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🏛 | Opposition criticism "Corona over there" in the composition of four LDP presidential elections


Opposition criticism "Corona over there" in the composition of four LDP presidential elections

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Mr. Takaichi also exchanged opinions online with a local member of the Nara Prefectural Assembly.

In the LDP presidential election announced on the 17th, Acting Secretary-General Noda announced that he would run on the 16th, and former political chairman Kishida, former president Takaichi ... → Continue reading

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Nara Prefectural Assembly

Nara Prefectural Assembly(Nara Kengikai) isNaraIs installed inLocal council.



4 years.Parliamentary dissolutionIf is implemented, the term of office of members of the Diet will end even before the term of office expires.


44.The number is set at 44 by the prefecture ordinance.

Selection method

Middle-election systemとSingle-seat constituency systemCarried out.


The "Parliamentary Secretariat" is set up as an administrative organization to assist the prefectural assembly.

  • General affairs section
  • Legislative Division
  • Research Division


Parliamentary group

As of 2021 year 9 month 5 day.

The Liberal Democratic Party parliamentary group has been divided into three parts due to the confrontation in parliamentary management over the post of vice-chairman and the post of chairman of each committee.

Parliamentary nameNumber of membersAffiliated partyNumber of female membersRatio of female members (%)
Liberal Democratic Party Nara9LDP00
Sosei Nara5Independent00
If it's a new government5Constitutional Democratic Party4. Independent 1120
Japan Communist Party4Japan Communist Party375
Japan Restoration PartyThreeJapan Restoration Party00
Liberal Democratic Party Bonds2LDP00


Constituency nameconstantConstituency nameconstantConstituency nameconstantConstituency nameconstant
Yamabe District-Nara11Yamatotakada2Yamatokoriyama City3Tenri City2
Takaichi-gun-Kashihara4Sakurai2Gojo City1Gosho City1
Ikoma City4Kashiba2Katsuragi1Uda-gun-Uda City1

Yamabe-gun / Nara-shi constituency

Electoral district name (constant)Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
Yamabe District, Nara City (11)Takashi NakagawaJapan Restoration Party
Takeo DeguchiLDP
Yukio YamamuraJapan Communist Party
Misato InookuIf it's a new government
Norihisa IkedaLDP
Masutoshi YamanakaKomeito
Masahiro OguniKomeito
Yoshio OgitaLDP Nara
Shintani ShinichiLDP
Teruyo KobayashiJapan Communist Party
Takumi TajiriIf it's a new government

From the main Nara Prefectural Assembly members

Member of the House of Representatives (current position)
Member of the House of Representatives (former position)


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