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🏛 | Aviation fuel tax reduction continues to turn around Fixed property tax reduction will be discontinued Next year's tax reform discussions will become more active


Aviation fuel tax reduction continues to change Fixed property tax reduction will be discontinued Next year's tax reform discussions will become more active

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On the other hand, the Komeito is seeking to reduce the tax burden on commercial areas, so the ruling parties will hold discussions.

Discussions on the tax reform in 2022 have been narrowed down.The Liberal Democratic Party will continue to reduce aviation fuel taxes ... → Continue reading

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Commercial area

Commercial area(Shogyoch) island,Residential landA form of usage category, mainly店Pavement,The officeIt refers to the land used for commercial activities.商業地が集まった地域はThe area where commercial areas are gatheredCommercial area, Or a concept that is almost contained in it (Shopping district,Downtown,office StreetEtc.).

Commercial areas develop mainly in the city center.This is because the transportation network in the city is designed to extend mainly from the center to the surrounding area, so the city center is the easiest to attract customers and consumers from the surrounding area, and profitability can be expected.Especially in large cities, various industries will form a highly concentrated commercial area.

However, in recent years道路Nets and suburbsTrainThe development of the net, and evenSuburban cityThere is also a tendency for commercial areas to be dispersed to the surrounding areas due to the increase in scale.国道をはじめとする幹線道路沿いには大型のLarge along the main roads including national roadsRoadside store(supermarket,Shopping center) Has advanced in many places.Interstate highwayMost highways can be used free of chargeThe United States of AmericaIn the suburbs within 1-2 hours by highway from the center of many big cities, there are many retail stores as well as large-scale shopping malls that also have entertainment facilities such as movie theaters. ..MinneapolisOne of the largest shopping malls in the suburbs,Mall of AmericaCan be given as an example.

Classification of commercial areas in Japan

There are so-called stores (land in shopping districts, downtown areas, etc.) and offices (business) (land in office districts).さらなる細分化として、次のものが挙げられるFurther subdivisions include:[1]..As mentioned above, these types of commercial areas are widely found in countries other than Japan.

  • Advanced commercial area
    Big cityCity centerOrFukutoshinIt refers to land in an area that has a wide-area commercial area and is densely populated with relatively large-scale middle- and high-rise stores and offices.Downtown,office StreetSee also
  • Semi-high commercial area
    It is a commercial area next to a high-level commercial area, and has a wide-area commercial area, and is located in an area where middle- and high-rise stores, offices, etc. are connected and the degree of concentration as a commercial area is high.Downtown,office StreetSee also
  • Neighboring commercial area
    It mainly refers to land in an area where stores that sell daily necessities to nearby residents are connected.Shopping districtSee also
  • Suburban line commercial area
    Main line on the outskirts of the city道路Along the land, it refers to land in an area where stores, sales offices, etc. are connected.Roadside storeSee also
  • Ordinary commercial area
    Commercial areas other than the above, which are located in the central commercial area of ​​a city and similar commercial areas, where stores, sales offices, etc. are connected and used for various purposes.

In commercial areasLand priceDepends on the above classification, but generally depends on traffic conditions, prosperity, hinterland, store continuity, possibility of advanced use, and the like.In other words, it is profitability such as convenience of visitors and workers, ability to attract customers, and rent income.


Not limited to commercial areas, the social, economic and administrative environment in which the land is located is in the process of change.Reasons for the decrease in commercial land include hollowing out of the central city area and diversion to other purposes.On the contrary, the land used for other purposes may be converted to commercial land, and the commercial land may increase.

In local cities in Japan, especially after the collapse of the bubble economy, the central shopping district declined,Shutter streetThere are many places that have turned into.またAlsoThe United States of America,United KingdomIn, the hollowing out progressed and the poor layer was left behind in the city center, and as a result of concentration from the surrounding area, the city center becameSlumIt could become a hotbed of crime.これをthisUrban decayAlso, the shantytown in the center of the city formed in this wayInner CityThat.

Also, the land of the shopping districtResidential areasIt may become.この場合、上述の通り衰退する商業地がスラム化するパターンのほかに、日本などでは商店街の衰退によって店舗の跡地にIn this case, in addition to the pattern that the declining commercial area becomes a slum as described above, in Japan etc., due to the decline of the shopping district, it becomes the site of the store.住宅Will be built, in New York, etc., by returning to the city centerGentrificationA phenomenon is seen in which a block close to work and residence is formed.In the latter pattern, it can be seen that the people who pay attention to convenience such as short commuting time are brought back to the city center.For exampleニ ュ ー ヨ ー クCityマ ン ハ ッ タ ンLocated on the opposite bank ofJersey cityIn1960 eraから1980 eraThe commercial area in the center of the city declined significantly,1990 eraAfter thatRedevelopmentHigh-rise condominiums are now lined up, attracting professionals working in New York.

On the contrary, as a pattern of increasing commercial areas,Factory siteAnd trainMarshalling yardThe site was diverted and large-scaleCommercial facilityTo build.In developed suburban cities, residential areas, farmlands, and wasteland may be converted to commercial areas, and large-scale retail stores may be built by taking advantage of the low land prices.


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