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🏛 | Kishida administration, Beijing Olympics risk emerges ... Sanae Takaichi openly criticizes Foreign Minister, intensifying conflict within the party

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Kishida administration, Beijing Olympics risk emerges ... Sanae Takaichi openly criticizes Foreign Minister, intensifying conflict within the party

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On the other hand, the diplomatic subcommittee chaired by Mr. Sato is an organization linked to the party's political investigation committee.

Within the Liberal Democratic Party, line conflicts over how to deal with China are intensifying.The direct trigger was the remarks of Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi. November XNUMXst ... → Continue reading

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Policy subcommittee

Policy subcommitteeWhat is (seisakubukai)?Japan OfPolitical partyIt is an institution set up in.


eachPolitical partyHas set up a subcommittee to deliberate and formulate the policies and legislation promised in the election, and has a party staff member called "policy staff" who is involved in the investigation and drafting of actual policies. further,LDP,Constitutional Democratic PartyIn relatively large-scale political parties, there are policy subcommittees and subcommittees for each policy field, such as the diplomatic subcommittee and the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare subcommittee.

Some political parties have names such as political affairs investigation committee, policy investigation committee, policy committee, and policy council, but they are basically the same.

The head of the policy subcommittee is called the chairman of the political affairs investigation, the chairman of the policy investigation, the person in charge of the policy committee (commonly known as the "policy committee chairman"), the chairman of the policy council, etc.Chairman(Secho Kacho),Chairman of the Board of GovernorsIt is sometimes abbreviated as (seishinkacho). The head of the policy group is in charge of the final coordination of the policy group and is in the LDP.Party four rolesIt is attracting attention as a key position of political parties as it is one of the corners.

During the Liberal Democratic Party's administration, it was said that the closed policy subcommittee made de facto policy decisions.Member of the tribeIt was criticized as a hotbed of profit induction by. For this reason, in September 2009Ruling partyBecameDemocratic PartyAbolished the policy subcommittee with the aim of "excluding members of the tribe" and "unifying the ruling party and the government", but in 2010Representative Yukio HatoyamaからNaoto KanWas replaced by and revived. In addition, the Democratic Party advocated the abolition of the policy subcommittee.Ichiro OzawaLaunched after leaving the partyLife Party, Taro Yamamoto and FriendsThen, it took the form of a "comprehensive policy meeting."

Policy subcommittee of political parties with seats in parliament

LDP political investigation committee

(As of May 2021, 11)

Komeito Central Secretariat Political Investigation Committee

(As of May 2021, 11)

Constitutional Democratic Party Political Investigation Committee

(As of June 2021, 12[4])

Nippon Ishin no Kai Political Survey Committee

(As of June 2021, 11[5])

Democratic Party for the People's Political Investigation Committee

(As of June 2021, 12[6])

Japanese Communist Party Central Committee Policy Committee

(As of June 2020, 1[7])

Reiwa Shinsengumi Policy Council

Social Democratic Party National Union Policy Council

Policy Investigation Committee for violating Article 72 of the Attorney Act


Okinawa Society Mass PartyHas not set up a policy subcommittee.New party earth,Political partyThen, the chairman of political affairs is absent and vacant. Also, the local branches of political partiesLocal councileachParliamentary groupIn many cases, a person in charge of political affairs is also set up for each.

Policy subcommittee of a political organization without a seat in the Diet


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