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🏛 | Mr. Aso, readers are interested ... Mr. Masako Akagi's anger froze the Ministry of Finance staff (Fuyuki Aizawa)

Photograph Masako Akagi seeking the truth (photographed by Fuyuki Aizawa)

Mr. Aso, readers are interested ... Mr. Masako Akagi's anger froze the Ministry of Finance staff (Fuyuki Aizawa)

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On the 8th, a private discussion was held at the Osaka District Court in which Masako Akagi is fighting against the government and Nobuhisa Sagawa, the former director of the Finance Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, who ordered falsification.

[The court battle over the death of Moritomo's bereaved family and husband] Taro Aso, Minister of Finance, makes a fuss every time.Correspondence within the Aso faction is discounted in the LDP presidential election ... → Continue reading

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Osaka District Court

Osaka District Court(Osaka Chihosaibansho) isOsakaOsakaIt is inJapan OfDistrict courtOne of theOsakaHave jurisdiction over.AbbreviationIt is,Osaka District Court(Small size).Sakai,KishiwadaHas a branch office.


It has jurisdiction over Osaka Prefecture, and the Osaka District Court has the main office located in Kita-ku, Osaka City,Sakai CitySakai WardandKishiwadaWith the district courtFamily courtHas a branch office. In the above three placesIkeda,Toyonaka City,Suita City,Ibaraki City,Higashi Osaka City,Hirakata,Tomitabayashi,Habikino,IzumisanoIn total 9 places including 12 placesSummary courtHas been installed. In addition, the main office is located in Osaka XNUMXst to XNUMXthProsecution examination committeeHowever, the Sakai Public Prosecution Board and the Kishiwada Public Prosecution Board are set up at the locations of the branches.



Main office

Sakai branch

Kishiwada Branch

*However, the administrative case is the central office, and the Kishiwada branch jurisdiction case, juvenile case orCriminal trial involving judgesAre handled by the Sakai branch.

Intellectual property case

2005 Enforced on April 4Intellectual Property High Court Establishment LawByIntellectual property rightThe following are the first trials concerning the Osaka District Court (Osaka High CourtWest of jurisdiction)Tokyo District Court(Nagoya High CourtIt becomes the exclusive jurisdiction of two courts in the jurisdiction east.

  1. Patent case
  2. Utility model case
  3. Case of right to use circuit layout of semiconductor integrated circuit
  4. Cases relating to program copyright (For cancellation lawsuits against the JPO decision,Tokyo High CourtThe exclusive jurisdiction of (Patent lawExcluded in (178))

The High Court, which has jurisdiction over the court of first instance, has jurisdiction over the appeals in that jurisdiction.High CourtBecomes The Tokyo District Court's exclusive jurisdiction (Patent Law, Article 178) excludes any action against the JPO decision. In addition, "Intellectual Property High CourtIs a technical type lawsuit among the high courts that have jurisdiction over the courts of the first instance.[Note 1]Will be responsible only for the appeal of Technical type litigation is exclusively under the jurisdiction of the "Intellectual High Court" within the Tokyo High Court.

AppealSupreme CourtIs. Among the patent cases, the cancellation action against the decision of the JPO is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo High Court under Article 178 of the Patent Law, and the Tokyo Intellectual Property High Court is the first instance.

Non-technical type[Note 2]The first trial is the district court, Tokyo district court (Kyoto prefecture, Shiga prefecture, Nara prefecture, Wakayama prefecture west), Osaka district court (Fukui prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Mie prefecture and east) (Civil Procedure Law Article 1). 6), the appeal court is the High Court, which has jurisdiction over the court of the first instance, and the appeal court is the Supreme Court.

Specialized department

Including the concentration section.

  • preservationDepartment-1st Civil Department
  • Tax and Administration Department-2nd and 7th Civil Department
  • Commercial Department-4th Civil Department
  • Labor Department-5th Civil Department
  • Bankruptcy Department-6th Civil Department
  • ArchitecturearbitrationDepartment-10st Civil Department
  • ImplementationDepartment-14st Civil Department
  • Transportation Department-15th Civil Department
  • Medical Affairs-17, 19, 20th Civil Department
  • Intellectual Property Department-21st, 26th Civil Department
  • WritDivision-10th Criminal Division

Successive directors

The terms in parentheses indicate the term of office, transfer destination, etc.

Trial events

  • Continuous assault in the Osaka District Court -From 2006 to 2008, the same defendant, in the Osaka District Court's court,Prosecutor,Prison officerAssault on each timeProsecutionA case in which a conviction was sentenced. The prosecutor's and prison officer's assault was prosecuted as a new case, and in the trial of the case another assault was made and a new case was prosecuted.
  • Privacy Infringement Issue against Defendants-Osaka District Court2008 Made on August 12theftIn the trial of the case, "tuberculosisThere is a fear of "there is a notice," and the masks were distributed to the listeners, and everyone who came to the trial wore the mask.[1].
  • Judge says to listeners "noisy"-Osaka District Court2011 On April 4th,Trial periodInDismissalIn the judgment of the civil lawsuit over the plaintiff's claim to dismiss, the plaintiff's supporters who were in the audience were clamoring for explanations of the reason for the decision. In response, one of the judges said he was "noisy," and the supporters sat further in court to protest, but the judge did not apologize at all.[2].

Out-of-court events


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注 釈

  1. ^ Lawsuits relating to patent rights, utility model rights, circuit layouts, and program copyrights
  2. ^ Design right cases, trademark cases, cases involving copyrighted rights (excluding those related to program copyrights), breeder rights cases, cases involving infringement of operating profit due to unfair competition


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Norihisa Sagawa

Nobuhisa Sagawa(Sawa nobuhisa,1957 [1]May 11[2] -) isJapan OfFinanceOfficials.. 48st generationCommissioner of the National Tax Agency.


FukushimaFlat city(CurrentIwaki) Born.Taira City Taira Daiichi Elementary School,Iwaki Municipal Heiichi Junior High SchoolLearn in[3]..He lost his father when he was in the third year of Dohei Daiichi Junior High School.After that, I transferred to a junior high school in Tokyo.

1973 ,Hibiya,Mita,Kudan High School OfMetropolitan high school school group 11th groupTake the exam.When I went to Kudan High School, my three older brothers paid for the tuition.[4]..After graduating from the same schoolThe University of Tokyo, Department of Literature, Class XNUMXEnroll in[5]..In the specialized courseFaculty of EconomicsGo on toAgricultural economicsMajor[6].

1982 ,Faculty of Economics, The University of Tokyograduate,Ministry of FinanceMinistry of entry[7]..For ministry synchronizationSatsuki Katayama(LDPMember of the House of Councilors),Junichi Fukuda(Deputy Minister of Finance),Hidenori Sakoda(Former Commissioner of the National Tax Agency),Tanaka Osa(Former National Tax College Principal),Toshihide Endo(Commissioner of the Financial Services Agency),Ministry of Finance entertaining corruption caseTakashi Sakakibara and Seiichiro Sato who were involved[5][8][9]..Of these, Fukuda and Sagawa were considered to be promising candidates for vice ministers in the future.[10].

1984 ,Osaka National Taxation BureauResearch Department[1], 1987 ,Nagoya National Taxation Bureau(I.e.Tax officelong[1], 1998 January,Kinki Finance BureauGeneral Manager of Finance Department[11],2001 ,ShiokawaMinister of FinanceSecretary[1],2004 ,Ministry of FinanceAccounting stationAccountant(Foreign affairs, Economic cooperation,Economy industryPerson in charge[12])[1],2008 ,Main tax officeGeneral Affairs Section Manager[1],2010 ,Ministry of FinanceCounselor(In charge of the main tax bureau)[1][7],2011 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Cabinet SecretariatAssistant Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat付Vice-Minister of the Cabinet,Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Countermeasures HeadquartersDeputy Secretary General[13].2012 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Reconstruction AgencyChiefDeputy Director[14] Through2013 June 6, Director of Osaka National Tax Bureau[15] Will be.And2014 January,Deputy Director of the National Tax Agency[2].2015 On May 7Customs Bureau Director[7],2016 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Director of Finance Bureau[16] When it becomes2017 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Commissioner of the National Tax Agency(48th generation)[17][18] I took the seat.

Official document falsification case

However2018 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Problem instructing falsification of approval document for sale of state-owned land to Moritomo GakuenAs a disposition againstTaro AsoBy the Minister of FinanceDisciplinary action(Pay cut20% 3 months)[19]..On the same day[20] It was decided to do. Equivalent to disciplinary action for 2018 months suspended on June 6, 4[21].

Serving as "Iwaki Support Ambassador" in Iwaki City, where he was born[3].


Educational History

Career history

  • April 1982: Ministry of Finance (General Affairs Division, Accounting Bureau)
  • July 1987: Takayama Taxation Chief
  • July 1988: Assistant Manager, General Affairs Division, Banking Bureau
  • June 1990: Director, Copenhagen Office, Japan External Trade Organization
  • July 1993: Assistant Manager, Research Division, Accounting Bureau
  • July 1994: Assistant to the Chief of Accounts, Accounting Bureau (Chief of Commerce 7st and XNUMXnd)
  • July 1996: Assistant Manager, Small and Medium-sized Finance Division, Banking Bureau (Summary, Second Regional Bank)[22]
  • June 1997: Assistant Manager, General Affairs Division, Banking Bureau (Summary)[22]
  • July 1998: General Manager, Finance Department, Kinki Local Finance Bureau
  • July 1999: Director, Public Relations Office, Documents Division, Minister's Secretariat
  • July 2000: Chief Inspector General, Secretarial Division, Minister's Secretariat and General Manager, Personnel Planning Office, Secretarial Division, Minister's Secretariat
  • April 2001: Secretary to the Minister of Finance
  • September 2003: Chief of Research Division, Accounting Bureau
  • July 2004: Chief Accountant of the Accounting Bureau (in charge of Foreign Affairs, Economic Cooperation, Economy, Trade and Industry)
  • July 2005: Chief of Tax System Division 7, Main Tax Bureau
  • July 2006: Chief of Taxation System Second Section, Main Tax Bureau
  • July 2008: Chief of General Affairs Division, Main Tax Bureau
  • July 2011: Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat, Deputy Director-General of the Reconstruction Headquarters for the Great East Japan Earthquake, and Deputy Secretary-General of the Reconstruction Headquarters for the Great East Japan Earthquake.
  • June 2013: Director, Osaka National Taxation Bureau
  • July 2014: Deputy Director of the National Tax Agency
  • July 2015: Customs Bureau Director
  • June 2016: Director of Finance Bureau
  • July 2017: Commissioner of the National Tax Agency
  • March 2018: Resignation

Answer as a government reference in the Moritomo Gakuen problem

  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayHouse of Representatives Budget CommitteeAnd with the Kinki Local Finance BureauMoritomo AcademyThe record of negotiations and visits was "The case was closed with the conclusion of the sales contract. The record was promptly discarded."[23] Answered.
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayHouse of Councilors Budget CommitteeSo, in the report that "Kinki Local Finance Bureau was urging the contractor to dispose of industrial waste in the field", "It is impossible to instruct the Finance Bureau to backfill the excavated garbage."[24] Answered.
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DaySettlement Administration Monitoring CommitteeSo, the electronic data is "automatically erased in a short period of time, and the system is such that it cannot be restored."[25] Answered.
  • XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayFinance Finance CommitteeAnd at the Ministry of Finance on March 2016, 3Mr. and Mrs. KagoikeVoice data that Kagoike is said to have recorded when he met[26] "I don't know how it was made."[27] Answered.
  • August 2018, 3,National propertyHe was retired on the same day after receiving a 20% reduction in salary and three months of disciplinary action from the Minister of Finance Aso for damaging trust in the administration.[28]..The reasons for offering to resign were (1) the lack of politeness in the Diet's response at the time of the director of the Finance Bureau, which caused confusion, (2) the management of administrative documents was pointed out, and (3) the decision documents suspected of being rewritten. I was the director in charge, three points[29].Yano KojiAccording to the Minister's Secretariat's Finance and Finance Committee's defense, the amount will be reduced by about 66 yen, which will be deducted from the retirement allowance of 4999 yen.[30].
  • Witness summons on March 2018, 3[31][32] I apologize again that I was totally responsible for it.Shinzo AbePrime MinisterAnd wife安 倍 昭 恵The involvement of Mrs. Taro Aso, Minister of Finance, and others was clearly denied.on the other hand,Tamagawa MarukawaMembers of the House of CouncilorsAkira KoikeWhen I was cross-examined by members of the House of Councilors, I said, "Criminal chargeRefused to testify because "may receive"[33][34].

Criminal trial

In May 2018, the Osaka District Public Prosecutors Office's Special Investigation Department dismissed Nobuhisa Sagawa and others from criminal charges against Nobuhisa Sagawa and others.In response, the Osaka Number 5 Committee for the Prosecution decided on March 1, 2019 that it was "unjustified".[35], Osaka District Public Prosecutors Office Special Investigation Department decided not to prosecute on August 2019, 8[36].

Civil trial

  • Suicide on March 2018, 3[37] The bereaved family of a man who was a senior state-owned property manager of the Kinki Local Finance Bureau filed a civil lawsuit seeking damages against Sagawa and the government on March 2020, 3, and released his memoirs and his will.[38].


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