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🏛 | [Editorial] It is the responsibility of the Liberal Democratic Party to clarify the source of the acquisition of Mr. and Mrs. Kawai.


[Editorial] It is the responsibility of the Liberal Democratic Party to clarify the source of the acquisition of Mr. and Mrs. Kawai.

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Party headquarters should be scrutinized, clarified, and accountable to the public.

How many people could be convinced even if the person in charge did not come out and explained that there was no problem?House of Councilors election two years ago ... → Continue reading

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Accountability(Setsumeisekinin) orResponsibility(Tosekisei) andaccountability,English: accountability) Is政府-Company-Group-政治家-OfficialsThose who exercise authority in organizations that have an impact on society, such as shareholders,Employee(Employee) AndPeopleNot only the direct parties such asconsumer,transactionTrader,bank,arearesidentsAll people / organizations with indirect relationships (stakeholders /Stakeholders; English: stakeholder) is the idea that it is necessary to report the schedule, contents, results, etc. of the activity and exercise of authority.The original meaning of English accountabilityGovernanceとethicsIt means "responsibility to explain, (legal) responsibility for the content, and expectation that there is a report" that can be ethically criticized.


Originally in America1960 eraLike the government公共 機関bytaxIs an investor inPeopleAccounting toPublic moneyIt is a way of thinking that was born about the usage explanation of. Later not only in public institutionsLtd.Is an investorstockExpanded to explain the use of assets to shareholders who are owners. Furthermore, it has been expanded as follows.

  1. The entities that require explanation have been expanded to include organizations that carry out activities that can have a wide impact on society.
  2. The content of the explanation was expanded not only to the use of money but also to the schedule of activities and rational reasons for exercising authority.
  3. The scope of requests for explanation has also been expanded to include stakeholders.

As a result, it is understood as a definition in Japan today. AccountabilityPublic RelationsIt is also a requirement.Takashi InoueAccording to Public Relations (PR), it is a relations (relationship building) activity based on "two-way communication" and "self-correction" supported by "ethics", and lacks the requirement of "accountability". Then, PR does not perform its original function. This is because two-way communication will not be possible without the understanding and conviction of the other party, and the understanding and conviction of the other party cannot be obtained from an act lacking ethical standards. In order to be accountable, it is necessary to clear the filter called Public Relations.[1].

As one of the people who contributed to the spread of this word in JapanKarel van WolferenThere is. Wolferen wrote in a series of police letters to Japanese society, including "The Mystery of Japanese Power Structure" published from the end of the 1980s to the 1990s.tabooMass productionRiggingI used this word a lot when I criticized my social constitution.

Accountability in leadership

Accountability in the role of leadership is understanding and assuming responsibility for actions, products, decisions and policies. It means to be aware that you are the party to the problem and to act independently and responsibly in order to achieve the desired result. In other words, accountability is the consciousness of tackling a problem as a party, finding a solution, and implementing it in order to achieve the goal.

Accountability in medical care and welfare

Accountability in medical care and welfare includes disclosure of necessary information to patients and service users, sufficient explanation, and independence of the recipient to agree or refuse the content after understanding and convincing it. In the medical sceneInformed consent Often called. From the latter half of the 1990s, under the reform of the basic structure of social welfare, welfare services changed from measures by businesses to contracts by users' self-determination. As a result, welfare service providers have changed to a position of choice from users, and accountability on both sides has become indispensable, such as reporting their actions to the government and responding to explanations to users. Even in the medical field, medical professionals are obliged to explain the contents of treatment, clinical trials, and clinical trials to patients, but they are not only accountable, but the patients who receive the explanations fully understand them. Even the right to decide whether or not to agree with is emphasized.


Lawyer,Tax accountant,DoctorWhen an expert such as, etc. accepts the work, fully explain the contents to the customer etc.responsibility(Accountability) Has become more important in Japan since around 2000, and orders payment of damages as a violation of this (violation of accountability).PrecedentIs increasing rapidly[Source required].


Accountability in politics is often used as a tool for political disputes, and there are criticisms that the media obscures the definition and that there is no standard for how far the person asked for explanation should explain.[2].


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