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🏛 | Declaration of emergency, adjustment to full cancellation Government, spread prevention measures

Photo Areas subject to priority measures such as state of emergency and prevention of spread

Declaration of emergency, adjustment to full cancellation Government, spread prevention measures

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A high-ranking government official said, "It is possible to completely cancel."

The government has issued a full resolution of the new coronavirus emergency declaration issued to 19 prefectures in 30 days, which is the deadline. → Continue reading

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Deputy Secretary-General, Cabinet Secretariat

Deputy Secretary-General, Cabinet Secretariat(I don't think about it,British: Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary[1]) IsChief Cabinet SecretaryTo assistSpecial occupation Ofgovernment official.. Since July 1998, the capacity is 7 (Cabinet ActRegulations).


Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet SecretariatChief Cabinet SecretaryHelping and receiving lifeCabinet SecretariatOf the office of the Cabinet Secretary, and if the Cabinet Secretary-General preliminarily determines that the Cabinet Secretary-General is absent, the duties of the Cabinet Secretary shall be performed (Cabinet ActArticle 14, paragraph 3). As a treatmentDeputy MinisterEquivalent to, butCabinetFor a later commemorative photoMinisterTreatment is different from other deputy ministers, such as attending with[2]..Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary with the Prime Minister and Chief Cabinet SecretaryDomestic affairs,外交Since he is in charge of the whole, he is also positioned as a quasi-minister.[3].Prewar OfCabinet SecretaryIt is also positioned as a substantial successor to[4].

prime minister OfGoing outAccompany toTelephone summitAlso attend[5].Crisis managementIf the Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan leaves Tokyo,Chief Executive OfficerIsPrime MinisterIs desirable to be in Tokyo, and it is sometimes reported that it is unusual for the Prime Minister and Chief Cabinet Secretary to leave Tokyo at the same time.[6]In that case, the Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat will be in Tokyo and will be in charge of crisis management.[7].

Deputy Secretary of StateDeputy Ministers' Meeting,Parliamentary Secretary MeetingServed as the facilitator of国会,Ruling partyThe main task is to coordinate with[5],Prime MinisterFactionMid-career and young people who are close to the prime minister政治家Is often appointed.On the other hand, there are cases where veterans such as experienced ministers are appointed because of their importance.In the former case, he often holds important positions after his experience in the field, and is the gateway post for young politicians.[8](The Deputy Secretary-General, who later became Prime Minister, is as of 2021.Noboru Takeshita,Toshiki Kaifu,Mori,Shinzo Abe,Yukio Hatoyama5 people).An example of the latter is 2011Great East Japan EarthquakeAt the time of occurrenceMinister of Finance-Minister of FinanceIs a veteran politicianHirohisa Fujii, Has experience as Chief Cabinet SecretaryYuto SenyaHas been appointed one after another from the perspective of strengthening the functions of the official residence.There are few cases where having experienced ministers in other deputy ministers or deputy ministerial officials may lead to an image of demotion.[9]In particular, the Deputy Secretariat of the Cabinet since the 1980s is a complete exception, and in addition to Fujii and Sengoku mentioned above,Hiroyuki Hosoda,Suzuki Muneo,Kaoru Yosano,Takao Fujimoto,Ichiro Ozawa,Takao FujinamiAfter working as ministers, they have been appointed Deputy Secretary of the Secretariat.

The deputy secretary in charge of administration was before the warCabinet SecretaryIs a substantial successor to[4], Most of the Secretary-General are oldMinistry of InteriorFrom the background that the graduates occupiedReorganization of central ministriesFormerly among the former Ministry of Home Affairs government officesNational Police Agency, OldMinistry of Home Affairs, OldMinistry of Health and WelfareIt is customary to be appointed by a person from Japan who has experienced a post of vice minister level.[4]It has been largely followed even after the reorganization of ministries and agencies.[10][4].. On the other handFirst Abe CabinetThen.Junzo Matoba(OldMinistry of FinanceI'm fromUnder Secretary of LandExperienced person)Noda CabinetThen.Taketoshi Makoto(OldMinistry of ConstructionI'm fromUnder Secretary of Land, Infrastructure and TransportIn recent years, the appointment has been made without regard to customs, such as the appointment of an experienced person).First Abe Cabinet OfKazuhiro SugitaIn the case of, after serving as the director of the National Police Agency, the vice minister levelCabinet Intelligence Officer, Special jobCabinet Crisis ManagementIt was inauguration after.

The Deputy Secretary in charge isUnder Secretary Liaison MeetingThe main task is to coordinate between ministries, such as managing the bureaucracy, and it is positioned at the top of the bureaucracy.[11]..In many cases, he has been in office for a long time beyond the Cabinet, for example.Nobuo IshiharaServed seven prime ministers in the LDP, non-LDP coalition, and in-house administrations.

Cabinet HR DirectorIs appointed by a person appointed from the Deputy Secretary-General of the Cabinet Secretariat (Article 21 of the Cabinet Act).


Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet SecretariatCertifierHowever, the qualification requirements for appointment and the division of duties between deputy secretaries are not clearly defined by law such as the Cabinet Law, and as a political affairs officer,Member of the House of RepresentativesとMember of the House of CouncilorsTwo people, one from each,Under SecretaryExperienced personCareerOfficialsIt is customary that one person from each is appointed.


  • 1945 (Showa 20) July 9- Cabinet SecretaryunderDeputy Secretary-General of the Cabinet(Constant 1 person) is newly established.
  • 1947 (Showa 22) May 5-With the enforcement of the Constitution of Japan, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Cabinet is abolished.Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary(A fixed number of people) will be installed. Instead of the Cabinet Law, "Cabinet Secretariat and Legal Affairs Bureau staff installation system (Showa 1Cabinet OrderNo. 2)”, the so-called “Government-appointed employment”.
  • 1947 (Showa 22) June 6-Due to the revision of the installation system such as the Cabinet Secretariat and Legal Affairs Bureau staff, the number will be increased to two people.
  • 1949 (24)May 6 -With the abolition of the Cabinet Secretariat staff installation systemCabinet ActPartial amendment of theDeputy Secretary-General, Cabinet SecretariatIs installed. The capacity follows the precedent.
  • 1984 (Showa 59) July 7- General Affairs AgencyIn addition to the Cabinet Secretariat,Prime Minister's OfficeHe is also in charge of assisting with the general arrangement of the government (excluding ministries and agencies).
  • 1998 (10) July 7-Due to a partial revision of the Cabinet Act, the fixed number of people (two in charge of affairs, one in charge of clerical work) to three (increasing one in charge of affairs) is increased. The third person was appointed on 1st.
  • 2001 (13) January 1-Due to a partial revision of the Cabinet Act, the so-calledCertifierAnd the appointment and dismissalEmperorCertified by Following the reorganization of central ministriesCabinet OfficeResponsible for assisting general organization (excluding ministries and agencies).

List of Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary (Certifier)
Political affairsGovernment affairs/visitOffice workCabinetInauguration date
Shinzo AbeLDPUeno KoseiLDPSadajiro FurukawaSecond Forest Remodeling Cabinet2001 (13)May 1
1st Koizumi Cabinet2001May 4
Hiroyuki HosodaMasaaki YamazakiMasahiro Futahashi1st Koizumi 2st remodeling cabinet2003 (15)May 9
Masatake Sugiura2st Koizumi Cabinet2004 (16)May 5
Long timeSuzuki SeijiThird Koizumi remodeling cabinet2005 (17)May 10
Hirofumi ShimomuraJunzo MatobaFirst Abe Cabinet2006 (18)May 9
Ono MatsushigeMitsuhide IwakiSecond Abe remodeling Cabinet2007 (19)May 8
Masahiro FutahashiFukuda Yasuo Cabinet2007May 9
Tate ShioyaFukuda Yasuo remodeling Cabinet2008 (20)May 8
Jun MatsumotoShoji KonoikeIku UrushimaAso Cabinet2008May 9
Asano Katsuhito2009 (21)May 5
Matsuno YorihisaDemocratic PartyKoji MatsuiDemocratic PartyKinya TakinoYukio Hatoyama Cabinet2009May 9
Furukawa MotohisaTetsuro FukuyamaNaoto Kan Cabinet
Naoto Kan 1st Remodeling Cabinet
2010 (22)May 6
Hirohisa FujiiNaoto Kan 2st Remodeling Cabinet2011 (23)May 1
Yuto SenyaNaoto Kan 2st Remodeling Cabinet2011May 3
Kei SaitoHiroyuki NagahamaTaketoshi MakotoNoda Cabinet2011May 9
Hiroshi ShibaNoda Third Remodeling Cabinet2012 (24)May 10
Katsunobu KatoLDPHiroshige SekoLDPKazuhiro SugitaFirst Abe Cabinet
Second Abe remodeling Cabinet
First Abe Cabinet
2012May 12
Koichi Hagita3th Abe 1nd remodeling Cabinet2015 (27)May 10
Kotaro Nogami3th Abe 2nd remodeling Cabinet2016 (Heisei 28) May 8
Yasutoshi Nishimura3th Abe 3nd remodeling Cabinet
First Abe Cabinet
4th Abe 1nd remodeling Cabinet
2017 (Heisei 29) May 8
Akihiro NishimuraNaoki Okada4th Abe 2nd remodeling Cabinet2019 (First Year of Reiwa) May 9
Sakai ManabuYoshihide Suga Cabinet2020 (Reiwa 2 years) May 9
Seiji KiharaYoshihiko IsozakiShunichi KurioKishida Cabinet2021 (Reiwa 3 years) May 10
  • Unlike the Cabinet Secretary, who is the Secretary of State, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Cabinet does not apply the provisions of Article 71 of the Constitution of Japan and is a governmental office that does not automatically lose the job at the same time as the appointment of the new Prime Minister, At the new Prime Minister's Cabinet, he asked himself to resign and vacated his seat for succession. For this reason, there are cases in which the new Vice-Minister is appointed without a request for resignation (formally vacant seats), and cases in which he/she immediately resigns without appointed the new Deputy Secretary (vacant seats). In the latter case, The deputy secretary office will be completely vacant for several hours to several days until the appointment of a successor (although the deputy secretary and deputy secretary act as a de facto representative, there is no official "deputy secretary-general representative"). ..
  • The following is an example in which the deputy secretary's change did not occur at the same time, resulting in a vacant seat.
    • Resignation of the predecessor and appointment of the successor resulted in vacant seats on the same day
      • Haneda Cabinet: Two Deputy Secretaries of Kitamura and Ishikawa
    • The appointment of the successor was delayed until the day after the resignation of the predecessor, resulting in vacancy
      • Obuchi Cabinet: Three deputy secretaries of Suzuki, Uesugi, and Furukawa were appointed on July 3, 10, the day after their predecessors resigned. )


News reportOften seen inGovernment sources"" means "someone of the Deputy Secretary-General of the Cabinet Secretariat". The Deputy SecretaryOff-the-recordIt is used when you say in. In the pressChief Cabinet SecretaryIs called "government leader", while the Deputy Secretariat of the Cabinet Secretariat said "Senior government officialsIt is customary to be replaced with.


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    • Experienced Minister of EducationNobutaka MachimuraWas appointed Deputy Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in 1998.
    • Experienced Minister of State for Special MissionsSanae TakaichiWas appointed Deputy Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2008
    • Experienced Minister of the EnvironmentIchiro KamoshitaWas appointed Deputy Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2008
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