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🏛 | Shiro Tazaki "Those who have made a mistake in the debate are sifted", Liberal Democratic Party presidential election

Photo Mr. Shiro Tazaki

Mr. Shiro Tazaki "Those who have made a mistake in the debate are screened", in the LDP presidential election

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Mr. Tazaki said, "It is Mr. Taro Kono who may take the majority in the first time." "Whether or not he can take the majority in the first time is a big game for Mr. Kono.

Shiro Tazaki, a political journalist, made a remote appearance on Yomiuri TV / NTV's "Wake Up" on the 18th, and ... → Continue reading

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Taro Kono

Taro Kono(Konotaro,1963 〈Showa38 years>May 1 -) isJapan Of政治家.LDPBelongingMember of the House of Representatives(8th term), General Manager of Public Relations Headquarters of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Minister for Administrative Reform,Minister of State Civil Service System,Minister in charge of vaccination promotion,Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(Okinawa and northern measures,Regulatory reform)[Note 1],Minister of Defense(20rd generation),Minister of Foreign Affairs(No.145-146Teens),National Public Safety Commission Chair(90nd generation),Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(Regulatory reform,Disaster prevention,Consumer and food safety〈3th Abe 1nd remodeling Cabinet〉),Liberal Democratic Party Administrative Reform Promotion Headquarters,LDP secretary generalSurrogate,Deputy Minister of Justice(8nd generation),Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications (human resources,Administrative management,Administrative evaluation,pension,statisticsEtc. oldGeneral Affairs AgencyRelated business person[1]〈1st Koizumi Cabinet〉),House of RepresentativesSettlement administration monitoring committee chair-Foreign Affairs ChairpersonEtc.

My fatherLiberal Democratic Party President,Deputy Prime MinisterMinister for Foreign Affairs,Chief Cabinet Secretary,Director of Science and Technology Agency,Chairman of the House of RepresentativesEtc.Youno Kono.. Younger brotherNippon TanshiCEOThe presidentKono Jiro. Deputy Prime MinisterTokyo OlympicsResponsible minister,Minister of Construction,Secretary of Administration,Minister of Agriculture and ForestryServed asIchiro KonoServed as grandfather, former Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly ChairmanYohei KonoIs my great-grandfather,Chairman of the House of CouncilorsServed asKenzo KonoIs a big uncle.



1963 ,Youno KonoBorn as the eldest son of.

school days

YWCAKindergarten, Hiratsuka City Hanami Elementary School,Keio Junior High School,Keio High SchoolGraduated.In high school, like my grandfather, big uncle, and father, the race club (AthleticsEntered the department) and served as captain[2],Hakone EkidenWas the goal[3].. To high school classmatesKomeitoBelongingMember of the House of CouncilorsNishihitoThere is.

1981 (Showa 56) In MarchKeio University Faculty of EconomicsEntered but dropped out in 2 months[4].. Then went to the United States. Immediately after coming to the United StatesMassachusettsAndoverI went to summer school[5]. afterwards,Connecticut OfBoarding schoolSpent a year at Suffield Academy[6]In April 1982Washington DC OfGeorgetown UniversityEnrolled inComparative politicsMajor[2].. He took a leave of absence from Georgetown University in 1984 and was at the Polish Central Planning and Statistics University (nowWarsaw School of Economics) Exchange study abroad[7][8]. 1985 (60) Returned to Georgetown University in January. Graduated from Georgetown University in December 1[2].

I was in the New York Knicks at Georgetown UniversityPatrick EwingWas in the same class. Later while in schoolSecretary of StateBecomeMadeleine AlbrightParticipate in the seminar.US diplomacylearn[9]..In WashingtonPoliticsInvolved in activities1983 (Showa 58)US presidential electionRan forAlan ClanstonSenator (CaliforniaElection,Democratic Party) Volunteer in the finance department of the headquartersRichard ShelbyCongressman(AlabamaElected, Democratic Party. LaterRepublican Party), And acted as an intern.

While attending the Polish Central Planning and Statistics University, he was under house arrest at the time and later became President of Poland.Lef Wawensa"solidarityVisit the chairman's houseArrestBeing done overnightDetention centerThere is an episode spent in. He was released on bail the next day. At that time, under the dictatorship of the Communist Party, "Every meal in the university dormitory is almost every meal.potatoとPickled cabbageIt was just "[10].

Working age

After returning to Japan1986 (61) Fuji Xerox (currently:FUJIFILM Business Innovation), And was assigned to the Survey and Statistics Department.After moving to the planning departmentSatellite officeWas in charge of the experiment and was involved in the launch of "Shiki Satellite Office", which was called Japan's first full-scale satellite office.[11].. After moving to the International Business DepartmentSingaporeWorked at Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific[12].1993 (5),Nippon TanshiTurned to. Responsible for development, production and overseas export at a parts manufacturer of automobiles and electrical equipment[2].

Member of the House of Representatives

Single-seat constituency proportional representationBecause the constituency of my father, Yohei, was divided with the introduction of1996 (8)41th House of Representatives general electionToKanagawa 15 WardsCandidate for Liberal Democratic Party official recognition and win (at the same time as winning)Yoshii Kan-Katsuei Hirasawa-Yoshimi Watanabe-Hideaki Omura-Saburo Komoto-Yoshitaka Sakurada-Mikiro Shimoji-Hirofumi Shimomura-Yoshitaka Shindo-Yasufumi Tanahashi-Norihisa Tamura-Takashi Tanihata-Toru ToidaSuch).

Factions in the LDP for a while, thenTaro AsoAt the recommendation ofKiichi MiyazawaWas the chairman of the Miyazawa faction (Hiroike), But1999 In 11, he left the group according to his father and Aso and moved to the Kono group (Dayukai).2000 (12)42th House of Representatives general electionRe-elected at2003 (15)43th House of Representatives general electionThree selections.2002 (14) In February,Junko KawaguchiMinister of Foreign AffairsAgainst "PeopleI'm not accountable to you. "House of RepresentativesForeign Affairs CommitteeResigned as a director.1st Koizumi CabinetでMinister of Internal Affairs and Communications(human resources,Administrative management,Administrative evaluation,pension,statisticsEtc. oldGeneral Affairs AgencyRelated business person[1]),Third Koizumi remodeling cabinetでDeputy Minister of JusticeIn succession.2006 ,Liberal Democratic Party Vice Chairman of Political Affairs(Legal affairsIn charge)[13].. He was also the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Kanagawa Kenren,2007 (19) Kanagawa prefectural governor election (XNUMX)16th Unified Local Election), The prefectural federation was established under the initiative of Kono.Tadashi SuginoWas defeated in the same yearMay 4Resigned from responsibility. Also,Hosei Universitygraduate SchoolAtVisiting ProfessorIs serving.

South KoreaSource ofGrand National PartyLee Cheng-gong, a member of the Diet and Consul General in Kobe[14]Was once a secretary[15].

2008 (20)9, Appointed chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives.

2009 (21) October,Liberal Democratic Party presidential electionRun to[16]But,Sadakazu TanigakiLost to.May 11, New generationMaintenanceEstablished a society to establish.

2010 (22)May 4, Liberal Democratic Party left the former secretary generalHiroyuki SonodaThe extraordinary board of directors decided to assign Kono to his successor[17], Next dayMay 4Officially inaugurated in[18][19].May 9,LDP Shadow CabinetIn the shadowAdministrative reform-Minister in charge of civil service system reformWas appointed to[20][21], Within the partyRegulatory reform,Business review,Business sortingI was in charge of such things.

Chairman of the National Public Safety Commission and Minister for Administrative Reform

2015 May 10,3th Abe 1nd remodeling CabinetAtNational Public Safety Commission Chair,Minister for Administrative Reform,Minister of State Civil Service System,Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(Regulatory reform,Disaster prevention,Consumer and food safety) For the first time[Note 2].

Consumer Affairs Agency OfTokushimaI promoted the move to[24], Postponed full relocation due to difficulty in carrying out operations such as parliamentary response and crisis management[25]..After Kono retired from the consumer minister, it was announced that the Consumer Affairs Agency would not relocate completely after three years of consideration.[26].

2016 Retired on August 8 due to cabinet reshuffle. 3th of the same yearJapan Glasses Best Dresser Award・ Awarded the political category[27][28].

Minister of Foreign Affairs

2017 May 8,3th Abe 3nd remodeling CabinetAtMinister of Foreign AffairsWas selected for.

He visited the United States in August of the same year and has not ratified it in the United States.Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)Asked for its early ratification[29][30].

2017 May 11,First Abe CabinetReappointed as Foreign Minister.

2018 May 10,Second Abe remodeling CabinetStayed Foreign Minister[31].

On December 2018, 12, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov acknowledged that "recognizing the northern territory as a Russian territory is a premise of a peace treaty", and asked the reporter a question "Next question" "Please," repeatedly criticized (see details).Later).

2018 May 12,Korean Navy radar irradiation problemOccurs. Over the next year, he will deal with Korean diplomatic sources.

2019 March 3nd, myselfPyelonephritisAnnounced that[32].. Return to public service on the 25th[33].

2019 As the 4th foreign destination after taking office as Minister for Foreign Affairs on April 26Saudi Arabiavisit. PredecessorFumio KishidaIs an unusually high pace compared to the fact that there were a total of 4 countries in about 8 years and 93 months.[34]And more than the previous Foreign MinistersMiddle EastIt is said that it is characterized by its emphasis on (see "Diplomatic" in "Main Activities" below).

On July 2019, 7, the Sankei Shimbun side forged an article on Twitter that Kono had no intention of returning the four islands of the Northern Territories in the Sankei News delivered on the 9st, and claimed that it was a false alarm in a reporter's interview. I apologized for the lack of words and withdrew my remarks.[35].

He visited a total of 59 countries and regions 123 times before he retired, breaking the record for all time.During his tenure, he spent 291 days on a business trip abroad, which means he was traveling abroad at a pace of more than one day every three days.On the other hand, it was also ridiculed as "stamp rally outing"[36][37].

The following 14 countries were the first foreign ministers to visit.[36].

東 テ モ ー ル-ブ ー タ タ-Maldives-パラオ-マ ー ャ ル ル-Micronesia-エクアドル-アイス ランド-アルメニア-ジ ョ ー ジ ジ-スロベニア-バーレーン-南 ス ー ダ ダ-Mozambique.

Minister of Defense

2019 May 9,4th Abe 2nd remodeling CabinetInMinister of DefenseAppointed to.

2020 May 6,Aegis AshoreAnnounced the suspension of the deployment process, and will be held on the 24thNational Security CouncilAnnounced on the 25th that it had decided to abandon the official deployment at[38]..Reported Aegis Ashore abandonment before process outageNHK,Yomiuri ShimbunHe accused him of "fake news." However, he did not point out any specific false information, and as a result, it was a fact.[39][40]..At that time, in response to the question "What should I do if the news is as a result?", I answered "It is not the case as a result", and there were occasions when the exchanges did not engage.[41].

Minister for Administrative Reform

2020 May 9,Yoshihide Suga CabinetでMinister for Administrative Reform,Minister of State Civil Service System,Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office(Okinawa and northern measures,Regulatory reform)[42]Appointed to.

The day after taking office, I opened an administrative reform guide box on my official website.[43]..He stated that he would "read everything" that arrived, but stopped the next day due to a flood of writing.[44].. 25thCabinet OfficeAlthough it was rebuilt as a "regulatory reform / administrative reform hotline" on the website and put into the process of the government office, the momentum of writing did not stop and the reception was suspended again on November 11th.As a result, Governor of Gunma PrefectureIchita YamamotoWhile there is a request from the government to make ambulances completely free of charge, there are concerns that it will increase the burden on each ministry and agency that has raised the issue.[45][46].

2021 May 1, From Prime Minister Yoshihide SugaNew coronavirus infection OfMinister in charge of vaccination promotionWas appointed to.In addition to the competent authorities such as the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, he is in charge of comprehensive coordination with many related parties such as pharmaceutical companies, medical associations, drug wholesalers, and logistics companies.Reiwa carrier"I called myself in the Diet.On the 20thPfizer PharmaceuticalWithvaccineAnnounced supply contract agreement[47].

On September 9, the same year, Prime Minister Yoshihide SugaNext presidential electionAfter announcing that he would not run for the president, he decided to run for the presidential election.[48]..On the 10th of the same month, a press conference was held in the Diet and officially announced the candidacy.[49](About words and actions during the presidential election periodLater).As a result of the ballot counting on the 29th of the same month, Kono won the most votes of 169 party members, but none of the candidates reached the majority in the first vote, and after the final voteFumio KishidaLost by 87 votes[50].

On October 10, the same year, he was appointed as the head of the Liberal Democratic Party's Public Relations Headquarters.[51].


Economy / energy

Accepting foreign workers

  • Foreign workerConsistently supports the acceptance of the traditional training system, criticizing it as "modern slavery" and insisting on its abolition.[55].
  • 2006 May 9,Ministry of JusticeAs the chief examiner of the project team ofJapanese ability, Specific skills, with Japanese companiesemploymentOn condition of contract etc.Foreign workerWe have compiled a report that recommends expanding the acceptance of[62].
  • 2008 Liberal Democratic Party "Foreign Workers Problem Project Team" Secretary General[Note 3]As Kono,Skills training systemWas abolished, and instead, a "short-term employment system for foreign workers" was proposed, which allows unskilled workers of any occupation or ability to work for up to three years. It is said that the immigration procedure will be greatly simplified and the collateral for returning foreigners after 3 years will be thrown to the accepting company.[63].
  • December 2015, 12, to secure a labor forceImmigrationInsisted that policy was needed[64].. The Liberal Democratic Party announced in March 2016Foreign workerAnd started discussions on the introduction of immigrants,[65]In 2019, a new status of residence identification skill has begun.


  • For scientific researchAcademic harassmentAnd expenses are working on solving university local rule problems[66]..On the other hand, "selection and concentration" by a set of reduction of management grants and increase of competitive funds, which are considered to be missteps[67][68]Is not a problem.Although he admits the fact that the operating expenses subsidy to national university corporations has been reduced, he said that it would be increased if subsidies such as subsidies for promoting academic reforms that require examination were added.[69]..Regarding the problem of hiring non-regular employees caused by incorporation and reduction of operating expenses subsidy[70]Claims that it may be a problem of the university's personnel management plan[69].
  • Civil servant system reformBeginning withAdministrative reformEnthusiastic and currentOfficialsTake a strict stance on what it should be. EspeciallyMinistry of Foreign AffairsOne of the most intense critics of[71]..On the other hand, he has expressed concern about the long working hours of bureaucrats and the resulting outflow of human resources, and has set up "digitization" as a countermeasure.[72].
  • In 2008, he led the Liberal Democratic Party's "Waste Eradication Project Team"Business sortingCommonly known as "Anime Hall of FameI asked for a budget freeze, but at that timeAso administrationThen, it was included in the supplementary budget for 2009. KonoDemocratic governmentWhen I inspected the business sorting below, I sent an ale to the sorter saying, "I'm honestly envious. Do it more rigorously."[73], "If the Democratic Party alone can't do it, please include me," he said.[74].
  • He is positive about the abolition of seals in administrative procedures.At the same time as showing an understanding of the hanko culture, he said that hanko should be reduced in order to improve work efficiency.[75].. From April 2020, 4Ministry of DefenseInternal department,Integrated Staff Division,Land Staff Department,Maritime Staff Office,Air Staff Office,Defense Equipment Agency,National Defense AcademyHas made all internal approvals electronic, and does not require a seal for documents from outside the ministry that do not require a seal certificate. The system under consideration by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will be used for certification instead of seal certification.[76][77].

Diplomacy and security

  • Minister of Foreign AffairsSix months after taking office, in January 6, the statement of diplomatic belief stated that "the freedom that humankind has created in modern times,"Democracy,human rights,Rule of lawSuch values ​​require the government to make various efforts to create and maintain them. In order to establish such values ​​in the international community, we must reach out to the necessary support. "" For Japan, elections, parliament, law, justice, security, tax collection, immigration control, etc. We will proactively reach out to each country's efforts to build systems in various aspects. "[78].
  • Middle EastWe are focusing on diplomacy[79], "JapanMiddle EastThe risk is greater if you are not involved in[79].. 2019 out of 4 countries visited by the end of April 100Middle EastMet[80][81].. In September 2017, as "Kono Shijo", "Intellectual and human contribution", "Investment in" people "", "Long-term efforts" and "Strengthening political efforts" were announced.[82][83].. This diplomatic stance is rich in energy resources for Japan, which lacks resources.Middle EastNot only is the relationship with life and death important, but it also includes Western countries.monotheismIt is a stage of conflict and an international fuseMiddle EastAtReligiousTargetHistoryIt is based on the recognition that there is a role that can only be played by Japan, which has a neutral neutrality.Palestinian conflictIt is said that it also looked at Japan's unique positive contribution to the promotion of peace in the Middle East (as a result, Japan's national interest).[84].
  • In Japan-Korea relations, during the term of Foreign MinisterJapan-Korea Basic TreatyOverturnRecruitment lawsuit problem,Japan-Korea trade dispute,Japan-Korea Secret Military Information Protection AgreementBilateral relations have been cooled down due to a series of abandonment, but it is the counterpart on the South Korean side.Kyou KyowaThe foreign minister and the foreign minister are working together to raise Japan-South Korea relations to new heights.Mobile phoneIt was a relationship that I could talk to[85].. In July 2019 on the issue of recruitment lawsuitsAmbassador of the Republic of Korea to Japan,Nam Gwan PyoI rebuked the ambassador using the word "extremely rude" during the meeting with[86], Sponsored by the Korean Embassy on October 10, the same year after the resignation of the MinisterArmy DayAs the only ministerial class to participate in the event, there is also a follow-up to exchange greetings with the ambassador.[87].
  • SDF Iraq dispatchAlthough I agreed with the enactment of the Special Measures Law, the basic plan for dispatching did not meet the requirements of the law.Japanese peopleHe took a critical position because of insufficient explanation.The Constitution of JapanAnd go back to the roots of the law,Right of collective self-defenseShould be dispatched after admitting the exercise of[88].
  • Your ownadministrationIn the concept, "Japan-China relationsKeep good,Chugoku OfDemocratizationI will try to promote it. "[89]..Joint economic activity with RussiaNorthern Territories issueI think it will lead to a solution[53].
  • At an online lecture hosted by an American think tank尖 閣 諸島AroundChugokuWhen asked about the possibility of a war with the US and Japanese governmentsallianceBased on, we will continue to use force for the Senkaku Islands. "[90].


  • SelectiveFamily name by coupleShow support for the system[92]..Also on his own site, "Only childrenmarriageThis is because, in reality, the number of married women will continue to increase.OccupationIn addition, more and more people will be in a responsible position. Because another surname is not allowedCommon-law marriage(I'm living a de facto marriageMarriage registrationIt is not desirable to increase the number of people who do not issue or cannot issue. "[93].
  • 2019 May 11Opened toSame-sex marriage"At the Ministry of Foreign Affairs-sponsored event, we are entertaining partners regardless of legal marriage, common-law marriage, homosexuality, or the opposite sex," he said. "As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, we continue our efforts to promote understanding of sexually oriented minorities. I'm thinking of getting involved. "[94].
  • Passive smokingWe are actively working on the problem.
    • On December 2003, 12, as Chairman of the Environment Department of the Liberal Democratic Party, the Environment Subcommittee was fully organized.Non smokingAnd[97].
    • At the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Subcommittee on February 2017, 2, "For many years, next to the party headquartersた ば こSucked, endlesslyPassive smokingI have been damaged by[98]"Taking this as an opportunityPassive smokingWith the determination to quit properlyTokyo OlympicsI think he invited[99]"How muchた ば こDidn't the person who smokes think of the person sitting next to him? I want you to put your hand on your chest and think properly. "[99]I complained.
    • At the press conference on April 2018, 4, ``Ministry of Foreign AffairsIs inviting a large number of customers from abroad. It's not good for the smoking room to be full of smoke and smoke, and people who come out of the smoking room for a whileた ば こAffect the influence of[100]As a whole, the inside of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs buildingNon smokingAnnounced the policy of making it a smoke-free zone.
  • Supports former President Trump.
  • Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says that the problems of "Moritomo Gakuen" and "Kake Gakuen" are sufficient.[53].

Main activities

Ignore questions at press conference

  • On December 2018, 12, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov acknowledged that "recognizing the Northern Territories as Russian territory is a premise of a peace treaty", and asked the reporter a question "Next I didn't answer "Please ask a question" and did not refute the Russian claim.[113].
  • Many criticisms have been gathered against this. An NHK reporter said, "Many over the last 10 years.Press conferenceIt was the first time for me to ignore the question, "he said." I cannot help wondering if I am fulfilling the accountability required of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the people. I applied to the club.Constitutional Democratic Party OfKiyomi Tsujimoto"Mr. Kono is disappointed, isn't he?" "I think there are people behind the reporter's question. It's like ignoring the people. Foreign Minister Kono said from a young age,"Information disclosureIs the most important thing, "he said, one of the members of the Diet.However, it changes and becomes like a shellfish. "Also with politicsMass mediaI am doing research onKomazawa UniversityAssociate Professor Osaka said, "Mass media questions are representative of the people, and giving proper answers leads to the people's right to know." "That's why I understood why I took this attitude at this press conference." I have to say that this response is a complete "refusal of answer". "[114].
  • After that, Mr. Kono apologized on his blog, saying, "At least I should have answered,'I will refrain from answering' as usual."[115].

Criticism of how to use the Okinawa promotion budget in Okinawa Prefecture and Naha City

On the blog dated July 2017, 7, on June 6, 6,OkinawaBut"AKB48 49th Single General Election], We used the promotion fund of 2800 million yen from "a lump sum grant that the prefecture can carry out projects that contribute to the promotion of Okinawa based on voluntary choices".NahaAlso spent the government-issued grants for AKB events in the city. Therefore, "If you just get a subsidy and hold an event, it is not sustainable. It is a one-shot game.AKB48There is no clear prospect of how it will lead to the next general election, which has attracted 8,000 people. In the first place, I don't know if this 8,000 people have been achieved to date. It is okay to leave it to the prefecture as a lump sum grant, but if everything is used in this way, the problem is big. He also questioned the use of promotion funds in Okinawa Prefecture and Naha City. "As the Liberal Democratic Party's Administrative Reform Promotion Headquarters, we decided to check in detail how this software grant is used, its strategy, purpose, etc." He stated his intention to reform the annual promotion fund to each local government in Okinawa Prefecture.[116].

Nationality law related

  • Liberal Democratic Party Legal CommitteeCitizenshipHe chairs the project team on issues. 2008 (Heisei 20)9from170th DietIn 2008 (Heisei 20)May 6Was given toNationality lawArticle 3The Constitution of JapanUnconstitutionBecameSupreme Court OfForeign nationality lawsuit OfUnconstitutional rulingIn response, the submission of a bill to amend the Nationality Law was controversial, but this team deals with issues related to multiple citizenship and is not related to this amendment. The amendment was decided by the Supreme CourtMinistry of JusticeCreated byCabinetAfter the decision, as the Act of ParliamentExtraordinary DietWas submitted to[117].
  • The proposed amendment promotes relaxation of nationality requirements, but Kono was inundated with criticism because he was the chair of the project team on the same nationality law. The problem dealt with by the project team is that the current nationality law stipulates that parents must choose either nationality when they turn 22 years old due to international marriage, etc. The submitted Cabinet Law allows even children who are recognized when their parents are not married to acquire Japanese nationality by notification.[118], There is no direct relationship.
  • In response to the criticism received, Kono was in 2008 (Heisei 20).May 11I have a counterargument on the attached blog. This bill is for menForeignerIf you recognize your child as your ownJapanese nationalityThe content is to giveDNA testIs not obligatory, so even if you make a false declaration, it may be difficult to find it, and even if a false declaration is revealedImprisonment1 year or lessfineIt was pointed out that a bill of 20 yen or less is a problematic bill because it is a too light penalty. On the other hand, regarding the former, while giving an example of marriage, there is an examination by calling the father and mother separately to determine whether the notification of recognition is genuine, and it is easy to acquire nationality by notification of recognition, which is not actual. He said he couldn't do it, and argued that the penalties for the latter were merging charges and could be more serious.[119].

2021 Liberal Democratic Party Presidential Election-related Controversy

  • 2021 May 9At the Liberal Democratic Party presidential election press conference held in Tokyo, "Realization of a warm society where people are close to people" "Become a leader who makes everyone think that they will take the next step" "Open the heavy door, everyone "To move Japan forward together with".On top of that, as his own achievements so far, "vaccineRealization of inoculation 1 million times a day "" Abolition of seals in administrative documents ""TeleworkAs specific policies, "Sales of simple PCR antigen test kits at pharmacies", "Protecting the future pension life of young people, not the pension system", "Investments that will lead to the future such as digitization" Was mentioned[120].
  • In the presidential election, there was often a bullish stance of refusing to answer questions. Broadcast on the 17thnews zero(Nippon TVIn the system), when asked if the benefit level should be maintained even if the burden on the people is increased, "I honestly think that it is better to stop this kind of question. I think it is a meaningless question." Rejected[121].. Broadcast on the 22thNEWS23(TBSWhen asked when restrictions would be relaxed, such as the provision of alcoholic beverages due to the spread of coronavirus infection, he answered, "Irresponsible questions are not good. It is strange to ask without scientific data. I have to have the media reflect on it." Refused[122]..In addition, a candidate questionnaire conducted by the "Indo-Pacific Human Rights Liaison Council" consisting of XNUMX ethnic groups in Japan such as the Japan Uyghur AssociationAssociation to protect Japan's dignity and national interestsRegarding the questionnaire to the candidates, only one of the four candidates did not answer by the due date (initially the Kono camp contacted me that I would not answer, but both answered at a later date)[123][124].
  • During the election period, Kono's younger brother Jiro Kono represented a part of the Internet, and Kono himself holds a 2% stake and is a major shareholder.Nippon TanshiThe relationship with was a problem.The company has multiple affiliates in China, one of whichChinese Communist PartyMr. Chen Yanshun, who was commended as a national excellent party operative byBOEWas a joint venture with[125].
    • Kono reported on Sunday 19th (Fuji Television Network, IncRegarding the deployment of intermediate-range missiles by the U.S. military, "It is meaningless to discuss before the division of roles with the U.S. military is decided. I pointed out[126]The 20thPrime news(BS FujiSeries)Kono talk"Based on the fact that it has been followed by the Abe and Suga Cabinets, I will follow it myself," he said at the policy debate on the 24th.Yasukuni ShrineI will not worship at the Prime Minister while I am in office. "[127]Therefore, it is often said that it is more compatible with China than other candidates.
    • In addition, Kono said, "One day,再生 可能 エネルギーIt ’s not 100% pictorial. ”[128]He insists on investing in renewable energy as the next growth industry.
    • From the above circumstances, there were widespread concerns about the impact of Nippon Tanshi, which has a close relationship with China and is also developing a solar business.In response, Kono stated that "it will not affect my political activities at all" and answered that "I am doing a good asset report every time and there is no problem" regarding the holding of the company's shares.[129].
    • Incidentally,Weekly BunshunKono has received at least 6700 million yen in donations from family-owned companies such as Nippon Tanshi.Weekly Bunshun's questions, such as his view that he received a large amount of donations from relatives and related companies, were not answered by the deadline.[130].
  • In response to some criticisms on the Internet during the election period, Kono wrote in his blog on September 2021, 9 that "There are many cases of slander on the Internet, including those that have never been said. I argued that[131].


  • When Kono retired from the Foreign Minister in September 2019, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ChinaKaharu"Professor Taro Kono has made many efforts to improve and develop Sino-Japanese relations during his two years as Foreign Minister. China is positively evaluating it. It will continue to be great for friendship and cooperation between China and Japan. I hope to contribute. "[133].
  • belong toShikokaiIs the territory ofTaro Aso"I'm good at English, and I'm sure that I have a decent existence," but pointed out that "it lacks common sense."[134].

Job title


Yoshihide Suga Cabinet
4th Abe 2nd remodeling Cabinet
3th Abe 3nd remodeling Cabinet-First Abe Cabinet-4th Abe 1nd remodeling Cabinet
3th Abe 1nd remodeling Cabinet
Third Koizumi remodeling cabinet
1st Koizumi Cabinet

House of Representatives


Parliamentary League


  • Chairman of Japan Racehorse Association
  • President of Kanagawa Athletics Association




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  • "The Dark Corridor Connecting Conspirators and Newspaper Reporters" Taro Kono (Author), Yo Makino (Author) 2012


  • "Decision Kono Father and Son Living Liver Transplantation" by Yohei Kono Asahi Shimbun 2004
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  • "Post-Fukushima Energy Policy Beyond" Nuclear Mura ""Tetsuya Iida,Eisa SatoCo-authored NHK Books 2011




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Japanese flag Minister for Special Missions(Okinawa and northern measures)
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Japanese flag Minister of Defense
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Japanese flag Chairman of the House of Representatives Financial Statements Administration Oversight Committee
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