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🏛 | Governor "Collapses relations with US military" F16 flight resumes

Photo Governor Mimura, who applies to Defense Minister Kishi (right) in response to the resumption of flight of a U.S. military aircraft = 3:3 pm on the 27rd, Ministry of Defense

Governor "Collapses Relations with US Army" F16 Resumes Flight

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It was agreed at the 1997 Japan-US Joint Committee to report incidents and accidents to the Government of Japan "as soon as possible".

Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said on the 16rd that the F2 fighter at Misawa Air Base in the U.S. Army dumped two fuel tanks into Fukaura Town, Aomori Prefecture. → Continue reading

 Tooku Nipposha

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US-Japan Joint Committee

US-Japan Joint Committee(How do you like it?English: Japan-US Joint Committee) Was signed in 1960US-Japan Status AgreementIt is a working-level meeting to discuss how to operate.


Under the Japan-US Status of Forces Agreement, the Japan-US Joint Committee has been established as a formal consultative body.mainlyUS Army in JapanJapan is an organization that discusses relations and is selected by ministries and agencies without politicians participating.OfficialsUS Army in JapanThe top of the group holds discussions twice a month as a member[1]..In addition, of non-fiction writersKoji YabeAccording to it, it has been done 60 times for at least 1600 years.[2].


The talks are held twice a month as a secret meeting (New Sanno Hotel1 times,Ministry of Foreign AffairsIs done once) at the set location.In addition, you can meet at any time if there is a request from either one.[3]..Action items, including the provision of individual facilities and areas, are mainly stipulated by the Japan-US Joint Committee agreement.[4].


The representative from JapanDirector of North American Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The American representativeUS Army in JapanIt consists of a deputy commander of the headquarters, and the Japanese side acts as a representative.Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Justice, Director of Management Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Director of Regional Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Defense, Counselor of North American Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Deputy Director General, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of FinanceBelow that, 10 committees are formed from representatives of 25 ministries and agencies.The American side is acting as a representativeUnited States Embassy in JapanMinister, Fifth Chief of the U.S. Forces Japan Command, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army HQ in Japan, Deputy Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force HQ in Japan, and Chief of Staff of the U.S. Marine Corps Base in Japan.


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  • Toshihiro Yoshida "Study of" Japan-US Joint Committee "" Sogensha, 2016
  • Toshihiro Yoshida "Chase!Mysterious Japan-US Joint Committee, Mainichi Shimbun Publishing, 2021
  • Toshihiro Yoshida "Yokota Airspace" Kakugawa Shinsho, 2019

外部 リンク

Japanese Government

Japanese Government(Japanese language, Japanese language,British: Government of Japan[2]) IsJapan Of政府.

decreeAbove is "CountryIs called.The modern government in Japan1885/(Meiji18 years)CabinetIs supposed to start[1]..In Japan todayGovernance mechanismThe basic part ofThe Constitution of JapanDefined by[3].

In Japan, the "government"CabinetAnd under the control of the CabinetCentral government agencyな どExecutive branchOften points to[4], In this sectionLegislative officeJudiciaryWill be explained together.

Scope of "government"

What is the government in a broad sense?Legislative office,Judiciary,Executive branchSuch asGovernance mechanismIn a narrow senseCabinetAnd under the control of the CabinetCentral government agency(Bureaucracy) Only[4].

In Anglo-American countries, "government" refers to the entire governing body process, and when referring to institutions, it is a general term for administrative, legislative, and judicial bodies.It is common to describe the government as "administration".[5].United Kingdom,France,AmericaInPeopleRepresenting the will ofParliamentIt has been considered that the "government" includes the legislative body, the judiciary office, and the executive branch.[4].

On the other hand, after modern timesemperor OfSovereigntyWas greatGermanyIn, the authority of the administration is strong, and the government under national law (Regierung) refers only to the administration.[4][5].. The same is true for countries affected by Germany,JapanSince the Meiji era, the term "government" often refers only to the government.[5].

Legislative office

Legislative officeAnd as the name implies,legislationIt is an organization that carries out. In modern nations, it is the institution that represents the peopleParliamentIs the legislature. In Japan国会Is the only legislative body in charge of legislation.

Japanese国会 TheBicameral systemAnd every four yearselectionorDissolution general electionOf all 465 seatsHouse of RepresentativesAnd a total of 6 seats by the members with a six-year term and half elected every three years.House of CouncilorsComposed of. All men and women over the age of 18 have the right to voteGeneral electionWas implemented in all electionsVoting secretsIs guaranteed.

The Diet has the legislative power and functions to deliberate and pass or reject a bill. The House of RepresentativesTreaty,budget,Nomination of Prime MinisterTo the House of CouncilorsSuperior authorityhave.

Executive branch

Head of government ThePrime MinisterAnd in the DietMember of ParliamentFrom insidenameAfter beingEmperorAppointed by.The Prime Minister must be a member of the Diet and must have the confidence of the House of Representatives in his appointment.Prime MinisterJapanese governmentBarrelCabinet OfChiefAs,Secretary of StateAgainstAppointment rightandDismissal rightHave.Cabinet ActThe State Secretary of State is normally limited to 14 people (up to 3 if needed). In addition, there is a constraint that the majority of the Secretary of State must be composed of members of the Diet by the Constitution.[6].

According to the provisions of the Constitution of JapanUnited KingdomOriginated fromParliamentary Cabinet SystemIs adopted by the DietRight to nominate the Prime Minister,Right to resolve the distrust of the CabinetInstead of havingRight to decide to dissolveWith the advice and approval of the Cabinet, the EmperorNational actAsDisband the House of RepresentativesTo[7].

Prime Minister

2000/The successive prime ministers since (12) are shown below.

Mori2000- 2001/(13)
Junichiro Koizumi2001- 2006/(18)
Shinzo Abe2006- 2007/(19)First Cabinet
Fukuda Yasuo2007- 2008/(20)
Taro Aso2008- 2009/(21)
Yukio Hatoyama2009- 2010/(22)
Naoto Kan2010- 2011/(23)
Yoshihiko Noda2011- 2012/(24)
Shinzo Abe2012- 2020/(2nd year of Reiwa)2nd-The 4th Cabinet (the second return after the war).
Yoshii Kan2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)- 2021/(3nd year of Reiwa)
Fumio Kishida2021 (3nd year of Reiwa)- 1st-Second Cabinet

Central government agency

Cabinet Office(Financial Services Agency,Consumer Affairs Agency,Imperial Household Agency,National Police Agency-National Public Safety Commission,Fair Trade Commission
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications | Ministry of Justice | Ministry of Foreign Affairs | Ministry of Finance | Ministry of education | Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare | Ministry of Agriculture | Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry | Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism | Ministry of the Environment | Ministry of Defense


The judiciary裁判 所AndSupreme CourtandLower courtComposed of. Consists of multiple levels of courts with the Supreme Court at the top,Unconstitutional examination rightHave. in JapanAdministrative courtThere is no claim court.Judge systemWas introduced in 2009.Chief of the Supreme CourtIs based on the nomination of the CabinetEmperorIs appointed.Supreme Court JudgeIs appointed by the Cabinet and certified by the Emperor.

Local government


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