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🏛 | <House of Representatives election> "I am the one" to help Mr. Shuichi Takatori, with the support of President Takaichi

Photo: Liberal Democratic Party Chairman Takaichi, calling for support for Mr. Takatori from supporters gathered in the rain

<House of Representatives election> Mr. Shuichi Takatori, who is in the streets with the support of Mr. Takaichi, the chairman of the government, who is useful for "I am"

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He has demonstrated his skills in the fields of agriculture, water and welfare labor of the government and the LDP.

Shuichi Takatori (XNUMX), a former Liberal Democratic Party candidate who is scheduled to run for the House of Representatives election (announced on the XNUMXth, vote counting on the XNUMXst) from the XNUMXth district of Niigata ... → Continue reading

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We publish the daily newspaper "Joetsu Times" in the areas of Joetsu City and Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture, and the daily newspaper "Itoigawa Times" in the area of ​​Itoigawa City.
Based on the concept of "local cheering party", the editorial policy is "to support and stimulate the vitality of the area", and the first aspect to be seen in the morning is the citizens (administration) who are doing their best, moving topics, and soothing hearts. It is composed of photographs, etc., and we try to create a page suitable for the start of a refreshing day.

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