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🏛 | Governor Yoshimura Delights Ori V Tsui "Congratulations on winning!" Midosuji parade positive at the press conference

Photo Hirofumi Yoshimura Governor of Osaka Prefecture

Governor Yoshimura delights Ori V "Congratulations on winning!" Midosuji parade positive at the press conference

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Midosuji is managed by the city of Osaka, "he said with a smile.

Governor Hirofumi Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture congratulates Osaka-based Orix on Twitter for winning the professional baseball Pacific League on the 27th. → Continue reading

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Midosuji(Midosuji) isOsakaCrossing the city center from north to southstreet.National Route 25andNational Route 176It is specified in each part of.It is the main street, which is the main trunk line of the big cities in the north and south of modern Osaka.


The name isKitamido (Nishi Honganji Tsumura Betsuin)Minamimido (Higashi Honganji Namba Betsuin)Two ofTempleIs derived from being along the road[1].1920 eraから30 eraOsaka citySakaisujiNew alternative toMain streetAt the same time, Japan's first public management in the basementsubwayIsMidosuji LineWas constructed.Today, the Midosuji Subway Line has grown to become the main railway artery in Osaka, and the Midosuji Road has developed as the center of business and business in Osaka due to the construction of the subway and road maintenance by the city of Osaka.

In OsakaKitaDoorwayUmedaMinamiDoorwayNambaTheSenba-ShimanouchiA total length of 4,027, connected linearly viaMeters (m), width 43.6 meters (24)while) (HoweverOe BridgeYodoyabashi36.5 meters wide), all 6 lanes道路so,Top 100 Roads in JapanOne of[2]..1970 due to increased trafficOsaka ExpoWith the holding ofNational Route 1-National Route 2Cross withUmeda ShindoAll lanes south of the intersection are bound southone-wayBecome[1].WeekdayThe traffic volume for 12 hours in the daytime is 28,000-38,000 cars and 10,000-26,000 pedestrians.[3].

The roadside is YodoyabashiNakanoshimaThe neighborhood is the center of business where banks and corporate head offices are concentrated.[1],AlsoShinsaibashiRoadside stores and long-established stores of luxury brand stores in the neighborhoodDepartment store OfDaimaruIt has a role as the main street of Osaka.About 970 on both sidesGinkgoIs planted[2].Yomiuri ShimbunIt has been selected as one of the "100 New Japan Roadside Trees" (1994).[4], Has become a symbol of Osaka City[1].. 11月中旬から12月末まで全区間が御堂筋イルミネーションとして木々がFrom mid-November to the end of December, the entire section is illuminated by Midosuji with trees.LEDIt is colored with a light bulb.In the basementOsaka Metro Midosuji LinePart of the section (Umeda Station - Namba Station) Is running.

Every October, from 10 to 1983Midosuji ParadeWas held, but as an alternative event from 2008 to 2013Midosuji kappo, 2014 Midosuji Joy Furu was held. The Midosuji Autumn Party has been held since 2015.

Top speedIs 8 from 20:50 am to XNUMX:XNUMX at night on weekdays km / h, Holidays and weekdays from 20:8 to 60:XNUMX the next morning is XNUMX km / h[5].

Osaka International Women's Marathon,Osaka MarathonAnd so onMarathon eventMay be used as a course at.

Route data


Medieval to Edo period

In the record, the name Osaka Midosuji appears for the first time instead of Midosuji.1615 (GenwaFirst year),Osaka Summer TeamRecorded the revenge of the Toyotomi clanTokushima DomainIt is the first time that "Osaka Midosuji" is written as the place of residence of one man among the captured men and women in the "Osaka Jammer Ochijin Kai no Sho", but the name is originally Midosuji. It is not Osaka Midosuji.

Since the Edo period, the section officially called MidosujiSenbaOf these, only south of Awajimachi-dori, and north of Awajimachi-dori was called Yodoyabashi-suji.this is,YodoyabashiThis is because Yodoyabashi-suji, which went south from the road, ended at Awajimachi-dori, and Midosuji started a little to the west, so it was regarded as another road.Yodoyabashi line is Yodoyabashi (Tosabori River)NakanoshimaYou can go to, but it's not a straight road like it is nowOe Bridge(Dojima River) And Kabashi (Sonezaki River)Sonezaki ShinchiI was able to go out to.一方の御堂筋はOn the other hand, MidosujiNagahori RiverThere was no bridge to Shimanouchi and I couldn't get outSakaisuji-ShinsaibashisujiIt was a less crowded road, which was inferior to the above.

Completion of city planning street

The steam locomotive that connected Osaka and Kobe was released in 1889 (Meiji 22).Tokyo(CurrentShimbashi Station) Is now tied,Osaka StationGradually became more important as the gateway to Osaka[2].. 1908年(明治41年)には現在のIn XNUMX (Meiji XNUMX), the presentYotsubashiUmeda-The first north-south trunk line connecting Namba (Dotonbori RiverAlthough the route to the south is different from the current one),Disembarkation place-HorieVia, basicallyOsaka tramThe road was laid for the purpose, and the width was narrow.Once the road width 6 mAlthough it was a general road[1]In 1919 (Taisho 8), he was the 6th Mayor of Osaka because the need for a north-south transportation route via Senba and Shimanouchi came to be called out.Shiro IkegamiIs between Umeda and NambaUmeda Shindo・ Extension 1 with Yodoyabashi-suji and Midosuji as the first city planning road of the primary city planning project kmAnnounced a business plan to widen the width to 44 m (24 spaces)[2].

after that,Tokyo University of Commerce(CurrentHitotsubashi University) After working as a professor, in 1923 (Taisho 12), a city planning scholar who became the 7th Mayor of Osaka as the successor to Ikegami from the assistant of Osaka City.OneIn addition to taking over this plan from Ikegami, steadily promoted urban policy considering the future, and from 1926 (Taisho 15) by city planningSubway Midosuji LineAlong with the construction, a total construction cost of about 3,375 million yen was spent to widen the width to 24 spaces.[2].

The area north of the Yodoyabashi intersection, which is based on the Umeda-Shimmichi, was widened to 1911 widths when the Osaka City Tram was laid in 44 (Meiji 12), so the widening work north of the Oebashi Kitazume intersection was Completed early in 1927 (Showa 2).大江橋以北の街路樹はThe roadside trees north of OebashiPlane treeSo, the track of the Osaka tram was left north of the Yodoyabashi intersection.

On the other hand, the area south of the Yodoyabashi intersection was widened from the width of 3.3, which is still in the early modern period, and it took time to acquire the land, and construction finally started in 1929 (Showa 4).[Annotation 1], Completed on May 1937, 12 (Showa 5)[2]..地下には電線を埋設し、大阪市初の市営地下鉄御堂筋線も開通してAn electric wire was buried underground, and Osaka City's first municipal subway Midosuji Line was opened.[1], Oe Bridge and Yodoya Bridge were replaced with the current bridge,Shinbashi(Nagahori River)Dotonbori Bridge(Doutonbori River) was bridged for the first time.The roadside trees south of Yodoyabashi are ginkgo trees, which are straight main streets with no orbit.Then, the refraction of the former Awajicho-dori disappeared, and the Umeda-Shimmichi and Yodoyabashi-suji became the entire line Midosuji.

From completion to modern times

In this way, the taste was quite different between the north and south of Nakanoshima when it was completed, but later the Osaka tram was abolished and the plane trees north of Oebashi were also replanted with ginkgo.なお、大江橋以北にはイチョウとは別にIn addition to ginkgo, north of OebashiCamphorIs also planted.

The buildings around Midosuji are based on the Urban Building Law that came into effect on December 1920, 9 (Taisho 12).Hundred scale regulationThe height is uniform. 1969年のXNUMXBuilding Standards LawSince the revision changed the regulation to a volumetric system, the city of Osaka has been instructing the height since then. Since 1995, the height of the outer wall facing Midosuji is 50 m, and the rear part is 10 m. Since February 60, the height limit for the rear part has been relaxed to 2007 m, provided that the first floor is a public space in some areas.

In 1959Nankai HawksHeld a parade in Midosuji when he achieved the number one in Japan, and it is said that there were 40 spectators at that time.また、2003年11月3日にAlso on November XNUMX, XNUMXHanshin TigersThe number of mobilizations in the championship parade when he won the league title for the first time in 18 years reached 40 despite the rain (25 in Kobe held in the afternoon of the same day).Two years later, the number of mobilization of the Hanshin Tigers championship parade held on November 2, 2005 was 11.

From 1970 (Showa 45), head south south of the Umeda-Shimmichi intersectionone-wayImplemented. 2006年(平成18年)6月の改正Revised in June XNUMXRoad Traffic LawIntroduced by the private sectorParking guardsystem·Neglect feeAs a result of the system designating all lines as the most important lines, the number of abandoned vehicles along the lines has dramatically decreased.また大阪市が2007年(平成19年)4月にIn April XNUMX, Osaka CityStreet smoking prohibition regulationsIn July, it was officially decided that Midosuji's roadway and sidewalk would be designated as a smoking prohibited area where a fine of 7 yen would be collected, and it came into effect in October.

From September 2006rd to 18th, 9,Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra OfEiji OueProduced by the music director and sponsored by the Osaka Philharmonic Association and Osaka City, "Osaka Classic-A planned performance of "Music overflowing with Midosuji-" was held.During the period, a total of 18 performances including chamber music by members of the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra were held at 50 venues along the Midosuji line.大植音楽監督によれば、1つのオーケストラの団員が1週間にわたって「街に出て」公演を行うというのは「僕の知る限りおそらく世界のAccording to Oue Music Director, one orchestra member performing "out of town" for a week "probably the world as far as I know"cityFirst attempt at. "The full-scale performance of classical music for a week at Midosuji, which symbolizes Osaka, greatly contributed to the often-screamed "improvement of the city of Osaka."The Osaka Classic has been held every year since then, and has become a well-established cultural event in Osaka in late summer.

Installed along Midosuji in July 2011bronze Of彫刻It was found that 19 of the statues were dressed in something like red clothes.当初はat firstVicious mischiefWas seen as[6], The sculpture was not damaged, and the size fits quite well, so there are many opinions that evaluate the art sense.[7].

On April 2012, 24, Umeda-Shimmichi on National Route 4 (and the overlapping section with National Route 1) -about 25 km between Namba NishiguchiDesignated sectionExcluded fromMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismWas transferred to Osaka City[8][9].

On March 2018, 30 (Heisei 3), the "Midosuji 30th Anniversary Business Promotion Committee", in which Osaka City also participates, proposed a proposal aiming for a complete sidewalk between Yodoyabashi and Namba by 80. I put it together.In the plan, it is expected that the range of sidewalks will be gradually expanded while investigating the abolition of frontage roads and the impact on traffic congestion with 2037 and 3 as milestones.[10][11][12].. From Osaka City, the road administrator, to the Yodoyabashi intersection to the Namba west exit intersection on February 2021, 3 (Reiwa 2)Pedestrian convenience promotion road(Hokomichi) was specified[13].

2018 OctoberToJapanese archipelagoLanded inTyphoon 21Due to the influence of, 972 of MidosujiGinkgoEighty-one of them were damaged by falling trees and broken trunks.これを受け御堂筋の西隣の街路In response to this, the street west of MidosujiYotsubashiHeadquartered inSuntory HoldingsHowever, 5,000 million yen will be paid to Osaka City for the regeneration of ginkgo trees such as ginkgo procurement and tree planting.DonationWas done.植え替えの作業は、大阪で開催されるReplanting work will be held in OsakaG20It is scheduled for the summit meeting, and 2019 books have been prepared by June 6.[14][15].

Route status

Although the road is as wide as 43.6 meters, all lines are one-way to the south, which is a unique feature of Japanese roads.[1]. Roadside treeBesides ginkgo and camphor treeZelkova,Plane treeThere is[2]..Underground passages and subways run in the underground space.From Yodoyabashi to Nagahori Dori (HonchoA bronze statue of a famous sculptor stands on the sidewalk of the section up to).Old YodogawaOn (Dojima River and Tosahori River), Oe Bridge and Yodoya Bridge, which were created by the works of the national bridge design open call for participants, etc., will be built.[2].

Road facilities

Traffic volume

Survey pointWeekday daytimeHoliday daytimeWeekdays 24 hoursHoliday 24 hours
Suo Town27,41522,33940,57434,179
In front of Shin Kabukiza22,25419,92332,93630,482
* Survey date: 2005/10/16 (holiday), 2005/10/19 (weekdays)[16] * From 7:19 to XNUMX:XNUMX in the daytime

Public transport


On Nakanoshima along the roadOsaka City HallWhen,Bank of JapanThere is an Osaka branch, and from Yodoyabashi to Hommachi, it is a business district with a unified group of buildings with a height of 31 m.[2].

Crossing road

Crossing road
West ← Midosuji → East
交 差点Road nameAddress
(Starting from the east side)  Miyakojima Dori  City Road Osaka Loop Line (TenrokuDirection)
City Road Osaka Loop Line
City road Ogimachi Park Nandori Line
(Western starting point) National Route 176 (thirteenDirection)
City road Namboku line Ogimachi-dori [18]
City Road Osaka Loop Line
HanshinNational Route 176Kita
 Sonezaki Dori 
National Route 2
 Sonezaki Dori 
National Route 1
(Duplicate:National Route 163
Umeda Shindo
National Route 25
N/A Shin-Midosuji 
National Route 423
Umeda Shinnan
 Nakanoshima-dori Oebashi Minamizume
 Tosabori Dori 
City road Edobori line
 Tosabori Dori 
Prefectural Road 168 Ishikiri Osaka Line
National Route 172
City road Honmachi left Sendo line
City road Tsukiko Fukae line
Senbachuo 3
Kyutaromachi 3
 Nagahori Dori 
Prefectural Road 173 Osaka Yao Line
 Nagahori Dori 
National Route 308
(Duplicate: Prefectural Road 173)
 Sennichimae Street 
City road Namba Sakaigawa line
 Sennichimae Street 
Prefectural Road 702 Osaka Hiraoka Nara Line
National Route 25 (Duplicate:National Route 26-165 No.,Great powerDirection)

Railway line


A song set in Midosuji


  • The bank branches with "Midosuji" are as follows
    • Mitsubishi UFJ BankMidosuji Branch (Fushimi-machi, Chuo-ku) -Since it is a transfer-only branch used for the virtual account of the deposit verification service, there is no actual sales window.
    • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation(Kyutaromachi, Chuo-ku) (Former Taiyo Kobe Bank Senba Branch)
    • Resona Bank(Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku) (Former Daiwa Bank Midosuji Branch)
  • ShimanouchiThen, you can see the so-called Kyoto-style intersection name together with the intersection road name (old town name), with the exception of "Midosuji Daimaru-mae".According to the principle, it would be "Midosuji Daihojimachi",DaimaruSOGOIt was "Daimaru Sogo-mae" because the long-established department store was located.Due to the closure of Sogo and the sale to Daimaru, the name of the intersection was changed to the current one in October 2009.なお、当地の大丸は御堂筋竣工以前からIn addition, the Daimaru here has been around since before the completion of Midosuji.ShinsaibashisujiBecause it is located facingShinsaibashi store.
  • 3May 2,Pedestrian convenience promotion road systemDesignated as (commonly known as Hokomichi)[21][22][23][24].



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注 釈

  1. ^ The road was too wide for the time, so some people asked, "Are you sure you want to build an airfield in the middle of the city?"However, in response to such an opinion, Hajime Seki carried out the construction, saying, "It will definitely be useful in the future," and did not listen to such an opinion.In addition, a beneficiary contribution system was adopted to cover the enormous cost of construction, and there was friction with local residents and shops.


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