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🏛 | You won't be in power forever unless you say goodbye to Communism, Constitutional Democratic Party, awaken!


Unless you have communism and goodbye, you won't be in power forever. Constitutional Democratic Party, awaken!

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However, no matter how much you shift from left to right, the essence will not change if you continue to cooperate with the communist elections.

Kenta Izumi was elected as the new representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party in the representative election held on November 11th, when the party leader debate will be a "good person confrontation" ... → Continue reading

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Electoral cooperation

Electoral cooperation(Electoral alliance) is an electionPolitical partyOr it is an individual alliance that runs alone.Other similar terms include (two-party) election agreements, election agreements, election coalitions, and election blocks.

Each political party in the cooperative relationship has its ownpolicyBut with a common goal to win the support of those votersideologyChoose to prioritize and temporarily set aside the difference.Occasionally, electoral alliances are made by parties with very different policy goals, and they agree to share funds and people to prevent certain candidates or parties from gaining power.In particularSingle-seat constituency systemOften done below.

Made after the electionCooperationIn contrast, partners in electoral alliance usually do not run against each other, but rather encourage their supporters to vote for the other candidate in the partnership.In an agreement with a major party that has been very successful in voting, the minor party will have a candidate under the umbrella of the major party, and the minor party winners will be present with the major party winners in the Cabinet or the legislature. There is also.They usually aim to continue to cooperate after the election, for example, campaigning together on issues with a common view.

By offering support or nomination for a candidate for a major party, the minority party may be in a position to influence the promise of that candidate.

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