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🏛 | Prime Minister Kishida's story is notorious for being "long and empty"!After Abe, a liar, and Suga, who refuses to explain, Dara ...

Prime Minister Kishida and Caster Ogawa in the photo "new23"

The story of Prime Minister Kishida is notorious, saying, "Anyway, it's long and empty."After Abe, a liar, and Suga, who refuses to explain, Dara ...

If you write the contents roughly
I watched this site to verify what kind of explanation Prime Minister Kishida would give.

Is there such a blatant reversion? The Liberal Democratic Party announced a promise for the lower house election on the 12th, but Prime Minister Fumio Kishida made a general election ... → Continue reading


Opened in July 2014, "LITERA" is a site that digs up news from books and magazines.

Rather than just introducing books and magazines, we will extract the information and material necessary for the present era, re-edit it into new forms of news, and distribute it.So to speak, it is a news site where books and magazines play the role of experts, commentators, and deep throats.

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