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🏛 | Announcement of the framework of the new executive office of the Constitutional Democratic Party Mr. Chinami Nishimura as secretary general


Announcement of the framework of the new executive office of the Constitutional Democratic Party Mr. Chinami Nishimura as secretary general

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Executive personnel are expected to be officially approved at the General Assembly of both Houses on the 2nd.

Kenta Izumi, the new representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, has announced the "skeleton" of the new executive office.Representative of the Constitutional Democratic Party, Kenta Izumi "The new secretary-general is west ... → Continue reading

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General assembly

General assemblyWhat is (Gin-so)?Political partyMeeting with members who belong to[1].. Although it is a party organization, the status of the general assembly differs depending on the party.[1].

In English, it is called Caucus, but it is ambiguous. For example, in the United States, the general assembly of members of the two major parties is held, as well as the party's local organizations are organized by region.Party meetingIs also called Caucus[2].

Parliamentary Assembly of each country

Japan (General Assembly of both Houses)

In Japan, many political parties have a general assembly of both members. However,LDPIt's"Party presidentChoose''In this sense, it functions as a de facto supreme decision-making body that replaces the party convention, while other political parties do not form the body of a voting body because of the formalization of the LDP's model. Not a few.


According to the rules of the Liberal Democratic Party,House of RepresentativesConsists of[3], It is said that particularly urgent matters can be replaced by the decision of the general assembly of both Houses of Representatives, which is the highest voting body.[4][1].

MaintenanceWhen the Liberal Democratic Party was formed, the party convention was both the name and reality of the highest decision-making body, but after that,Presidential electionSince the regular party convention was held at a different time, if the extraordinary party convention was not held, a parliamentary vote to settle the presidential election will be held at the general assembly of both Houses, making it the de facto Supreme Party voting body.[5].. On the other hand, the annual regular party convention has lost personnel rights,Ordinary DietAs it is held before the convocation and during the session, the meaning of the final meeting has become stronger.

The LDP's general assembly isExecutive officeIt is established as one of the positions, but it is performed as a chairperson[6].

Constitutional Democratic Party

2020 (Reiwa2) As of the beginning of September, the Constitutional Democratic Party, which is the first opposition party, also defines the General Assembly of both Houses as the decision-making body after the party convention, like the Liberal Democratic Party.It is the same as the Liberal Democratic Party that there is a system of chairpersons of both Houses, who are the permanent chairpersons.

Japan Restoration Party

The leader of the Japan Restoration SocietyLocal headSince it takes a very special form, the General Assembly of both Houses is emphasized as a decision-making body for the National Assembly, along with the Standing Board, which is the decision-making body for ordinary party affairs.

Japanese Socialist Party(Former Socialist Party, nowSocial Democrats

The Japanese Socialist Party (former Socialist Party) used to have a parliamentary member under the Central Executive Committee, and the general assembly of both Houses was not positioned as a voting body.[1].

Japan Communist Party

In the Japanese Communist Party parliamentary group,Parliamentary AssemblyThere is a party peculiardemocratic centralismIt does not function as a decision-makingParty conventionOr, it can be regarded as a position as an instructing body to practice the decisions of the Central Committee General Assembly, the Executive Committee, and the Standing Executive Committee.

The United States of America

United States CongressThe Republican Party and Democratic Party each have a general assembly called Caucus, which is held during the election process of party officers and chairpersons.[2].. This general assembly will be held in the Senate and the House of Representatives.[2].


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