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🏛 | Clear difference in "nuclear power" position Nuclear fuel cycle, new expansion ... Attention to the debate on the presidential war


Clear difference in "nuclear power" position Nuclear fuel cycle, new expansion ... Attention to the debate in the presidential war

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On the 15th, a meeting was held in a hurry by the Parliamentary League to promote the replacement of the LDP's nuclear power plant.

Nuclear power policy has become one of the major issues in the LDP presidential election. Taro Kono, the minister in charge of administrative reform, who has the theory of "de-nuclear power" is Hara ... → Continue reading

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Nuclear power plant replacement

Parliamentary League

Parliamentary League(Ginrenmei,British: all-party parliamentary group) IsMemberIs a general term for associations formed for some purpose.For shortParliamentary LeagueAlso called.


Parliamentary groups are organized for some purpose, but the purpose is not limited to political purposes.Eligibility is a minimum requirement to be a member of an elected parliament (exception)New Constitution Enactment AllianceChairman is formerMember of the House of Representatives OfYasuhiro Nakasone), Basically generalVotersCannot participate.Depending on the content and purpose of the parliamentary group, stricter participation requirements may be set, but many parliamentary groups are open to the public for the events themselves held by the parliamentary group.In recent years, not just general participationCivil society(NPOCorporation·NGOEtc.) tend to encourage participation.

Furthermore, due to the widespread participation of civil society, parliamentary groups may form a solidarity across national borders.This is called the "international parliamentary group" or parliamentary league, and it takes the form of an organization in which members of the parliamentary groups of each country directly participate to form an organization.As a typical example1978 ToThe United States of AmericaPGA launched inParliamentary League for Global Issues).In addition, as a matter of course, in the case of the "Country A-Country B Friendship Parliamentary League", exchanges are often held between the Parliamentary League of A and the Parliamentary League of B.


Each member of the Diet divides the roles of the operation of the Parliamentary League.A general parliamentary group has the following organizational system. In the case of an intra-party parliamentary group, influential persons within the party, and in the case of a bipartisan parliamentary group, influential persons from each party assume the positions of officers.

  • Advisor
  • President
  • Acting President
  • Vice President
  • Chief Secretary
  • Secretary
  • Secretary-General
  • Deputy Secretary-General
  • Secretariat
  • Clerk (Staff)

Japanese Parliamentary League

Parliamentary federations in Japan are formed for various purposes, such as those related to policy, those for responding to political issues, those for promoting solidarity of industry groups, and those for hobbies and enthusiasts.Political partyThere are various forms, such as those that only members can participate in and those that can participate in bipartisan groups.


It is often called the Parliamentary League, but there are also the following names.

  • ○○ social gathering
  • ○○ Parliamentarians' Association
  • ○○ Study Group

the purpose

  • Federation for policy promotion: postal business social gathering, etc.
  • Federation for Political Issues: Hokkaido Shinkansen Construction Promotion Parliamentary League, etc.
  • Federation for industry solidarity: Septic tank parliamentary federation, automobile parliamentary federation, etc.
  • Federation for hobby promotion: Wine lovers' federation, parliamentary amateur radio club, etc.

The actual situation

Usually, parliamentarians have quite a lot of parliamentary federations, and in reality, they often join by socializing or just lend their names.In addition, there are cases where it is formed only by members of a political party (often in policy parliamentary federations) and cases where it is formed by bipartisan groups (often in hobby parliamentary federations).However, regarding the parliamentary groups with other countries such as the Japan Parliamentary League, and the field parliamentary groups such as security,ODAAnd industryInterestThere is also a deep-rooted opinion that correction is necessary.

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