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🏛 | Requesting a shorter time to restaurants in 4 cities such as Tsu and Yokkaichi ... Governor of Mie "Ends in 14 days request" To be completely canceled by 14 days


Requesting a shorter time to restaurants in 4 cities such as Tsu and Yokkaichi ... Governor of Mie "Ends in 14 days request" To be completely canceled by 14 days

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Mie Prefecture will hold a meeting of the countermeasures headquarters on the 12th to make a formal decision.

At first glance, the governor of Mie Prefecture made a request to restaurants in four cities, including Tsu City and Yokkaichi City, to shorten business hours in 4 days ... → Continue reading

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Countermeasure headquarters meeting


Mie(Mieken,(British: Mie Prefecture) IsJapan OfKinkiに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheTsu City.

Edo PeriodFrom, visit Ise (Thanks) Known asIse ShrineHas developed as a region with.Regulatory countryThen,Ise country-Shimakuni-Iga countryThe whole area ofKii country(at firstKumano country), A total of 4 countries.The number of former provinces of Japan to include includes 7 countriesHyogoSecond only.North group,Iga,Middle class,Nansei(Ise Shima),Eastern KishuIt is divided into 5 areas.


æµ·,(I.e.Blessed with abundant nature,Agriculture:-Fishery:Is thriving. Also, in the Edo period (Visit Ise) To present (F1Japan Grand Prix,8 hoursEtc.)TourismIs established as an industry.

populationIs the 22nd,areaIs the 25nd,The population densityIs the 20th.About economic powerChukyo Industrial AreaIt is a high-ranking prefecture because it has the northern region, which is part ofHeiseiIn a periodTokyoAchieved the second largest economic growth after GDP OfPrefectural economic calculationHas remained at a high level between 3rd and 15th[1].. Has the largest population in this prefecture市町村 TheYokkaichiAbout 31 people from the countrySpecial city at the time of enforcementIs specified in. On the other hand, the city of Tsu, which is the prefectural capital, has a population of about 16, and was the smallest prefectural capital between 2005 and 2006.Great Heisei mergerLater population is about 28. This prefecture is centered on TokishuDepopulated areaThere is Tsu city andMatsusaka CityA part of is also designated as a depopulated area. The total population of Mie prefecture is about 175 million,Kumamoto,Kagoshima,OkayamaAlthough this prefecture has the same scale as the above, there are no cities with a population that is more prominent than these prefectures, and the population is dispersed among multiple medium-sized cities.

HokuseiChukyo Industrial AreaAnd there are many major companies. In Yokkaichivending machineApproximately 12 units are produced annually, and the production volume of vending machines is the highest in Japan. Also, of the petrochemical complexYokkaichi ComplexIt is,Four major pollution diseasesone ofYokkaichi asthmaHowever, the current state of the air around the industrial zone will be improved, as measures such as legislation and improvement of pollution prevention technology are drastically progressing.Kameyama CityToKameyama candle(The head office isOsakaAnd moved to Mie Prefecture, and the high-tech enterprises in Mie Prefecture were attracted.sharpKameyama FactoryThere is. In addition, Mie PrefectureCandleProduction volume ofkeyIs the largest in Japan.

Ise Shrine,Iga Ueno,Futamiura,world Heritage OfKumano KodoSuch as tourist spotsNagashima Spa Land,Nabana no Sato,Shima Spain Village,Suzuka CircuitSuch asTheme parkThere is. In particular, the Ise and Shima districts are famous as tourist destinations. This prefecture is geographicallyKinki areaとChukyo areaSince it is located in the middle of the area, there are many tourists from both areas. In addition, we have line in Ise, Shima districtKinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu) aimed at tourists from Osaka and Nagoya to the Ise and Shima districtsPlanning ticketWe are trying to attract customers such as selling.

dialect TheTriple valveIs being spoken, and among themIseben-Iga dialect-Shimaben-Kishu dialectCan be divided into The triple valve isKinki dialectBelongs toKeihan accentIs. Mie Prefecture has economic and logistical relationships with Aichi Prefecture, especially in the north, but the dialect has a large difference between Aichi Prefecture and Gifu Prefecture.

Mie PrefectureShiga,Fukui,GifuWithJapan Manaka RepublicWas established and is engaged in governor summits and cultural exchange projects.

It has become a specialty of NagoyaTenmusu,Miso katsuWas originally from Mie Prefecture,HitsumabushiThere is a theory that the word is said to have originated in Mie (there is also a theory that it originated in Nagoya).


The length of Mie Prefecture is approximately 180km in the north-south, and the width in the east-west is 108km, which is an elongated shape.Ise plainFrom the plains includingSuzuka MountainsMountain ranges,Aoyama PlateauIt has various topography such as highlands, basins, and lowlands. It is adjacent to 6 prefectures, such as Aichi Prefecture and Gifu Prefecture on the north side, and Wakayama Prefecture on the south side.Ise bayからMatsusaka CityTo Iitaka TownCentral structure lineIs passing[2], Iidamachi Tsukiide is largeoutcropHas been found. In 2002Moonrise Median Tectonic LineAs the countryNatural treasureSpecified in. In 2007NaganoOka villageと と も にTop XNUMX geological features in JapanIt was selected as "Chuo Tectonic Line (Moonrise)".

  • East- Ise plainHas spread, and on the east sideIse bayとKumano SeaIs open.
  • West - Suzuka Mountains・Shigaraki Mountains・High mountainsandKii MountainsAcross Shiga, Shiga, Kyoto, Nara, and Wakayama prefectures. However, there are many local governments that can not come and go directly because the borders with Nara Prefecture are blocked by steep mountains (Matsusaka City → Kawakami Village, Kihoku Town → Kamikita Mountain Village, Kumano City → Totsugawa Village, etc.). Also, the prefectural border with Kyoto Prefecture is only about 3 km, and the prefectural border isKansai Main LineThere is also Route 163, but traffic is not very convenient.Nunobiki MountainsTo the west ofUeno basinSpreads.
  • South- Kumano RiverIt borders on Wakayama Prefecture.
  • North - Yoro MountainsとKiso MikawaIt borders Gifu and Aichi prefectures.


Mie Prefectural Office (Tsu City)East end (Toba city)West end (Kumano city)South end (Kiho-cho)Northern end (Inabe City)
longitudeEast longitude 136 degree 30 min 31 secEast longitude 136 degree 59 min 15 secEast longitude 135 degree 51 min 12 secEast longitude 135 degree 58 min 29 secEast longitude 136 degree 31 min 42 sec
latitudeNorth Latitude 34 Degrees 43 Minutes 49 SecondsNorth Latitude 34 Degrees 32 Minutes 53 SecondsNorth Latitude 33 Degrees 51 Minutes 33 SecondsNorth Latitude 33 Degrees 43 Minutes 22 SecondsNorth Latitude 35 Degrees 15 Minutes 28 Seconds

Adjacent prefectures and their municipalities

The number in parentheses is the municipality in Mie prefecture that is adjacent to the municipality.

In terms of national land maintenance administrationFukui,Shigathe same as,Kinki area,Central regionIncluded in any of[3]. AlsoIga CityとNabariThe Iga area to which theOsakaArea), the north region to the Tokai region (Nagoya areaThere is also a classification.

Prefectures that officially span multiple regions in the eight regions of the country are called Mie Prefecture (Kinki region and Tokai region, treated in each case)Yamanashi(Kanto regionAnd the Chubu region <including the Koshinetsu region>.This is also dealt with in each case).


Main river
Main mountain


Main island

Besides this,Shima PeninsulaFrom the southKumano CityThe coast overRias coastSo manyBayThere is.



Mie Prefecture is long in the north and south, has a long coastline, and has a variety of terrain such as mountainous areas and basins.climateAre various. Eastern Kishu (south)Cape ShiofromtyphoonOften hit directly by "Typhoon ginza"It is called.From the coast of Ise Bay to the coast of Kumano NadaPacific climate(Ise Bay coast belongs to Tokai type, Kumano sea coast belongs to Nankai type), and IgaInland climate(Seto Inland Sea climateSometimes included. ) Is[4].

  • Foot of Suzuka (North) - Suzuka MountainsLocated at the foot of this area (Yokkaichi,Kuwana CityEtc.)Winter:Has a lot of dry, sunny days, and when it becomes a strong winter type atmospheric pressure arrangementSea of ​​JapanLocal heavy snowfall may occur due to the influence of snow clouds flowing from. Except for the mountains, it is the most snowy area in the prefecture,Inabe CityThen, there is a snowfall record of 1m.
  • Ueno Basin (Iga) ――Excluding the mountains, the average temperature in January is about 1 ° C, which is the coldest area in the prefecture.On the contrary, there is a record that the summer heat exceeded 3 ° C in some places.Similar to the foot of Mt. Suzuka (northern part), heavy snowfall may occur when the pressure distribution is strong and the south bank low pressure passes.The annual rainfall is 40 to 1,300 mm, which is the area with the least rainfall in the prefecture.There is a lot of fog throughout the year.
  • Ise Plain (Central part,Ise Shima) -Basically mild climate, but the central and southern regions are often hit by floods. (Miyakawa heavy rain, hourly rainfall recorded in Tsu City, 98 mm, etc.) Also, in Tsu City, the number of tropical nights where the minimum temperature does not fall below 25°C increases in summer.
  • Kumano Sea Coast (Kisei Eastern Kishu) -Located in the southernmost part of Mie prefecture, it is a very warm area. In addition, the prefecture is famous as a region with much rain all over Japan, and typhoons often pass through it, as explained above.Minamishikoku(Excluding Kochi Plain)KyusyuSimilar to the southeast,Shima PeninsulaOn the coast, the annual average temperature is about 16 degrees Celsius, and the annual rainfall is 2000-2500 mm. Especially,OwaseからMt. OdaigaharaIt is a rainy area, and the average annual rainfall in Owase City reaches about 4,000 mm (⇒Owase rainSee).

Weather category

Normal values ​​in various places in Mie prefecture (statistical period: 1979-2000, source:Meteorological Agency / Meteorological Statistics Information)
Average price
NorthIgaCentral partIse ShimaKisei Eastern Kishu
Inabe City
North group
KuwanaYokkaichiKameyamaIga City
NabariTsuMatsusaka City
Ise City
TobaShima city
Minami IseOdaimachi
Kii Nagashima
(° C)
Warmest month27.3
Coldest month4.5
Precipitation amount
Most months308.5
Minimum month55.1
Number of days
Most months14.4
Minimum month8.7

Area classification

Prefectural officeNorth group,Iga,Middle class,Nansei,Eastern KishuIt is divided into 5 areas.

14 municipalitiesCity7county15town(29 municipalities)[Annotation 1].. All readings of "town" are "cho". The village disappeared from the prefecture due to the merger of Kiho-cho and Udono on January 2006, 1.

North group

oldIse countryIn the northern region,National Route 1Along the line.Suzuka RiverIn the basin ofGreen TeaIt is famous as a large production center of.

North of Yokkaichi

Edo PeriodToTokaidoIt was along the (current National Route 1). Since the Tokaido bridge was prohibited in the Edo period and there were many floods,Kiso MikawaCrossedOwariThere weren't as many trips to and from. But,MeijiAfter the cross-linking was promoted after that,NagoyaIs also strongly influenced by.

Suzuka Kameyama area

HondaIn Suzuka City,sharpとFurukawa ElectricIndustrial concentration in Kameyama City is remarkable.Meihan National Highway,Shinmeishin ExpresswayThe logistics is large. In ancient timesCamellia shrineIse Kokufu was established and it remained an important base. It is sometimes called the Reiki area.


oldIga countryHitUeno basinIn the areaMeihan National Highway,National Route 163andNational Route 165Along the line. Iga City and Nabari City[Annotation 2].

Kizu RiverIn the basin,Nunobiki Mountains,Kada PassArea located to the west of. for that reason,KeihanshinIt has a strong connection with. In the north, the Meihan National Highway passes, located in the middle of Osaka and Nagoya, and both can be reached in an hour and a half by car, so since the 1s, factories have been concentrated along the national highway. In the southKintetsu Osaka LineAlong the lineNabariHas been functioning as a commuter town in Osaka since the 1970s, and its population has been steadily increasing, but in recent years the population has been declining due to the influence of the return to the city center.for that reason,2015 In the subsequent census, the metropolitan area to which Nabari City belongsOsaka metropolitan areaからIga metropolitan areaChanged to.

Middle class

In the area corresponding to the former central part of Ise country,National Route 23Along the line. There is a prefectural office in Tsu City, where commerce and industry are concentrated, but originally the railway detours the center of Tsu City.motorizationIn the midst of this, the central shopping district became lonely due to the expansion of large shopping centers into the suburbs and withdrawal from the center. However,"AstotsuA 94m high-rise building calledTsu StationIt has been activated again since it was completed before. From both Tsu and MatsuzakaChubu International AirportThere is access by high-speed boat.

In addition, there are cases where Matsuzaka City and Taki-gun are located in the Nansei area.


Former area and former southern part of Ise countryShimakuniIs a generic term ofShimaSometimes called "Nansei Shima" without dividing. In the tourist guide,Ise ShimaAre often referred to asIse Shima National ParkIs specified in. Along Route 23.

Ise Shrine,FutamiuraI have a big tourist destination such aspearlIt is also famous for aquaculture.

Eastern Kishu

Kii countryMuro-gun(InitialKumano country), the area that was initially Kaikai prefecture and later Mie prefecture.Eastern Kishu,Kumano,MurdererOften called.National Route 42Along the line.

in JapanYakushimaLine up withHeavy rain zoneKnown asKumano KodoIt is the southern part of Ise Road.South of Kumano CityShingu Cityな どWakayamaKinanStrong ties with the community.

Municipalities that have been merged

Merger of municipalities
New administrative nameOld administrative nameDate of merger
Inabe CityInaben town,Kitase Town,Daan Town,Fujiwara Town2003 (15)May 12
Shima cityAgo Town,Hamashima Town,Isobe Town,Daio Town,Shima Town2004 (16)May 10
Iga CityUeno City,Ayama Town,Iga Town,Aoyama Town,Mt. Ooyama Tamura,Shimagahara Village2004May 11
Kuwana CityKuwana City,Tado Town,Nagashima2004May 12
Matsusaka CityMatsusaka City,Ureshino Town,Mikumo,Iinan Town,Iitaka Town2005 (17)May 1
Kameyama CityKameyama City,Seki Town2005May 1
YokkaichiYokkaichi City,Kusunoki2005May 2
Taiki TownOmiya Town,Kise Town,Ouchiyama Village2005May 2
Minamiise TownNansei Town,Minamijima Town2005 (Heisei 17)/10/1
KihokuKaiyama Town,Kii Nagashima Town2005May 10
Ise CityIse City,Omata Town,Futami Town,Misono Village2005 (Heisei 17)/11/1
Kumano CityKumano City,Kiwa Town2005 (Heisei 17)/11/1
Tsu CityTsu City,Hisai,Geino Town,Ano Town,Kawagei,Karasu Town,Isshi Town,Hakusan Town,Misato Village,Misugi Village2006 (Heisei 18)/1/1
Taki TownTaki Town,Sewa Village2006 (Heisei 18)/1/1
OdaimachiOdai Town, Miyagawa Village2006 (Heisei 18)/1/10
KihochoKiho Town, Udono Village2006 (Heisei 18)/1/10


Meiji RestorationpreviousIse country,Iga country,ShimakuniThe entire area ofKii countryMuro-gun(Kumano country) Part of.


When it was a land continuation with the continent,(I.e.Fossil found in Mt. Ooyama Ta district in Iga cityelephant-ワ ニThe footprints are known. From 3 to 1 years agoLate PaleolithicFrom the ruins of river terraces and plateaus such as the Nansei region, the north bank of the Suzuka River, the southern part of Suzuka City, Ago Bay and IzouraKnife shaped stonewareHas been excavated.About 50 ruins are known, but the contents of the ruins are unknown.Among them, an archaeological excavation was conducted at the Debari site (Odai-cho, Taki-gun), and a knife-shaped stone tool was used.Shaving machine-Pointed deviceStonewareFine stone bladeEtc. have been excavated. Most of the stone materials are charts in the prefecture,Sanuki rock(Sanukite)Nijo KamiyamaIs from[5].

Jomon PeriodEarly daysEarthenwareStamp type earthenware has been unearthed from ruins near 100 places in the prefecture. In addition, the ruins after the early stage spread over the Ise Bay coast, the Shima Peninsula, the Kumano Sea coast, and the inland part of the Iga basin, and there are over 600. The stoneware group that accompanies the press type earthenware isStone ballThere is a time difference between these two stone tools. The housing of this periodPit dwellingThen, the plane shape with a diameter of about 4 meters is an irregular circle, digging about 80 cm from the ground surface,rafterIt is presumed that a (tartar) was erected and a conical roof was roofed. In addition, there is an open-ended furnace called a "flue hole with a flue", which has an oblong or isosceles triangular shape with rounded corners and has a maximum length of 2.6 m and a maximum width of 65 cm. This confirms that he was living in a semi-settled state.[5].

The number of archaeological sites has increased the most from the middle period to the front of the late period, and it is confirmed that there are about 200 sites. In the first half of the mid-term, Hokuriku and Tokai pottery were also found in the Kanto and Setouchi pottery, indicating that people were traveling along the coast. The house of this period has a circular plan, and it has been confirmed that the house has a stone wall and an indoor furnace of earthenware floor. In the latter half of the period, pottery from the Tohoku, Chubu, and Hokuriku areas was seen, despite the strong influence of the Kinki region, and it can be inferred that extensive exchange was carried out. The Tenraku site in Isshi-cho, Tsu city spreads about 50 meters east-west and north-south, which is rare in western Japan.Stone arrangementThere is. Earthenware casket grave, more than 60 pointsClay figurine・Iwago,Stone stick・Many ritual relics such as stone swords have been confirmed,Funeral serviceIt is believed to be the remains of the site. In the latter half, there are many small-scale ruins,Alluvial plainHas advanced to the club. In the latter half of the pottery, Tokai-style ridged pottery pottery, in which clay strings are attached to the shoulders and mouth, will become the mainstream. As for the dwelling house, a mirror-shaped dwelling has been confirmed at the Shimokawa site in Nabari City. Twenty-five earthenware casket tombs where the bodies are buried in earthenware are found in remote areas[5].

Ancient times

4st centuryIn full swingYamato kingshipUnder the control ofExecutive morningToShimadzu Kunizo Shima-gunIn addition to being installed inIidaka-gunIn addition,Isshi-gunIn addition,Taki-gunIn addition,Dokai CountyIn addition,Ano-gun, Kawamata prefectural construction was installed in Suzuka-gun.

SchemingTo Dekai-gunTamba KokuzoWas a tribe ofMr. Isobe(Mr. Kai) Has arrived,GekuでToyouke OkamiWorshiped.

672 ,RebellionIn, Ise and Iga, which belong to the Mie prefecture area, played an important role.

7st centuryTowards the end ofSada acquisition lawWas carried out, but even in Mie prefectureRyori system OfRemains Shimakuni OfAgo-gunIt is confirmed in each county except. Above allIga countryThen.Hattori RiverOn the right bankFan,Ise countryThen.Ano RiverとKushidagawaIn the downstream areas of the area, continuous land division was recognized over a wide area.

In Iga, there is the ruins of Kokubunji Temple in Saimyoji's residence in Ueno City (currently Iga City), and earthworks remain in a square 210m east-west and about 250m north-south.From the south, the foundations of the central gate, Kondo, and auditorium are lined up, and in the southwest corner there is also the foundation that can be seen as the remains of a tower.Nanji is supposed to be an abandoned temple on Mt. Choraku, 200m east of it.Kokubunji in Ise is believed to have been at the southern end of the plateau in Kokubu-cho, Suzuka.The temple area was surrounded by Tsukiji and was 178m east-west and 184m north-south.In ShimaAgocho KouOn the plateau ofGokokuyama KokubunjiHas been determined.

中 世

Sengoku period-Azuchi Momoyama period

  1. Mr. Seki(Kameyama Castle)
  2. Mr. Nagano(Nagano Castle)
  3. Chikusa (Chikusa Castle)
  4. Mr. Akahori(Akahori Castle/Hatsu Castle/Nakano Castle)
  5. Mr. Kusunoki (Kusunoki)
  6. Mr. Inao (Inao Castle)
  7. Mr. Yada(Running castle)
  8. Mr. Tamaru
  9. Mr. Goto (Unobe Castle/Bessho Castle/Suita Castle)
  10. Mr. Numaki (Kakishiro)
  11. Tomo Oya(Oyachi Castle)
  12. Mr. Kataoka (Kamifukaya Castle)
  13. Mr. Mizutani (Otorii Castle)
  14. Mr. Kurita (Nawau Castle)
  15. Mr. Takai (Oyama Castle)
  16. Mr. Kogushi (Inoki Castle)
  17. Mr. Kusanagi (Okino Castle)
  18. Mr. Yokoze (Hironaga Castle)
  19. Mr. Emi
  20. Mr. Mouri(Kuwabe Castle)
  21. Tominaga (Nagafuku Castle)
  22. Mr. Hobo (Hobo Castle)
  23. Mr. Tako (Kasada Castle)
  24. Mr. Harita (Jorita Castle)
  25. Mr. Katayama (Kamiki Castle)
  26. Mr. Nishino (Nojiri Castle)
  27. Mr. Nomura (Shimada Castle)
  28. Mr. Hamada (Hamada Castle)
  29. Mr. Kosaka (Umeto Castle)
  30. Mr. Kondo (Shirase Castle, Fukayabe Kitasama Castle)
  31. Mr. Ando (Fukayabe Yanagigashimajo)
  32. Mr. Nishimatsu (Yuzui Castle)
  33. Mr. Mori(Nakae Castle)
  34. Mr. Kataoka (Sakaimura Castle)
  35. Mr. Nanbu(Tomita Castle)
  36. Mr. Asakura(Moofuku Castle)
  37. Matsuoka(Kaii Castle, Castle Well Castle, Kanai Castle)
  38. Mr. Tanemura (Oizumi Kanai Castle)
  39. Mr. Tahara (Hatsu Castle / Akahori Castle)
  40. Kasukabe(Isaka Castle, Hoshikawa Castle,Kayo Castle)
  41. Mr. Ito(Kuwana Castle・Matsugashima Castle)

Early modern times (Edo period)

In the feudal domain of the Edo period,Kuwana Domain,Nagashima domain,Ise Kameyama Domain,Kobe Domain,Komono domain,Hisai clan,Tsuhan, ShimakuniToba Domain, Of the Tsu domainIga Ueno CastleOf the Tsuhan clanNabari Jinya,Kishu clanOf the tributaryTamaru Castle,Matsusaka CastleThere is.



  • August 1868, 8 (July 23, 4)- DegreeIs installed
  • July 1869, 7-October 25 (June 10, Meiji 24-September 2)- RedemptionThe Kuwana clan, Kameyama clan, Nagashima clan, Kobe clan, Komono clan, Tsu clan, Hisai clan, Toba clan are set up by
  • August 1869, 8 (July 24, Meiji 2)-Dokai prefectureRenamed to
  • August 1871, 8 (July 29, Meiji 4)- Abandoned DomainByKuwana Prefecture-Kameyama-Nagashima Prefecture-Kobe prefecture-Komono Prefecture-Tsu prefecture-Hisai prefecture-Toba Prefecture8 prefectures will be set up
  • January 1872, 1 (November 2, Meiji 4)-By the first prefecture integrationAnazu Prefecture(Kuwana prefecture, Kameyama prefecture, Nagashima prefecture, Kobe prefecture, Komono prefecture, Tsu prefecture)Dokai prefecture(Kui prefecture, Toba prefecture, Dokai prefecture). Anouzu PrefecturePrefectural officeTheAno-gunTsudaimon Town (currentTsu CityDaimon), Dokai PrefectureDokai CountyYamada Iwabuchi TownMinoh (currentIse CityIwabuchi XNUMX-chome, KintetsuUjiyamada StationI put it in the front).
  • March 1872, 3 (April 17, Meiji 5)-Anzu prefecture is dissatisfied with the achievement of the defeatTsuhanFrom Anoutsu at the southern end of the prefecture where the Shishi liveMie-gunIn YokkaichiYokkaichi Jinya(CurrentYokkaichi City Chubu Nishi Elementary School) Relocated the prefectural office toMieRenamed to
  • December 1873, 6 (Meiji 12) --The Mie Prefectural Government Building becomes too small, and the prefectural office is returned to Annotsu in anticipation of a merger with Watarai Prefecture.The prefecture name remained the same.Regarding this, in 10 (Meiji 1875), a person who applied for the name change of the prefecture name as "other county name wo te prefecture name Tonasha rule name no sekimononi non-su" appeared, but similar problems in other prefectures. There was, and it remained as it was[9].

Mie established

Origin of the name of Mie prefecture

Yamato TakeruCompleted the eastern expedition and was in front of Ozu (Ozuhama) (Kuwana City), in Mie-gun (Yokkaichi) on the way from Nozono (Kameyama)Record of Ancient MattersIt is said that ""My feet are tired like a triple peg, and I'm tired."


Mie Prefecture Population Trend
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Mie Prefecture Population Ranking by City
Prefectural rankingcityArea classificationpopulationPrefectural rankingcityArea classificationpopulation
1YokkaichiNorth group310,2836Ise CityNansei123,499
2Tsu CityMiddle class274,7417Iga CityIga88,895
3SuzukaNorth group197,8718NabariIga77,022
4Matsusaka CityMiddle class157,2009Kameyama CityNorth group49,425
5Kuwana CityNorth group141,04510Shima cityNansei47,676
As of August-September 2021
Mie Prefecture city population density ranking (2016 (28) present)
  1. Yokkaichi(1,510/km2)
  2. Kuwana City(1,030 people/km2)
  3. Suzuka(1,010 people/km2)
  4. Ise City(610 people/km2)
  5. Nabari(604 people/km2)


Prefectural governor

  • Governor- Katsuyuki at first glance(The sixth generation of the public election. Currently the third term.2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)May 9Inauguration) Term of office: Until September 7, 2025

For successive governorsList of Governor of Mie Prefecture"checking.


Current member term:2019 (31)May 4から2023 (5nd year of Reiwa)May 4


Mie financial indicators
年度Revenue amount (Unit: million yen)
General accountとSpecial accountTotal
Financial capability indexCurrent account ratioReal bond ratioFuture burden ratioLaspeyres indexBond issue limit ratio
Heisei 27962,2750.5754497.914.4184.7100.9Unpublished
Heisei 26903,3890.5607695.814.7189.3101.8Unpublished
Heisei 25922,4910.5541396.114.6194.898.3Unpublished
Heisei 24870,0960.4848693.718.4209.895.0Unpublished
Heisei 23859,0500.4930593.619.7218.594.5Unpublished
Heisei 22918,7120.5214093.619.6227.892.8Unpublished
Heisei 211,005,7400.5486598.919.1251.895.7Unpublished
Heisei 20882,1350.5463899.117.6249.899.4Unpublished
Heisei 19878,0600.5134598.416.1Unpublished99.313.5
Heisei 18925,9600.4766391.914.4Unpublished99.312.1
Heisei 17923,1890.4435888.613.0Unpublished99.411.1
Heisei 16932,8130.4342586.1UnpublishedUnpublished99.59.8
  • Financial capability indexThe group classification and ranking within the group areFinancial capability index Transition of index of prefectures”.
  • (Note) For 24 and 25, the values ​​obtained when there are no measures under the "Act on Revision of Salaries of National Public Employees and Extraordinary Special Provisions" (Law No. 24, 2) are adopted.
  • The amount of revenue is quoted from Mie's official website[14]
  • Other indicators are quoted from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications official website[15]

Economic and industrial




Fishing industry


Mie Prefecture has 218 sawmills, the second largest in Japan after Gifu Prefecture (2, wood statistics)[24].


Major companies with factories

Life and transportation



Most of this prefectureChubu Electric Power Power GridIt is a supply area ofKumano City(Excluding Sunocho, Hobocho, Nigishimasatocho, Nigishimacho, Yukicho, Atashikacho, Hadasucho, Isozakicho, Otomarimachi),Minamimuro-gun OfMihama TownとKihocho TheKansai Electric Power Transmission and DistributionIs the supply area.

City Gas

Kuwana City, Toin Town, Inabe City, Asahi Town, Kawagoe Town, Yokkaichi City, Suzuka City, Kameyama City, Tsu City, Matsusaka City, Ise CityToho GasIt is a supply area of ​​the Osaka Gas Group in Nabari City, Aoyama District of Iga City and Shima Spain Village.Nabari Kintetsu GasIs supplied by. In Iga city (except Aoyama district)Ueno City GasIs supplied by.


Cable TVbyBroadband networkWas the first in Japan to spread to all prefectures[26].

Even before the spread of the Internet, the prefectural management that opened in April 1994PC communicationThere is "Mie net" (Mie administrative information provision system)NiftyAlthough I was able to communicate with the gateway PC at the city fee,2000 issueWas abolished along with.


Traffic history

Ritsuryo OfGoki ShichidoThen, out of Mie PrefectureIse countryとShimakuniとIga country TheTokaidoAs,Eastern KishuHaveKii country TheNankaidoWas classified as.Edo PeriodAlso,The Pacific OceanIse country on the shoreTokaidoとIse highwayAlong the lineHiei Oiwake(YokkaichiIn the suburbs, the Tokaido and Ise Kaido branches.


22th year of Meiji (1889 ) Was built byTokaido Main LineOriginallyNakasendo trunk lineAs the construction was underway, the plan was changed on the way, and the area between Nagoya and Kusatsu was already open.Minoji・I decided to follow the Nakasendo route, and did not pass through the original Mie prefecture where the Tokaido route runs. For transportation within the prefecture,Kansai RailwayTo the section along the TokaidoKusatsu Line,Kansai Main LineThere were also times when we ran a competition to acquire passengers with the above-mentioned Tokaido Main Line,nationalizationAfter that, it was treated as a local trunk line, not as an artery of the land.

Other, Kansai RailwaySangu Railway→National railwayIn areas where was not laid,Iga Railway-Ise Railway-Yoro Railway(Both are different from the current company of the same name)Sanki RailwayPrivate railways such as etc and variousLight railWas laid. Among these routes, there is competition with road traffic and other railways since the Taisho era, andSecond World WarIn traffic control insideUnnecessary emergency lineThere are some that have been abolished because of this, but most of the lines except Sanki Railway are Kansai capital.Osaka Electric Railway/Sankyu Express Electric RailwayAcquired by the group. The company went through the Kansai Express Railway1944 After (19th year of Showa)Kinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu).

High speed train OfBullet trainThere was also a plan to penetrate the Suzuka Mountains, but after the warTokaido ShinkansenIn the planNagoyaDue to the construction period, the west route was changed to Maibara, so the Shinkansen does not pass through this prefecture.Superconducting linearbyChuo ShinkansenIs planned along the Tokaido, and a station will be built near Kameyama City, which is a junction of highways.

For the former Ise, Shima, and Iga domestic railways and private railway lines were maintained from the Meiji to Taisho eras, but the railway maintenance to the former Kinokuni area was delayed,Kisei Main LineAs for seeing all the1959 (Showa 34).It can be said that this line is the last completed railway line in Japan called the "main line".In addition, the sleeper limited express ", which was the last direct train from this prefecture through the Kisei Line to Tokyo.Kii"1984 (59) It was abolished in February.Currently, limited express and rapid trains are operating at Nagoya Station by connecting to the Shinkansen.

KintetsuLimited expressWhile the frequency of driving is high, JR is less frequent than other prefectures, and was once popular throughout Japan as an express train with a large number of trains.L limited expressAlso, the JR limited express does not runOkinawaとNaraExcept for, only Mie Prefecture has never been set up to date. On the other hand, JR Tokai should counter Kintetsu LineRapid "Mie"We are also making improvements, such as operating trains.

From the Heisei era onwards, out of the routes integrated into Kintetsu, there are also moves to separate the lines and transfer the lines for the outlying lines.Hokusei LineWas transferred to Sanki Railway,Iga Railway-Yoro Railway-Yokkaichi Asunarou RailwayWas established by the separation of management from Kintetsu. Also for the national railway lines,Ise LineaboutThird sector railway OfIse RailwayThe management was transferred to, but the limited express and rapid trains from JR Nagoya Station are operating south of JR Tsu Station via the Ise Railway.


National Route 1Is a route along the Tokaido in the Edo period. At one time, the old Tokaido is sometimes called the New Tokaido, and even on the map, National Route 1 is sometimes referred to as the Tokaido.

National Route 23Of the TokaidoHiei's OiwakeIt is a route along the Ise Kaido that further branches. In the Taisho era, the route was certified as National Route 1 "route reaching Tokyo to Jingu" based on the old Road Law. Designated as National Route 27 in the route designation based on the New Road Law of 23. The area north of the Suzuka City Kita-Tagaki-cho intersection was established as a bypass for National Highway No. 1, and was called the Meisho Bypass.

In addition, Higashi-Meihan Expressway and Nara PrefectureNishi-Meihan ExpresswayTieMotorway OfMeihan National Highway(National Route 25).

HighwayHigashi Meihan Expressway-Ise Expressway-Ise Gulf Expressway-Kisei ExpresswayBesides,Shinmeishin Expressway Kameyama Junction From the (JCT) to the west,Yokkaichi JCTからShin-Yokkaichi JCTThroughTokai Ring ExpresswayToin ICIs in service. From Shin-Yokkaichi JCT of Shin-Meishin Expressway on March 2019, 3Kameyama Nishi JCTUntil[27] And from the Toin IC on the Tokai Kanjo ExpresswayDaan ICOn December 12, the Ise ⇔ Nagoya connecting road of Kameyama Nishi JCT was opened and became a full junction.[28].

In future plans, from the Daian IC on the Tokai Kanjo Expressway in 2024Kitase ICUntil[29], Crossing the Gifu prefectural border from the Hokusei IC in 2026,Yoro ICIn serviceMeishin ExpresswayWill connect to[30].

Kameyama City has four routes, Shin-Meishin Expressway, Higashi-Meihan, Ise Expressway, and Meihan National Highway, and is a key point of road traffic in Mie Prefecture.


Passenger ship

Isewan FerryBy TobaIrago(AichiTahara) TieCar ferryIn addition to operating routes,Tsu Airport LineBy2005 OfChubu International AirportWith the opening, a high-speed ship connecting the airport and Tsu has been operated.A route connecting Ise City or Toba City and Chubu Centrair International Airport was also planned and being prepared, but the prospect is not clear at present.


There is no airport in this prefecture. Nearby airports are as follows.


Kinki Nippon Railway,Tokai passenger railway-West Japan Railway CompanyDepending on the prefectureNagoya-Osaka/Kobe(Transfer at Kintetsu Osaka Namba Station in Osaka City) ・京都Are tied together.

*All lines without a station name pass through the prefecture

Yoro Railway :

Iga Railway :

Ise Railway :

  • Ise Line(Former National Railway Ise Line)

Sanki Railway :

Yokkaichi Asunarou Railway :


Highway national road TheCentral Japan Expressway(NEXCO Central Japan)Meihan National Highway TheMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismIs managed by.

Shinmeishin Expressway 2008 (20)May 2Since the service started at, the wide-area flow between Tokyo and Osaka was shortened compared to Sekigahara. Meanwhile, connectHigashi Meihan Expressway OfYokkaichi Interchange (IC) I started to get congested around the beginning.2019 May 3, Shin-Meishin ExpresswayNew Yokkaichi Junction - Kameyama West JunctionThe space is in service. It is expected that congestion will be significantly reduced by using a "double network" that does not pass through Higashi-Meihan.

Kisei Expressway OfKii Nagashima ICからOwase Kita ICIs a new direct control system, which is a new direct control project not burdened by the expressway company and burdened by the national and local governments, and tolls will not be collected even after the start of operation.

2010 (22) February 2Ise Expressway OfTsu IC - Ise ICAnd the entire Kisei ExpresswayFreeway social experimentIs specified in the target section of2010 (22)May 6から2011 (23)May 6Was carried out.

Meihan National HighwayThen when it snowsChain regulationMay be carried out.

Highway national road

In service:


In service:

During business:

Basic plan section (under investigation):

General toll road
Free open road
General national road
Prefectural road
Winter closed section
  • Route 306: Yamaguchi, Fujiwara-cho, Inabe-Kurakake Pass-Taga-cho, Inukami-gun, Shiga (6.9 km)
  • National Route 421: Ishigure Minami, Daiancho, Inabe City --Ishigure Pass --Kiwadacho, Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture (6.5 km)
  • Route 477: Chikusa, Komono-cho, Mie-gun --Takehira Pass --Okawara, Tsuchiyama-cho, Koka-shi, Shiga (5.9 km)
  • Mie Prefectural Road No. 25 Nanno Kitase Line : Ninose, Hokusei-cho, Inabe-Niwada, Nanno-cho, Kaizu-shi, Gifu (3.5 km)

Transit Bus

Kintetsu Group OfMie Kotsu GroupCovers the entire prefecture except a part.

The group operatesExpress BusDepending on the prefectureYokohama-Tokyo-Omiya, North area, Iga area, East Kishu areaNagoya, With Iga/Hokusei areaOsaka-京都, And the north regionChubu International AirportAre tied together. In addition, there are some operated by local governments.

Medical and welfare

■Disaster base hospitalabout,Mie Prefecture Disaster Base HospitalSee.

■Licensed Nursery Schoolabout,Mie nursery school listSee.


Junior college
College of technology
Special school




Vocational school
high school
Junior high school
primary school


News (Chinese)

Local newspaper
Block paper
National newspaper

In principle, national newspapers are under the jurisdiction of the Chubu head office in Nagoya (depending on the newspaper company, the Chubu branch office, Nagoya head office, etc.), but due to geographical circumstances, there are some areas under the jurisdiction of the Osaka head office, so each company Each will be described in detail.

Sports paper
  • Within the prefectureChunichi Sports(Chunichi ShimbunIssued) is localsports newspaperHave the role of.
  • Nikkan Sportsabout,Nikkan Sports Newspaper West JapanHowever, the edition issued by Osaka Headquarters is sold only in Mihama-cho and Kiho-cho in Iga City, Nabari City, Kumano City, and Minamimuro District.
  • Sports report(Hochi Shimbun), the Chubu edition issued by the Yomiuri Shimbun Chubu Branch is sold in most parts of the prefecture, but Iga and NabariJunichi ShimbunThe Kansai version issued by the Osaka head office is on sale.
  • Sports Nippon(Sponichi)Sankei sports(Sanspo) is sold in the Osaka headquarters version in all prefectures. For Sponichi, the Kansai version is for Iga City, Nabari City, Kumano City, Mihama-cho and Minamimuro-gun, Kiho-cho, and for other areas, the Tokai version with a partial replacement of the program table with the public competition surface (local print in Nagoya. ) Is on sale. Since the same items as those in Kinki area are sold in all prefectures, Sanspo does not replace public competitions or program schedules.
  • Daily SportsIs sold at some convenience stores in Iga and Nabari.
  • Tokyo SportsMost of the affiliated evening papers in the prefectureChukyo Sports, Mihama-cho, Iga-shi, Nabari-shi, Kumano-shi, Minamimuro-gunOsaka SportsAre sold respectively.


TV/RadioBroadcast target areaas,Prefectural broadcastIn addition,Wide area broadcastingIt also belongs to the well-known area (headquartered in Nagoya).このうち、名古屋市に本社のあるOf these, the head office is in NagoyaCBC RadioOf this prefectureKuwana CityHas a parent station (main transmission station) in[Annotation 3] In addition, NHK and Tokai Radio also have parent stations in areas closer to Mie Prefecture, receive the main station in the Ise Plain, and have relay stations in the Iga and Higashi Kishu areas.

tv set

In addition to terrestrial broadcasting, TV is available throughout the prefectureCable TVIt is also possible to watch. Named offices areInabe City-Ise City-Toba-Nabari-Iga City-Owase City-Kumano CityEtc.) has a relay station.

Private broadcastingAbout Mie TV onlyIndependent stationEverything else exceptBroadcasting networkBelong to.

  • Ise bayIn the area alongAichiArea broadcasting OfTV Aichi(TVA) (TXNSeries) can be received, and some cable TV stations are also rebroadcasting outside the area.
  • In Iga City, Nabari City, Kumano City, Mihama Town and Kiho Town in Minamimuro District,TV Osakaexcept forOsaka stationThere are areas where each broadcasting station can receive, and cable television stations also rebroadcast outside the area. The TV section of newspapers in Mihama-cho and Kiho-cho in Iga City, Nabari City, Kumano City and Minamimuro District mainly deals with the channels of Osaka station.
Cable TV

In Iga City, Nabari City, Kumano City, Mihama Town and Kiho Town in Minamimuro DistrictNHK Osaka Broadcasting Station,Every day broadcasting-Asahi Broadcasting TV-Kansai TV-Yomiuri TelevisionとNHK Nagoya Broadcasting Station-Tokai TV-Chukyo TV-CBC TV-Nagoya TV (me-tele)Broadcasts from both Osaka and Nagoya TV stations are being distributed.


Of NagoyaNHK Nagoya Broadcasting Station-CBC Radio(In the prefecturemaster stationThere is →CBC Radio Nagashima Transmission Station)・Tokai radioIn most areas you can listen directly toIga City,Owase City,Kumano CityThere is also a relay station.

In the past,Kinki Tokai Broadcasting(There was a radio Mie at the beginning of the broadcast)Radio tokaiIt merged with (former Gifu Broadcasting System) and became Tokai Radio Broadcasting.After this, the prefecture area will be broadcast in this prefecture.Medium wave broadcasting (AM) stations do not exist, including NHK and commercial broadcasting (NHK does not have relay stations).

Ultra short wave broadcasting Regarding (FM) broadcasting, there are prefectural broadcasting stations for both NHK and commercial broadcasters.The master station transmission station for prefectural broadcasting is in Tsu City, including Mie Television.HaseyamaIt is installed in.

Community broadcasting stationThere are multiple.

It is a prefectural AM station in Gifu prefecture.Gifu Broadcasting Radio(Gifu Chan) ・ Aichi Prefecture FM stationFM AICHIとZIP-FMIs also in Mie prefectureradikoYou can listen to it with the free service of.

Held in 1994World Festival ExpoAt the time of Matsuri Expo/Mie '94, there was a temporary FM FM Pirates.

AM radio
FM radio



Food culture:

local cuisine

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Traditional crafts


A team based in the prefecture

Public competition


The only game machine store regulations in Mie PrefectureNew Year's EveIs allowed to operate overnight. this isConvenience storeBefore popularizationIse Shrine OfShotoIt is said to have been established under the name of providing toilets and rest facilities for worshipers. Also2000 Mie Prefecture until JulyPublic Safety CommissionBut,Pachinko parlorsToPachislotWas not certified for installation.


Edo periodIse IseriStarted todaySuzuka CircuitDone inF1Japan Grand Prix8 hours, A scenic Shima resort,Matsuzaka beef,IgaRuralNinjaRelated (popular with foreigners),Eastern KishuThe southernmost part of the regionUdonomura(Current:Kihocho) Etc. are endowed with tourism resources.

UNESCORegistered heritage

world Heritage
Intangible cultural heritage

Tangible cultural property building

Important traditional buildings preservation area


Prefectural nature park
Prefectural city park
  • Kitase Central Park: Yokkaichi City, Inabe City, Komono Town
  • Suzuka Youth Forest
  • Kameyama Sunshine Park
  • Prefectural Office Park: Tsu City
  • Daibutsuyama Park: Ise City, Tamaki Town, Meiwa Town
  • Isuzu Park: Ise City
  • Kumano Seaside Park: Kihoku Town
Prefectural forest park
  • Mie Prefectural Forest: Komono Town
  • Ueno Forest Park: Iga City

Shrines and temples


Folk song

Theme park/leisure land

Foreign relations

Sister municipalities/affiliated municipalities

Friendly country alliance

Works set in Mie Prefecture

People from Mie Prefecture


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