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🏛 | To the public announcement on the XNUMXth, the outpost war is fully open in the House of Representatives election.


The House of Representatives election is fully open on the XNUMXth. In Tottori XNUMXst district, a newcomer from the Communist Party challenges Mr. Ishiba, a Liberal Democratic Party (Tottori Prefecture).

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Tottori 1st district is expected to be a single combat this time as well as the previous time and the previous time.

The latest situation in Tottori XNUMXst district, the House of Representatives election announced on the XNUMXth of this month.The one who is planning to run is the one who boasts overwhelming popularity ... → Continue reading

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One fight

One fightWhat is (Ikkiuchi)?戦 争On the battlefield in a state戦 士In principle, each other will make a one-on-one decisioncombatIt is a technique.One fightIt is also written as (Ikkiuchi).


duelAlthough there are similar aspects to the duel, it is not always agreed because the duel includes private battles that are not supposed to be performed on the battlefield.Also, since one-on-one battles can occur other than in the case of riding, it is not a condition that the person is in a riding state.

There are two conceivable conditions for a single fight. One is when one-on-one situations are created accidentally in a messenger, and the other is when they are shown on the battlefield and fight one-on-one. The former isBattle of KawanakajimaInShingen TakedaとKenshin UesugiThe one is killed, the latter is "Old and new storiesLooks likeTo the sourceとYoshifumi TairaThe fighting of one is famous. In Japan, it was thought that the battle of samurai from the latter half of the Heian period to the Kamakura period mainly consisted of one shot by shooting. However, "Heike storyScrutinizing major military storytellings, etc., reveals that such cases are now rather minor.[1].

ModernWhen entering, large-scale mobilization of forces, adoption of group tactics, and the organization of battle groups progressed, so the single fighting was abolished. However, uni-attacking, whether accidental or shown, can occur if conditions are met,Heian periodFrom the second halfSengoku periodA lot of single fights were carried out.

Now it derives from its original meaning,election,SportsIn one-to-one (including in fact)Individual,GroupSometimes referred to as "single combat" when competing for victory or defeat.[2]..また実力が伯仲する者同士が張り合うことも「一騎討ち」と表現されるIn addition, the fact that people with similar abilities compete with each other is also expressed as "single combat".[3].

In an ideal situation, combatant exhaustion would be a linear expression of the number of allies and enemies (Lanchester's law)

"Ikkitoki" in Japan

The beginning of the single fight

All over JapanEupSmall skirmishes between people have startedYayoi PeriodFromYamato kingshipWas established and developedNara periodUp to the warinfantryIt was a group battle of the main subject, and the concept of single fighting did not develop. Fought with Yamato kingshipEzoAlso by a lightly mounted cavalry unitequestrian archeryWas the main subject.

Heian periodSince entering the country, domestic and foreign military tensions eased,Imperial courtHas directlyMilitary powerWill be reduced, and instead will have blood-related connectionsSource name,Common name,WisteriaBig and small represented bySamuraiEmerged. SamuraiCommanderIssamurai(For exampleTerritory), a child of a horse-riding house (a close relative such as a commander's child)Roh Party, It was a structure that the Oro party and graduates on foot would follow. Walking graduates were not always full-time soldiers and had low combat ability, but the samurai who are the main combatants routinelyEquestrian,Archeryさ ら にequestrian archeryWe trained and respected our honor.この時代の一騎打ちは、騎射により矢を打ち合う「矢戦(やいくさ)」から始まり、矢が尽きると接近してOne-on-one combat in this era begins with "Yaikusa," in which arrows are shot by shooting, and when the arrows are exhausted, they approach each other.Tadao,NaginataIn the end, he decided to win or lose in the "Infantry Tank" where he fought down the horse to take the opponent's neck.

At the time of battle (battle), by defeating the warrior who is the commander of the enemy,moraleLost, confuse the command system,controlIt was possible to make a profitable combat activity impossible. In addition, since it is possible to determine victory by defeating an enemy commander at the final stage of the battle settlement, it is said that a single combat was born as a battle technique.

The word "Ikkitou" is said to have arisen from the Genpei battle.[4].

Even if low-ranking people fight each other, or even if they fight one-on-one, if there is a clear difference in their identities and abilities, they are not called "one shot". In the Genpei battle where the word "one-shot" was generated, only the one-on-one battle between high-ranking samurai was called "one-shot".[5].

"Ikkitou" overseas


The Old Testamentof"SamuelToPhilistines Of巨人SoldierGoliath イ ス ラ エ ルProvoking the soldiers and demanding a single fight, no Goliath feared and accepted. I passed thereDavidAccept the offerStonedThere is a description that the army was upset by the strongest soldier of Philistine, and the Israeli soldiers who gained momentum chased and won the race.

Ancient rome

Ancient romeThen the mythical founderRomulusDefeated Akron of a person in a single shot, and his armor is the main godUpitelAccording to the legend that it was dedicated to the general who defeated the enemy general one to oneSporia opimaIt was a convention to be given the highest honor and medal ("precious loot") (the armor of an enemy general attached to an oak tree).[6][7].

Only two officially received this honor after Romulus, in the 2th century BCWayieDefeated King Lars TrumniusAurus Cornelius CossuWhen,222 BCToGaul"Roman sword" that beat Britomartus (Wiridmars) of the Gaesati tribeMarx Claudius MarchellsIs[7].. Since Kossus is a mid-legendary figure, it is the only one in history that Marcellus is historically certain to exist. Although he was not the highest commander of the Roman army at the time of the war, he could not receive the official honor,29 BCToMarx Likinius Crassus(Great politician of the same nameGrandchild)ScytheA group of people(English edition)Defeats the King of[8].

Middle East

Traditionally, the war in the Middle East begins with a single shot by a knight equipped with a spear. The assault of powerful Arab cavalry was a threat, and the only way to counter it was to have the cavalry respond to a single shot or be attacked by an archer.

624 OfBattle of BadrAtMuhammadThe Islamic army led by a cavalry defeats a famous military commander of the Mecca army, attacks from a long distance with a bow unit while the infantry unit following the cavalry is upset, and destroys the remaining troops with an infantry assault. Victory in the Arab region and gained fame in the Arab region.However, Muhammad, who decided that single combat with frequent injuries was dangerous, banned single combat from his own army, first damaged the cavalry with the bow unit, and attacked the enemy unit that could not cooperate with cavalry and infantry. I switched to a tactic that produces reliable results with little damage.However, some knights involved in traditional battles disagreed and did not obey.

625 In the Battle of Uhud, the Islamic army on Mount Uhud prevented the Mecca cavalry from being attacked by an archer, and had an advantage in the battle, but the archer pursued the migrating infantry. It was attacked by the cavalry and developed into a single fight in the main team, and Muhammad was injured in the confusion and the Islamic army was upset and eventually defeated.

627 OfBattle of HandakuMuhammad was once banned from a single struggle after learning from the attacks of cavalry, and a Persian engineer to prevent cavalry charges.Salman al-FarrisiThere is a main teamMedinaAroundTrench(Handak خندق Ḫandaq/Khandaq) was dug up and a thorough defense line was laid to prepare for the Meccan attack. In the Middle East at that timeSiege battleThere is no concept of this, and even in a full-scale trench battle, this battle is said to be the world's first, and the Mecca army, which had difficulty dealing with it, could not make a large-scale attack, and continued to camp in the desert in search of a breakthrough. Later, Mecca's knight Amur discovered a narrow trench and plunged into the trench with a few followers, but was adopted by Muhammad.Ally Even Abbey TurribI was defeated in a single fight with. When this defeat was transmitted to the main unit, the morale of the Mecca army declined, and it was exhausted due to being forced to camp for a long time in the desert, and the Mecca army abandoned the capture of Medina and withdrew.

In this way, the knight's one-player fighting has a big mental aspect,Bow cavalryIsMamrookWhen the bow became the center of the battle with the appearance of, the single fighting was stopped.


LegendSangokushi performanceIn the story, etc., a single fight is drawn, but in ancient China multiple people boardedtankTank battles, infantry combat, cavalryequestrian archeryGroup battles are common, and often not historical. However, there are also cases where a single fight was performed.

FamousTai ShiciとGrandchild policy,LufuとGuo Bang,HorseとEnvy,Guan YuとYan LiangIs said to be the one fight against historical facts.

Shingen Takeda and Kenshin Uesugi

During the Warring States periodEchigo country OfKenshin UesugiとKai country OfShingen Takeda TheShinano countryTouring the Northern TerritoriesBattle of KawanakajimaHowever, the original was established in the early modern times.Koyo ArmyAnd 'Hokuetsu military talkAccording to military books such as "," Shingen and Kenshin were engaged in a single fight in the battle of the fourth Kawanakajima.

Regarding the actual situation of the battle of the fourth Kawanakajima, there are few remaining documents, and it is unknown whether the single fight was actually conducted. 『Koyo Army],White hand towelWrap your head in and wear Moe's torsoMoon hair Of(I.e.Warrior ridingFloorCut the three swords into Shingen, and Shingen stands up from the floorWarTaken by, Mamoru Hara Osumi (Mamoru Hara)Torayoshi Hara)ButspearThe horse was stabbed at, and the horse-riding warrior ran away.Later, it was discovered that this horse-riding warrior was Kenshin Uesugi, and it is said that Shingen's gunbai had a wound on his eight swords.

On the other hand, in Uesugi's "" ("Hokuetsu Army Talk")MinegawaIt was said that Shingen retired with a hand injury and Shingen injured his hand. In addition, as a different theory, Shingen notes that he received a sword in the war. Furthermore, in “Hokuetsu Taiheiki”,AmamiIt also describes the sightings.

Shingen/Kenshin’s fighting is literature andJoruriI also like to draw inUkiyo-eAlso became the subject of.



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  • Name
  • Jost -A competition of single fighting
  • champion -Refers to the representative of the single fight.

1nd Ward, Tottori Prefecture

1nd Ward, Tottori Prefecture(Tottori Kendai 1) isJapan OfHouse of Representatives general electionInConstituency.1994 (Heisei6 years)Public office election lawInstalled by revision.


Current area

2013 (Heisei 25)Public office election lawThe areas after the revision are as follows[1][2].. With the change of ward allocation in 2013Yurihama Town The2 wardsMoved to.

Area before 2013

1994 (Heisei 6)Public office election lawThe areas from the revision to the 2013 single-seat constituency revision are as follows:[3].


MaintenanceExtremely strongConservative KingdomXNUM X ones.Minister of Defense-Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries,Party secretaryHas served asMass mediaHighly known for appearing inLDP OfShigeru IshibaIs stronggroundIs buildingSingle-seat constituency systemAfter the introduction, even once as a rival candidateProportional revivalWe are continuing a stable election campaign that does not allow.45th House of Representatives general electionThen, Yasuaki Okuda, the former secretary of IshibaDemocratic PartyHe ran officially and was elected to revive the Democratic Party by overwhelming victory of the Democratic Party.Loss rateHowever, Okuda couldn't even revive proportionally and was defeated by Ishiba.46th House of Representatives general electionThen, on the contrary, a headwind to the Democratic Party blew, and the Liberal Democratic Party won overwhelmingly nationwide.Among them, Ishiba received more popularity and attention as the secretary-general of the Liberal Party, so all the conflicting candidates were selected.Deposit moneyI got an overwhelming number of votes that pushed me to the confiscation point.The 46th defeat rate of 14.06% is the fifth in the past House of Representatives elections.Safe seatであった。第46・47・48・49回では、民主党及びその後継政党は候補を擁立できず不戦敗となっている。また、第49回の石破の得票率(84.07%)は全国最高得票率である[4].

Electoral member

Election nameYearsWinnerFaction
41th House of Representatives general election1996 Shigeru IshibaIndependent
42th House of Representatives general election2000 LDP
43th House of Representatives general election2003
44th House of Representatives general election2005
45th House of Representatives general election2009
46th House of Representatives general election2012
47th House of Representatives general election2014
48th House of Representatives general election2017
49th House of Representatives general election2021

Election results

49th House of Representatives general election(2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)May 10) 1nd Ward, Tottori Prefecture

Cabinet of Time:The 1nd Kishida Cabinet Dissolution date:2021 May 10 Publication date:2021 May 10
Number of voters on the day: 23 Final turnout: 959% (compared to the previous time:increase1.09%) (National turnout: 55.93% (increase2.25%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisShigeru Ishiba64LDP前105,441 vote
Masakazu Okada39Japan Communist Party新19,985 vote


48th House of Representatives general election(2017 (29)May 10) 1nd Ward, Tottori Prefecture

Cabinet of Time:3th Abe 3nd remodeling Cabinet Dissolution date:2017 May 9 Publication date:2017 May 10
Number of voters on the day: 23 Final turnout: 8771% (compared to the previous time:increase4.50%) (National turnout: 53.68% (increase1.02%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisShigeru Ishiba60LDP前106,425 vote
——Komeito recommendation○
Shigeyuki Tsukada53Japan Communist Party新20,829 vote
47th House of Representatives general election(2014 (26)May 12) 1nd Ward, Tottori Prefecture

Cabinet of Time:Second Abe remodeling Cabinet Dissolution date:2014 May 11 Publication date:2014 May 12
Number of voters on the day: 23 Final turnout: 8027% (National turnout: 52.66% (Decrease6.66%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisShigeru Ishiba57LDP前93,105 vote
Shigeyuki Tsukada50Japan Communist Party新22,888 vote
46th House of Representatives general election(2012 (24)May 12) 1nd Ward, Tottori Prefecture

Cabinet of Time:Noda Third Remodeling Cabinet Dissolution date:2012 May 11 Publication date:2012 May 12 (National turnout: 59.32% (Decrease9.96%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisShigeru Ishiba55LDP前124,746 vote
Shigeyuki Tsukada48Japan Communist Party新17,550 vote
Hiroshi Inoue63Independent新5,325 vote
45th House of Representatives general election(2009 (21)May 8) 1nd Ward, Tottori Prefecture

Cabinet of Time:Aso Cabinet Dissolution date:2009 May 7 Publication date:2009 May 8 (National turnout: 69.28% (increase1.77%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisShigeru Ishiba52LDP前118,121 vote
Yasuaki Okuda49Democratic Party新63,383 vote
Naoyuki Iwanaga52Japan Communist Party新7,336 vote
Yukihiro Hosokawa40Happiness Realization Party新1,757 vote
44th House of Representatives general election(2005 (17)May 9) 1nd Ward, Tottori Prefecture

Cabinet of Time:Third Koizumi remodeling cabinet Dissolution date:2005 May 8 Publication date:2005 May 8 (National turnout: 67.51% (increase7.65%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisShigeru Ishiba48LDP前106,805 vote
Shusaku Hayakawa28Democratic Party新48,092 vote
Seiichi Tanaka52Social Democrats新14,271 vote
Shigeyuki Tsukada41Japan Communist Party新11,105 vote
43th House of Representatives general election(2003 (15)May 11) 1nd Ward, Tottori Prefecture

Cabinet of Time:1st Koizumi 2st remodeling cabinet Dissolution date:2003 May 10 Publication date:2003 May 10 (National turnout: 59.86% (Decrease2.63%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisShigeru Ishiba46LDP前114,283 vote
Seiichi Tanaka50Social Democrats新31,236 vote
Mizuo Iwao53Japan Communist Party新14,092 vote
42th House of Representatives general election(2000 (12)May 6) 1nd Ward, Tottori Prefecture

Cabinet of Time:Second Mori Cabinet Dissolution date:2000 May 6 Publication date:2000 May 6 (National turnout: 62.49% (increase2.84%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisShigeru Ishiba43LDP前91,163 vote
Kotaro Tamura36Independent新62,811 vote
Fumiko Chikuma63Social Democrats前22,425 vote
Naoyuki Iwanaga43Japan Communist Party新9,406 vote
41th House of Representatives general election(1996 (8)May 10) 1nd Ward, Tottori Prefecture

Cabinet of Time:First Hashimoto Cabinet Dissolution date:1996 May 9 Publication date:1996 May 10 (National turnout: 59.65% (Decrease8.11%)))

CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedVoting rateLoss rateRecommendation/supportrepeat
ThisShigeru Ishiba39Independent前94,147 vote
Fumiko Chikuma59Social Democrats新28,496 vote
Naoyuki Iwanaga39Japan Communist Party新14,845 vote
Atsushi Yamada57New Socialist Party新13,221 vote


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