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🏛 | The term of office of the House of Representatives has expired and the candidate's movement is active.


The term of office of the House of Representatives expires and the candidate's movement is active.

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Every evening, Mr. Miyazawa appeals for improving the treatment of the welfare industry, especially for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises, agriculture, forestry and fisheries that have been exhausted by the corona disaster.

With the announcement of the LDP presidential election on September XNUMX and a heated debate, members of the House of Representatives have less than a month to expire ... → Continue reading

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Primary industry

Primary industry(Daii Chijisan Gyo,British: primary sector of industry) IsColin ClarkClassic byindustryOne of the classifications.


In the primary industry,natureIndustries that work with and directly acquire wealth are classified. According to ClarkAgriculture:,forestry,Mining,Fishery:(Fishing industry) Corresponds to this. Industries that manufacture food by processing from natural resources such as fishery processingManufacturing industryIt is classified as and is not included in the primary industry.

Clark is from the primary industry as the economy developsSecondary industry,Tertiary industryAlthough he suggested that the industry would shift to, there is a weakness that the classification by Clark cannot capture the structural changes occurring inside the industry. For example, even if you try the same agriculture in modern times,Developing countriesSome old-fashioned agriculture as seen inDeveloped countryAs seen inBiotechnologyMake full use ofbrandAlso managesSecondary industryof,Tertiary industryAgriculture (Agribusiness), And even in the same agriculture, diversification is remarkable.

Status of each country


JapanSo, as a convention,Japanese standard industry classificationThe following industries in Japan are often the primary industries[1]. this isMiningIt differs from Clark's definition in that it does not include.


  1. ^ For example,Summary of the results of the 17 national census extraction flash report

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CoronaWhat is (Corona)2019 From the endEpidemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)Is a term that refers to disasters and crisis situations caused by[1].

Of the "corona bruise", "コ ロ ナ"Is"New coronavirus'[2],MisfortuneIs a word that means "disaster" or "disaster" or "unfortunate event"[3]Then, it is a compound word that is put after various nouns[4](Other examples: water damage, war damage, etc.). "Coronavirus disease","New Corona","COVID-19There is also a notation such as.

As the epidemic of new coronavirus infection spreads,2020 (Reiwa 2nd year) It has been widely used in newspapers and online since the middle of March.[5][Annotation 1][Annotation 2].

The word "corona bruise" is often misrepresented.A typical mistake is to mistake "worse" for "vortex" and "Corona vortex(Corona vortex) "[6].

New Word Award 2020 selected by Daijisen

Shogakukanby"New Word Award Selected by Daijisen In "2020", "Corona Sorrow" was selected as the runner-up,DaijisenA commentary by the editorial department was posted on the announcement site.

Served as a special selection committee member regarding the reasons for selectionMeiji UniversityMakirō Tanaka, a professor of the Faculty of International Japanese Studies, said, "It is a word that expresses the current situation in the world, and it has become an important word for sharing the desire to overcome this, find a new lifestyle, and manage to survive. We made it the runner-up with support for that feeling. "In addition, TanakaJapanese languageFrom this point of view, it is worth noting whether "○○ 禍" will be derived as a coined word component in the future.[7].


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  1. ^ In the online transmission by the administration, etc.
  2. ^ In newspaper reports,National newspaperAppeared on all 5 papers. etc.Block paperThen, etc.Prefectural paperThen, in what is evaluated as being equivalent to block paper, Such. In general prefecture paper,etc.



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