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🏛 | Strengthening border measures All over the United States and Russia are subject to standby measures


Strengthening border measures All over the United States and Russia are subject to standby measures

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For Russia, in addition to Moscow and Primorsky Krai, the rest of the country has been added to the three-day waiting area.

The government is strengthening border measures following the spread of infection with the new mutant virus "Omicron strain" of the new corona, the United States ... → Continue reading


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Primorsky Territory

Primorsky Territory
Russian: Primorsky Krai
Primorsky Krai flagPrimorsky Krai coat of arms
Primorsky Krai flagPrimorsky Krai coat of arms
Primorsky Krai location
National anthemUnknown
Official terminologyRussian
GovernorOleg Kozhemyako
Component typeRegion
Federal districtFar East
Economic districtFar East
 - Grand total
23th in Japan
population(2018 estimate)
 - Grand total
 - Population density
 --City / local ratio
25th in Japan
12 people/km2
76.1%: 23.9%
Time zoneUTC +10 (STD: None)
Vladivostok time
ISO 3166-2: RURU-PRI

Primorsky Territory(Enka Ichiho,Примо ́рский край) IsRussian FederationMake up of 83Federal constituentsOne of theFar East RussiaLocated at the southeastern tip ofSea of ​​JapanCoastal regions (Cry).Far Eastern Federal DistrictBelongs to.The area is165,900km²And the population is about 200 million.The state capitalVladivostok..originalRussianからPrimorsky KraiAlso called.Collapse of the Soviet UnionThe subsequent population outflow is still continuing, declining at an annual rate of about 1% (1992 million in 230 → 2005 million in 202).

1938/Since then, Primorskii Cry (Primorsky means "Primorsky Krai, coastal area") has been used as an administrative body in this area.Primorye) Is an adjective form), and since Krai is a type of Russian local administrative division that is usually translated as "local", it has come to be translated as Primorsky Krai.In addition, in the wide area of ​​Far East Russia including Primorsky Krai,Russian EmpirePrimorsky Krai was located by and was its translationPrimoryeIs still sometimes used as a geographical term.


To the southeastSea of ​​JapanFacing, roughlyAmur riverThe northern limit,Ussuri RiverIs the western limit.North is Russian territoryKhabarovsk regionAnd to the westChugokuTo the southnorth koreaBorder with.EastSea of ​​JapanAcrossSakhalin(Karafuto-Kuril Islands-Habomai Islands-Shikotan Island).Also on the border with China north of central VladivostokLake khankaThere is (Lake Khanka).On the coast of the Sea of ​​JapanSikhote-Alin MountainsSoaring and rich nature remainsworld HeritageIt is registered in.74% of Primorsky Krai森林In the zone,オ オ カ ミ,Amur tiger,Amur leopard,Brown bearEtc. also inhabit.In the southern part of Primorsky KraiPyotr Great BayIs one of the largest bays in the Sea of ​​JapanNakhodka,VladivostokLarge ports such as are concentrated.

Adjacent across the seaJapanincludingEast AsiaBecause of its close relationship with the countries ofGeopoliticsIt is an area of ​​great importance and has an economic advantage in the Russian Far East.

Foreign relations

Sister municipalities/affiliated municipalities


Fishery:, Of processed marine productsFood industry,forestry,Non-ferrous metalIs the centerMachine industry,Marine transportIs also developing.

FoodIndustry accounts for more than 50% of all industries.Primorsky Krai produces 100 million tonnes of fish and shellfish annually, accounting for 15% of Russia's total.The main fish and shellfish arecrab,shrimp,squid,Octopus,Uni,Herring,Flounder,Saffron cod,Walleyeand so on.

Mining Thecoal,Fri,Tin,tungsten,lead,zinc,boron(Boron) Etc. are produced.

Agricultural ProductsAs for the climate of Primorsky Krai, the humidity is high as a whole.monsoonDue to the climate (high summer temperature and humidity), it is produced in warm regions, unlike other parts of Russia.Rice,soy,GrapeAre cultivated.


Primorsky Krai19st centuryFrom the endUkrainianMany immigrantsGreen UkraineIt was also called.CurrentlyRussianIncludingSlavic peopleIs the most common, but in recent years it has flowed in from neighboring China.Han peopleHas increased significantly.OriginallyUdege people,Nanai,OrochSuch asTungusSome Chinese have lived since the Qing territory, which is the residence of ethnic groups.Korean people(Korean) Were relocated to Central Asia during the Soviet era, but some have returned to Primorsky Krai.In addition to this, Tungusic residents were established by incorporating the language and customs of the Han Chinese.TazThere is also a group called.


Primorsky Krai has historicallyTungusIn areas where northern ethnic groups such as ancestry have been activeBohai,FriWas placed under the rule of.Also TungusicManchurianWas founded byclearHometownManchuriaIn some parts of the country, the settlement of Chinese and others was restricted.This region has a lot of fur and through this areaYamatan TradingKarafuto OfAinuBrings a lot of fur, and for QingfurIt was important as a production center of.For WesternersManchurianResidence,ManchuriaPart of (Outer Manchuria).19st centuryThe Qing dynasty's settlement regulations have been loosened.Mr. LeeHave escaped the oppression ofKorean peopleAlso settled.

1860/ToBeijing TreatyInclearToArrow warCeded for the price of mediationRussian EmpireRussia becomes the territory ofSakhalin IslandAs an administrative district including (now Sakhalin Oblast)Primorye(Primorsky Krai) was set up.1887/In May,Alexander IIIHas banned Qing dynasty land ownership in Primorsky Krai, and the number of survivors in each city has decreased.A military port in the current Primorsky Territory, which is the southern part of Primorsky KraiVladivostokWas built in RussiaThe Pacific OceanIt became an exit to.alsoSiberian RailwayIt is also the end point of Russia, and its existence as a base for expanding into Asia has become significant for Russia.Russia is further from here to Manchuria,KoreaHe expanded his power and placed Manchuria in the sphere of influence, but collided with Japan.Russo-Japanese WarIt became.

Russian RevolutionTo counterJapan OfSiberian troopsIn case ofJapanese armyOccupied the entire area in September 1918Alexander KolchakEt al.White armyMainlyProvisional All-Russian Government(Provisional All-Russian Government..Established (also known as the Coastal Republic), but the Allied intervention was unsuccessful andRed ArmyByFar East Republic TheSoviet UnionIt was annexed to (Soviet Union).In JapanGrigory MikhayovIt is said that there was a connection with.The newspaper was published in Vladivostok.Anatoly Gutman(Ah Ya Goodman.ru: Гутман, Анатолий Яковлевич) Has published a Japanese translation of the Russian newspaper "Dero, Rossi" (Дело России) in Japan since 1920 to inform Japan of the situation at that time.[3].

1938/, The Soviet Union divides Primorsky Krai and is located in the present Primorsky Territory and its westKhabarovsk regionWas installed for the first time.

Second World WarWhen the outbreak, the Korean people at that time were JapanesePeopleBecause it was, the Korean people who live in this area (""KoreanIs called) is the Soviet UnionSecretary GeneralJoseph StalinByCentral AsiaWas forced to relocate.

Cold WarVladivostok, the military port where the Pacific Fleet is located, is a civilian control zone (Closed city), And foreigners are prohibited from entering in principle.

In the governor's election held on September 2018, 9, it is assumed that there were a series of frauds such as bribes and inflated votes.Communist Party of the Russian FederationIn response to the protest, the Election Commission invalidated the election results and decided to re-election within three months.Invalidation of election results was the first time in modern Russian history[4].

Administrative division


District (area)center
(Ану ́чинский)Anuchinovillage (с. Анучино)
Dalnerechensky district (Дальнере́ченский)DalnerechenskCity (Dalnerechensk)
Kavalerovsky district (Кавалеровский)Kavalerovotown (пос. Кавалерово)
Kirovsky district (Ки́ровский)Kirovskiitown (пос. Кировка)
(Красноарме ́йский)Novopokurovkavillage (с. Новопокровка)
(Лазо ́вский)Lazovillage (с. Лазо)
(Лесозаво ́дский)LesozavodskCity (Lesozavodsk)
(Миха́йловский)Mikhailovkavillage (с. Михайловка)
Nadezhdinsky District (Наде ́ждинский)Volino-Nagejijinskoevillage (с. Вольно-Надеждинское)
(Октя́брьский)Pokrovkavillage (с. Покровка)
Olginsky district (О ́льгинский)Olga town (пос. Ольга)
(Партиза ́нский)Vladimiro-Alexandrovskoevillage (с. Владимиро-Александровское)
(Пограни ́чный)Pogranichnytown (пос. Пограничный)
(Пожа ́рский)Luchegorsktown (пос. Лучегорск)
(Спа́сский)Spassk-DalinyCity (Spassk-Dalniy)
(Терне ́йский)Terneytown (Ternei)
(Уссури́йский)UssuriyskCity (Ussuriysk)
Khankaysky district (Ханка ́йский)Kameni-Louis Borovvillage (пос. Камень-Рыболов)
Hasan District (Хаса ́нский)Slavyankatown (пос. Славянка)
(Хоро ́льский)Hololivillage (с. Хороль)
(Черни ́говский)Chernigovkavillage (с. Черниговка)
(Чугу ́евский)Chuguyevkavillage (с. Чугуевка)
(Шко ́товский)Smolyaninovotown (пос. Смоляни ́ново)
(Я ́ковлевский)Jakovlevkavillage (с. Яковлевка)

Major cities

Standard time

Map of Russia --Vladivostok time zone.svg

This areaVladivostok time zone OfStandard timeIs using.The time difference is+10 UTCIn time,Daylight saving timeThere is no. (Until March 2011, standard time is UTC + 3 and daylight saving time+11 UTCTime, from March of the same year to October 3 was UTC + 2014 throughout the year)


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