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🏛 | Cancellation of unofficial offer for graduates this spring 136 people, more than 9% affected by corona Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced


136 people who graduated this spring have been canceled, more than 9% are affected by corona Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced

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In addition to this, it seems that there are students and students who have received cancellation of the offer or postponement of the time of joining the company.

Of the students and students who graduated from universities and high schools in March 2021, 3 people nationwide have their job offers canceled ... → Continue reading

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Cancellation of offer

Cancellation of offer(Not a kid)CompanyIs a job seeker (especiallyNew graduateIn the case of a person)Unofficial offerPut outuseIt means that the company will destroy it due to various reasons even though it promised.

Mainly due to the circumstances of the company (disappearance of the company organization due to bankruptcy, etc., significant business reduction, etc.) and due to the circumstances of the job seeker (unofficial candidatesUniversity,Vocational schoolsThere are cases where you cannot graduate, or when a scandal, career fraud, etc. are discovered).

Case of Japan

AbruptBusinessWhen the business performance of many companies deteriorated all at once in a short period of time due to the retreat, the number of unofficial offers was remarkably increased, and after the warSecond oil shock(1973-1974),Bubble burst(1992-1993), financial instability in the late 1990s (1997-1999),World financial crisis(2008-2009),Great East Japan Earthquake(2011 years),Global pandemic of new coronavirus infectionsAt a time such as (2020), the cancellation of informal offers increased sharply and became a social problem.

Lehman shock

2008 OfLehman shockSince then worldwidepanicAlong with the visit, many companies canceled the offer.そのときthenUniversityThe side was canceledStudentOn the other hand, the title of a new graduate will continue from the following yearjob huntingIf you wish for prospective graduates who meet the graduation requirements to be able toRepetitionI took an unusual measure to admit.その後これが定着し希望留年制度などと名づけられ数多くの大学が制度としているAfter that, this became established and was named the desired repetition system, etc., and many universities have adopted it.[1][2].

Trial period cut

After the Lehman shockTrial periodFrequent cuts (de facto informal cuts)[3].economist OfHideomi Tanaka"The job offer has been criticized socially,Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareHas announced some company names on its homepage, so it has been adopted and then the trial period is cut so that it will not be a job offer. "[4].

Great East Japan Earthquake

Great East Japan EarthquakeSince then, the management of many companies has deteriorated, and there is no room to hire employees, resulting in frequent cancellations of job offers.2011 OctoberCurrently, it is reported that more than 200 people have been canceled due to the impact of the earthquake.[5].

Epidemic of new coronavirus infection

Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareAnnounced in September 2020 that among those who graduated in the spring of 9 and were planning to get a job, the number of people whose job offers were canceled was 2020 as of the end of August, about five times the number of the previous year.新型コロナウイルス感染症の流行により景気が悪化したことが影響したとされ、業界別の内訳では旅行業などの「生活関連サービス・娯楽」業や「卸売・小売」業など感染症の流行の影響を受けた業界の内定取り消しが約8割だったIt is said that the economic downturn caused by the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection had an effect, and the breakdown by industry is the impact of the epidemic of infectious diseases such as "life-related services / entertainment" such as travel and "wholesale / retail". About 174% of the industries that received the offer were canceled.[6].


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