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🏛 | A bundle of bills flies, 50 recommenders are needed, and the old presidential election was amazing!Hirotaka Futatsuki talks ~ September 9 "Kunimaru ...


A bundle of bills flies, 50 recommenders are needed, and the old presidential election was amazing!Hirotaka Futatsuki talks ~ September 9 "Kunimaru ...

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Furthermore, Mr. Kakuei Tanaka stopped me from saying "Stop it."

It took less than a week until the election day of the LDP presidential election on September 9, but in fact, the LDP presidential election has a history of 29 years, and ... → Continue reading

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Kakuei Tanaka

Kakuei Tanaka(Kakuei Tanaka <Tanaka Kakuei>,1918 Taisho7 years>May 5 - 1993 Heisei5 years>May 12) IsJapan OfBusinessman-政治家-Architect.

Member of the House of Representatives(16rd term),Postal minister(12nd generation),Minister of Finance(No.67-68-69Teens),Minister of International Trade and Industry(33nd generation),Prime Minister(No.64-65(Senior) etc.


Tanaka faction, the largest faction of the Liberal Democratic Party (Thursday club), And Tanaka, who shows skillful bureaucratic maneuvering,partisanAlthough he was a politician, he was a rare person who also had the characteristics of a bureaucratic politician.When I was aiming for the position of Prime Minister as one of the leaders of the next generation, I was struck by the vast and clear knowledge and the ability to carry out thoroughly.ComputerWithBulldozerWas called[2]..Became the first Prime Minister born in the Taisho era, and during his tenureJapan-China relations normalization,Japan-China Press Exchange Agreement,Kim Dae Jung Incident,the firstOil shockResponded to political issues such as.Raised at the time of the struggle for powerJapanese archipelago remodeling theoryThe boom in remodeling the Japanese archipelago was predominant, but the policy wasinflationInvite thisFrenzyOf the political opponent who was criticizingFukuda YoshioWas selected as the finance minister in JapanStable growth periodwent inside.After thatTanaka gold vein problemResigned from the prime minister byThe United States of America OfaircraftMajor manufacturerLockheedCompanyAll Nippon AirwaysA bribery case related to the sale of aircraft toLockheed case) Was arrested and imprisoned, and left the Liberal Democratic Party.

Even after he retired from the prime minister and was arrested for the Lockheed scandal, he continued to maintain a hidden influence in politics through the Tanaka faction.King makerTherefore, it was nicknamed "(Mejiro's) Dark General" from the media.Also,Higher educationDespite not receiving[Annotation 1]From the career that went up to the prime minister, "Now TaikoWas also called.

Road lawFull revision of道路-Port-空港Each maintenance such asSpecial account law33 cases as a member of the House of RepresentativesLegislatorTo establish[3], Left a great influence on both positive and negative effects on the development of Japan's social infrastructure after the war.In addition, directly in charge of social infrastructure developmentMinistry of Construction,Ministry of Transport, Was appointed as ministerMinistry of International Trade and Industry,Ministry of PostA symbol of bureaucratic control by politicians, who has a strong influence onMember of the tribeIt became the beginning of.

A confidential report from the US Ambassador to Japan on August 1972, 8, stated, "The source of Tanaka's tenacity and determination seems to be his own history of raising himself. His boldness. The method, regardless of means, reflects the fact that he climbed to the top from the turmoil immediately after the end of the war. "The first postwar era in charge of the Minister of International Trade and IndustryUS-Japan trade frictionIt is assumedUS-Japan textile negotiationsThen he negotiated persistently with the United States and did not compromise until the brink of a trade war.[4].


Until elementary school graduation

NiigataKariwaFutada VillageOaza Sakata (currently:Kashiwazaki) Was born as the second son of his father, Kakuei Tanaka (1886-1964), and his mother, Fume (1891-1978).However, his eldest brother died early and was virtually the only boy of seven brothers and sisters (two other sisters and four sisters).[5]..The Tanaka familyFarmerHowever, his father is a cow horse dealer, and his grandfather, Kakuei Tanaka (a child of Kakuei Tanaka), is on the side of agriculture.Miya carpenterWas a business.My mother worked sparingly while sleeping and was said to have been a "grandmother"[6]..When he was a child, his father failed in the carp fish farming industry and the import of breeding cattle one after another, and his family production was tilted, forcing him to live in extreme poverty.When I was youngdiphtheriaWith the aftereffects of suffering fromStutteringSuffering from[7][Annotation 2],NaniwabushiWas practiced and corrected.

1933 (Showa8 years), FutadaHigher elementary school(Currently: Futada Elementary School, Kashiwazaki City) Graduated.In addition, Tanaka said about his final academic backgroundCentral Technical SchoolIt was often referred to as a graduate.However, the current Chuo College of TechnologyVocational schoolAsTokyoAlthough it is licensed from[8], Including vocational schoolVocational school The1976 Because it is a school system established in (Showa 51)[9]The Chuo College of Technology at the time he learned was not a school in the school system.In addition, Tanaka himself once made "high and small graduation" an appeal, as seen in the greeting when he took office as Minister of Finance.Tanaka has been excellent at studying since elementary schoolClass leaderWas doing[10]..At the graduation ceremony of high school, I read the answer as a president[11].


After graduating, Tanaka worked at a civil engineering site, but quit after a month, and then worked at a prefectural civil engineering dispatch office in Kashiwazaki.[12].Old junior high school"I was reluctant" because of the poverty of my family and the hardships of my mother.[13].

1934 (Showa 9) March, "RIKEN OfMasatoshi OkochiWill be hired as a student, "and he will take this opportunity to move to Tokyo.[14][Annotation 3]..However, when I arrived in Tokyo, the story of the student did not go through, and I was forced to use it as a temporary destination.Inoue KogyoWhile living and working in KandaCentral Technical SchoolGo to civil engineering department (night club)[15]..After that, I got a job as a reporter for an insurance industry magazine and a deliveryman for a trading company.[16]..At one pointNaval schoolAiming to enter schoolKensyu Gakkan,Regular English schoolI went to such places, but after receiving the news of my mother's illness, I changed my aspirations to business.[17].

1936 In March (Showa 11), he graduated from the civil engineering department of Chuo College of Technology and started working at an architectural office, but because the organizer of the office was drafted by the military.1937 (Showa 12) Established "Kyoei Architects" independently in the spring[17]..Before and after thisHibiyaThe office got acquainted with Masatoshi Okouchi and accidentally boarded an elevator in the building ofRIKEN KonzernUndertook a lot of work from[17]..Around this time, while workingBusiness schoolIsKinjo Commercial School(Completed 1936 years of commerce in 4)[18] Also enrolled in, and learned business facts.

1938 (Showa 13), received because of the age suitable for draftingConscription inspectionPassed the class AActive dutySoldierBarrelcavalryAsarmy Of24th Cavalry RegimentYou will be notified of your entry into[19].1939 Entered the company in (Showa 14) and started in AprilManchuriaFujinGet into military service[20]..During the militaryWaseda UniversityGet the "Special Lecture Record on Architecture" and study hard[21]..At the beginning of employmentPrivate sanctions in the internal affairs teamWas received from an old soldier, but it broke out in the summerNomonhan caseIn addition to the mobilization of old soldiers, the skill of clerical work and Noh brushes in the unit has made it more popular with superiors.[22].1940 (Showa 15) In March, one year after joining the companyArmy Cavalry MilitaryWill be.However, in November of the same year, crouppneumoniaIn February of the following year, he was repatriated to the mainland.After healing, he was discharged in October 2 (Showa 1941), and the following month in Tokyo.IidabashiOpened Tanaka Architects in Tokyo1942 (Showa 17) In March, he married Hana Sakamoto, the daughter of the landlord of the office.[23]..The landlord is a civil engineering builder, and he inherited the business by marriage.In November of the same year, his eldest son, Masanori (died at the age of four in September 11),1944 (Showa 19) The eldest daughter in JanuaryMakikoAre born respectively.

1943 In December (Showa 18), the office was reorganized and Tanaka Doken Kogyo was established.The relationship with RIKEN Konzern has also been revived.[24], RIKEN Kogyo (piston ringManufacture, present:Riken) And so on.Tanaka Doken Kogyo has reached the 50th place in Japan in terms of annual construction results.[24].

1945 (20) February, the factory of RIKEN KogyoDaejeonDue to construction work to relocate to (Taejeon, South Korea)Korean PeninsulaCross over[25].. April 8Soviet war against JapanI saw that the situation had changed and accepted the surrenderTamane BroadcastPreviously, I gave a list of all assets in Korea to local staff saying "donate to new Korea"[25]..Repatriated from the Korean Peninsula in late August after the defeat[26][27]..Tanaka Doken Kogyo escapes war damage.

Advance into national affairs

He has been an advisor to Tanaka Doken Kogyo since the war in November 1945.Progressive PartyOf the deputyYuma cannabisAt the request of cannabis, triggered by the donation made at the request of1946 4 of the month22st House of Representatives general electionOfficially recognized by the Progressive Party, Niigata 2nd District (at that time)Large constituency systemLaterMiddle-election systemCandidate from (different from the ward in)[28][Annotation 4]..Tanaka has been campaigning in the local area since January, but due to miscalculations such as the use of election funds given to influential people and the prospective supporters running for office, he ranked 1th out of 37 candidates (the fixed number is fixed). Lost in 11)[30]..At the time of this election, "Mikuni PassIf you break it, it will not snow in Niigata, but with the broken earth and sandSea of ​​JapanFill inSadoI should continue to land until[30].

Next day1947 January,The Constitution of JapanWas the first general election by 23th general electionIn the newly established medium-sized electoral district systemNiigata 3th districtFrom (constant 5), the Progressive Party was reorganizedDemocratic PartyCandidate officially and win in 12rd place out of 3 (39,043 votes)[31]..Democratic PartyJapanese Socialist Party-National Cooperative PartyBy a coalition of three partiesKatayama CabinetBecame the ruling party, but in November 1947 state control of the coal mineTemporary Coal Mining Management ActIs submitted, Tanaka votes against it at the plenary session and receives a recommendation to leave the party with the other 14 members.Formed on November 11 with Democrats who were expelled or left for the same reasonDoshi ClubJoined (later the Democratic Club).Democratic club1948 In September,Yoshida ShigeruTo be the party leaderJapanese Liberal PartyIn joint withLiberal Democratic PartyWill be.Due to this political party reorganization, Tanaka received the treatment of Shigeru Yoshida.[32]..Tanaka takes on the role of "election director" in the Democratic Liberal Party[32].

1948 year 10 month,Ashida Cabinet Showaden constructionShigeru Yoshida, who was the leader of the first opposition party, emerged as the successor prime minister.Allied Supreme Commander General CommandCivil Affairs BureauHates Yoshida, the secretary-generalTakeshi YamazakiWas done (Yamazaki head group work case).However, due to opposition from within the Democratic Liberal Party, this work was destroyed,2st Yoshida CabinetIs established[Annotation 5]..Tanaka in the new cabinetLegal affairsUnder Secretary of StateWas inaugurated.Soon, allegations that the miners had bribed the opposition over the mining state control bill a year ago (Coal mining country jurisdiction) Surfaced, and on November 11, Tanaka's home and Tanaka Doken KogyoTokyo High Public Prosecutor's OfficeSearched for a house[33].. December 12, the House of RepresentativesRequest for arrest permissionWas passed, and the next day Tanaka was arrestedTokyo Detention CenterImprisoned in[34]..Tanaka's allegation was that the money received was just the contract price from the other party, not bribery.

Immediately after, the House of Representatives was dissolved on December 1948, 12.24th general electionIs carried out.Tanaka in this electionPrison neutral candidateTo do.With political funding running out,1949 March 1bailDespite being able to exercise for only 10 days, he was re-elected in 1nd place in the January 23 election.[35]..While reducing votes in local Kashiwazaki City and Kariwa District,Kitauonuma District,Minamiuonuma DistrictDoubled the number of votes from the previous time[35]..Non-urban "frontier" areas, low-ranking electorates who are not influential among them, and the younger generation supported Tanaka[36]..Coal mine national jurisdiction1950 In 4 monthTokyo District CourtIn the first instance, Tanaka was sentenced to 6 months in prison and 2 years suspended sentence, but1951 6 of the monthTokyo High CourtIn the second trial, he was acquitted because the fact of the consignment to Tanaka was not found.[37].

After re-election, Tanaka belonged to the House of Representatives Construction Committee in the Diet and worked on the main themes of living infrastructure development and national land development.Tanaka was involved in 33 legislative legislations as a proponent.[38]..As the main oneArchitect law[Annotation 6] ,Public Housing Actand so on.Under the Public Housing Law,Hayato IkedaFinance ministerPersuaded the increase[39],laterJapan Housing CorporationWas established[39]. AlsoRoad lawWorked on the full revision of the law, and became the proposer of this revised law1952 Was established in[40].Second-class national highwayWith the enactment of, the scope of national expenditure was expanded, and a road council was established to reflect the public opinion of the "petition."[40].. In 1953,Ministry of ConstructionIn the form of receiving the will of bureaucratsTemporary Measures Law Concerning Financial Resources for Road Maintenance ExpensesAs a legislator, "Gasoline tax (Gasoline tax) Equivalent amount ”has been made possible as a road specific financial resource[40].

Democratic Liberal Party in March 1950Liberal partyWill be.Tanaka became Deputy Secretary General of the Liberal Party in 1954. It came to be regarded as one of the aides called "Yoshida XNUMX people"[41].. In March 1955, became chairman of the House of Representatives Commerce and Industry.In November of the same yearMaintenanceAnd the Liberal PartyJapan Democratic PartyWithLDPTo form a party.

Outside politics, Nagaoka Railway (laterEchigo Kotsu Nagaoka Line) From the local governments along the line, the continuation of the lineElectrificationIn response to a request as a trump card to realize this, he became president of the company in October 1950.[42]..Tanaka is trying to realize electrificationMinistry of RailwaysIt was said by the alumnus that he was the "god of electrification."Eiichi NishimuraOr, after all, the Ministry of Railways OBEisaku SatoTo realize electrification in December 1951 by taking measures such as calling an advisor[42]..The enormous cost of electrificationNational treasuryWas unwound from[43],this isMinister of FinancewasHayato IkedaTake off your skin[43], Founded by IkedaDevelopment Bank of JapanMade a huge loan[43][44]..With this as an opportunity, Nishimura became a supporter of Tanaka until his later years.Also, until thenIchiro Ohno,WatashirouWas the ground (along the Nagaoka Railway)MishimaIt was decided to expand support with[42]..This effect also contributed to Tanaka's October 1952.25th House of Representatives general electionFor the first time, he won the top prize.

other than this,1953 In April, he became the principal of Chuo College of Technology, his alma mater. Retired in 4.Also, the same1953 ToKoshiyamakaiWas born.

Served as a minister / party executive

When he was in office

After the resignation of the prime minister

  • 1976 (51)
  • 1978 (Showa 53) June- 1st Ohira CabinetInauguration.Strongly supported by Tanaka.
  • 1979 (Showa 54) June- 35th general election..The top was elected, but the Liberal Democratic Party was defeated, and the subsequent "Forty daysTanakaMasayoshi OhiraSupport.To the crisis of party division.
  • 1980 (Showa 55) June- 36th general election..Double election with the House of Councilors.The top was won, and the Liberal Democratic Party also won overwhelmingly.After thatYoshiyuki Suzuki CabinetSupports the launch.At this time, from the same Niigata 3rd district, formerKoshiyamakaiYouth DirectorSakurai ArataIs officially recognized by the Liberal Democratic Party and won the first prize.
  • 1982 (Showa 57) June- 1st Nakasone CabinetInauguration.With the full support of Tanaka, he is ridiculed as "Tanaka Sone Cabinet".Joetsu ShinkansenTemporary opening (provisional openingOmiya - Niigata).
  • 1983 (58)
    • October-Lockheed case first trial decision.Tokyo District CourtからImprisonmentIn four years, he was sentenced to a prison sentence of 4 million yen on the same day.Appeal("Immortal determination").
    • 12 month - 37th general election.May 11Dissolution of the House of Representatives (Dissolution of Tanaka judgment). Winning with overwhelming support of 22 votes.Former member of the House of Councilors who ran for Niigata 3rd district after criticizing TanakaAkiyo NosakaWas rejected.Naoki alsoFukushima 3 wardFirst win from.However, the Liberal Democratic Party was defeated, and President Yasuhiro Nakasone issued a statement that "the so-called political influence of Mr. Tanaka will be completely eliminated."
  • 1984 (59)
    • October 10-LDP presidential election.Tanaka faction (Thursday club) presidentNikaido SusumuThe idea of ​​supporting the vice-president arose, and Tanaka supported Nakasone's reelection.
    • December-By mid-career and young people in the Tanaka faction, "FoundationPreparations for establishment[68].
  • 1985 (60)
  • 1986 (Showa 61) June- 38th general election..Top winning.Tanaka cannot carry out election campaigns at all, and only supporters such as the Koshiyamakai are active.The Liberal Democratic Party wins overwhelmingly. During his nearly four-year term, Tanaka was never able to go to the hospital.
  • 1987 (62)
    • May 7 --TakeshitaKeiseikaiLaunched[70]..Most of the Tanaka faction participated.The Nikaido group stayed at the club on Thursday, and the Tanaka faction, including the centrists, split.
    • May 7 --Lockheed case appeal decision.Tokyo High CourtSupports the first-instance decision and dismisses Tanaka's appeal.Tanaka side is the same dayappeal.
    • October-Takeshita visits Tanaka's residence.Makiko pays in advance.laterImperial Party CaseSurfaced as.
    • 11 month - Takeshita CabinetWas launched.
  • 1989 (10) October-Naoki announces that Kakuei Tanaka will not run for the next general election.
  • 1990
    • January 1-Retired from politics due to the dissolution of the House of Representatives.He has been a member of the House of Representatives for 24 years and has been elected 43 times.Koshiyama-kai in various places are also dissolved.
    • 2 month - 39th general election..Former member of MotogoeyamaOjiyaLongYukio HoshinoIs officially recognized by the Liberal Democratic Party.
  • 1992 (4)
    • August-Visit to China.Visited China for the first time in 8 years at the invitation of the Chinese governmentMakikoEtc. accompany.
    • December-Keiseikai splits.
  • 1993
    • 7 month - 40th general election..Makiko ran for the first time from her own constituency, Niigata 3rd District, without belonging.Tanaka himself got sick and entered Niigata to support Makiko.Later joined the Liberal Democratic Party.The Liberal Democratic Party, which fell below the majority in the election, went to Shimotsuke and belonged to the former Tanaka faction.Hosokawa GokibyNon-Liberal Democratic Party 8 Coalition CabinetWas launched.
    • August 12- Keio University HospitalDied at the age of 75 due to pneumonia caused by sputum stuck in the throat[1].CommandmentsIs Tokuharu Koshiyama, a resident of Seikakuin.The graveyard is in Tanaka's residence in Kashiwazaki City, Niigata Prefecture (formerly Nishiyama Town).Lockheed case is in the middle of hearing of appealDismissal of prosecutionIt becomes.For those who have served as Prime Minister for more than a yearSecond place-Grand Order Chrysanthemum flower emblemTanaka was convicted, although it is customary to be described above.Criminal accusedHe died as it was, so he was not awarded the Order of Order.

after death

Human relations

  • Tanaka CabinetAt the time of inaugurationTakeo MikiTanaka, who received the support of Miki and felt that this support was indebted, gave MikiSecretary of StateWelcomed to the Cabinet asDeputy Prime MinisterHas also been nominated.However, although Tanaka and Miki agreed on the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China, the political stances of Tanaka, who makes the power of money speak, and Miki, who believes in political purification, are completely different, and they gradually confront each other. Became.And in 1974House of Councillors electionRegarding the selection of official candidates in the Tokushima prefectural constituency, Miki is incumbent in the Miki faction according to the "principle of prioritizing incumbents"Kentaro KujimeTanaka was the formerNational Police AgencyAnd newcomersMasaharu GotodaThe relationship between the two became indispensable because the official approval was given to.As a result of the election, Kujime was elected and Miki's face was preserved, but Miki left the cabinet (see details).Awa WarSee).After that, the anti-mainstream Takeo Fukuda approached Miki, and Fukuda also left the cabinet to sharpen the movement toward the Tanaka collapse.However, Tanaka leads a small faction and swims dexterously in Nagatacho.Balkan politicianIt is said that Miki was evaluated as "the only political professionals are me and Miki."Before becoming prime minister, he said, "Only Miki can compete against me in the LDP."
  • Fukuda YoshioWhat is "Kakufu WarAlthough it was a conflicting relationship as represented by ", Tanaka denies the grudge, saying," I have no grudge against Mr. Fukuda. Is there any grudge against a person who plays golf three rounds a day? "In fact,Aichi KoichiMinister of FinanceWhen he died suddenly, Tanaka asked Fukuda to take office as Finance Minister.At that time, Fukuda replied, "The balance of payments is in turmoil due to the theory of remodeling the Japanese archipelago." Fukuda is responsible for all economic issues.On the other hand, Fukuda also called Tanaka "Showa'sFujiyoshiroThat's right.It was always described as "a vessel that will eventually become a taiko."It was Fukuda who named Tanaka "Ima Taiko".The two were often compared over their policies toward China, but both Tanaka and Fukuda are Japan-China friendship groups.The Japan-China SocietyServed as an officer of[73].
  • 1962/72st Ikeda CabinetInOrdinary high schoolGraduated at the age of 44Minister of FinanceInauguration1890 JapaneseImperial AssemblyIt is said that there is no example after or before it was opened.[74]..I saw a list of ministers written as Finance Minister TanakaHayato IkedaThe Prime Minister dismissed, "That's the kind of car owner's groom. I don't know where the bones of the horse are."[74]..Ikeda is TanakaUnder Secretary of FinanceSince that time, I have been thinking of Ikeda as the future Chancellor for nearly 10 years, and I have been enthusiastic about approaching Ikeda no matter what.[75]..Seeing Ikeda who has achieved an unusual career under the same Yoshida gate, he decided to connect with Ikeda and plan a career, and finally Tanaka's wife Hana's stepchild, Shizuko, and Ikeda's nephew were married, and Ikeda and his relatives were tied together. Was there[76][77]..However, in the division of the former Yoshida faction (Yang Fire Monkey) at the end of 1956, it was not possible to take power.Eisaku SatoIs read as ahead of Ikeda[76], Ikeda faction (Hiroike) But Sato faction (Shuzankai) Is lying down[76][78]..In promoting "advanced economic policy," even though it is a relative, it is not possible to allocate an amateur who has never been involved in national finance to the finance minister, who is the most important post.[76].. HoweverMasayoshi OhiraPersuaded Ikeda enthusiastically, "That man can do it," and Ikeda acknowledged this by overcoming the opposition within the party.[74][76]..It is a mystery why Ohira, a cautious resident, took a surprisingly forcible measure and struggled to sell Tanaka.[79]..Tanaka's selection of the finance minister is the view that Ikeda has driven into the Ministry of Finance, which sometimes rebels, as a "wedge".[80]Ikeda himself takes control of the de facto real power behind the scenes, with Tanaka as an amateur in finance and finance. There is also a theory[81]..The Ministry of Finance at that time is said to be under the direct control of Ikeda.[82]In fact, it was said that Ikeda was also the Minister of Finance.[82].Uda Noda"It was Eisaku Sato who forcibly recommended Tanaka to the Minister of Finance for Ikeda."[83]..Tanaka served as Minister of Finance for 2 years and 4 months in the Ikeda Cabinet.National income doubling planIkeda's economic principle line, represented by ", gave Tanaka, the flag bearer of development politics, a great opportunity.[84][85][86]..Tanaka, who was only a middle-ranking member of the Diet, was changed by Ikeda.Chairman(1961 years),Minister of FinanceIt was because he was appointed to the important position (1962) that the road to the later trade-in was opened.[87]..For Tanaka, Ikeda was a benefactor who couldn't sleep with his feet turned.[87].
  • The Ministry of Finance at that time was exceptional[88]When I was appointed Minister of Finance, an official of the Ministry of Finance said, "The Minister of Finance is a tough job, so please do it well."[88]..Tanaka was in the Ministry of Finance, where the power of Ikeda was widespread during his tenure as Minister of Finance.[82]It is said that he manipulated his strong human mind and political power and suppressed the proud bureaucrats.[84]. at that timeMinistry of FinanceBanking BureauWas the inspection managerKeiichiro Niwayama"Mr. Ikeda also gave money to his subordinates. Mr. Tanaka was loved by Mr. Ikeda, so I think he imitated it. However, since Mr. Ikeda is from a bureaucratic bureaucracy, he knows moderation. Mr. Tanaka had a muddy smell probably because he was from his hometown. The amount of money and the range of distribution were flashy. He knew the careers of others very well, and he knew not only the year of entry but also the grade ranking and bureaucracy. He was a very emotional person. He called out by name without distinction between high-ranking and low-ranking bureaucrats. Those who initially made a fool of saying "Tanaka" will gradually flutter. " Are[79]..Tanaka solidified his political foundation by taking advantage of the formation and development of the profit-inducing politics promoted by Ikeda.[89][90]..No one in the party thought that Tanaka would become prime minister in the future during the Kishi and Ikeda eras.[83].
  • It is from here that the relationship between Tanaka and Ohira becomes closer[91]After that, he had a long-standing ally with Ohira, and it became an opportunity to stand out.[92]..This is called ""[93]There was Ohira's cooperation when Tanaka took office, and Tanaka's support when Ohira took office.It is said that Tanaka's growth was due to being a staff member of the Sato faction but also an aide to Ikeda.[85][86][94]..When the Tanaka administration was established, it was exchanged between the two people that the policy was "domestic affairs is Tanaka, diplomacy is Ohira", and Ohira is a self-sect (Ohira).Hiroike) To overwhelm the voice of the inauguration of the three roles and assumed the foreign minister[95]..Manages the practice of negotiations to normalize diplomatic relations between Japan and China[55], In the Japan-China aviation agreement, negotiated under the brunt of criticism within the party[96]..The relationship between the two is not limited to the personal relationship between Tanaka and Ohira.Tanaka schoolOhira schoolAs a brother faction, there was a lot of exchange between members of the Diet.
  • It was said to be the "black curtain of the Liberal Democratic Party"Kunio Fukumoto"Kakuei is very non-principle. There is no thought. It is a typical example of mess.Japan-China relations normalizationWas done with OhiraKazutaka KikawadaIs[97].
  • Served as Vice President of the PartyShojiro KawashimaAnd Tanaka have a close relationship with the Sato Cabinet, and Kawashima paved the way for Prime Minister Tanaka by forming the Sato long-term administration.On the other hand, there was a fierce conflict with Takeo Fukuda, who was at the other end of the spectrum as a politician from a bureaucracy, and Takeo Miki, who admitted his arrest for "clean politics."Especially with FukudaKakufu WarIs2st Ohira CabinetSometimesHead nominationParty split state in[98] And a vote of no confidenceFukuda schoolEscalated to pass due to absence[99](Forty days war-Disappearing happening).
  • I had one son and one daughter with my wife, Hana, but my eldest son's law died, and the adult was the eldest daughter.Makikoonly.Hana is sick, so when Tanaka was prime minister, MakikoFirst ladyActed for the role of.
  • Tokyo·Kagurazaka Of芸 者There are 2 sons and 1 daughter between, and (1 daughter Masa is perinatal, 2 sons are recognized as Tanaka's child).They did not stand on the front stage of politics and did not inherit the political ground.The second son, Kyo, was a music producer and bar owner, and later published memoirs for Tanaka as a mother and child.[100][101][102]..Was a secretaryAkiko SatoOne of the girls is said to be an unrecognized child of Tanaka.
  • 2,575 tsubo (about 8,500)m2) Site in TokyoBunkyo kuThe house in Mejirodai XNUMX-chome was called "", and it was said to be "in Mejiro pilgrimage" because dignitaries from the political and business world visited here all the time.At that time, the word "Mejiro" in politics meant Kakuei Tanaka.
  • From the People's Republic of ChinaJapan-China relations normalizationRespected as a "great politician who decided"KodairaEven after Tanaka was accused of the Lockheed scandal, such as visiting Tanaka's residence when he came to Japan in 1978.Jiang peopleMany Chinese Communist Party government officials visited Tanaka's residence.
  • He also cultivated a wide range of personal connections in the business world.Among them, Tanaka's "Friend of the neckWas calledInternational business OfKenji Osano[Annotation 7]Was allegedly backing up Tanaka financially, and was later charged with criminal charges in the Lockheed scandal.In this case via KosanoRight wing groupIs a big activistKodama HoushioThe point of contact with was pointed out.There are still many uncertainties about personal connections in this area.
  • As can be seen from the theory of national resilience, public works were particularly emphasized.Tadashi Fukuda, who was his influential supporterFukuda Corp.The driving force behind the rapid growth of the general contractor was a number of public works projects that could be ordered through a pipe with Kakuei, who had the ground in Niigata Prefecture.Ichiro Ozawa's ex-wife, Kazuko, was Fukuda's eldest daughter and married in 2, the second term of a member of the House of Representatives, with Kakuei Tanaka as a matchmaker.Fukuda's second daughter is also Noboru Takeshita's younger brother.Takeshita WataruMarried to[105].


The Tanaka faction is the largest faction in the Liberal Democratic Party, and especially after the Lockheed scandal, it continued to expand under the belief that "number is power", and about 140 members of the Diet belonged to it at its peak.Due to its large number and gorgeousness, it was described by the media as "Tanaka Corps" and "Tanaka Guards".BuzzwordIt became.Among them, Susumu Nikaido,Kanamaru Shin, Noboru Takeshita and other party leaders at the time were includedTakeshita faction magistrateWas calledTakeshi Haneda-Ryutaro Hashimoto-Keizo Obuchi-Ichiro Ozawa-Kajiyama Shiroku-Keiwa Okuda-Kozo Watanabe,otherMinsuke Watanuki,Hironori Nonaka(I have been watching since the time of the Kyoto Prefectural Assembly).Ozawa was born in 1942, the same as the premature law, and Tanaka is said to have especially loved Ozawa.After that, Haneda, Ozawa, Okuda, and Watanabe left the Liberal Democratic Party in the seven delegations.Democratic PartyMade a flow to.

It was very functionally organized to bloat the factions and seize power.secretaryIt was a group.It was the Liberal Democratic Party's primary election on the eve of the inauguration of the first Masayoshi Ohira Cabinet that worked most functionally.At first, it was thought that there was a difference in party membership votes so that the active prime minister, Fukuda, stated that "the side who lost the primary should go down the final."Under the direction of Masaharu Gotoda, the Tanaka faction who pushed Ohira reversed the result by developing a "roller operation" in which a group of secretaries visited party members mainly in Tokyo door to door, forcing Fukuda to decline the final election.Aki Sato, who was said to be a safeguard in a famous place, played a role as a spokesperson.Shigezō Hayasaka, "National Elder" who supported the election campaign from Niigata, "Jodai Elder" who was full of Mejiro, and served as Prime Minister's secretary.However, after Tanaka collapsed, many were alienated by Makiko.

Even after leaving the Liberal Democratic Party due to the Lockheed scandal, he reigned as the de facto ruler of the largest faction in the party, and the media called Tanaka a "dark general."Tanaka himself sticks to reinstatement (after acquittal in court)prime ministerHowever, he refused to allow the LDP presidential candidate from his own faction, lost the authority of the Prime Minister, and made Japan's political power structure unclear, but dissatisfaction from his subordinates (minions) arose. Eventually, the Tanaka faction collapsed due to the departure of Noboru Takeshita.According to Makiko, after the faction split, the number of visitors decreased sharply with each passing year, and it was rare for a former Tanaka faction member to visit the grave after his death.

He was a typical party politician, but he also welcomed many bureaucrats.Especially in my cabinetDeputy Secretary-General, Cabinet SecretariatFormer who served as (administrative staff)National Police AgencyMasaharu Gotoda was heavily used and remained at the center of the LDP administration even after Tanaka collapsed.

Entertainment worldActively scouting from the House of Councilors election in the national districtYoshiko Yamaguchi(Yoshiko Otaka, Kaoran Lee),Akiko Shandong,Teru MiyataEtc. were elected.It is also said that entertainers who declined the invitation from Tanaka were told not to run for other parties.


He was particularly enthusiastic about developing a social infrastructure in his constituency, Niigata Prefecture. From large-scale projects such as the Kan-Etsu Expressway and the Joetsu Shinkansen, advocating "eliminating the gap between the snowy country and the city" and "balanced development of the land"Nagaoka,OjiyaInstallation of snow melting equipment in urban areas such as, and tunnel maintenance to prevent each mountain village from being isolated even in winter (Kashiwazaki tunnel in Ojiya city is known. At that time, a construction cost of 60 billion yen was required for a village with 10 units. There was a lot of repulsion because it was built by hanging it), etc.) and various activities such as attracting the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station.Public worksAttracted.He also had a TV program for himself, soliciting the petition of the electorate directly on the program and strongly appealing his achievements.

The Koshiyama-kai, a support organization formed by all the municipalities in the former Niigata 3rd district of the constituency, was described as a unity of iron.The Koshiyama-kai also served as a place for exchange transactions such as orders for public works projects by construction companies and voting for Tanaka at the time of elections, and while it became an effective organization that greatly contributed to improving the lives of local residents, it was a typical benefit of LDP politics. In response to strong criticism of the induction and financial constitution, it also left behind a distorted industrial structure that was overly dependent on public works projects.In implementing these public works projects, Nagaoka CityShinano RiverIt was suspected that profits would be provided to "family companies" in which they and their relatives serve as officers due to problems such as the acquisition and use of riverbeds, and the issue of gold veins was pursued.However, even after the Lockheed scandal, the Koshiyamakai continued to give Tanaka political influence in the central political world by continuing to win with overwhelming votes.

Shin Sakurai's departure occurred because he did not decide on a successor in his constituency and continued to reign at the top.The year after it collapsed1986 general electionThen, Tanaka won the top prize while his own voice could not be conveyed at all. When he retired in 1990, he disbanded the Koshiyamakai and voted voluntarily, but in the 1993 general election, many former Koshiyamakai members supported Makiko.When Makiko entered the country after being elected, she was introduced that "Mejiro's antiques have arrived."

Urasa StationAt the east exit, Tanaka's hugeBronze statueHas been erected (unveiled in 1985).Nikaido SusumuVolunteed. In 2005, at the request of Makiko, "I'm sorry to wear snow in winter," a new roof was installed on the statue.On the other hand, when the Chuo College of Technology, which was also the principal of the school, tried to set up a statue in the school, he said, "It is not good to bring politics to the school. I am not doing anything for my school." I refuse this.

CommentelectionExecution dateConstituencyPolitical partyNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateconstantVote ranking
/No. of candidates
Proportional ranking within political parties
/ Number of political party winners
This23th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1947th, 4Former Niigata 3st districtDemocratic Party14.2%53/12/
This24th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1949th, 1Former Niigata 3st districtLiberal Democratic Party14.3%52/12/
This25th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1952th, 10Former Niigata 3st districtLiberal party17.9%51/10/
This26th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1953th, 4Former Niigata 3st districtLiberal party17.9%51/8/
This27th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1955th, 2Former Niigata 3st districtLiberal party15.0%52/9/
This28th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1958th, 5Former Niigata 3st districtLDP22.7%51/9/
This29th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1960th, 11Former Niigata 3st districtLDP23.7%51/8/
This30th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1963th, 11Former Niigata 3st districtLDP28.7%51/9/
This31th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1967th, 1Former Niigata 3st districtLDP31.3%51/7/
This32th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1969th, 12Former Niigata 3st districtLDP32.9%51/8/
This33th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1972th, 12Former Niigata 3st districtLDP42.1%51/7/
This34th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1976th, 12Former Niigata 3st districtIndependent37.0%51/10/
This35th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1979th, 10Former Niigata 3st districtIndependent31.1%51/11/
This36th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1980th, 6Former Niigata 3st districtIndependent30.2%51/8/
This37th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1983th, 12Former Niigata 3st districtIndependent46.6%51/9/
This38th House of Representatives general electionOctober 1986th, 7Former Niigata 3st districtIndependent40.0%51/7/


The first diplomatic achievement of the Tanaka Cabinet is the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China.As a background, in January 1972President of the United StatesRichard Nixon's visit to the People's Republic of China and Takeo Miki's support for Tanaka in the presidential election were subject to normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China (for details).Japan-China relations normalizationSee).As a result, TanakaPeople's Republic of ChinaWas evaluated as "a benefactor who dug a well".It means a pioneer of diplomacy between Japan and China, and even after Tanaka lost his position due to the gold vein problem.Deng XiaopingVisited Tanaka's private residence and paid tribute, and Tanaka returned to China in his later years in 1992.

TanakaBrazilOn the side "CerradoWe have proposed a joint agricultural development project called "Agricultural Development Cooperation Project", which is the beginning of this project promotion.During this period, the US grain market surgedsoyEmbargo,First oil shockAnd so onresourceAgainst the background of Japan's serious diplomatic issues, he visited Brazil and proposed a joint project.2001 It was carried out in three phases for 21 years until the end of the project, and was conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (currently:JICA), A large number of agricultural experts were dispatched and farmers settled in, and about 21 billion yen was invested in the project in 600 years.In a tropical shrubbed area of ​​about 2 million hectares (about five times the area of ​​Japan), grain cultivation was cultivated by improving the soil of the land that was considered unsuitable for cultivation covered with acidic red soil. ..With the results of the Cerrado agricultural development, Brazil is now a major producer and exporter of corn and soybeans.

Northern TerritoriesIn negotiationsLeonid BrezhnevBrezhnev gave an ambiguous answer without making a clear statement at first, so Tanaka changed his complexion and said, "Is it yes or no? I want you to get it, "and elicited the answer," Dar (yes), "from Brezhnev, who was surprised.

north koreaAgainst in 1973Kim Il SungProposedReunification of homeland・ Evaluated the Five Platforms.Masayoshi Ohira at that timeMinister of Foreign AffairsOn July 7, the same yearHouse of RepresentativesOn this matter at the Legal CommitteeJapanese Socialist PartyIsamu AkamatsuIn response to the committee member's question, "Unexpectedly, the unification of the homeland of the Korean people is the highest desire, and I think that it was appreciated for the concrete advocacy." Answering[106].

The first American president in relation to the United States (Gerald R. Ford) There was a visit to Japan, and in a joint statement after the Japan-US summit meeting, it was announced that "a new page has been engraved in the history of Japan-US goodwill."Emperor Showa-Empress Kasumi182 people from Japan and the United States attended the Miyanaka Banquet hosted by the event.It was the largest after the war[107].

Relationship with the opposition

He has been a member of the Diet for a long time, and there are many occasions when he cooperates with the opposition in legislation.Country vs. politicsIt is said to be the beginning of[108].

Democratic PartyIn 1965, the "Japan-Korea Association" (Japan-Korea Basic TreatyApproval)Ikko KasugaThere was a pipe with.He was also a member of the House of Representatives of the Democratic Socialist Party.Wada KosakuA few weeks after the Lockheed scandal, he wrote a pamphlet entitled "Former Prime Minister Tanaka and Political Ethics," saying, "Don't tie Kakuei's achievements to legal theory. The code of conduct as a politician is familiar to prosecution. No. Even if I gave and received 5 million yen, it would not have been personally dressed. The issue of political ethics of politicians should not be diminished to the debate of mere violation of the law. "" I am political ethics. I do not intend to underestimate the negative side of the law, but if I emphasize it more than necessary, it will cause a serious mistake as if a salaried politician who does nothing is a good ethical politician. It was scattered around Nagata-cho.

What is Komeito?Speech publication obstruction caseAs a result of taking actions in consideration of the Komeito side, a friendly relationship between Tanaka and the Komeito was born.Tanaka is said to have taken a harmonious attitude toward the Komeito Party in the Middle Way in order to relatively weaken the innovation forces of the Socialist Party and the Communist Party, and the Tanaka faction and the Takeshita faction (later)Heisei Study Group) Many of the members of the Diet have a close relationship with Komeito members and the Soka Gakkai, which supports the Komeito.[Annotation 8]..The self-public coalition also belonged to the Tanaka and Takeshita factions.Keizo ObuchiIt started in the Cabinet period.

In February 1981, the Socialist Party was competing for seats in the same constituency.Susumu KobayashiTanaka was also invited to the celebration of the commendation of the members of the Diet for many years (25 years), but Tanaka said, "I say bad things about the Socialist Party, but I have never said bad things about Mr. Kobayashi. Although he attacks the Liberal Democratic Party, he has never attacked Kakuei Tanaka. "

Dark general, cerebral infarction

He left the Liberal Democratic Party after being arrested and charged with the Lockheed scandal, but was immediately released on bail and filed a criminal procedure for the consignment bribery.Long-term trialAnd sentenced to prison[Annotation 9]Under the pretext of being in dispute without becoming an independent candidate, he continued to win the first place in the local constituency as an independent candidate, and although he was an independent member of the House of Representatives (so-called "resident around the LDP") who did not have the LDP registration, the Tanaka faction as a faction sleeve. Through the backstage, he continued to influence the political world, and the media called him "the dark general."Especially Masayoshi Ohira,Yoshiyuki Suzuki, Tanaka's support is indispensable for the inauguration of Yasuhiro Nakasone as Prime MinisterKing makerIt was the position of.He is also involved in the personnel affairs of ministers, party officers and chairman of the Diet, and in his own criminal procedureCommand authorityThe Tanaka faction and members close to Tanaka occupied many important posts such as the Minister of Justice, which leads to problems, and the LDP secretary-general who has official authority in party funds and elections.In addition, the cabinets that Tanaka had a great influence on as a dark general were also called "Kakukage Cabinet," "Right Cabinet," and "Tanaka Sone Cabinet."In addition, when his innocence was confirmed, he was planning to return to the front stage by returning to the Liberal Democratic Party and even to return to the Prime Minister.

However, from October 1984 to February 10, the Nikaido troupeFoundationSituations that are not in his own scenario, such as formation, are occurring one after another, highlighting the decline in control.Haunting due to stress[109], February 1985, 2, Tanaka finallycerebral infarctionCollapsedTokyo Communication HospitalHospitalized in.Doctors announced that the "basal ganglia centered on the putamen" had become necrotic.JournalistTakashi TachibanaIs "Asahi JournalIn an article contributed to "If it (Note: Basal Ganglia) is destroyed, Kakuei Tanaka will no longer be Kakuei Tanaka. At least, Kakuei Tanaka, who is full of fighting spirit. When the lost Kakuei Tanaka returns to society, it has no political meaning. "" Kakuei Tanaka, a politician, will lose his political life. "[110]However, the prediction became a reality.

daughter'sMakiko TanakaAt the end of April of the same year, the family sent Tanaka to a private residence in Mejirodai "temporarily" without even knowing the Tanaka faction, who was on duty at the hospital. On May 4, the hospital announced that it was "rehabilitating at a private residence. Specialized rehabilitation is difficult at home," but Makiko expressed her position that she was "not aware of the hospital announcement," and the hospital director, doctor in charge, and Hayasaka Notified the press club "Hirakawa Club" of insulation with Shigezo et al.[111].. May 5th, Makiko and her husbandNaoki TanakaA member of the House of Representatives visited Tokyo Teishin Hospital and reported discharge.[112].. On June 6, Naoki announced the closure of the Kakuei Tanaka office of the Itopia Hirakawacho Building.Along with thisKoshiyamakaiThe Tokyo office will also be closed[113][114].

Tanaka, who suffered a severe language disorder, was placed under the complete control of Makiko for eight years after he collapsed.[115]He died in 1993, almost withdrawn from his private residence in Mejiro.

Word record

Wikiquote has a quote about Kakuei Tanaka.

  • "Mikuni PassThedynamiteIf you blow it off, it won't snow in Echigo.And that soilSea of ​​JapanIf you carry it toSado”(Speech at the time of the first run)[116]
  • "Nani, Jii-san. You can be such a paradise dragonfly because you already have all the children. What do parents all over Japan who have students do? I also scrape what I eat and send it to my parents and daughters, but at schoolGeba stickIt is filled with.The teacher cannot stand on the podium.Students who are willing to study cannot take the exam.Can you graduate by doing this?Can I get a job?Everyone is deep blue.Weak students can't go to college and have knees in their boarding house.So, it ’s okay, Jii-san, ring the bell early.If I don't do it, I'm sorry. "(University management lawReluctant to open the House of Councilors Law Conference upon enactmentYuzo ShigemuneChairAgainst)[47]
  • "Politics is number, number is power, power is money" (=The logic of numbers
  • "What is politics? Life" (secretary,Shigezō HayasakaDescribed in his book "The Wisdom of the Father")
  • "From now on, the era of going to work from Tokyo to Niigata will come."
  • "My goal is to create a world where old people and grandchildren can live happily together."
  • "If all Chinese people buy tenugui, 8 million will be sold" (statement at the time of normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China)
  • "What the government has stated in a unified view so far is within the limits of achieving the legitimate purpose of self-defense.nuclear weaponsIf so, the government has traditionally taken that possession of this is not unconstitutional. ”(Answer by the Budget Committee of the House of Councilors on March 1973, 3)
  • (Hinomaru-You are National flag-National anthem(After showing the recognition that it is firmly established as) "I think that it is okay at some time, at this time, but the national anthem and national flag are clearly decided by the House of Councilors as the highest institution of national rights. I think it's time to enact it as a law, and once it's enacted, it's only natural to sing it at least in elementary and junior high schools and national and public schools. "(1974) March 3 Answer at the Budget Committee of the House of Councilors)
  • "I'm Kakuei Tanaka. As you all know, I'm a graduate of high school. You're all talented people from all over the country, and they're all financial and financial experts. I've passed through a lot of Kadomatsu, and I think I know some tips for work. I'm going to work together for the nation, but it's important to trust each other. Therefore, from now on, I will always open the door of the ministry room. If you think I am, please do not hesitate to come to the ministry room even for young people who entered this year. And please say anything. You don't have to get permission. You can do what you can. You can't do what you can't do. However, Kakuei Tanaka bears all responsibility. Greetings to[117]
  • "Yosha Yosha Yosha" (a statement allegedly made when receiving a bribe in the Lockheed scandal)
  • "BouncedcarpIf it falls to the ground, it will only become dried fish.I eat dried fish, butbearNo one looks at the dried fish. "(Nakagawa Ichiro"Can the carp bounce? 』, Reply when receiving a report that he decided to run for the LDP presidential election while being a small faction)[Annotation 10]
  • "I used to have Japan and the Korean Peninsula for a long time in the United States, but when I asked the opinions of South Korea and other people after that, they were still planted in the hearts of the people in the long history of the United States. The next ASEAN Five will visit the country, saying that they brought the cultivation of glue from Japan and taught us, and that Japan's education system, especially the compulsory education system, is a wonderful thing that can be protected even today. It was a deep feeling. This can be said even with the fact that even in the former rule of Taiwan, such a touch of heart that is truly ethnically connected is still highly evaluated. It is a thing. "(January 1974, 1, in response to the main meeting of the House of Representatives.Annexation of Japan and South KoreaWas criticized by North and South Korea for justifying
  • "Politicians must always pay attention to what they can say / bad, who they can say / bad, when they can say / when they are bad" (Ito YoshioIs January 2013, 6TBS"Winking!Tanaka's episode about the politician's blog burning
  • "Human beings can't do it. Everyone makes mistakes. Whether or not they can love the unsuccessful human beings. Anyone who wants to be a politician must love people. All the smart guys who left the University of Tokyo Because I try to love what I should be, I despise real people. That leads to disrespect for the masses. That's no good. I have to love the old man, the aunt, and those people of the Yahyakuya there. There is only politics. That is the origin of politics. "[118]
  • "There are criticisms about this tunnel that it would be strange to spend 60 billion yen on 12 villages, but that's not the case. It is politics to allow parents, children and grandchildren to live in their hometowns. That's the basics of it. That's why I built this tunnel. Without the tunnel, even if my child gets sick, I can't go to the hospital satisfactorily. I have to go. Is there such an inequality even though I am the same Japanese and pay the same premium? "
  • "Why can't Tanaka fall? Humans are scared because they've never been naked. I'm naked." (Convicted in the Lockheed trial on October 1983, 10.) The next day's words)[119]
  • "Why do you switch to Kitsuneya and Tanuki when Nakasone is riding an elephant?" (Around 1983, I heard that Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone was in contact with Fukuda and Miki immediately after the Lockheed decision).[120]
  • "Prices and pollution aren't a big deal. Well, it's about leaks, shutters flying, and sewage overflowing." (July 1974, 7) ofHouse of Councillors electionStreet speech to[121]
  • "Some people say that Tanaka's theory of remodeling the archipelago is useless. If it is not possible, come up with another good idea."


  • When Tanaka ran for the first time,Yuma cannabisAsked me to raise 300 million (15 billion at current value) funding and prepared it.Since then, cannabis has stopped rising to Tanaka and was officially recognized at the next election.
  • Tanaka faction first-year memberBeauty stationI encountered a lot of money and needed a lot of money to solve it.I relied on various tips, but I couldn't afford to pay 100 million yen (more than 3 times the current value).A member of the Diet who had just finished the election and was in debt exhausted all the measures and called Tanaka's office to apply for a loan.When Tanaka heard about the situation, he said, "I understand. I'll prepare the money right away so I'll come to pick it up." I received a large paper bag from.When I checked the contents, it contained 300 million yen, and the enclosed memo stated as follows. "Be sure to solve the trouble. Please act as follows. 1. Use 100 million yen to solve the trouble. 2. Use 100 million yen to give a meal to the person who took care of you, or be sure to thank you. 3. Set aside the remaining 100 million yen in case of trouble. All of this money is useless to return. ”The lawmaker was deeply moved and loyal to Tanaka until later. I protected it.
  • A member of the Diet who had little acquaintance with Tanaka, who had a different faction, came to Tanaka's office and applied for a loan of 300 million yen.Tanaka sensed the plight of the other party who had to ask for help from a different faction, and prepared money that day, saying, "When you have a problem, you don't have to return this money. I'll ask when I'm in trouble, "and handed the councilor a paper bag.Later, when the lawmaker checked the inside of the paper bag, he found that it contained 500 million yen, which was more than the amount he had applied for.To tell the truth, the member of the Diet was reluctant to ask Tanaka for the amount of 300 million yen, but in reality he needed 500 million yen, and he was able to get out of the predicament by Tanaka's wit.The councilor was deeply moved and swore allegiance to Tanaka.
  • Eiichi Nakao belonged to the Nakasone faction, but Nakasone, the head of the faction, sometimes preached the kind of "politicians should be there" when handing over military funds, but he did not hand over cash envelopes. Tanaka said, "Mr. Nakao, do your best," and said that he offered a newspaper wrapped in 10 times as much cash as Nakasone gave him.In addition, Fukuda who came to visit when Nakao was hospitalized tried to put a furoshiki wrapping that would contain cash at the bedside, so (as a gesture) "I had a lot of trouble in the past ..." Nakao said, Fukuda said, "Huh, that's right," and brought back the package.[122].
  • Fukuda schoolShunichi FukuyaWhen he was hospitalized, he visited him early and put 500 million dollars in a thick bag and kept it under his feet.After that, Tanaka visited him about four times, but he said that he kept 4 million each time.Fukuya has since stopped criticizing Tanaka.
  • He was very careful when giving money, tickling his pride by the other person, or using a makurakotoba that did not reverse his pride, and was careful not to be taken as a bribe.To politicians, "No matter how much money you have, it won't get in the way." "I think you have the money, but please give it away." I have to get it. "To bureaucrats, "You're not a man who works for this much money, it's my feelings." "I'm not a stupid man who demands a reward."In addition, to the people who work at the restaurant, he gave the proprietress a thorough devotion, such as "Please give this to everyone," without damaging his pride.
  • Tanaka highly valued Japanese bureaucrats and called them "walking bloated libraries."To get them in, I did the following:When Tanaka was the Minister of Finance, he called each of them "Come to the minister's office" one by one, saying "Come to the minister's office. Thank you. Please buy a towel with this." I handed an envelope with cash.To a surprised bureaucrat, Tanaka said, "You won't be affected by this." "You are the best elite in Japan. You shouldn't care about me at this level." "I don't ask for anything in return. I I'm feeling. Please take it. "When it was time for a bonus, a total of 2000 million yen or more of pocket money was given as a bonus to people above the section chief.But the bureaucrats who didn't receive the money never trusted.
  • The minister has a secret fee called "Minister's secret fee" that he can use at his own discretion.However, Tanaka never touched the postal administration, Okura, and the Minister of International Trade and Industry, saying, "I must take care of my subordinates, please use it freely." It was.Not only that, but he also paid particular attention to the section chief-class people and gave them a separate amount of money to eat and drink.
  • Not Tanaka factionMuraoka KenzoWhen he lost the election in 1976, Tanaka immediately contacted Muraoka and suggested that he "use my room until the next election."Muraoka declined, but Tanaka re-proposed, "I can use the office of Sabo Kaikan and I have already talked about it."Soon after Muraoka accepted the story, a secretary was invited by a member of the Diet who was the director of the Tanaka faction's administrative agency. "Even if you can't work, you can just have a title," he said, and was paid an additional 30 yen.Needless to say, Tanaka was doing everything, and it was rumored that Muraoka would have two offices even if he lost the election, and he was re-elected.He was also captivated by Tanaka.
  • Immediately after assuming the post of Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, when Tanaka visited the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, the staff were indulging in mahjong and throwing their feet on the desk even during the lunch break.Then, when investigating the cause of this, it was found that the ministry was divided into two major factions, so the bosses of the two major factions were retired (removed) by personnel changes.
  • In 1957, when he was the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, when he decided to issue a collective license for 34 commercial TV companies and 36 stations nationwide, the opposition party said in the Diet that "even though there are only 90 television receivers, such a large number of licenses are required. Was it pursued?Tanaka replied, "It is expected that the number of television receivers will exceed 1957 million in the next 15 years (from 1,500)."After that, TV stations nationwide opened, and TV receivers were mass-produced and spread to each household, so Tanaka said that his decision was not wrong.[123].
  • During the deliberation on the revision of the Income Tax Act in 1962 in 1963 when he was the Minister of Finance, he was the first section chief of the tax system of the Ministry of Finance's main tax bureau.Yamashita MototoshiI made a mistake and used the wrong tax rate table.Because it was under deliberation, it was impossible to correct it, and there was an error in an important part, and the officials who prepared the tax rate table were blue.The media and other parties couldn't have kept silent about this, but when Yamashita came to Tanaka with a resignation, he laughed and said, "I don't have to resign because of that." , "There is an error in the table submitted the other day," he corrected with a casual look.Both the opposition and the media remained silent.Of course, it goes without saying that Tanaka turned his hand behind the scenes.There are so many bureaucrats who yearn for Tanaka because he doesn't hesitate to take responsibility and come up with unimaginable ideas (for example, road-related laws. The Ministry of Construction didn't think of Tanaka). ..
  • It was Hayato Ikeda who connected Tanaka of Ganri Yamashita with his teacher and pupil combination.Seiji Tsutsumi[124][125].. 1964,Seibu GroupSeiji's father, who was a member of the House of Representatives and the founder ofKojiro TsutsumiAfter his death, the supporters' association asked Seiji Tsutsumi (hereinafter referred to as Tsutsumi), who had served as his father's secretary, to "take over the ground and go into politics."The story extended to the upper ranks of the Liberal Democratic Party, and Tsutsumi was asked by Prime Minister Ikeda, "Isn't he going to succeed my father?" Tsutsumi argued, but refused, and Aoyama recommended Yamashita, and Ikeda knew Yamashita, who was a subordinate of the Ministry of Finance, and became "Yamashita is fine", and Yamashita decided to take over the ground of Yasujiro Tsutsumi.[124][125]..However, when Yamashita, who had little acquaintance, exploded with complaints from the local community and Ikeda died, Tsutsumi was introduced to Secretary-General Tanaka by Prime Minister Eisaku Sato, and Tanaka rubbed his forehead on the tatami mats of the restaurant in front of 10 Shiga prefectural assembly members. , "Make Mototoshi Yamashita a man," and the story was settled.The combination of Tanaka and Yamashita's teachers begins at this time[125].
  • TanakaSoviet UnionWhen I visited (at that time), the secretary said in advanceEavesdroppingPlease be careful because it will be done. "However, Tanaka took advantage of this wiretapping and deliberately yelled at the hotel, "Soap is bad" and "Toilet paper is bad."Then, the next day, it changed to a fine one.After returning to Japan, Tanaka told the secretary who advised him, "It's good to be eavesdropped."
  • Tanaka wasn't very close to Nakasone, but he also cooperated.At one point, Tanaka was informed that Nakasone wanted to visit China for diplomacy.Immediately, he sent a letter of introduction to a Chinese VIP to Nakasone, and Nakasone was overjoyed.
  • When persuading the other party, I met one-on-one as much as possible, and boasted that if I persuaded one-on-one, I would not lose to anyone.Masayoshi Ohira, an ally, said, "Meet Tanaka in multiples instead of meeting one-on-one. If you meet one-on-one, you will always be told what to say."Fukuda also hated being swept away by Tanaka's opinions and avoided meeting one-on-one as much as possible.
  • The decision was very quick, and the petition was completed in about 1 minutes.He asserted that he could do what he could, and the deal was 3% executed and trusted.The habit is, "Say the conclusion first, and limit the reasons to three. There is nothing you can't explain." He was impatient, impatient, and quick to conclude.Therefore, secretaries and bureaucrats were easy to understand and tried to summarize the main points.In addition, he clearly stated that he could not do what he could not do, and disliked "ambiguous words such as killing a snake" such as "doing good."According to him, "It takes courage to refuse to say'I can't'."
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayChibaTomisato Village (currently:富 里 市), When the construction of the new Tokyo International Airport was decided, he expressed dissatisfaction because he had not consulted with himself, the secretary-general (Tanaka himself).KasumigauraWas recommended for construction in.Due to local opposition, the construction siteNarita City-Shibayama Townchange to. ).Even when he was in office as Prime Minister, it was a concern from the Sato Cabinet.Narita Airport ProblemI understood the importance of and was in charge ofBunsei SatoHe called the Deputy Secretary of State for Transport on a monthly basis to receive reports, and he said that he had drawn a line on his own drawing and gave professional instructions regarding the laying of the aviation fuel pipeline, which had been a concern.On the other hand, Tanaka told Sato, "But you, Narita was a failure," and when Sato asked again if there was a failure in their measures, "No, I have a plan in the first place. About twice this. I had to make something, "he said.Narita AirportIt is,Politically drivenAs a result, the scale was halved from the original plan of the Ministry of Transport in order to minimize the land for expropriation.)[126][127]..Regarding the opponents of the airport, "I'm masked from midday and I'm around Narita's New Tokyo International Airport, but that's eating food by saying bad things about the LDP. That's the fourth industry." Ta[128].
  • When negotiating, I used the technique of swallowing the other party without saying anything extra.When he interacted with Kennedy during his time as Minister of International Trade and Industry, he threatened to drive him away, saying, "If this breaks down, it will be your responsibility."The following year, textile exports to the United States increased by about XNUMX percent.Even during Brezhnev, he slammed the desk and threatened to avoid the territorial dispute.At the end, he even verbally understood, "If we don't enter, we will return home without issuing a joint statement."
  • "A man who can't keep time can't do anything," he used as a guide to see people.[129]..He was extremely strict about time, and he did not neglect the time he had promised for even a minute, and demanded it from others. 1, 1970st grade memberMoriyoshi Sato TheBusiness worldThere was no relationship with the mainstream, and Tanaka at that timeJapan Chamber of CommercePresident-Shigeo NaganoI was introduced to him and asked him to make an inquiry.At a restaurant in Roppongi, when Sato entered the tatami room at the last minute of the promised time, Tanaka was sitting with a stern look, and Sato, who was later than Tanaka, rubbed his head on the tatami mat and said "I'm sorry" until Nagano appeared. I couldn't raise my face.Tanaka's terrifying face silently taught Sato what the "muscle" of the world was, thinking that it would be a good idea for you to come first and wait for customers.Sato has since stated that "the rigor of time has become my philosophy of life."[129]..Furthermore, it was a theory that "do not speak badly".
  • He said that he had a habit of saying, "A person's life is only once for everyone. How to live a fulfilling life depends on how much time is used."As a result, he was not obsessed with things, but Makiko later wrote in his book that he used good watches.[130]..It was used by TanakaPatek PhilippeMakiko took over the watch made by the company.[131].
  • When he was in the green car of the Shinkansen, he met with a critical member of the Socialist Party and a support union executive, but Tanaka praised the member, saying, "No, I'm sorry for you," and immediately after that, the support executive. "If he was in the Liberal Democratic Party, he would have been a minister or a trio," he said.This story became known to the union, and there was a rumor that "that teacher is a person who can really do it," and the lawmaker raised his stock significantly.I often used this kind of narration to capture political opponents.
  • Yoshiyuki SuzukiWith TanakaSaitamaWhile playing golf inside, a helicopter flew.When the secretary told Tanaka, "A helicopter has arrived. The supporters are waiting in Niigata," helicopter flew to the constituency in Niigata.[132].
  • Having a tremendous amount of memory was a consensus, and when I met a voter, I instantly remembered my name, family age, worries, work, and so on.Regarding these, he says, "Well, it's like remembering the face of a beautiful woman."When I couldn't remember, I asked, "Who are you?" And when the other person returned with his last name, he said, "No. I know my last name, but I'm listening to the name below."
    • At a banquet during the Minister of International Trade and Industrysake bottleTanaka, who was pouring sake to the attendees, stopped in front of a man and said, "Once upon a time,Fuji BankDid you work for the Kanda branch? "When the man replied, "I was sure," Tanaka said, "You are a lifesaver," and at the end of the year in his twenties, who ran a construction company, asked for a loan at a branch office, but a staff member at the counter. When he said, "I can't go through the year as it is" because he didn't lend me, the man in the back came to me to "listen to me" and decided to lend me.[133].
  • It is said that 7,000-8,000 New Year's cards arrived during the heyday.Most of the senders were electorates who had little acquaintance, but Tanaka had read all of them.
  • Not only to the secretary, but also to the guards, he said hard work every day, and even assigned a good doctor to his driver.
  • One of Tanaka's secretaries is with KosanoAkiko SatoI advised him to resign.Tanaka said, "I understand the former, but not the latter," and the secretary resigned.Later, when the former secretary collapsed due to a myocardial infarction, Tanaka rushed to the hospital.Tanaka had resigned from his post as prime minister at the time, but of course the hospital was in a turmoil.When Tanaka found the doctor in charge of the former secretary, he suddenly dressed as a dogeza and begged for "help him."Then, I handed over 100 million yen as a hand and encouraged the former secretary.
  • He invited bureaucrats to a party held after he took office as Minister of Posts and Telecommunications and urged them to come with their spouse.When he went, Tanaka praised his wives, and the officials reviewed Tanaka for unprecedented hospitality.
  • In January 1972, ahead of the LDP presidential election, Tanaka and Takeo Fukuda accompanied young members of the faction to the Japan-US summit meeting (San Clemente meeting) between Prime Minister Sato and President Nixon.When moving from the meeting place to the lunch venue, Tanaka interrupted the golf cart driven by Nixon and accompanied by Prime Minister Sato, and surrounded the table with President Nixon and Prime Minister Sato at the lunch venue as it was.Originally in that seatBunsei SatoWas specified, but Tanaka stayed as it was and told the US-Japan talks the next day.New York TimesIt fits in the picture of the two leaders together and appealed to the "next prime minister".[134]..After the luncheon, there was a big difference in the behavior of Tanaka and Fukuda.While Fukuda continues to chat with the ministers of the partner country, Tanaka continues to take care of young members of the Diet.Secretary of State,ConnallyTreasury SecretaryI took him to a minister and asked him to shake hands and take a picture of him.These photos were invaluable to young legislators, as they could favor the next election and raise shares for sponsorships and local influential people.[135].
  • Young youth members once visited Tanaka's residence in Niigata.Despite the sudden visit, Tanaka was very entertaining.When the youth group members told Tanaka that they were from Gunma XNUMXrd district, which is the constituency of Tanaka's rival Takeo Fukuda, and that his family was a major figure in the Fukuda supporters' association, Tanaka was even more pleased and told them.Red snapperBehaved. "I eat my tail, so you guys should eat your head. I'll give you a lot of success in the future," he said in a good mood from beginning to end.
  • There are many episodes of ceremonial occasions, especially funerals, showing delicate worries.
    • When the father of Noboru Takeshita, a heavyweight of the Tanaka faction, died, he chartered an airplane and visited a funeral with a member of the Tanaka faction.A total of 69 members of parliament visited a village with a population of 4,000.
    • Kawamoto schoolLegislatorShibuya NaozoTanaka immediately presented flowers when his wife died.When I learned that there was a week before the main burial, I said, "The flowers should not die," and replaced them with new flowers each time.
    • When the president of a major company lost his sister, Tanaka delivered the wreath earlier than anyone else.Then, he changed the flowers every day, saying, "I feel sorry for the deceased when the flowers die."
    • Anti-Tanaka factionRyozo MatsunoWhen his wife died, he rushed in earlier than anyone else.Since then, Matsuno has not criticized Tanaka much.
    • Of the Socialist Party chairman who was a political enemyJotaro KawakamiWhen he died, Tanaka went all the way to the crematorium and stood for two hours in the cold and rain of December to send him to Nobe.
    • Socialist Party ChairmanInajiro AsanumaWhen he died, Tanaka attended the funeral, telling his family, "Even if they think differently, they are friends who are willing to give their lives to improve the country."
    • Of alliesJiro IshibaWhen he died, Tanaka served as the funeral chairman at a friend's funeral by a member of parliament, mobilizing more condolences than the Tottori prefectural burial.After the funeral of a friend, he is the eldest son on behalf of the Ishiba family at Tanaka's residence in Mejiro.Shigeru IshibaVisited.Tanaka told him, "You will take over your father's will and go to the House of Representatives. Everything in Japan is decided here," and Shigeru Ishiba was put into politics.
    • When Tanaka lost his wife and was at a loss, Tanaka contacted him and headed to Tanaka's office.There, Tanaka expressed his condolences, and the envelope he was given contained 100 million yen.Kobayashi made a special order for a magnificent Buddhist altar with the money and swore allegiance to Tanaka.
    • When the father of a senior member of the supporters' association, Mitsuo Oishi, died, Tanaka wanted to go to a funeral, but because another funeral overlapped, he called Oishi and asked if he could extend the funeral.Oishi refused, but Tanaka managed to take the time to rush to the funeral hall, despite the fact that he was the secretary-general at the time and had a hard time.
    • Despite Tanaka's arrest and prosecution in the Lockheed scandal, when Tanaka's mother, Fume, died, more than 3000 people attended the funeral.There were more than 600 garlands displayed, but it was still less than half the number actually given (because it was too many and refused).Also, on the eve of this funeral, there was a strike by the Japanese National Railways, so a member of the Diet who rushed from Tokyo for 6 hours (at that time).Kanetsu ExpresswayHowever, the entire line was not open, and it took so long to travel by car from Tokyo), and there were also lawmakers who flew to Niigata and came by car from there.In addition, since the special bill for goods will be passed at the plenary session of the House of Representatives, Tanaka has refrained from attending the funeral, mainly by the Tanaka faction, and has instructed "participation in the plenary session" and "priority on public affairs". (At that timeHakuchu DietAnd if the number of absent members increased, there was a risk that the bill would flow).Nevertheless, about 30 members attended both houses of the Diet.It is said that a considerable number of lawmakers would have attended if there were no two circumstances, the Japanese National Railways strike and the passage of the special property bill.
  • Although he was known for his dumb voice and very addictive speech called Kakuei-bushi, a fraudulent case occurred just before he took office, tricking him into collecting back money from the Tanaka office.The criminal was a young woman who collapsed as a singer, and while calling herself a secretary in person, she played Tanaka himself by imitating herself on the phone.The criminal in this case was later arrested and died in prison shortly after serving (the details are detailed in Ryuzo Saki's "Crime Encyclopedia" etc.).
  • I once called a clerk at a villa in Karuizawa and told me not to write anything inconvenient for me.Only "Bungei Shunju" and "Weekly Hyundai" wrote this rant, and other journalists did not write it.Takashi Tachibana has criticized this fiercely.
  • During the election campaign of Toshio Kimura when he was the secretary-general, a banquet of Kimura's supporters' association was held.However, Kimura himself could not attend the banquet, so instead, Kimura's secretary asked Tanaka for help.Tanaka kindly agreed and sang "Tenpo Suikoden" and "Sergeant Master Sergeant Sugino's wife" to make the banquet lively.Kimura was elected and became an Tanaka faction (however, on the surface, he is independent).
  • When Tanaka was the secretary-general of the Liberal Democratic Party, there was a boy named "Kakuei" in Tanaka.However, when Tanaka was later arrested in the Lockheed scandal, the boy was at school.BullyingIn the family court, the boy finally said, "The mental distress given the name of Kakuei is great."Rename(March 1983, 3, Kobe Family Court).
  • On February 1985, 2, 7 members of the Tanaka faction, including Noboru Takeshita and Shin Kanemaru, said, "FoundationWhen you form[70], Tanaka was so rough that he continued to drink whiskey as if he was bathing every day.In particular, Tanaka was indignant when Seiroku Kajiyama, Ichiro Ozawa, Tsutomu Hata and other members of the 44 winners, who had appointed themselves as "Tanaka's first-year soldiers," did not consult with Tanaka and prepared for the launch in secret. It was that I was doing.Scotch in my private residenceOld ParAt a pace of one every one or two days, even in the officeAki SatoNo matter how much I stopped, I wouldn't stop drinking whiskey, but I would pour it from the bottle and make a thick mizuwari.[109][136][137]Finally, February 2, the same year,cerebral infarctionI fell down.Doctors announced that "basal ganglia centered on the putamen" was necrotic[110]..As a result, Tanaka suffered severe language and behavioral disabilities and ended his life without resuming any political activity.
  • Votes

    • Noboru Takeshita
      • "If there is a genius in politics like Go or Shogi, Professor Tanaka was definitely a genius in a political sense. That is something that ordinary people cannot imitate, so try to catch up. It's not something like that. I think there was something like a kind of genius. "
      • "The great thing about Mr. Kado is that he was studying law a lot and knew it in great detail. He has 33 legislative legislations, which is, of course, the most in history and probably an unbreakable record. .is thisHayato IkedaSanyaEisaku SatoI couldn't do it either.In that sense, he was a new type of politician.Also, I was able to use the bureaucracy at will.Partisan politicians are decisively poor at handling bureaucrats, and there is also a complex that bureaucrats are ridiculed, so they try to force them to obey with threats and personnel.However, Mr. Kado was on his side with the bureaucrats. "
    • Toshihiro Nikai "We will pay attention to the people and politicians from top to bottom, no, from bottom to top, and attract people. We have always been serious about anything."
    • Masaharu Gotoda
      • "Mr. Tanaka was easy to serve because he was responsible. He said,'Leave it to me,' and he took responsibility properly. That's what it is."
      • "Clear, simple, not self-righteous or striated, with humor, yet never defeated. He was one of the best intellectuals of his time at the international level."
      • "I had a clear national vision, world affairs, insight into economic trends, political philosophy, beliefs, and philosophies."
    • Power Hotta "I was a very Japanese politician in both good and bad ways. I had both the good and the bad of Japanese society in a very expanded way. So I think he was an outstanding person in both good and bad. He is smart. He has a good understanding. He also has a good sense of grasping people's feelings. Both his right and left brains were Japanese-developed people. "
    • Akiko Sato
      • "I've spent 32 years on a three-legged race. Of course, because I'm a human being, I had a lot of drawbacks, but Tanaka was a really proud and sincere person. I was betrayed by various people. , Tanaka has never been betrayed. "
      • "Kakuei Tanaka, a politician, had a very flexible idea in the mainstream of conservatives, and was a politician who was progressive and had no hesitation in correcting the harmful effects of the past."
      • "When talking about Kakuei Tanaka, it is common people to be mentioned with strong leadership. Tanaka was a politician who loved and cherished the common people. His eyes were always on the common people. The motto is sovereign residents. It is the politician's responsibility to protect the lives and property of the common people, and Tanaka's idea is what other politicians are expected to do. This is the reason why he was called the Minister of the Common People. Therefore, he continued to speak in easy-to-understand words in his speech. This gained the sympathy and understanding of the common people, and gave politics power and execution power. Is. "
    • Kyo Tanaka "Whether I come home or go to the store, the person at the bottom talks to me. Even if I go to a restaurant, I remember the names of my uncle Tanaka and Suzuki. "
    • Shigezō Hayasaka
      • "Kakuei Tanaka is a politician who always takes a big picture in doing things, prepares concrete solutions to problems, and shows policies to officials, fellow politicians, and staff. The idea is original, the words are plain and clear, and the content is straightforward. I will not give any esoteric preaching that is carried by a politician. "[138]
      • "Mr. Kado's relationship with women is incredible. What I think the master is good is that there was no woman who raised the flag of rebellion."
    • Yamashita Mototoshi "Mr. Tanaka always took full responsibility for me. Courage, inspiration, humanity, I was completely intoxicated. Eventually, there were stories about entering politics. I came from, but I could only think of politics under Mr. Tanaka. "
    • Nikaido Susumu "Until then, I thought I was a person with political power like a bulldozer, but I also have the ability to execute and the honesty to admit my mistakes."
    • Shintaro Ishihara "There is no doubt that he was a business genius. Not only was he a talent for making money, but he also had a keen eye for people and a keen view of humanity. No politician was as foresighted as he was."[139]
    • Yuzo Shigemune "The Kakuei guy bought a land like an eel bed and skewered a railroad there. He can't beat him."
    • Taro Yayama "At one point, I entered the secretary-general's office without permission. Mr. Kado turned away and enthusiastically drew a red line on the map of Japan with a ruler. When I looked into it, he said," Here, the Shinkansen. It's amazing. ”The Sea of ​​Japan side was called“ back Japan ”at that time, but Mr. Kado's dream was to shed light on the“ back ”.”
    • Toshizo Oda "For Mr. Kado, the label of" money politician "was a humiliation." If he was a money politician, would he come to such a countryside? "Would have been Mr. Kado's honest feeling that day. In response to the criticism, he also said, "It's not logical that it's important. You can come back to where you were born and raised. You can live there. What's wrong. That's the role of politicians."
    • Tadao Hiroi
      • "Since there were only 60 units in Shioya, even if each unit had 1 votes, it would only have 4 votes. It would be better to invest with Dawn in a town such as Mitsuke City or Sanjo City. Even so, the criticism that the media at that time wrote, "Kakuei did a public works project of 240 billion yen for his election," is strange. "
      • "At that time, the media said,'The carp in the pond in the garden of Tanaka's house costs several million yen, but it's a mess. There were many cheap carps brought by people from Ojiya and Yamakoshi. is"
    • Soichiro Tahara "What was interesting was that Kakuei Tanaka was not good at listening to people. He spoke like a machine gun. He was an attacking person who attacked and attacked. It really appeared. "
    • Hideyuki Aizawa "(When I was a bureaucrat of the Ministry of Finance) I had the impression that a difficult person had appeared. Even if we turned the documents, I wouldn't look at the ordinary minister. , (AM) Wake up around XNUMX o'clock. He's a very studying person, and he doesn't want people to see that he's studying. "
    • Yukio Noguchi "It is said that Kakuei was able to seize the human heart of the Ministry of Finance bureaucrats, but it is not so. The bureaucrats fell in love with that ability and courage."
    • Iwata Atsushi "I think that Kakuei Tanaka was a person who was good at" world wisdom ". Everything is calculated, but the calculation is due to the warmth of trying to cherish" ordinary people ". It is a calculation that was born, and it is not a cold calculation. It is Kakuei Tanaka's technique of grasping the human mind that proved that love and intellect are not necessarily contradictory. "
    • Keiichi Konaga "Mr. Tanaka's face was bronze and lustrous, full of energy and self-confidence. There was tremendous power and energy, and a glare that shines behind." That was my first impression. Even after becoming Prime Minister, Mr. Tanaka was absolutely "looking from below." This attitude was not broken. Just because he was the Prime Minister, he looked at people from above. I never looked down and looked great. Mr. Tanaka also had leadership. There may be some natural ones, but the people around me naturally said, "I want to do my best for this person." He had something that made him think. However, he was a very hard worker. As he said, "No genius without effort". People around me often refer to Mr. Tanaka. I describe him as a "genius", but I couldn't help but feel the clarity and memory of my brain. In the morning, I woke up at 2:0 am and carefully read and studied the necessary materials. When Mr. Tanaka was the Minister of International Trade and Industry, we also delivered the necessary materials to his home every day at midnight at midnight. If you put the materials in the post, Mr. Tanaka will be sure to come to the office the next day. He read it. It's easy to see that he read our material because he had the necessary facts and numbers in his mind. I think he was a terrifying student. Mr. Tanaka The story was interesting. Nobody was tired of listening. He was very good at giving a good speech. Inadvertently, the reporters who had to record Mr. Tanaka's story were also distracted by the notes. I even forgot to make a note of it. "
    • Kiyoshi Sagawa "In a nutshell, he was a role model in all respects. His constant efforts, his kindness, and above all, his keen sensitivity to the times. He was a first-class adult. Ryoichi Sasakawa of the Ship Promotion Association was also an outstanding person, but Mr. Kado is still the best for me. I still remember clearly, "I think that human beings are flowers while they are used. I'm afraid that the word "helping people is my duty". The man who falls in love with a man is Mr. Kado. There is no Mr. Kaku in front of Mr. Kaku, and there is no Mr. Kaku after Mr. Kaku. Current politics There are no politicians who surpass Mr. Kado at home. However, there are no politicians who always think about the future of the country with only sneaky people. I really fell in love with it. "[140]
    • Yamamoto Nanpei "Kakuei Tanaka is a person who has been incorporated into the regional community and has exercised all power in response to his request, and is essentially a'regional politician', and he forgets that he is a regional politician in Japan. He became the prime minister of the country. He had no new ideas as the prime minister and just tried to spread what he had done to the three wards of Niigata throughout Japan. I didn't grasp the trend of the people's mind after the economic growth at all, everyone intended Niigata, and did not understand this until the end. "[141]
    • Ronald ReaganWhite House Chief of Staff(English editionDescribed as "a swordsman."



    • wife:Hana Tanaka --Maiden name Sakamoto
    • Eldest daughter:Makiko Tanaka --131st Foreign Minister
    • Eldest son: Masanori Tanaka-died at the age of 4
    • Eldest daughter's husband: Naoki Tanaka-Irijo (maiden name, Suzuki), 10th generationMinister of Defense * Naoto Suzuki's child
    • Daughter: Married to Hana's stepchild, Hayato Ikeda's nephew
    • nephew:Kaoru Yamashina - AV male-directed by * Actually, Kazuko Tsuji's nephew
    • second son:Kyo Tanaka --Music critic, writer * Child with Kazuko Tsuji
    • Third son: Hitoshi Tanaka * Child with Kazuko Tsuji

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    Music based on Kakuei Tanaka

    • "Tanaka Ondo" (song:Haru Sanba)-Announced in 1972.




    • Pack-in video production "Kakuei Tanaka"

    Photo album

    • Shooting "Kakuei Tanaka all records"Shueisha 1985
    It was used for the remains of a funeral, which had reached 2 cuts in two and a half years.
    • Photographed by Fumiaki Fukuda "Tanaka Kakuei Zhang Photo Diary 1974-1993"Reed Shobo 1994



    • When he first ran, the hiragana notation of his name was "Kakuei Tanaka".The title of the political speech at this time was "The Cry of Young Blood."
    • My favorite type of womanDeanna Durbin[142].

    When Tanaka was drafted and sent to Manchuria, Diana Durbin's bromide was found in Tanaka's luggage and was blown off by the sergeant.[143].

    • When starting a speech or answer, I sometimes start talking after prefaced with "ma-ko-", and even now, when imitating Tanaka's speech, this preface is often used.
    • Graves' diseaseBecause I had a chronic illness and it was hotTokyo Detention CenterWhen detained inice creamSo that you can buy it at your own expenseMinister of JusticePressured to make it available for purchase (the Minister of Justice at the timeOsamu Inaba).You can still buy ice cream at your own expense at the Tokyo Detention House.
    • In 39, when he was the Minister of Finance due to the unrivaled heat, he let the minister's office turn on the air conditioner.And the scale of the air conditioner was always "strong" to cool the minister's office.For this reason, it was said that even on a hot summer day, "wear a jacket when you go to the minister's office, or you will catch a cold" among the minister's aides and executives of the Ministry of Finance.
    • school days,English-Japanese dictionaryFrom the cornerMemorizationThen, the page he remembered was torn down.
    • Horse ownerAlso famous as 1965Yujun MareOf the winning horseVerona(The name isHana TanakaAlthough he was his wife, he was actually named after Tanaka's own horse) and his eldest daughter, Makiko.Makino HopeHe owned horses such as Makino Katsura, Makino Sakura, and Makino Sugata.He also served as chairman in 1965.[144].1973 ,9Kakueiprime ministerAt that time, I visited England on a trip andQueen ElizabethWhen I met Kakuei, he said, "People who don't have a Japanese name came and a good British horse.Princely gift system-Never Say DieEtc.) will be bought by everyone.What are you going to do? "Horse ownerHowever, Kakuei was once owned by the Queen and was exported to Japan.Gay timeOf twoJapanese derbyHe told me that he had put out a horse and said, "Please come to Japan.Tokyo RacecourseI'll show you around, "and the two of us laughed a lot.In addition, I was next to youMakiko TanakaIsI'm just talking about horses and I'm stupid ...I was amazed[145].
    • Yasuhiro Nakasone "distantMount Fuji"A geisha who wants to go out" "When it comes to becoming something, you don't look at anything. Walk toward the ceiling", Ryutaro Hashimoto "of Bizen Nagafune" "That type is cut, but people don't like it", Kiichi Miyazawa is "English shop" "That is first-classSecretaryI'm not a politician. "princess"Sama", Keizo Obuchi "KoheiMr.'s father is an inconspicuous man.Building valleyRamen shop..It's hard to do it ",Daisaku Ikeda"There isHokke SutraReciteHitlerIt was said.
    • The theory of remodeling the Japanese archipelago that he raised is the frenzy of prices under the Tanaka administration.Oil shockAfter failing due to such reasons, "Don't worry about remodeling the archipelago,"How to make Japan paradiseI think it would have been better for all the people to understand it. "Shigezō HayasakaReminiscences against[146].
    • While the members of the faction had a prominent stance of forcing absolute obedience, they avoided hunting down hostile forces to the end and often reached out to political opponents in distress.
    • Naoki KomuroHe loved reading his book and highly appreciated it.Komuro developed "Tanaka innocence" during the Lockheed scandal, but he has been a reader before that.
    • I liked deep-seasoned foods.A favorite on the Chinese side when establishing diplomatic relations between Japan and ChinaMiso SoupAnpanIt is said that the issue of this led to an exceptional concession to the Chinese side.Always during his tenure as Prime MinisterMineral waterI was carrying around.
    • He grasped the election situation in various parts of Japan and said that his outlook rarely went astray.
    • Family crest TheSword sword eating (Oxalis).
    • Tanaka, a hard-working student, recognizes the importance of educational issues, especially public education, and during his tenure as Prime Minister, he worked to raise the salary of teachers in public schools and improve the status and quality of teachers (Human resources security bill).This is especially true for LDP literary tribes.Labor disputeLivelyNikkyogumiThere was also the meaning of softening and watering.On the Japan Teachers Union side, (1) Salary isLabor-management negotiationIt is strange to decide unilaterally from the top (2) Dividing the salary of 3 stages into 5 stages is intended to divide the faculty and staff.[147]..However, the appeal of improving treatment was great, and the Japan Teachers Union finally compromised.
    • August 1957, 12,The 8th NHK Red and White Singing BattleAppeared as a judge in Japan (at that time, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications).
    • Although he has served as Prime Minister, he has not received a medal.In addition, it should be noted.Recruit caseThe secretary was briefly charged withKiichi MiyazawaWas eligible for the medal (declined due to Miyazawa's intention during his lifetime).There is no honor, butHonorary citizen OftitleIs getting.
    • After falling down, a strong caregiver is needed, formerlyTen carsWrestler'sKaiouI spent my time receiving long-term care.
    • It was decided to use the word "Kakuei" before he was born, with the intention of reading "Kakuei" for men and "Sumie" for women.
    • After taking office as Prime Minister in July 1972, in the Diet in OctoberBelief speech113 days have passed before doing so.This is the latest record among the prime ministers who took office for the first time under the Constitution of Japan.
    • In the prime minister eraOil shockTaking the opportunity to review Japan's energy policy,Power methodEnacted, especiallyThermal power generationからNuclear powerWill actively promote the conversion of electricity and energy to.It is a town next to Nishiyama-cho, where my parents' house was.Kariwa VillageToNuclear power plantIs attracting.Served as Prime Minister's Secretary when enacting the Three Power LawsKeiichi Konaga"In the coming eraNuclear power plantThat's right. He said he had revealed the foresight of the nuclear era.


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