary industry.

Tertiary industry

Depends on city and surrounding areaRetail tradeAlso, due to poor transportation from the big citiesWholesale tradeIs also well developed. AlsoTourist cityTo beService industryAlso occupies a large weight. In recent years, it has been actively attracting the information industry.

Industrial population

■ 2005 (17)CensusResult

Major companies with headquarters in the city

Main commercial facilities


post office

  • Hirose Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • Raw eye post office (collection and delivery office)
  • Takaoka Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • Seibu Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • Tano Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • Kibana Post Office (collection and delivery office)
  • Miyazaki City Office Post Office
  • Miyazaki Takamatsu Dori Post Office
  • Miyazaki Ohashi Post Office
  • Miyazaki Kachigawara Post Office
  • Miyazaki Kirishima Post Office
  • Miyazaki Hanagashima Post Office
  • Miyazaki Uryuno Post Office
  • Miyazaki Heiwagaoka Post Office
  • Miyazaki Maruyama Post Office
  • Miyazaki Jingu East Post Office
  • Yoshishi Miyazaki Post Office
  • Shimodajima Post Office
  • Sadohara Post Office
  • Sadohara Naka Post Office
  • Miyazaki Prefectural Office Post Office
  • Miyazaki Ehei Post Office
  • Miyazaki Hashima Post Office
  • Miyazaki Aoba Post Office
  • Miyazaki Hinode Post Office
  • Miyazaki Matsuyama Post Office
  • Miyazaki Showa Post Office
  • Post Office in Miyako City
  • Miyazaki Oyodo Post Office
  • Miyazaki Jogasaki Post Office
  • Miyazaki Hongo Post Office
  • Miyazaki Tsukimigaoka Post Office
  • Miyazaki Ikudaidai Post Office
  • Miyazaki Otsuka Post Office
  • Miyazaki Otsukadai housing complex post office
  • Miyazaki Komatsudai Post Office
  • Kisa Post Office
  • Miyazaki Kuraoka Post Office
  • Yamashita Post Office
  • Gakuen Kohanadai Post Office
  • Qingdao Post Office
  • Utsumi Post Office

Simple post office

  • Shioji Simple Post Office
  • Hasama Simple Post Office
  • Miyazaki Shin Beppu Simple Post Office
  • Awagihara Simple Post Office
  • Miyazaki Yamazaki Post Office
  • Tayoshi Simple Post Office
  • Miyazaki Kibogaoka Post Office
  • Miyazaki Kyotsuka Simple Post Office
  • Miyazaki Komatsu Simple Post Office
  • Tomiyoshi Post Office
  • Hanami Simple Post Office
  • Uchiyama Simple Post Office
  • Uranona Simple Post Office
  • Miyazaki University School of Medicine Simple Post Office
  • Kano Simple Post Office

Sister cities/partner cities


  • Japanese flag Kashihara (Nara)- 1966 May 2Sister city tie-up[5].
    Emperor Jimmu HinataDeparted from the country and gained the throne in the land of KashiharaJapanese mythBecame a sister city due to the relationship between.
    In MiyazakiMiyazaki Shrine, In KashiharaShinohara Jingu ShrineThe main deity of both is Emperor Jimmu.
  • Japanese flag Tano Town (Kochi)- 1989 May 7Sister city tie-up.
    oldTano TownAnd Tano town in Kochi prefecture becomes a sister city because of the same name.
    Following the merger with Miyazaki City on January 2006, 1, the exchange will be taken over by Miyazaki City after consultation with the other city.[6].
  • Japanese flag Daisen City (Akita)- 2001 May 6Affiliated exchange partnership.
    oldSadohara TownAnd old Akita prefectureKyowa TownBut,Boshin WarAffiliated exchanges based on historical background in.Ouetsu Reihan AllianceLeftAkita domainWas a new government army with fierce battles in the Alliance and Kyowa TownSadohara DomainJoined with the reinforcements including the, and fought a fierce battle on the border, Kamiyodo River. About 100 Sadowara clan warriors participated in the battle and eight died in battleAkita CityWas buried in Joroji Temple.
    Sadohara Town merged with Miyazaki City on January 2006, 1, Kyowa Town merged with neighboring municipalities on March 1, 2005 to become Daisen City, and the exchanges have been taken over by Miyazaki City and Daisen City, respectively.

Tie-up cancellation

  • Japanese flag Isshiki Town (Aichi)- 1966 May 4Sister city tie-up.
    oldTano TownAnd Aichi Prefecture's former Isshiki Town formed a sister city relationship.
    Following the merger with Miyazaki City on January 2006, 1, the exchange will be taken over by Miyazaki City after consultation with the other city.[6] However, the sister relationship was dissolved. However, friendship is still ongoing[7].
    Isshiki Town on April 2011, 4NishioWas incorporated into.


  • United States flag Virginia Beach City (The United States of America Virginia)- 1992 May 5Sister city tie-up[8].
    Since 1984, it has become a sister city as a result of private-level exchanges such as mutual visits by students and adults, homestays, and cultural exchanges. It has a mild climate and is similar to Miyazaki City, such as a tourist resort city with outdoor sports facilities. To commemorate the sister city exchange with the city, the Virginia Beach Square was completed in Ueno-cho, Miyazaki City (blue sky market site) to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the municipal organization. Has become Virginia Beach City EmblemCape Henry Lighthouse(A quarter of the actual size, height 4 m, bottom diameter 1 m) was installed.
  • United States flag Waukegan City (The United States of America Illinois)- 1990 May 5Sister city tie-up[9].
    oldKiyotake TownAt a foreign-affiliated company (Baxter), it became a sister city to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the enforcement of the town system.
    Following the merger with Miyazaki City on March 2010, 3, Miyazaki City has taken over the exchange with Waukegan City.
  • Republic of Korea flag Boeun-gun (South Korea Chungcheongbuk-do)- 1993 May 8Sister city tie-up[10].
    oldTakaoka TownIn selecting the sister cities, the focus was on local governments in Korea, which are relatively close in distance and culture. When a member of the Korea-Japan Traditional Culture Exchange Association visited Takaoka Town, Chairman Zhao was introduced to Hoon-gun because he was from Hoon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do.
    With the merger with Miyazaki City on January 2006, 1, Miyazaki City has taken over the exchange with Hoon-gun.
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China Ashijima (People's Republic of China Liaoning)- 2004 May 5Friendship City Alliance[11].
    Since 1999, the deputy mayor of Ashishima City visited Miyazaki City and started exchanges, and in May 2001, established the Miyazaki City Friendship City Exchange Study Group. Through mutual visits such as the mayor of Miyazaki visiting Ashijima City, exchanges will deepen and become friendship cities.
  • Republic of China flagTaoyuan City(Republic of China City)- 2017 (29)May 10 Concluded sister city tie-up.



Miyazaki City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Miyazaki City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
■Purple-Miyazaki City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in Miyazaki City's (equivalent area) population
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


  • Average age (2000 census)-40.1 years


Miyazaki Academy CityBy the development and maintenance business,Miyazaki UniversityMoved from the former campus of Kirishima/Funazuka to Kinohanadai in the southern part of the city from 1984 to 1988 except for the attached young, elementary and middle schools. From Kibana to Seibu TownHigher educationInstitutions are concentrated and a new education district is formed. The former campus of Miyazaki UniversityMiyazaki Prefectural Library,Miyazaki Prefectural Museum of Art,Miyazaki Prefectural Art Theater(The former site of the Faculty of Agriculture, Miyazaki Prefectural Cultural Park),Miyazaki Public University(Former site of the Faculty of Education)Minamikyushu UniversityA new location on the Miyazaki Campus (the former site of the Faculty of Agriculture) and the relocation of Miyazaki University to the suburbs are being questioned by civic groups.

Secondary educationAbout the prefectural high school since 2003general course OfJoint selectionWas abolished, and it became possible to freely aspire to the regular high school in the city. Traditionally, public high schools have a strong climate, but private high schools in the prefectureHigh school consistent schoolThe rise and famous outside the prefecturePrivate high schoolThe outflow of brain continues, and as a countermeasure against it, 2007Miyazaki Prefectural Miyazaki Nishi High SchoolAttached to the attached junior high school.

University/Junior college




high school



Vocational school/vocational school

Junior high school





primary school


Special school

Social education

Cultural facility

Physical education facility

TV/Radio broadcasting

Miyazaki PrefectureBroadcast area(Prefectural broadcast), all terrestrial television stations have their main building in Miyazaki city,Tano Town OfMt. ShizukaToTransmission station (Miyazaki master station)Is installed.

In Miyazaki cityTerrestrial digital TV broadcastingandFM radio broadcastIs mainly viewed by receiving the broadcast waves of the Miyazaki master station.However, there are some households that cannot directly receive the TV signal of the master station due to geographical factors, etc., so 6 relay stations installed in the city (Qingdao station[12]-Oryuzako Bureau[13]-Miyazaki Uchiumi Bureau[14]-Heiwagaoka Bureau[15]-Satohara station[16]-Takaoka station[17]) Is covered.Also,Miyazaki Sunshine FMTransmission station (master station)Sheraton Grande Ocean ResortIt is installed on the rooftop of.

AM radio broadcastAbout the transmission point ofMiyazaki Radio StationSee.

Television (terrestrial digital broadcasting)
IDBroadcasting station namecallsignPhysical channel
Miyazaki master stationQingdao stationOryuzako BureauTakaoka stationSatohara stationHeiwagaoka BureauMiyazaki Uchiumi Bureau
1NHK MiyazakiSynthesisJOMG-DTV 14 ch 20 ch 28 ch
2E TeleJOMC-DTV 13 ch 18 ch 26 ch
3UMK TV MiyazakiJODI-DTV 16 ch 24 ch 32 ch
6MRT Miyazaki BroadcastingJONF-DTV 15 ch 22 ch 30 ch
AM radio
Broadcasting station namecallsignfrequency(Miyazaki master station)
NHK MiyazakiRadio No. 1JOMG540 kHz
Radio No. 2JOMC1467 kHz
MRT radioJONF936 kHz
FM radio
Broadcasting station nameCall sign, etc.Frequency (Miyazaki master station)
Miyazaki Sunshine FMJOZZ0AJ-FM76.1 MHz
FM Miyazaki
JOMU-FM[18]83.2 MHz
NHK MiyazakiFM broadcastJOMG-FM[19]86.2 MHz
MRT radio (FM complementation station)(MRT Miyazaki FM)90.4 MHz

Cable TV

Miyazaki City as a service areaCable TVAre the following two companies. Both companiesDigital terrestrial broadcasting OfRebroadcast outside the areaIs being implemented, and the affiliated stations that are lacking in terrestrial television in Miyazaki Prefecture are being supplemented.





Transit Bus

Miyazaki TransportationOf the city and neighboring municipalitiesTransit BusIs in charge. Long time agoJR Kyushu Bus OfMiyabayashi Line-Nihi LineHowever, both are now abolished and transferred to Miyazaki Kotsu.

Express Bus

In the cities, towns and villages in [], only stops on the highway, facilities on the highway, and near the highway. [] No municipalities stop in the city center.

Abandoned routes


One of the characteristics of the city's road network is that the Oyodo River flows in a way that divides the city area, and the traffic routes are limited. Therefore, traffic congestion frequently occurs around the bridge. In particular, in order to reduce the traffic that passes through the urban area, which crosses the Oyodo River and enters the urban area,Inner loop lineとOuter loop lineIs under maintenance.


Regional high standard road

General national road

Prefectural road(Main local roadonly)

Road Station



Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Miyazaki Sunshine Lady

  • As Miyazaki's face, activities such as tourism events, welcoming ceremonies, visits to exchange cities, etc. (term: 2 years, Miyazaki City Tourism Association)
27nd generation2007 Mao Kawaguchi, Tomoyo Matsushita, Asako Kawano
28nd generation2008 Kyoko Miyazaki, Kaori Takeuchi, Misa Iwashita [20]
29nd generation2009 Chinatsu Tanaka, Wakana Tomoe, Ryoko Horikawa [21]
30nd generation2010 Mao Onikawa, Akiko Takehira, Misaki Ohara [22]
31nd generation2011 Shoko Ikeda, Yuki Nagatomo, Arisa Sakanashi [23]
32nd generation2013 Miyuki Yuasa, Teresa Matsui, Kanako Yuchi [24]

Sports team

サ ッ カ ー

Works set in Miyazaki City




Special effects
  • Ultraman Taro(1973-1974 TBS)
    • Episode 12 "Monster alone trip"
    • Episode 13 "The cavities of monsters hurt!"


TV drama

Serial drama
  • Tamayura(1965-1966 NHK)
  • Key hunter(1968-1973 TBS)
    • Episode 105: The World Murderer's Troupe of the South (April 1970, 4)
    • Episode 174: "The bride in black robe: serial murder in a tropical country" (July 1971, 7)
    • Episode 178: "Nude to the South Country with Nude Wedding" (August 1971, 8)
    • Episode 183: Kyu-chan's Spy Operation (October 1971, 10)
  • Dangerous aneki(2005 Fuji Television Network, Inc)
Single-shot drama
Korean drama
  • Wedding (2005 KBS)
  • Snow Flower (2006 SBS)
Taiwanese drama
  • Night Market Life (2009-2011 FTV)


Japanese movie
Korean movie
  • Black daffodil (2001)

TV commercial

Japanese commercial
  • 2006: Lotto 6
  • 2007: Shionogi Pharmaceutical
  • 2010: Appearance of Kirin “Kirin Ichiban Shibori” (Nanako Matsushima)
CM of Taiwan
  • 2011: CM for visiting Japan-(Miyazaki City: Miyachiku, Meat Straw, Nichinan City: Udo Shrine, Takachiho Town: Kunimigaoka/Takachiho Gorge/Ten'angawara/Takachiho Night Kagura)


Miyazaki City Honorary Citizen

  • Iwakichi Arakawa (Awarded on May 1957, 5)
  • Shotaro Iwagiri(Awarded on October 1962, 10)
  • Miri Arima (Awarded on July 1966, 7)
  • Tadashi Hidaka (honored on June 1967, 6)-Honorary townsman of Seibu Town
  • Torataro Takayama (Awarded April 1971, 4)-Honorary townspeople of Sadohara Town
  • Kiichi Niiga (Awarded on April 1971, 4)-Honorary citizens of Sadohara Town
  • Eizo Ueno (Awarded on December 1973, 12)-Honorary Townsman of Tano Town
  • Takeo Ama (Awarded on February 1976, 2)-Takaoka Town Honorary Townspeople
  • Yusuke Nagayama (Awarded on February 1976, 2)-Takaoka Town Honorary Townspeople
  • Fumio Nagano (Awarded on February 1976, 2)-Takaoka Town Honorary Townspeople
  • Yoshio Kiyoyama (Awarded on April 1984, 4)
  • Kiyomasa (October 1984, 10)-Honorary townspeople in Sadohara Town
  • Yasuro Yamauchi (Awarded on October 1984, 10)-Honorary townspeople of Sadohara Town
  • Yasumori Nagatomo (honored on May 2000, 5)-Honorary citizens of Seibu Town
  • Isao Tsuda (Awarded on November 2000, 11)-Honorary Townsman, Tano Town
  • Nagashima Shigeo(Awarded on October 2002, 2)
  • Sadaharu Oh(Awarded on October 2009, 8)

Famous graduates / people with connections




Celebrity living in Miyazaki City

People who lived in Miyazaki (including those who have already migrated and the deceased)

People related to Miyazaki City


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