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🏛 | House of Councilors election next summer Daisuke Kajiwara, former secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, announced that he would run for the race.


Mr. Daisuke Kajiwara, former secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party Prefectural Federation, announced that he would run for the upper house next summer.

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Mr. Kajiwara from Konan City has served as the prefectural assembly for the fourth term, and in 4 he became the secretary-general of the prefectural federation.

Daisuke Kajiwara "I have decided to challenge the next House of Councilors election." Former Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party Prefectural Federation ... → Continue reading

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2018 (2018 years old)AD(Gregorian calendar)by,Normal year starting from Monday.Heisei30 years.

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Nobel Prize

*The Swedish Academy, which hosts the Nobel Prize in Literature, decided to postpone the selection in 2018 and announce it in 2019 due to the sexual harassment issues of the members.[101].

The event of fiction

  • October -The space evolution robot "Roboid" appears. (Manga"Astro boy』"Roboid winding")
  • October -"Japan Trench Earthquake" occurred.Japan TrenchThe first to appear northwestHeterodyne InubozakiLanded in Japan and attacked Tokyo. Normal weapons have no effect even when the Self-Defense Forces etc. intercept them, and they are defeated by the use of OE weapons. (Anime"Earth Defense Company Dai Guard])[102][103]
  • October -Astro Boy, at the recommendation of Dr. Uruji, replaces the electronic brain with an "adult atom". However, Dr. Uruji's identity is the international scammer und Mokal, who was trying to rob the artifacts stored in the "Neo Pyramid" in the Arabian Desert. (Cartoon "Astro Boy" "Stolen Atom Volume")
  • May-Love grows between youth robot Robio made by Haruzo Ishio and Robiet, a girl robot made by Naruta Yani. (Cartoon “Astro Boy” “Robio and Roviet”)
  • October -American spaceship "Liberty"Apollo 17SinceMoon landingFulfills theNaziAstronaut James Washington is kidnapped. (movies"Iron sky])[104]
  • October -Hero, Shiratori Utano, defends after a large-scale invasion of vertexSuwaFell. In the same month, brave man, Wakaba Nogi, defendsShikokuHevertex begins the invasion. (Illustration novel "Wakaba Nogi is a hero])[105]
  • October -Robots that open robotsBlue knightAppears. (Cartoon "Astro Boy" "Blue Knight's Wind")
  • Arcade shooting gameEsplayed] Stage.[106]
  • Shibuya scramble intersectionA large number of passers-by were turned into "vampire trees." AfterwardsTokyo Dome,TottoriSakaiminato,Chofu CityYoukai have incidents in various parts of Japan, but bothKitaroSolved by the families. (Anime"Gegege no Kitaro』The 6th period 1st episode "The day when the youkai wake up" ~)
  • Sugo Garland SF-01 debut. Sturm Zender Stil HG164 debuts immediately after debut. (Anime"New Century GPX Cyber ​​Formula])
  • With the human resistance armySky netConflict intensifies.T-800Appears.John ConnorThe resistance armySan FranciscoSucceeded in destroying Skynet Central's facility at. (movies"Terminator 4])
  • Another moon returns, and the end of the earth disaster occurs. (Book "")
  • The literal "Heisei XNUMXs". (novel"Heisei XNUMX])
  • Moon surfaceThe surrounding seaThe remains of an alien spaceship in(English editionAttacked the thread belonging to the base and the No. XNUMX survey machine, and at the same timeOregonIt was buried one kilometer underground in the forest area of ​​WoscoeNuclear fusion deviceReceived an instruction from the wreckage and detonated. Nikka Amazi, who was maneuvering the sled, came into contact with the wreckage, and then an investigation of the computer inside the recovered wreckage begins at Alphonsus base. (novel"(English edition])[107]
  • Saturn moonTitanOf Europe in search ofProbeDuring the radar mapping of the "Dauphan" orbiter, it was confirmed that there were huge groups of artificial metal structures on various parts of the surface of Titan. In addition, the landing vessel is destroyed by the mechanical life "Saber Cutter" that lives in Titan after landing, and the image at that time is transmitted. (novel"Commander of the Creator])[108][109]
  • A time when the world is dominated by six large companies that control energy, food, housing, transportation, communications, and entertainment, and there is no hunger, environmental pollution, population growth, or even war or crime. The city team's competitive sport called "rollerball" is the only outlet for humanity's fighting spirit. (movies"Roller ball])


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