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🏛 | Liberal Democratic Party politicians live in a perfect “bubble” The essence of the slapstick over the president's election (contribution:…

Photo I see the people only through the bubble (C) Nikkan Gendai

Liberal Democratic Party politicians live in a perfect "bubble" The essence of the slapstick over the president's election (contribution: ...

If you write the contents roughly
Having been in the bubble for a long time as the ruling party, the air inside is stagnant and full of toxicity.

[Special Contribution] Noriko Hama (Professor, Doshisha University) I couldn't run for the LDP presidential election, I couldn't dissolve the general election, and I couldn't renew the personnel. → Continue reading

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This is the website of the No. 1 evening newspaper "Nikkan Gendai".We will respond to everyone's "I want to know!" By slashing into the fact that the big media does not write in a hurry, hitting the article with the true intentions, anger, and questions of the masses from the reader's perspective.Popular serials such as columns for entertainers and athletes are also squeaky.

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Ruling party

Ruling party(Finally,English translation : ruling party) IsadministrationConfigureAdministrationIn charge ofPolitical partyThat thing.The antonym isOpposition.


What is the ruling party?Executive branchIt means a political party that gives (Azukaru) or gives (Kumi) to the administration.GenerallyCabinetRefers to the political party that organizes. If the cabinet is organized by one party, it is a single cabinet, and if the cabinet is organized by multiple parties, it isCoalition cabinetAlso, if you do not join the Cabinet but basically support the policy of the CabinetExternal cooperationCall[1]..The requirement of the ruling party is to constantly support the current administration as a party and to participate in the form of an administration agreement.JapanIs generally used to refer to the political party in power[2].

Parliamentary Cabinet SystemThe Cabinet is established based on the majority of the parliament, and the system in which the people's will is expressed in a unified manner is called a unified representative system.[3].Commonwealth KingdomOr Japan,GermanyIn countries with a parliamentary cabinet system such asParliament(ManyHouse of Representatives) Is required, and the majority of the parliament is usually in power and the ruling party.The United KingdomThen, the political party that takes power is the political party (government), The political party that does not carryOpposition party (opposition) と 呼 ば れ る[4]..Generally, under the parliamentary cabinet system, the ruling party basically occupies the majority in the parliament, but division within the ruling party or dissolution of coalition between coalition governments may occur.[5]In some cases, this has led to a minority ruling party. Also, such as the Commonwealth Kingdom,HeadEven in a country where a cabinet is appointed first and then the parliament decides whether or not to trust it, a cabinet of a minority ruling party may be established from the beginning if there is no power that has obtained a majority in the coalition work.Meiji constitutionIn Japan belowConstitutional roadIn an era when the Cabinet was appointed by the Cabinet, whether or not it controlled the majorityHouse of RepresentativesWhen the first party formed the cabinet and the cabinet collapsed due to political affairs, the second party formed the cabinet, so cases of minority ruling parties from the beginning were frequent. As mentioned at the beginning, in Japan, the "ruling party" is generally used to refer to the political party in charge of power, but unlike the United Kingdom, in Japan, the government is like the "government-ruling party liaison conference." (government) Is used separately from[6]. JapaneseEnglish newspaperThen, as a word equivalent to the ruling party ruling party (Dominating party) is often used.

On the contraryAmericaPresidential systemlikePresident(Chief) And the parliament are elected separately, and the system in which the people's will is expressed in a dual manner is called a dual representative system.[3].. In the case of such a political system, the majority of the parliament is not necessarily in power, and if the parliament is a bicameral system, the majority may differ between the upper and lower houses. In the United States, the majority of the parliament and the party to which the president belongs are not always the same. In addition, although the parliament may be divided into a majority party and a minority party, the majority is often different in both the House and Senate, so usually "Republican Party"Or"Democratic PartyOnly the proper nouns of political parties such as "" are used.[4].. America'sPoliticsNEWSIn JapanNews reportIn some cases, expressions such as "the ruling party of the XX administration and the XX party" are used (in this case, the party to which the president belongs), but it is difficult to find a corresponding expression in the United States.[4]. JapaneseLocal governmentIs also a dual representative system, but the chiefIndependentEven in the case of, if there are political parties or parliamentary groups that constantly support the policy in parliament, they may be referred to as the "ruling party" in substance.[7].

Still moreFree electionThe ruling party in a country where is not held is not called the ruling party.Hegemony party systemSee.

Long-term ruling party in a democracy



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