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Governor of Tokyo

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Regeneration of the vaccine, Yasutoshi Nishimura, the post-congressional reporter, the use of the new coronavirus seedlings, the immunity passport, etc. Tokyo Metropolitan Report ".

[Kyodosha September 9th Electric] Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike 24th Regular reporter Akira Aigami Investigating the existence of the Japanese government This month's bottom cancellation New coronavirus emergency declaration , However, the infection situation is provided by the central government, and the promotion tool is investigated. ” 24 prefectural proposals ", Koike denial" Infection with Tokyo Metropolitan Government Report ".她 稱: "Tokyo scale comparison, consideration of various situations." In addition, Koike Minoru Tokyo Metropolitan Government Oro Observatory, Tachikawa Kita Epidemic Seedling Inoculation Center, Inoculation 對 對 內 Residential or Academic 13 A group of up to 12 people.Minoru Koike: "Effectiveness as an epidemic seedling introduced by the head of the metropolitan government, Mr. Pageyasuke. → Continue reading

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