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🏛 | Sotoasahikawa Town Development Plan Housing proposals to be accepted


Sotoasahikawa town development plan to accept housing proposals

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On the other hand, the policy was not to accept proposals for buildings with residential functions, such as condominiums, saying that "we do not ask for housing" because residential areas are spreading around the area.

General questions began at the Akita City Council, and questions were asked one after another about the town development plan for the Sotoasahikawa area.Private business part ... → Continue reading

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Residential areas

Residential areas(XNUMX)land,Residential landIs a form of usage classification of住宅It is common to refer to the land that is used for. The area where residential areas are gathered together is called a "residential area" or "residential area".


Residential landThe land use classification inCommercial area,Industrial areaIs another typical one, and in terms of living environment,Land use planningIt is extremely important to clarify the land use classification in order to carry out the above, and there are regulations suitable for building houses such as building height restrictions and shade restrictions.

Residential areas, like other areas,Shopping districtDue to the decline of住宅The contents and range of the construction, etc. will vary.

in JapanPrewar periodToWayside developmentByNew middle classForSuburban residential areaIs formed. Suburban residential area森林What is newly developed as a residential area such as agricultural landhousing complexOr, it may be developed as a detached house, but in the metropolitan area during Japan's high economic growth period,Built-up areaThe formation of dense areas of low-quality (wood-rental housing) land inSuburbTowards the residential areasprawlIs progressing. In the sprawl area, low-quality small-scale detached single-family homes (mini-development housing with less than 1,000 m² of land divided into residential land of less than 100 m²) and relatively good qualityPublic housingBy a major private companyCondominium-Detached housesSuburban residential area consisting ofNew Town in JapanWas being built. In addition, there is a mini-development that divides the land that was the site of the residence into a residential area and subdivides it.

The United States of AmericaThen around the big cityInterstate highwayA residential area has developed along1990 eraWhen you enterArizonaメ サ(PhoenixSuburbs)TexasArlington(DallasとFort WorthMiddle of)ColoradoAurora(DenverSuburbs)Boon barbA large-scale suburban city that has grown rapidly as a residential area[1].

In addition,The United States of America,NordicAlso majorcityThere are many planned residential areas in the suburbs of[2].

Due to the improvement of convenience of the land that was a residential areaCommercial areaThere are cases such as those that are becoming unmanned and those that are abandoned as they are due to the closure of mountains. Such as dilapidated apartmentsSlumThere are also changes.Prouit It GoLike this, an extremely slum-ized apartment house may be demolished.

Bed town - South KoreaIn1990 eraOr later,SeoulSouthern suburbsJonan City(Bundang New Town, etc.),GwacheonHas developed as a bed town.

Residential area

In Japan, in addition to residential areasNew residential area development project,Residential areaThe name of residential area is often used for maintenance promotion projects. Others are as follows.

Residential area infrastructure development project

It is necessary to promote the supply of housing and residential landThree major metropolitan areasIn areas such asHousing land development businessFor the purpose of promotingRelated public facilitiesWith regard to businesses that perform maintenance, etc., a system in which the government subsidizes is called a residential area infrastructure development project. This business system was reorganized into a residential urban infrastructure development project in 16 as a project related to areas other than the old and old implementation areas.

Residential area comprehensive maintenance business

In 16, integrated with and established a comprehensive residential area maintenance project. This is a business that comprehensively develops housing, public facilities, etc. in order to create a comfortable living environment, renew urban functions, form beautiful cityscapes, and improve dense urban areas in existing urban areas. Is.

Residential urban area comprehensive maintenance business system outlines have been established, and in the outlines, this project is positioned as a project that follows the maintenance plan and a project that does not formulate the maintenance plan.

Requirement of important maintenance district in business to perform according to maintenance plan of summary is that area of ​​important maintenance district is approximately 0.5ha or more (important supply area is generally XNUMXha or more), conforms to established requirements (wide range) There are two types of types: base development type, roadside maintenance type, dense residential area maintenance type, and seismic retrofit promotion type.

Policy for development and maintenance of residential areas

Based on (commonly known as "Large City Law"), a policy of development and maintenance established as a city plan to promote the supply of good housing and residential areas. eachPrefecturesHowever, a development policy will be created for some cities, towns and cities within the prefecture. Long-term and comprehensive to develop and maintain a good residential areaMaster planIs a system established with the amendment of the Metropolitan Law in 1990.

Classification of residential areas in Japan

Further subdivisions include:[3].. On the other hand, houses are also classified into detached houses, apartment houses, villas, etc.Detached housesGround"Apartment houseYou can also see the term "ground." There are various types of "detached houses" and "communal housing". In the case of an apartment complex, it is an apartment complex, a condominium, a company house or government building.

Excellent residential area

MoreLuxury residential areaSee. It refers to a land in a residential area that has traditionally been well-known in an area with a very favorable living environment (a large site, well-organized blocks and landscapes, vegetation and views,LandscapeEtc. are excellent and the construction quality is high, and a good neighborhood environment is formed).

Standard residential area

A land in an area centered on a house with standard site size and construction quality.

Mixed residential area

It refers to land in a residential area in which relatively small detached houses and apartments are densely located, or mainly in a residential area in which stores are mixed. Areas with this land include those in the process of transitioning from residential areas to commercial areas, those in the opposite process, and those that are "stable" in a mixed state. From the aspect of the mixed living environment, there are positive aspects such as convenience of shopping and negative aspects such as noise. In addition, the crowding of small detached houses and condominiums may be the background of disaster and crime prevention problems.

Farm village

It refers to land in a village area that is mainly a traditional farm house or in an area that does not form an urban structure.

Villa area

MoreVilla areaSee. Mainly refers to land in the region where there are houses built for summer, winter, weekends, etc. of the year mainly for the purpose of summer, winter, recreation or recreation.


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