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🏛 | Governor of Chiba Prefecture Kumagai Inspects the progress of the Choshi Renraku Road

Photo Inspecting the progress of the Choshi Renraku Road, Governor of Chiba Prefecture, Kumagai

Inspecting the progress of the Choshi Renraku Road, Governor of Chiba Prefecture, Kumagai

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Yokoshibahikari Town has a plan to use the land around the interchange as a center for the development of highways leading to Narita Airport, factories, and logistics facilities.

On the XNUMXnd, Governor Kumagai visited the project site of the Choshi connecting road connecting Choshi City and Sammu City in Chiba Prefecture, and confirmed the progress of the construction ... → Continue reading

 Cibatere + Plus

It will be "Ciba Tele + Plus" operated by Chiba Television Broadcasting.

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Logistics real estate

Logistics real estate(Butsuryu Fudosan) is a distribution facility such as a distribution center and warehouse.


In the logistics real estate business, as with general real estate such as condominiums and commercial facilities, there are those that connect vacant warehouses with shippers / tenants.However, while condominiums and commercial facilities are calculated based on the floor area (square meters), logistics facilities are valued based on the space (cubic meters) that measures the storage efficiency of luggage.In addition, the equipment required inside the logistics facility varies greatly depending on the luggage and usage.The location is also evaluated from multiple factors.If the luggage and transportation method (truck, ship, railroad) change, the evaluation will change significantly even at the same facility.

With the spread of IT, the recent logistics industrySCMAs the number of logistics facilities increases, the number of distribution facilities that have a transit type (TC) function that mainly performs sorting and processing is increasing from a storage type (DC) warehouse that mainly stores. It is also actively being consolidated into the latest logistics facilities with TC functions to reduce logistics costs, and new logistics facilities are responding to consolidation and tend to be larger, with high functionality that also has TC functions. It is a mold.In recent years, a large amount of such ultra-large and high-performance logistics facilities have been supplied as investment properties by funds.Therefore, the consolidation of these super-large logistics facilities will create vacancy in medium-sized logistics facilities.Medium-sized facilities with vacancy are experiencing a billiard phenomenon in which smaller facilities are concentrated.[1]..As a result, the number of vacant property registrations on the logistics real estate information site will increase, and small-scale logistics facilities will be vacant.Most small facilities are old storage warehouses, and it is difficult to find new shippers / tenants.As the latest move, as a reuse of an old storage type warehouse that was vacated by the billiard phenomenon in the Greater Tokyo area, RE that utilizes the large space of the warehouse to renovate it for other purposes and add value to tenants in other industries.・ The warehousing business is becoming more active.

Of a major logistics real estate providerPrologis,Japan GLP, Daiwa House (Logistics Real Estate)Mika)ButAdvanced logistics facilityIs leading the logistics industry with the introduction of.

The main indicators handled in logistics real estate are as follows.

  • Ceiling height
  • High floor / low floor
  • Floor load
  • Number of berths
  • Number of elevators
  • Number of vertical carriers
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Rampway
  • Eaves area
  • Seismic equipment

な ど

Major logistics facility providers

  • GLP --Global Logistics Real Estate Provider
  • Prologis --Global Logistics Real Estate Provider

Logistics real estate market

Regarding the Japanese logistics real estate market, as of 2010, a major logistics companyJapan GLPAnd Prologis (AMBIncluding), it supplied 51% of the floor area of ​​the Japanese logistics real estate market.Of a major developerMitsui FudosanShare 1%,House maker OfDaiwa House IndustryShare is about 2%.

Floor area share with major players in the Japanese logistics real estate market (2010)[2]

RankingProperty nameshare
1GLP (Japan GLP)26%
3AMB(Prologis Group)10%
6Nichi Logi Fund Investment Corporation6%
7Japan Rep (Goodman)3%
8Nomura Real Estate3%
9Daiwa House Industry2%
10Maple tree2%
11Industrial & Infra Fund Investment Corporation2%
12Mitsui Fudosan1%

Major brands of advanced logistics facilities

The term "advanced logistics facility" isPrologis,GLP(GLP J-REIT)[3],Mitsui Fudosan(Mitsui Fudosan Logistics Park Investment Corporation)[4],Sumitomo Corporation(SOSiLA Logistics REIT Investment Corporation)[5] It is used by etc.

Brand name of advanced logistics facility

Developer nameブ ラ ン ド 名Overview
GLP (Japan GLP)"ALFAKINK'GLP ALFALINK NagareyamaThe total floor area of ​​90 mXNUMX is one of the largest in the world
Prologis"Prologis Park"
Mitsui Fudosan"MFLP"
Sumitomo Corporation"SOsiLA"

Japanese Logistics REIT

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