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🏛 | All Okinawa criticizes the Liberal Democratic Party "Don't respond to debate"


All Okinawa criticizes the Liberal Democratic Party "does not respond to the debate"

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The "All Okinawa" side pointed out that the face-to-face roundtable discussion "will clarify each other's claims and will be extremely helpful for the citizens of the prefecture to make a choice."

The four members of the "All Okinawa" power, who are planning to run for the House of Representatives election on the 19th and 31st, will be educating Furujima, Naha City on the 4th. → Continue reading

 Ryukyu Shimpo

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All Okinawa

All Okinawa(All Okinawa) isLDPOkinawaRen's secretary general[1][2][3],Mayor of Naha(2000-2014)[3],Governor of Okinawa"Representing Okinawa" who served as (2014-2018)Maintenancepolitician"[4][5][2][6] OfOshi NagashiHowever, since the fall of 2012 while he was in office as Mayor of Naha,Okinawa maintenance envelops innovation'[4]· "Okinawa beyond leather protection'[7]・ "Okinawa beyond maintenance and innovation" ・ "Okinawa prefectural government beyond the barrier of leather protection"[8]Politics raised in the sense ofslogan・ It is a group that raises it.However, after the death of Governor Onaga, who was the secretary general of the Okinawa Prefectural Federation of the LDP, the balance of conservative innovation has become more innovative, and the Okinawa conservative camp has been withdrawn one after another.[9][10][11].


I ran for myself2014 Okinawa Governor ElectionAlso in "Identity rather than ideology'[1][5][12]· "Proud affluence'[12]· "Maintenance, but maintenance in Okinawa'[12]Raise it as your own election slogan, and break the Liberal Democratic PartyInnovatorsFight with[13], Winner[7][1][5][2][12][14][8].

Until 2014, when he was a member of the Liberal Democratic Party, Onaga was the central figure in charge of all major election campaigns (including past prefectural governor elections) in which the Liberal Democratic Party Okinawa Kenren fought.[15]Also, on September 2012, 9, while still in office as Mayor of NahaGinowan Seaside ParkCo-President of the executive committee of the "Okinawa Prefectural Convention Against Osprey Deployment" held at the Multipurpose Plaza[4]Signed by all 41 mayors, village mayors, and council chairpersons in Okinawa Prefecture.OspreyOpposes the deployment ofShinzo AbePrime MinisterCompiled the "White Paper" addressed to, and on January 2013, 1Prime minister's residenceWith Prime Minister Abe andYoshii KanChief Cabinet SecretaryHand it over directly to[7][14][8], A person with a reputation for outstanding coordination with the political and business world inside and outside the prefecture[15].

As a political slogan similar to "All Okinawa," which means "Okinawa beyond leather protection," in the 1960sReturn to Okinawa"" Advocated during the exerciseIslandThere is[8].

Also, this "All OkinawaIn that case, as the name implies, it has a wide variety of powers that span maintenance and innovation, so it is almost (Okinawa Prefecture).Ginowan City OfIn OkinawaUS Marine CorpsFutenma base OfNagoHenokoIncluding relocation)US Army in JapanIt is connected only by two points: opposition to the relocation of the base within Okinawa Prefecture and request for the relocation of the US Marine Corps in Okinawa outside Okinawa Prefecture.[Note 1].

As an organization bearing "All Okinawa" that brings together those forces, "Henoko new base" formed in December 2015 will not be built.All OkinawaHave a meeting[17].


"All Okinawa" as a political force2014 Okinawa Governor ElectionIn Henoko relocation oppositionOshi NagashiIt was embodied as a framework to support.それまで沖縄では、革新勢力によるUntil then, in Okinawa, due to innovation forcesInnovationAlthough it was held frequently, in this prefectural governor's election, a joint struggle was organized for the first time with the participation of conservatives who opposed the relocation of Henoko in addition to the innovation forces.

Since then, we have been conducting election cooperation, candidate coordination, and unified candidate support in all elections in Okinawa Prefecture, and in December 2015,Susumu InamineMayor of Nago,Citizen activist OfSuzuyo Takazato,Kinshu GroupWith the three chairmen (who resigned as co-representative in 2018) as co-representatives, a new organization "All Okinawa Conference that does not allow the construction of a new Henoko base" has been launched, which brings together about 3 groups that oppose the relocation of Henoko.共同代表にはその後After that to co-representativeShields RyukyuTamaki Ai (Meio University4 years) has also joined.

For this "All Okinawa Conference"Social Democrats-Japan Communist Party-Liberal party-Okinawa Society Mass Party・那覇市議会新風会・沖縄県議会おきなわ(旧称「県民ネット」)などの政党・会派が参加している。・ Political parties and parliamentary groups such as Naha City Assembly Shinfukai and Okinawa Prefectural Assembly Okinawa (formerly known as “Prefectural Net”) are participating.またAlsoGovernor of Okinawa-Mayor of Naha-Mayor of NagoThe chief also participated,2016 (28) After MayOkinawa Prefectural AssemblyandNaha City CouncilHas secured a majority of power in[18][19].

However, probably because the innovation forces have given top priority to opposition to the relocation of Henoko in order to attract the opposition to the relocation of conservative Henoko, the conservative chief regarding the issue of returning the U.S. military base in the unused Nago city and the issue of relocating Urasoe at the Naha military port. The innovators who supported them retired the conservative chiefs supported by All Okinawa, saying that they are showing a different political attitude from the abolition of Japan-US security, such as taking claims that presuppose the existence of a U.S. military base. It does not show any movement to support another candidate.


2014 Okinawa Governor Election

U.S. ArmyFutenma base OfHenokoRegarding the pros and cons of relocationJapanese GovernmentとOkinawaOn January 2013, 1, a delegation consisting of 28 mayors of Okinawa Prefecture and 38 municipal council chairpersons told the Government of Japan "withdrawal of Osprey deployment and abandonment of relocation of Futenma base to the prefecture." Submitted the required white paper (commonly known as the white paper)[20].

On January 2013, 12,Governor of OkinawaHirokazu NakaimaHowever, the allegations against the relocation of Henoko were changed,NagoApproved Henoko landfill.これを巡り、県内の保守勢力やConservative forces in the prefecture over thisLDPBecomes a split state.

In June 2014, local Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers who opposed the relocation of Henoko violated the party's policy, and at that timeMayor of Naha OfOshi NagashiAs "Henoko relocation opposition", vote counting on November 2014, 11Okinawa Governor ElectionRequest to run for.In addition, some of the local companies that supported Makoto Nakaima in the previous election also announced support for Onaga.

On July 2014, 7, the prefectural assembly oppositionSocial DemocratsOkinawa Kenren,Japan Communist PartyPrefectural Central Committee,Okinawa Society Mass Party,Party of lifeThe Governor's Candidate Selection Committee, which consists of five groups, the Prefectural Federation and the Prefectural Parliamentary Group's "Prefectural Net," agrees with Takeshi Onaga to unify the candidates.[21].. On September 9th, Onaga himself announced his candidacy.

After a fierce election campaign, Onaga, who is supported by All Okinawa, is the incumbent recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party and the next-generation party.Hirokazu Nakaima,Political party-Restoration PartyOf supportMikiro ShimojiWe defeated them and won.

47th House of Representatives general election

All Okinawa in December 201447th House of Representatives general electionWe also carry out election cooperation inOkinawa 1st districtTheCommunist party OfMasamine Akamine,Okinawa 2st districtTheSocial Democratic Party OfHironori Teruya,Okinawa 3st districtTheParty of life OfTamaki Denny,Okinawa 4st districtIn the conservative Henoko relocation oppositionIndependent OfToshinori NakazatoSucceeded in unifying the candidates.その結果、いずれの選挙区においてもAs a result, in any constituencyLDPWe got more votes than candidates and restoration candidates, and all four won.[22][23].

2016 Ginowan Mayor Election

In the Ginowan Mayor's election on January 2016, 1, All Okinawa nominated Keiichiro Shimura, the son of Megumi Shimura, the former chairman of the Okinawa Prefectural Federation of the Liberal Democratic Party, as a unified candidate.Ginowan CityToU.S. ArmyFutenma baseWas located, and the victory or defeat in this election was a major election that decided the future of the relocation of Henoko.一時は辺野古移設反対を公約とした志村がリードしていたが、自公推薦の現職・At one point, Shimura, who promised to oppose the relocation of Henoko, was leading, but the incumbent recommended by himself.Saki MajunThe mayor rolled back and Shimura was rejected.オール沖縄にとっては初めての負け選挙となったIt was the first losing election for All Okinawa[24].

2016 Okinawa prefectural assembly election

June 2016, 6 Vote counting12th Okinawa Prefectural Assembly General ElectionAll Okinawa is also coordinating candidates and cooperating in elections with the goal of maintaining a majority of the Onaga prefectural ruling party in the prefectural assembly.県政与党が過半数割れに陥った場合、翁長知事のIf the prefectural ruling party falls below the majority, Governor Onaga'sLame duckThere are also voices such as acceleration of conversion[25]It was a serious election for All Okinawa, and at the national level, it was also noted as a prelude to the 24th House of Councilors election.

As a result of ballot counting, it was discovered just before the electionOkinawa Uruma City Rape Murder CaseThe prefectural ruling party increased from 24 seats before the re-election to 27 seats (6 social democrats, 6 communists, 3 company universities, 3 various factions, 9 independents, total 27 people) and won the majority. Suppress[26]..On the other hand, the Liberal Democratic Party of the Prefectural Government and Opposition won 1 seats, an increase of 15 seat.この他、中立の立場として公明が4人、おおさか維新が2人の議席をそれぞれ獲得し、民進は議席を獲得できなかったIn addition, as a neutral position, Komei won four seats and Osaka Ishin won two seats, respectively, and the Democratic Party could not win seats.[27].

24rd House of Councilors ordinary election

June 2016, 7 Vote counting24rd House of Councilors ordinary election OfOkinawa prefectural constituencyFormer Mayor of Ginowan as a unified candidate for (constant 1)Yoichi IhaErected[28][29].

On June 6, Inami will be a Social Democrat, Communist Party, Company University, Lifestyle, Okinawa (Okinawa Prefectural AssemblyParliamentary group), Shinfukai (parliamentary group)Naha City CouncilParliamentary group),Kinshu Group,KariyushiGovernor Onaga will serve as the lead co-representative of the election body after signing policy agreements with a total of eight organizations.[30].

As a result, Inami became an incumbent minister.Shimajiri Yasuko(Liberal Democratic official recognition, Komeito維新-So elephantRecommend[31]), Rookie Kinjo Tatsuro (幸福(Official) and others were rejected and the first election was decided[32]..これにより、沖縄県内の衆議院小選挙区4議席、参議院選挙区2議席の計6議席はオール沖縄の議員が独占することとなったAs a result, all Okinawa members will monopolize a total of XNUMX seats, including XNUMX seats in the lower house constituency and XNUMX seats in the upper house constituency in Okinawa Prefecture.[33].

Two members of the House of Councilors who will participate in All Okinawa on July 7 (with Inami)Keiko Itozuka)ButHospital groupFormed "Wind of Okinawa"[34][35].

After losing, ShimajiriYosuke TsuruhoUnder the minister in charge of Okinawa and northern measures, Okinawa promotion andChild povertyIn charge of countermeasuresCabinet Office OfAssistant MinisterWas appointed to[36].

Confusion of Naha City Assembly and resignation of chairman

In the Naha City Assembly, Toru Kaneshiro was elected as the chairman from the All Okinawa side Shinfukai, but since the two city council members supported by the Shinfukai were defeated in the prefectural election, lumps remained in the parliamentary group and the parliamentary group Some parliamentarians were leaving.In addition, Kinjo was criticized for not being fair in parliamentary operations.The members of the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komeito Party, members of the Shinfukai, members of the Democratic Party, and other members of the Independent Group have passed a resignation recommendation resolution four times since June.However, Kaneshiro continued to serve as chairman because he had no reason to resign, and opposition lawmakers did not attend the regular meeting, making it impossible to hold the regular meeting in September, and the parliament was confused. On September 2, Kinjo announced his resignation, saying he would take moral responsibility for the parliamentary slip.A crack will occur in the Shinfukai, the only conservative all-Okinawa parliamentary group in the city council.[37][38][39].

Defeat in Henoko proceedings

In March 2016, after the government and the prefecture withdrew all the proceedings against both sides, a settlement was reached in which the prefecture filed a proceeding, but the prefecture did not implement it, so the government had a legal defect in the approval of the landfill of the former governor itself. He gave "correction instructions" to the omissions that did not withdraw the approval revocation, saying that it was illegal to cancel the approval even though there was no such thing.Since the prefecture did not comply with this, the government (Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) filed a lawsuit against Governor Onaga on July 3, the same year.

December 2016, 12, Supreme Court Second Small Court (Chairman,Kaoru Onimaru) Dismissed the prefecture's appeal and found that Onaga's response, which did not withdraw the revocation of landfill approval, was illegal.The national victory has been confirmed.辺野古移設を巡り、初めて司法判断が下されたJudiciary decision was made for the first time over the relocation of Henoko[40].

Vice Governor Ageda's Recruitment of Teachers Discovered and Resigned

On January 2017, 1, the Okinawa Times reported that the Vice-Governor had spoken to the prefectural board of education to hire multiple candidates for the teacher recruitment exam.Initially, he denied the suspicion, but resigned on the 18rd because he confused the prefectural government.The following day, the 23th, the prefectural board of education admitted that the allegations were true.安慶田は那覇市議時代からの翁長の側近であり、政府との普天間基地移設交渉を担当していたため、翁長にとっては痛手となったAgeda has been an aide to Onaga since the time of the Naha city council, and was in charge of negotiations with the government to relocate Futenma base, which was a pain for Onaga.[41][42].

Furthermore, it was revealed that the deputy governor would retire on February 2, and Onaga was forced to repartition the system.[43].

In addition, on November 11, the prefecture's third-party committee concluded that there was unfair involvement in the recruitment examination, and compiled a report stating that "it is highly likely that there was a humor."[44].

2017 Miyakojima Mayoral Election

The Liberal Democratic Party and Komei were incumbent in the Miyakojima mayoral election on January 2017, 1, when the deployment of the Ground Self-Defense Force became an issue.Toshihiko ShimojiRecommended.In response, the Social Democratic Party and Okinawa University recommended Akira Shimo, but Onaga, who initially led the support of Akira Shimo, turned to support Kazuo Okuhira, a former prefectural council recommended by the Democratic Party.In addition, Tokuhiko Shineijo, a former city council, also ran as a conservative candidate, and both the leather and leather were split.As a result, Toshihiko Shimoji was reelected and All Okinawa was defeated.この選挙における翁長の対応はオール沖縄内にしこりを残すこととなったOnaga's response in this election left a lump in All Okinawa.[45].

2017 Urasoe Mayoral Election

In the subsequent election for Mayor of Urasoe on February 2, the incumbent recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party and KomeiTetsuji MatsumotoHowever, he defeated former city council Kentaro Matayoshi, who is supported by All Okinawa, and was re-elected.As a result of this election, the Liberal Democratic Party will continue to hold down 11 mayors of the 9 mayors in Okinawa prefecture, excluding Naha and Nago.この選挙では米軍那覇港湾施設の浦添移設の是非も争点となり、又吉が市民投票を実施するとした一方で、翁長は移設容認の立場であり、オール沖縄内で立場に齟齬が生じたことも影響したIn this election, the pros and cons of relocating the Urasoe port facility of the U.S. military Naha port facility became an issue, and while Matayoshi said that he would hold a citizen's vote, Onaga was in a position to accept the relocation, and the fact that there was a discrepancy in the position within All Okinawa also had an effect. did[46].

2017 Uruma Mayoral Election

May 4Was carried out for the first time in 8 yearsUruma CityBoth the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komei Party are incumbent in the long electionToshio ShimabukuOnaga, who supported the former prefectural assembly, Sueko Yamauchi, was a Social Democratic Party, a Communist Party, and a company university.自由, Attached the Democratic recommendation.自公の選挙対策委員長が現地入りしThe chairman of the election measures committee of his own public entered the siteShinjiro KoizumiWhile members of the House of Representatives rushed to cheer, the Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party also showed the appearance of an organized war in which the organization was fully rotated, but the result was that Shimabukuro's invitation of companies and expansion of employment were evaluated, and three elections were achieved.オール沖縄にとっては3連敗となり、翁長の求心力も打撃を受けたIt was the third consecutive defeat for All Okinawa, and Onaga's centripetal force was also hit.[47][48].

2017 Naha City Assembly Member Election

May 7In the Naha city election (constant 40) of the ballot counting, the all-Okinawa power, which is the ruling party of the city, fought a defense battle that narrowed down the official recognition to the incumbent in many parliamentary groups.結果は、共産党会派は7人の現職全員が当選する健闘を見せるも、オール沖縄勢力全体では18議席と過半数割れし、城間市政に厳しい評価が下されたAs a result, the Communist Party sect showed a good fight in which all seven incumbents were elected, but the total number of all Okinawa forces was XNUMX seats, which was less than half, and the city administration of Gusukuma was severely evaluated.[49]..Governor Onaga's second son, Yuji, won his first election, but Toru Kaneshiro, the former chairman who led the parliament to slip, and his aide, Toru Kaneshiro, was defeated.[50].

2017 Yonaguni mayoral election

May 8The Yonaguni mayoral election due to the expiration of his term is recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party and the Komei Party in his current position.Shukichi HokamaAll Okinawa was unable to stand up for a candidate and suffered a bye.[51]..結果は外間が4選を果たしたAs a result, Sotoma played XNUMX selections[52].

48th House of Representatives general election

All Okinawa in December 201748th House of Representatives general electionIn the same election cooperation as last time,Okinawa 1st districtTheCommunist party OfMasamine Akamine,Okinawa 2st districtTheSocial Democratic Party OfHironori Teruya,Okinawa 3st districtTheLiberal party OfTamaki Denny,Okinawa 4st districtIn the conservative Henoko relocation oppositionIndependent OfToshinori NakazatoSucceeded in unifying the candidates.その結果、沖縄1区・沖縄2区・沖縄3区でAs a result, in Okinawa XNUMXst district, Okinawa XNUMXnd district, and Okinawa XNUMXrd districtLDPAlthough the number of votes obtained exceeded the number of candidates and restoration candidates, and three people won the election, in the 3th district of Okinawa, the LDP candidateSaimei KozaburoWas elected and Nakazato was defeated.After the election, Nakazato announced his retirement from politics.

2018 Nanjo mayoral election

2018 after the new yearMay 1Of votesNanjo CityThe long election is with both partiesJapan Restoration PartyIs incumbentOld Xie view springWas recommended.これに対しオール沖縄側はOn the other hand, the All Okinawa sideDemocratic PartyFormer member of the House of RepresentativesMizukage KanchoHas been running for the first time in eight years with the recommendations of the Social Democratic Party, Communist Party, Social Democratic Party, Freedman, and Democratic Party.投開票の結果8票の僅差で瑞慶覧が勝利したAs a result of ballot counting, Rui Keiran won by a narrow margin of 65 votes.[53][54].

2018 Yaese mayoral election

2018 May 1Of votesYaese TownIn the long election, the Liberal Democratic Party and Komei recommended the former prefectural assembly.新垣はオール沖縄支持の前町議の知念昭則と保守系の元町議の宮城勝也を破り初当選Aragaki defeats Akinori Chinen of the former town council who supports All Okinawa and Katsuya Miyagi of the conservative former town council and is elected for the first time[55]..前週の南城市、翌週の名護市を含め3週連続「自公連立」対「オール沖縄」の対決の中、南城市で現職を落とし意気消沈気味だった自公は翌週の名護市長選に向け弾みをつけたIn the confrontation between "Self-public coalition" and "All Okinawa" for three consecutive weeks including Nanjo City in the previous week and Nago City in the following week Wearing[56].

2018 Nago Mayoral Election

2018 May 2, The mayoral election of Nago City, which has the Henoko district, was held, and it was recommended by the Democratic Party, Communist Party, Freedom, Social Democratic Party, and Okinawa Social Mass Party, who are against the relocation of the base.Constitutional Democratic PartyIncumbent supported bySusumu InamineFormer city council recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party, Komei, and the RestorationTomotake WatariDefeated and won the first prize.翁長も連日稲嶺の応援に入り、基地移設反対を訴えたが、「地元の民意」を移設反対の理由としてきた翁長には痛手となったOnaga also joined Inamine's support every day and appealed against the relocation of the base, but it was hurt by Onaga who had made "local people's will" the reason for opposition to the relocation.[57][58].

Kureya Co-President resigned

After the electionKinshu GroupChairman is dissatisfied with the growing innovation of the All Okinawa Conference[59], Resigned as Co-President of the All Okinawa Conference to take responsibility for the defeat.オール沖縄会議にとっては、沖縄県経済界の重鎮である呉屋の代表辞任で組織の在り方が問われることになったFor the All Okinawa Conference, the resignation of the representative of Goya, a major figure in the business world of Okinawa, will question the ideal state of the organization.[60].

2018 Ishigaki Mayor Election

2018 May 3, With the expiration of the termIshigakiAn incumbent who holds a long election, receives recommendations from the Liberal Democratic Party, Komei, Restoration, and Happiness, appeals for economic policy, and shows a flexible attitude toward the Ground Self-Defense Force deployment plan.Yoshitaka NakayamaHowever, recommended by the Democratic Party, Communist Party, Freedom, Social Democratic Party, and Okinawa Social Mass PartyOshi NagashiDefeated two newcomers, including former city council Miyara Misao supported by the governor, former LDP conservative newcomer Toshikatsu Sunagawa, and three elections.[61][62][63]..名護市長選に続く敗北で翁長氏ら「オール沖縄」が占める勢力は県内11市のうち2市のみとなり、痛手となったIn the defeat following the election of Mayor of Nago, Onaga and other "All Okinawa" occupy only two of the XNUMX cities in the prefecture, which was a pain.[64].

Withdrawal from the Kariyushi group

2018 May 4,Kariyushi GroupHeld a press conference in Naha City and proposed in the All Okinawa Conference to vote for the pros and cons of the relocation of Henoko, but stated that it was not accepted as a reason for withdrawal and announced that it would withdraw from the All Okinawa Conference.[59][65].. 「政党色が強くなりすぎた。独自で翁長氏再選に向けて動きたい」として同会議とは一定の距離を置きつつ支援を継続する意向を示した"The political party has become too strong. I want to move toward the re-election of Mr. Onaga on my own," he said, saying that he intends to continue support while keeping a certain distance from the conference.[59][66].

2018 Okinawa Mayor Election

April 2018, 4, with the expiration of the termOkinawa CityIncumbents recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party, Komei, and the Restoration after a long electionAsachio KuwaeHowever, with the support of Governor Onaga,希望, Democratic Party, Communist Party, Freedom, defeated the previous city council recommended by the Social Democratic Party by about 1 votes and achieved re-election[67]..那覇市に次ぐ大票田である沖縄市でも敗退したことで、翁長陣営と国政与党による対決の構図である市長選挙で3連敗となったBy losing to Okinawa City, which is the second largest voter after Naha City, he lost three consecutive games in the mayoral election, which is the composition of the confrontation between the Onaga camp and the ruling party.[68].

2018 Okinawa Governor Election / Ginowan Mayor Election

2018 year 12 month 14 dayOshi NagashiGovernorWith the expiration of his term, the election execution schedule, which was announced on November 11st and voted on November 1th, was announced on June 11nd.[69]..しかし、任期満了前の8月8日に翁長が死去したためHowever, because Onaga died on August XNUMX, before his term expired.[70]On October 9stPublic office election lawBeing a duty agent in accordance with the provisions ofKiichiro JahanaThe deputy governor notified the prefectural election administration committee of his death, and on the following day, the prefectural election administration committee decided to set the date of the governor's election as "September 13th notification, 9th ballot counting".[71].

Initially as a candidate, the vice-governorKiichiro Jahana,Member of the House of CouncilorsKeiko Itozuka,Mayor of NahaMikiko JoumaTheir names were reported[72].

As of the morning of August 8, the "coordination meeting" created by the ruling party of the prefectural assembly and the labor union will be the final candidate adjustment centered on Mamoru Kureya, Vice Governor Kiichiro Jahana, and Noboru Akamine, Vice Chairman of the Prefectural Assembly. Has entered[73]However, on the night of the 17th, it turned out that Onaga had nominated Kureya and Denny Tamaki, members of the House of Representatives, as successors. [74] ..両氏は18日までに出馬を固辞していたが、「調整会議」は19日夜に両氏のどちらかの擁立を目指すことを全会一致で決定し、玉城が出馬を検討する意向を表明したBoth men had refused to run by the XNUMXth, but the "coordination meeting" unanimously decided on the night of the XNUMXth that they would aim to support either of them, and Tamaki expressed his intention to consider running.[75].. 21日に県政与党の会派おきなわが翁長の後継指名に関わる音声を聞かせるよう求めたが、新里米吉議長は公開を拒否し、会派おきなわは音声が公開されない場合はオール沖縄から離脱することを示唆したOn the XNUMXst, the prefectural ruling party's parliamentary group Okinawa asked to hear the voice related to the nomination of the successor to Onaga, but Chairman Niisato Yoneyoshi refused to release it, and the parliamentary group Okinawa decided to leave All Okinawa if the voice was not released. Suggested[76]..しかし、会派おきなわの対応は支持者らから強い批判を受けたためHowever, the response of the parliamentary group Okinawa received strong criticism from supporters.[77]On the 23rd, the policy was changed to support Tamaki regardless of voice.[78]On the same day, the "Coordination Meeting" unanimously decided to support Tamagusuku as a candidate for the All Okinawa side, and officially requested him to run in Okinawa City.[79]..上記の翁長の音声を巡る問題などから玉城は支援体制を確認するため出馬表明を2度延期し、最終的に8月29日に出馬を表明したDue to the above-mentioned problems with Onaga's voice, Tamaki postponed the announcement of running twice to confirm the support system, and finally announced that he would run on August XNUMXth.[74].

At the end of the election campaign, Tamaki won a record high of about 39 votes.自民・公明など政府与党推薦候補である前宜野湾市長のFormer Mayor of Ginowan, a candidate recommended by the ruling party such as the Liberal Democratic Party and KomeiSaki MajunDefeated by a large margin of over 8 votes and won the prize[80][81].

On the other hand, in the Ginowan Mayor's election held on the same day following Sakima's resignation, the deputy mayor recommended by the Liberal Democratic Party, Komeito, and Ishin, who ran for the successor to Sakima.Masanori MatsukawaHowever, he was the chairman of the former prefectural high school PTA association and defeated Harumasa Nakanishi of all Okinawa system and was elected for the first time.[82].

2018 Tomigusuku mayoral election, Naha mayoral election

January 2018, 1, the election period for the Mayor of NanjoMayor of TomigusukuMetHaruki GiboPosted on SNS saying, "If the mayor changes, the budget for the South Eastern Road will not be available," and called for a vote for the incumbent candidate.[83]..この投稿に対し道義上問題があるとして後援会の一部からも批判が発生し、新たな候補を擁立する動きが行われたSome supporters also criticized this post for moral problems, and there was a move to support new candidates.[84].

The Liberal Democratic Party, which was the ruling party of the city, nominated Yasutaka Gibo, a former city council, as a nomination candidate.[85], Haruki Gibo also announced that he would run for 3 electionsConservative divisionBecame[86]..Yasutaka Gibo is a restoration in addition to the Liberal Democratic Party,希望Despite receiving more recommendations, the Komeito took the position of voluntary voting.

On the other hand, on the All Okinawa side, the "Umanchu no Kai to create a new Tomigusuku" is a former member of the House of Representatives secretary and a city council.Jin YamakawaOn August 8, the Japanese announced that they would run.[87]..投開票の結果山川が当選Yamakawa was elected as a result of ballot counting[88]..保守系2候補の得票数の合計は山川を上回っており、自民党県連の調整力に課題を残したThe total number of votes obtained by the two conservative candidates exceeded that of Yamakawa, leaving a problem with the coordination power of the LDP prefectural federation.[89].

In the Naha mayoral election voted on October 2018, 10, All Okinawa recommended Mikiko Shiroma, who is incumbent, and was re-elected by defeating former Okinawa Prefectural Assembly Masatoshi Okina, who is recommended by the private sector, Komei, Restoration, and Hope.[90]..It became a form to rebuild the system of All Okinawa.

On the other hand, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Okinawa Kenren who suffered three consecutive losses to All Okinawa from the prefectural governor electionKonosuke KunibaResigned in a responsible manner[91].

2019 Okinawa Prefectural Vote

On October 2018, 10, the prefectural assembly passed a draft prefectural vote ordinance asking for approval or disapproval of landfill for the construction of the Henoko U.S. military base, and the options submitted by the ruling party of the prefectural assembly were "agree" and "disagree". Passed the selected ordinance with a majority in favor[92], Ordinance was promulgated on October 10st[93].. On October 11th2019 May 2notice·May 2It was announced that it would be a ballot counting[94].

But thenMiyakojima-Ginowan-Okinawa-Ishigaki-UrumaSince the mayors of the five cities in Japan have announced that they will not participate in the voting one after another, on January 5, 2019, the prefectural assembly proposed a revision of the ordinance to add "neither" to "agree" or "disagree" to make three choices. Passed by a majority of the ruling and opposition parties[95]..採決後、党内から造反者が出て全会一致にできなかったことの責任を取り、自民党沖縄県連会長の照屋守之が辞任したAfter the vote, Teruya Moriyuki, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Okinawa Prefectural Federation, resigned, taking responsibility for the fact that a rioter came out from within the party and could not unanimously.[96]..投開票は全市町村で行われVote counting is done in all municipalities[97], Opposition to the construction of the new Henoko base accounted for 71.74% of the voters.

2019 House of Representatives Okinawa 3rd district by-election

LDPAs of December 2018, 12Shimajiri YasukoyuanOkinawa Northern Minister,Natsumi HigaFormer member of the House of Representatives, Daisuke HanashiroOkinawa Prefectural AssemblyNarrow down the candidates to 3 people[98], Decided to make Aiko Shimajiri an official candidate on the next 24th[99]..翌年の3月2日に島尻は立候補を表明したShimajiri announced his candidacy on March XNUMX, the following year.[100]..これまで沖縄自民党の候補者は辺野古新基地問題についてメディアに問われると、世論を意識し賛成を明言することはなかったが、島尻は辺野古容認を明言し選挙戦を行ったUntil now, when the media asked about the Henoko new base issue, the candidates for the Okinawa Liberal Democratic Party did not express their approval in consideration of public opinion, but Shimajiri declared that Henoko was tolerated and held an election campaign.[101].

In the previous job, the current governor of OkinawaTamaki DennyAiming to establish a de facto successor candidateLiberal partyBefore as of December 12NagoLongSusumu InamineAnd the originalOkinawa TimesNarrow down the candidates to two reporters and freelance journalists Tomohiro Yara[102]On the 26th, Yara offered to run, and Yara agreed. 30日に記者会見を行い出馬を表明したAnnounced to run at a press conference on the XNUMXth[103].

In addition to the Liberal Party, Yara hasConstitutional Democratic Party-National Democratic Party-Communist party-Social Democratic Party・ Regional political partiesOkinawa Society Mass PartyHowever, Shimajiri, officially recognized by the Liberal Democratic Party, is a coalition partner of national affairs.Komeito,andJapan Restoration PartyOkinawa Prefectural General Branch went to support each[104].

As a result of the ballot counting, Yara defeated Shimajiri recommended by the ruling coalition and was elected.辺野古新基地反対の世論を再び突きつけることになったIt was decided to re-introduce public opinion against the new Henoko base[105].

2019 House of Councilors election

25rd House of Councilors ordinary electionThen,Okinawa Society Mass PartyFormer chairman and incumbent member of the House of Councilors at that timeKeiko ItozukaWas eager to make four elections, but the Shakai Taishu PartyConstitutional scholarでUniversity of the RyukyusGraduate SchoolsGraduate School of Law教授 OfTetsumi TakaraDecided to support2018 May 12Recommended to retire for the number of threads.これに対し糸数は社大党の方針に反発し、同日付で離党届を提出したOn the other hand, the number of threads rebelled against the policy of the Shakai Taishu Party and submitted a notice of withdrawal on the same date.[106]..さらにオール沖縄を支持する市民グループの一部からも候補者選定の透明化を求める要望書が提出され候補者選定は混迷を極めたIn addition, a request for transparency in candidate selection was submitted by some of the citizen groups that support All Okinawa, and the selection of candidates was extremely confusing.[107].

2019 May 1Itokazu held a press conference and expressed support for Takara and not running for the Upper House election, and the unification of candidates on the All Okinawa side showed calm for the time being.[108].

On the other hand, the ruling party is the chairman of Symba Holdings on January 2019, 1.Shigenobu AsatoIt was unanimously confirmed that it would support.However, at the policy presentation on June 6, the same year, Asato made a muddy statement about the construction of the new Henoko base, saying, "Even if the mouth is torn, it cannot be said to be promotion (Henoko)."これに対し衆院補選で推進を明言していた自民党県連の一部から反発がおこったIn response to this, a part of the LDP prefectural federation, which had stated that it would be promoted in the by-election of the House of Representatives, responded.[109].

As a result of the ballot counting, Takara was elected by a large margin, gathering wide support from each opposition supporter and independents.[110]..Following the prefectural governor's election, referendum, and by-election of the House of Representatives, he will show his opposition.当選後高良はAfter winning, TakaraOkinawan windparticipated in[111].

2020 Okinawa prefectural assembly election

June 2020, 6 Vote counting13th Okinawa Prefectural Assembly General ElectionIt is,New coronavirus infectionIt was an unusual election in which each party and candidates refrained from campaigning to prevent the spread of the infection.投開票の結果、県政与党が改選前の26から1議席減の25議席と伸び悩んだものの過半数を維持したAs a result of the ballot counting, the prefectural ruling party maintained a majority of XNUMX seats, a decrease of XNUMX seat from XNUMX before the election, although it was sluggish.[112]..県政野党では、自民は4議席増の17議席を獲得したものの、公明がコロナ対策のため公認2人の擁立を取り止めたことも響き、野党・中立合わせても23議席にとどまったIn the prefectural opposition party, the Liberal Democratic Party gained XNUMX seats, an increase of XNUMX seats, but the Komeito canceled the support of the two officially recognized people as a measure against corona, and the opposition party and the neutral party had only XNUMX seats.[112]..After the election, Governor Tamaki Denny said, "I received a certain amount of evaluation for my prefectural administration, but the result was more severe than I had expected."[113].

The prefectural assembly chairman election was held on June 6, and the three parliamentary groups "Okinawa Peace" (Social Democratic Party, Okinawa Social Mass Party, etc.), "Tida Net" (constitutional and unaffiliated, etc.), and the Communist Party are Tsuguyuki Sakiyama of the Social Democratic Party. However, he was defeated by Noboru Akamine, who belongs to the "Okinawa" parliamentary group of the prefectural government and the ruling party, which is recommended by the Social Democratic Party and Komeito.The parliamentary group "Okinawa" is the prefectural ruling party, but it is said that there is strong dissatisfaction with the candidate coordination and support that the "All Okinawa" power led in the prefectural election, and Akamine made advance coordination with the prefectural opposition party after taking office as chairman. He denied that "the ruling party's stance has not changed, but there is no relationship of trust with other ruling party groups now."[114].

2021 In the Mayor's election of Urasoe in February, in order to divide the All Okinawa powerYoshii KanPrime MinisterCalled Akamine of the parliamentary group "Okinawa" to request support for the incumbent Tetsuji Matsumoto.[115]..Akamine did not clarify his attitude in this election and did not move, but he opposed Tamaki's support for a candidate who opposed the relocation of Naha military port to Urasoe, which was also accepted by former governor Onaga.On February 2, two days after Tamagusuku's support, the parliamentary group Okinawa is recommended by the public and others in the Uruma mayoral election scheduled for April.Masato NakamuraDecided to recommend[116]..Akamine joined Nakamura's support in the Uruma mayoral election and stated, "The corona measures of the Tamagusuku prefectural government have failed. I think that the economy of Okinawa and the current situation in Okinawa are man-made disasters."New coronavirusNakamura was elected in the election by criticizing the measures.[117].

On January 2021, 2,Constitutional Democratic PartyThe Social Democratic Party Prefectural Federation splits over the merger with.Of the 164 members of the party, 96, including those who joined the Constitution, left the party on the 14th.In the prefectural assembly, Mio Nakamura and Sakiyama joined the Constitution, and Okawa Teruya and Yoshikiyo Uesato remained in the Social Democratic Party.[118].

On May 5, four members of the Constitutional Democratic Party, who belonged to the Okinawa Prefectural Assembly divided into "Okinawa Peace" and "Tida Net," submitted a notification of the formation of a new parliamentary group, "Constitutional Democratic Party." "Okinawa Peace" and "Tida Peace Net" merged and renamed "Tida Peace Net", and members who left both parties formed the "Paikaji" parliamentary group.[119].

2021 Naha City Assembly Member Election

May 7In the Naha city election (constant 40) of the ballot counting, the all-Okinawa power, which is the ruling party, reduced one seat from before the election to 1 seats, while the opposition power increased 14 seats to 5 seats, up to a majority of 19 seats left. Approaching[120].

Withdrawal from Kanehide Group

The Kanehide Group, which supported the All Okinawa power,2021 Scheduled to be held in (Reiwa 3rd year)49th House of Representatives general electionConflict with the All Okinawa forcesLDPWe have decided to support the candidate.Kanehide Group Chairman Mamoru Goya replied to a reporter from Ryukyu Shimpo that "the theme against the base alone cannot open the future of Okinawa," and emphasized the promotion of Okinawa's economic development and promotion. Said that was the reason.[121]

2021 House of Representatives general election

49th House of Representatives general electionOn September 9, just before, Akamine Noboru, the chairman of the prefectural assembly, withdrew from the ruling party "Okinawa" and also withdrew from the "All Okinawa Conference" and announced that he would take a neutral position.As for the prefectural assembly power, the same number of members who take the position of neutral and opposition parties to the prefectural ruling party and the prefectural government antagonized, and the ripples spread to the all Okinawa power.[122].

In the House of Representatives election, which was conservatively divided following the previous time, the seats were defended in Okinawa 1st district and Okinawa 2nd district, but in Okinawa 3rd district, former Constitutional Democratic Party Tomohiro Yara was a new member of the Liberal Democratic Party and a former member of the House of Councilors. ofShimajiri YasukoFormer Northern Minister of Okinawa, Toru Kaneshiro, also officially recognized by the Constitutional Democratic Party and co-representative of the All Okinawa Conference, in the 4th district of OkinawaSaimei KozaburoLost to the Northern Ministers of Okinawa, and lost without a proportional revival.The total number of votes of the four LDP-approved candidates reached 4, exceeding the total number of votes of the four All-Okinawa power candidates of 29.It was the first time since 4,455 that all Okinawa rallyed, the number of votes of LDP official candidates exceeded that of All Okinawa.In addition, the number of votes won by LDP candidates was also the highest since the introduction of the single-seat constituency system.[123].

Participating organizations

Political party / parliamentary group

  • Urizun no Kai(Bipartisan by opposition parliamentarians from Okinawa PrefectureParliamentary League)
  • Nirai(By the former Liberal Democratic Party of the Onaga and Tamaki factions and the city council of the Social Democratic Party and the Social Democratic PartyNaha City CouncilParliamentary group)
  • Okinawa(By independent prefectural council members who support Onaga and Tamaki prefectural governmentOkinawa Prefectural AssemblyParliamentary group, formerly known as "Prefectural Net")
  • (A policy group of conservative municipalities supported by Onaga and Tamaki prefectural government)



Former job

Economic and industry groups


Civic groups

Withdrawal group

Economic and industry groups


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