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🏛 | Seiko Noda "Half the female ministers".Selective couple's surname is approaching the decision to "discuss for 30 years" [Liberal Democratic Party presidential election]


Seiko Noda "Half the female ministers".Selective couple's surname is approaching the decision to "discuss for 30 years" [Liberal Democratic Party presidential election]

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Even in the issue of falsification of official documents concerning Moritomo Gakuen, he insists on a re-investigation by himself.

Seiko Noda, acting secretary-general, stands out among the four who ran for the LDP presidential election (ballot counting on September 9).Self ... → Continue reading

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Official document falsification problem

Moritomo Academy

Moritomo Academy(Gakkou Hojinmori Tomogakuen)Japan OfSchool corporation.OsakaYodogawa WardHeadquarters inprivate OfKindergartenOperates "Tsukamoto Kindergarten"[6]..The school was involvedcorruptionIncident "Moritomo school problemAlso known as[7][8][9][10].


1950 May 4, Tomohiro MoriTsukamoto KindergartenFounded,1953 May 8, Approved by Osaka Prefecture[11].1971 May 3, School corporation Moritomo Gakuen was established, Tsukamoto KindergartenSchool corporationBecame a kindergarten with a case[11].

August 2017, 4,Osaka District CourtToCivil Rehabilitation LawApply for[12]..The amount of debt at the time of application is approximately 16 million yen.On the 6500th of the same month, the Osaka District Court decided to start the rehabilitation procedure.[13][14].

Due to the deterioration of financial situationTrusteeAnnounced that Tsukamoto Kindergarten will be closed at the end of March 2021[15]..The school side, which was asked to evict, rebelled and continued to take care of the children after April.The trustee petitioned the Osaka District Court to surrender the real estate, and the district court announced on July 4.Provisional disposalI made a decision. District Court on the 10thBailiff Civil Conservation LawEvacuate the staff who were on the premises based onEnforcementDid[16].

Operating facilities

As of 2021, it operates one kindergarten.In addition to this, there is one unopened elementary school.

Tsukamoto Kindergarten Preschool Education

  • Tsukamoto Kindergarten Infant Education Academy (532-chome, Tsukamoto, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 0026-1)[6] --Opened April 1951, 26 (Showa 4).

OsakaYodogawa WardTsukamotoIt is inprivate schoolAndCo-school.1950 ,privateSchool corporationOpened as the first kindergarten[17].1953 ToOsakaApproved. On March 2017, 3, Kagoike Machinami was appointed as the new chairman and stated that he would review the education policy.[18].

Education policy (former president)

In a curriculum that emphasizes Japanese tradition and culturepatriotismFor the purpose of nurturingEducationHas introduced[19]..The principalGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeIn the behavior of people whenreservedIt is said that the Imperial Rescript on Education was started with the foundation of education as the twelve virtues, thinking that fostering that pride is education.[17]..According to the policy of the gardenHinomaruRaiseYou areSinging[20].

In June 2014,安 倍 昭 恵When the Prime Minister's wife visited the park for a tour of the park and training for faculty and staff, the directorYasunori Kagoike prime minister OfShinzo AbeAsked the kindergarten what kind of person he was, and answered, "A person who protects Japan." Mrs. Akie said with tears, "Thank you. I will tell (to Prime Minister Abe) properly." "It's a kindergarten, the Sankei Shimbun reported on January 2015, 1.[21].

On December 2016, 12, "Traditional" by former director Yasunori KagoikeJapaneseBased on the policy of "learning the virtues of children", "Imperial Rescript on Education" and "Educational Rescript on Education"Pledge of the Five ArticlesAbout the education that makes people singReutersNews agency reported "prewar education"[22].

Evaluation / criticism

  • In October 2016, the director and director of the school corporation Moritomo GakuenYasunori Kagoike TheTomomi InadaMinister of DefenseReceived a letter of appreciation from[23][24][25]..Inada has a letter of appreciationMaritime Staff OfficeRecommended by, a drum and whistle corps consisting of kindergarten childrenSelf-defense personnelWelcome or a nursery teacher in the gardenSDFIt is said that it was evaluated that it was enlisted in the experience[25].
  • Kent GilbertSaid that there was no problem with including patriotic education in the education policy, saying, "If you consider the educational content of Tsukamoto Kindergarten as a problem,Korean schoolIf you don't consider it a problem, it's unfair.At Korean schoolnorth koreaWith intense patriotism education againstAnti-Japan educationIs being done.Why don't the media criticizing Tsukamoto Kindergarten's education criticize Korean schools?Far from being a double standard, what you have to do is the exact opposite. ""To the left OfMedia"Does not have decent knowledge and judgment"[26].
  • Shinjiro KoizumiSaid, "The images of the children are shocking. I also go to various kindergarten and nursery school athletic meet in my hometown, but it's a little strange."[27].
  • New York TimesReporter Jonathan Soble took up the issue of Moritomo Gakuen in an article, and made the children sing a military song to march, sing the Imperial Rescript on Education, and the principal and deputy director made the parents (Japanese) who had problems with the use of PTA membership fees as ethnic groups. Swearing with discriminatory wordsAnti-JapanForeignerOr callChinese people,KoreanDistributing discriminatory documents against, and apologizing on the website for making "expressions that may be misleading from foreigners", etc.Right wingMoritomo Gakuen, which has been criticized for its prewar patriotism education, is in the midst of a political scandal in Japan, and there is suspicion that it will acquire state-owned land at a large discount price. Re,OppositionIn pursuit ofMinistry of Finance TheIndustrial waste,Arsenic-leadIt was reported that the price was reduced because it had to be removed.Also in JapanMaintenanceTheists are Japanese at schoolAggression warTeaching historical views to studentsPrewarIndividualism that overturns the tradition ofPacifismHe explained that he did not like it and often criticized the education of modern Japan, and that the movement of the reactionary right wing to return to the prewar period can be seen in the case of this school.[28].
  • Some people from the "Kindergarten Association" established by more than a dozen parents of former kindergarten children run by Moritomo Gakuen were "forced to leave" in December 2016. On March 12, 2017, parents of former kindergarten children said that they had requested an investigation from the Prefectural Education Agency, but did not receive a satisfactory answer. It was decided to submit an application form to the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education to thoroughly investigate and provide guidance regarding such remarks.At a press conference on the same day, parents said, "Many people have been peeed. I want them to give thorough guidance to prevent recurrence." The kindergarten wrote a letter saying, "I hate Koreans and Chinese." He insisted that there were many acts of abuse such as being beaten by the deputy director and limiting the number of toilets when the kindergarten children leaked it.[29].
  • Korean in JapanLanoCivic groupsOn March 2017, 3, the superintendent of education of Osaka Prefecture apologized and prevented recurrence, saying that discriminatory expressions were posted on the homepage of the kindergarten operated by Moritomo Gakuen, such as "Hate speech is not allowed! Osaka no Kai". I have submitted a request to the school to teach.On the homepage, the wording of the indication has been deleted and an apology is posted.[30].
  • Since 2008, Tsukamoto Kindergarten has had children play ball games such as rugby and soccer as part of their physical education classes in the western space of the adjacent Shinkitano Park without notifying the city.Local residents who opposed the exclusive use of the park by the kindergarten requested the city of Osaka to green the park, and the city once decided to green the park.But,Osaka Restoration SocietyThe city council members who belong to the city blamed the city side for saying, "(The city) is completely involved in harassment" and "If you force it, you will definitely crush you." Finally withdrew the green space plan[31].

Mizuho no Kuni Memorial Shogakuin

Mizuho no Kuni Memorial Shogakuin(Mizuhonokuni Kinenseugakuin[Source required]) IsOsakaToyonaka CityUnopened school located inprivateprimary schoolAnd2017 Scheduled to open in April[17][32].

Maemori Yu Gakuen PresidentYasunori KagoikeAccording to "Respect for politeness,patriotismAiming for education that "cultivates pride", he said that he is planning to establish an elementary school in order to maintain what the children wore at the kindergarten run by Moritomo Gakuen even after graduation.[20]..As a school song, "Aa Seishun no Chest no Blood" (1964 Nikkatsu movie "Aa Seishun no Chest no Blood" Theme Song Lyrics:Nishizawa Sou Music composition:Endo Minoru) Was planned.安 倍 昭 恵Is a period of application for installation approval,Honorary PrincipalWas resigned[33].

Problems described belowAs a result, the building was in an unfinished state due to the suspension of construction because Osaka Prefecture canceled the application for approval to set up an elementary school in March 2017, just before the completion.[34].

The following April, the school applied for civil rehabilitation, so only part of the construction cost was paid.Suita CityThe construction company claims ownership of the building and manages it, with one employee resident during the day.It is said that it costs more than 1 million yen a year such as utilities, and the company is asking the country to sell the land and the building together, but the country that bought back the land from the school in June of the same year bought the land. It is a parallel line as it is requested to return it as a vacant lot.[35]..A man in his 9s committed suicide on the premises of the building on September 22nd.[36].

Problems related to elementary school construction

News report

When Moritomo Gakuen purchased the national land in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture in June 2016 for the purpose of constructing an elementary school, the price was reduced at 6% of the evaluation value, "Abe Shinzo Memorial Elementary School"[Note 2]It was reported in February 2017 about the fact that they were collecting donations in the name of the school and the school's educational policy.[40].

June 2017, 2Asahi ShimbunThen, it is said that the sale amount is about 1% compared to the state-owned land of the same size, and it is exceptional that the sale amount is not announced.[Note 3]And so on[41].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayHouse of RepresentativesBudget CommitteeThen, Shinzo Abe took up the acquisition of state-owned land by Moritomo Gakuen and the oath of children at the athletic meet of the kindergarten that he runs.prime ministerRecognized as inappropriate[42]..Prime Minister Abe has completely denied any involvement in the school's activities or land acquisition.[43][44].

Regarding the construction of an elementary school, the application for approval was temporarily applied on March 2017, 3 because "the prospect of approval is thin and the impact on the (operating) kindergarten is taken into consideration to seek an early solution." Announced withdrawal[45]..With the withdrawal of the application for approval, the Ministry of Finance announced on March 3 that it would request the return of vacant land.[46].

History of land acquisition and construction

In 2012, at the request of Moritomo Gakuen, Osaka Prefecture relaxed the approval criteria for establishing a private elementary school.[47].

2013 In September, the school corporation Moritomo Gakuen acquired the national land in Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture.Ministry of FinanceKinki Finance BureauRequest to[48].

In October 2014, the school corporation Moritomo GakuenOsaka Prefectural GovernmentApply for approval to set up an elementary school[47].

On May 2015, 5, "a fixed-term land lease agreement was concluded" on the premise of a "sales contract within 29 years".[49].

2015 May 9, The construction plan of the private elementary school building and gymnasium by Moritomo GakuenMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismDecided to be a project (cost subsidy project) adopted for "27 Sustainable Buildings Leading Project (Wooden Leading Type)"[50].. Construction of the main body started in December 2015[48].. In March 2016, the school corporation Moritomo Gakuen reported to the Kinki Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Finance of the existence of a large amount of garbage in the ground and the intention to purchase the land.In June of the same year, a sales contract was signed with the land valuation amount minus the waste removal cost, etc., and the land valuation value was set at 3 million yen and the waste removal cost was set at about 6 million yen. A contract was signed to sell to Moritomo Gakuen for 9 million yen after deducting garbage removal costs.[48]..After that, on April 2016, 4, the Osaka Aviation Bureau paid 6 million yen to the school as expenses for removing existing component waste.

On March 2018, 3, the Asahi Shimbun reported that the Ministry of Finance was suspected of rewriting the decision document regarding the sale of state-owned land.[51].Taro AsoThe finance minister said he would "refrain from answering" because it could affect the district public prosecutor's investigation.[52]..After that, he was involved when he was in office as Director of the Finance Bureau.Norihisa SagawaNational Tax AgencyThe secretary announced his resignation on March 3, and said in a resignation interview that he was "under investigation and would like to refrain from rewriting."[53].. It was reported on March 3 that the Ministry of Finance established a policy allowing the rewriting of the approval document and reported to the Diet on March 10.[54].

Surplus of adjacent land "Noda Chuo Park"

The reason why it was sold unreasonably cheaply to the school is that Toyonaka City purchased it from the Kinki Local Finance Bureau in 2010 for 14 million yen to build "Noda Chuo Park", which is adjacent to the planned construction site of the elementary school. It has been explained that it was because it was about 2300 times the amount sold to Moritomo Gakuen.However, when Toyonaka City purchased the land, the national treasury subsidy was used as a financial resource, and it is said that Toyonaka City actually borne only 10 yen.[55][56].

At the Toyonaka City Council Construction and Water Services Standing Committee on October 2010, 10, the land purchase budget initially borne by Toyonaka City was 12 yen, and the actual contract amount was 15 yen.Regime changelater政府 National treasurySubsidyWith the subsidy of 14 yen, Toyonaka City will be able to purchase the land for only 262 yen, which is the amount that can be paid by the city's general financial resources. There was an answer from the director of the Urban Development Office of the Town Development Promotion Department, who said that the number would be drastically reduced.Therefore, it is a questionerKomeito"It's a dream-like story that I was able to purchase with general financial resources, but I don't know how this happened at the right time,administration"I don't know if this happened because I changed it," he said, saying, "In any case, it was a very large amount of money that the directors were worried about at the beginning, but it was a good chance to buy it with general financial resources. I think I was blessed. "[57][55].

Business journalAlthough the land compared was sold for about 14 billion yen, the city's purchase burden was only about 2000 million yen due to the subsidy during the Democratic Party administration, so "Moritomo Gakuen is unreasonably cheap and nationally owned. The premise that the land has been paid off is broken. "[56]..In a business journalShinichiro Suda"The 9 million yen is unreasonably high," he said. "It is reasonable to think that the Ministry of Finance, which wants to give up the land, put pressure on Osaka Prefecture."[56].

With or without donations

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayHouse of CouncilorsBudget Committee Yasunori KagoikeAfter conducting an interview survey with Mr. Yasunori Kagoike, his wife's安 倍 昭 恵Received throughShinzo AbeClaims that 100 million yen donated from is part of the construction cost[58]On the afternoon of the same day, Secretary of State Kan denied Kagoike's remark that Prime Minister Abe had never donated.[59]..The following day, on the 17th, Secretary of State Suga安 倍 昭 恵Announced that the couple had never donated, saying they had confirmed that they had not donated[60].

When Moritomo Gakuen deposited 3 million yen as a side proof on March 18thPost office transfer receiptIn the requester column of the transfer form, it was announced that "Moritomo Gakuen" was handwritten from the top of the correction tape, and "Shinzo Abe" was handwritten under white when viewed through.[61]..In addition, Kagoike Machinami received a donation of 2015 million yen from Akie Abe on September 9, 5, on the 100th.MondayClaimed that another employee made a deposit at the post office[61].. April 3Call to witnessYasunori KagoikeIt is,安 倍 昭 恵When he was alone, he said that it was a donation from the Prime Minister, and insisted that he received an envelope containing 2 million yen, saying "anonymously".[62]..In the requester column of the transfer form, the four words "Shinzo Abe", "Anonymous", "(Gaku) Moritomo Gakuen", and "Dai" are written by hand. Was written by the wife of Kagoike, the deputy director, and the characters "Shinzo Abe" and "Anonymous" rewritten at the post office were written by the staff of the school.[63].. On June 3LDP PresidentSpecial assistantYasutoshi NishimuraAlso insists on Kagoike's testimony that he left Akie Abe with an answering machine regarding the receipt of a donation of 2 million yen, which was said to be "anonymous" with Akie Abe alone. It states that it is different from what you do[63]..Regarding Kagoike's remarks in the witness summons, several LDP lawmakers have mentioned "suspicion of false proof", while Kagoike has sent a protest statement saying "not false proof".[64].

On the other hand, the son of Mr. and Mrs. KagoikeYoshishige KagoikeHe said that Prime Minister Abe had donated 100 million yen to Mr. and Mrs. Kagoike.Kanno KanClaims to be a forgery and a scenario written by[65].

Handwriting appraisal of transfer paper

The Liberal Democratic Party is the post office presented by Moritomo GakuenPostal transfer slip OfHandwriting appraisalTo multiple expert witnessesFuji Television Network, IncInformation programDirect hit Live Goody!But the result of the handwriting appraisal was announced[66]..According to the results of the direct hit LIVE Goody !, the characters "anonymous" and "large" have a 90% chance of being the character of Kagoike's wife, and the character of "Abe Shinzo" is also "very similar" to the character of Kagoike's wife. , Announced that "(Gaku) Moritomo Gakuen" is not Kagoike's wife[63][66].


Special Assistant to the President of the Liberal PartyYasutoshi NishimuraBased on the results of the handwriting appraisal, Kagoike's wife may have made a deposit because it was inconsistent with the testimony that it was the school staff who transferred 100 million yen at the post office in the witness summons. Of the four words "Shinzo Abe," "Anonymous," "(Gakuen) Moritomo Gakuen," and "Dai" written in the requester column of the post office transfer form, the possibility of Kagoike's wife is 4%. As for the reason why Kagoike's wife wrote "Large" in his handwriting, he said that he might have written only "Large" in an attempt to write "Osaka Prefecture".[63].

Donation refund turmoil allegedly received

On December 2017, 6,Yasunori KagoikeTo return the donation of 100 million yen claimed to have been received by安 倍 昭 恵I visited an izakaya run by the restaurant, but it was rejected by the restaurant.[67]Asked Abe's home but refused[68]..At this time, Kagoike released a bundle of paper claiming 100 million yen in front of the interviewers,Sankei ShimbunReporterAbiru RuiClaims that only two double-sided bundles were genuine, and 2 in between looked like white paper instead of bills.[68].. On June 7AkihabaraMade inShinzo AbeParticipated as one of the audience in order to directly hand over 100 million yen to the street speech of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election.[69].

Claim by Yasunori Kagoike

Call to witness

2017 May 3From 10:XNUMXHouse of CouncilorsBudget Committee, From 14:50House of RepresentativesBudget Committee2 hours eachCall to witnessReceived[70][71][72][73][74][75].

After calling witnesses,Japan Foreign Correspondents AssociationHold a press conference against[76]Was reported in overseas media[77][78][79][80][81].

2017 May 3The Liberal Democratic Party held a press conference on the verification results that Kagoike's testimony in the witness summons was "highly suspected of false testimony."[82]..On the other hand, on the 31st of the same month, Kagoike's attorney-at-law said that the content of this verification result lacks legal grounds.LibelAnd sent a protest letter asking him to withdraw his remarks.[82].

Democratic Party hearing

In the Diet on April 2017, 4Democratic PartyHearing to Yasunori Kagoike[83]..According to Kagoike, from around 2012安 倍 昭 恵Have the opportunity to have a conversation with[49], Suddenly in 2014Ministry of FinanceHas turned to a positive attitude toward fixed-term land lease[83]..At the negotiating table of the fixed-term land lease contract, the Finance Bureau said, "There is a strike zone in the rent. The upper part is 2700 million yen and the lower part is 2100 million yen."[49]..He told Akie Abe that he had called about 20 times, and that his wife had called countless times.The Kinki Local Finance Bureau showed the procedure and the draft of the application documents, and stated that "I was relieved that the land transaction would move smoothly."[49].

Email of Akie Abe and Kagoike's wife

At the summons of witnesses by Yasunori Kagoike on March 3, Kagoike received an "email with content that could be taken as a stop".安 倍 昭 恵On the 24th, a short email between Mrs. Akie and Kagoike's wife was released in response to the statement that it was sent from.[84][85][86][87], Shinzo Abe said at the House of Councilors Budget Committee that his wife's email did not contain any suspicious content.[86], "It became clear that there was no involvement of politicians," "I would like to reiterate, but I am extremely regrettable," and "I would like to say that it was malicious," criticizing Kagoike.[88][86][89][90][91].

Meeting of viewers seeking compliance with broadcasting lawClaims that one of the problems with TV coverage is that "there are few reports on the" three suspicions "of former Deputy Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Kiyomi Tsuji over the Moritomo Gakuen issue."[92].


  • Shigeru IshibaSaid that the sale of state-owned land was cheap, "It's a very bizarre story. Needless to say to the opposition, the governmentRuling partyWe have to clarify it properly as a side, "he said, and expressed the recognition that it is necessary to clarify the whole picture.[93].
  • Funada Gen"I have to think that special dynamics have worked," and "if there is really no injustice on the side of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the side of the government office, he should actively disclose information himself."[94].
  • Shoji KonoikeOn August 2017, 3Press conferenceAnd of Moritomo GakuenYasunori KagoikeHe revealed the fact that he had met with the president and denied any efforts to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for land acquisition.[95][96][97][98][99].
  • Governor of Osaka PrefectureIchiro MatsuiHas stated a policy of disapproving the construction of elementary schools in connection with a series of doubts about the materials required for approval examination.[100]..In addition, Osaka Prefecture has expressed its intention to investigate, saying that there is a suspicion that the kindergarten and the school-affiliated licensed nursery school that it operates have illegally received double subsidies.[101].
  • Kiyomi TsujimotoInsisted by the Sankei ShimbunKansai Student Contest BranchRefutes the email as a forgery[102].

Related corporation

Yasunori Kagoike serves as the chairman, and there are several corporations with personal relationships.

  • "School corporation Kagoike Gakuen"- 1982 ,Nanko Port Town"Nanko Sakura Kindergarten" opened inside (2012 Renamed to "Kaisei Kindergarten Early Childhood Education Academy")2014 Is closed from[103].
  • "Social welfare corporation Hagokusha"- 2011 "Higher Moritomo Gakuen Nursery School" has been established in[6][104]..Since the representative is the same as the school corporation Moritomo Gakuen, it is reported that it is a "Moritomo Gakuen affiliated nursery school".[105][106].. A business suspension order was issued for 2017 months from July 7, and the park was virtually closed.[107]..The approval was revoked on December 11, 28 because the plan was not submitted by the deadline although there was an intention to continue on November 2017, 12.[108].


  • Unauthorized receipt of subsidies from the government on July 2017, 7scamDue to suspicion ofOsaka District ProsecutorTokusou DepartmentToYasunori KagoikeAnd his wife were arrested[109]On August 8, he was re-arrested on suspicion of fraud and attempted fraud on a subsidy from Osaka Prefecture.[110].. July 2020, 2,Osaka District CourtSentenced Yasunori Kagoike to 1 years in prison and his wife to 7 years in prison (5 years in prison) for deceiving a total of about 3 million yen in subsidies from the national government, Osaka Prefecture, and Osaka City.[111].
  • In the past, we distributed sentences containing ethnically discriminatory sentences such as "Korean / Chinese residents in Japan with evil thoughts" to parents.[Source required]After that, on the official website, "These contents are completely unfounded, they are divided among parents and seriously harm the educational activities of our school. As a result of investigation by a specialized agency, the poster was cleverly It turned out that he was a former bad guardian of Koreans, Chinese, etc. who sneaked in. "[112]Was posted, and later an apology was posted as there was a misleading expression for foreigners.[113].



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