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🏛 | Eat a lunch box made with ingredients from Fukushima prefecture to support reconstruction

Mr. Hirasawa pledges to continue to support reconstruction with the lunch box made from Fukushima prefecture ingredients distributed at the second floor meeting.

Eating lunch boxes made with ingredients from Fukushima Prefecture to support reconstruction Provided by the LDP Nikai faction at a meeting

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Katsuei Hirasawa, a former member of the House of Representatives (graduated from Fukushima High School), who belongs to the second-class group and heard about this bento from Governor Masao Uchibori, proposed to support the reconstruction of this prefecture.

The Liberal Democratic Party's second-floor faction (Shishukai) made ingredients from Fukushima Prefecture at the faction meeting held at the Sabo Kaikan Annex in Hirakawacho, Tokyo on the 2nd. → Continue reading

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Katsuei Hirasawa, member of the House of Representatives


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