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🏛 | XNUMX Chambers of Commerce in the prefecture request financial support from the governor


XNUMX chambers of commerce in the prefecture request the governor for financial support

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At the same time, the Chamber of Commerce handed over to Governor Satake a request for support measures for small and medium-sized enterprises working to promote the use of restaurants affected by the corona disaster, expand subsidies, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I did.

Six chambers of commerce in the prefecture requested Governor Satake to expand support for restaurants affected by the Corona disaster.Prefecture XNUMX ... → Continue reading

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Greenhouse gas

(Onshitsuko or gas,British: greenhouse gas,GHG) IsAtmosphereInSurfaceからradiationWas doneInfraredBy absorbing a part ofGreenhouse effectBringgasIs that[3].water vapor,carbon dioxide,methane,Nitrous oxide,FreonEtc. correspond to greenhouse gases[3][4][5].. recent years,atmosphereSome have increased the concentration inside,Global warmingIt is said to be the main cause of.


Kyoto ProtocolIs targeted for emission reduction inMinistry of the EnvironmentCarbon dioxide (CO) is a substance whose annual emissions are known.2), Methane (CH4),Nitrous oxide(N2O, = nitrous oxide),HydrofluorocarbonKind (HFCs),PerfluorocarbonKind (PFCs),Sulfur hexafluoride (SCIENCE FICTION6) There are 6 types.

IPCC Fourth Assessment ReportIt is estimated that carbon dioxide has the largest effect among the greenhouse gases that are artificially emitted (Causes of global warmingSee).Carbon dioxidecoal,oilConsumption,cementIt is said that it is released into the atmosphere in large quantities due to the production of[6]..Against thisSkepticismThere are some, but many are countered by scientific rationale.AlsoClimate changeIs becoming apparent all over the world,Global warmingHigh correlation is questioned as the main factor of the above, and there is concern that it will worsen. 2015,Ministry of the EnvironmentEtc. are greenhouse gas observation technologiessatellite"IBUKIFrom the observation data of2016 It was also reported that the estimated aged average concentration would exceed the risk level of climate change of 400ppm.[7].

water vaporHas a greenhouse effect and contributes the most to the greenhouse effect[8]..It also has the function of transporting heat toward outer space through evaporation and rainfall.Although the amount of artificial water vapor generated does not cause significant climate change, it is said that the above-mentioned substances trigger climate change and water vapor amplifies its warming effect.Causes of Global Warming #Influential Factors and MechanismsSee).thiswater vaporSome people argue for skepticism about climate change by capturing only part of their work (Skepticism about global warming #water vaporSee).

Global warming potential

Global warming potential(Chikyu Ondan Kakeisuu,British: global warming potential[9],GWP) Is a comparison of the 100-year strength of the greenhouse effect per concentration when various gases are released into the atmosphere, based on carbon dioxide.[10].. Redefined as "2016-year global warming potential" in the revision of the Montreal Protocol on substances that destroy the ozone layer (Montreal Protocol 10 revision) adopted in Kigali on October 15, 2016.[11].

Global warming potential according to the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures[10]
Gas nameGlobal warming potential(Reference) Enforcement Ordinance Amendment[12]Previous value
carbon dioxide11
Nitrous oxide (Nitrous oxide298310
(HFC-152)53A new
(HFC-161)12A new
(HFC-236ea)1,370A new
(HFC-236cb)1,340A new
(HFC-245fa)1,030A new
(HFC-365mfc)794A new
17,340A new
(PFC-9-1-18)7,500A new
Sulfur hexafluoride22,80023,900
Nitrogen trifluoride17,200A new

Emission status

Emissions from major countries in the world reached about 2010 billion tons in terms of carbon dioxide as of 427.[13].. As of 2010, China (23%) had the highest emissions, followed by the United States (16%), India (5.7%), Russia (5.4%), Japan (2.9%), and Brazil (2.6%). ), Germany (2.1%), Indonesia (1.9%), Canada (1.7%), Iran (1.6%).

In addition, the aggregated results of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) Secretariat, which is a subordinate organization of the United Nations,Greenhouse gas inventoryIt is published in.

Reference: 2010National Greenhouse Gas Emissions List

Greenhouse gas emissions in Japan reached a record high (2007 million tons in terms of carbon dioxide) in FY13.[14]. afterwards,Lehman shockDue to the influence of the above, emissions have fallen below the previous year's level for the second consecutive year in 2008 and 2009. 2011Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentAfter the outbreak, the power source composition changed from nuclear power to thermal power[15]As a result, emissions have exceeded the previous year's levels for the second consecutive year in 2011 and 2012.

Detailed numbers areJapan Greenhouse Gas InventoryIt is published in.This is the value officially submitted by Japan to the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (through the UNFCCC Secretariat).


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