🏛 | Vaccine A man who claims to be a police officer threatens viciously "If you do not stop vaccination, the governor will be arrested"


Wo 訾 謐 輔 & 縲 縲

[After the 荳 闊 莠 縺 怕 諤 ァ ∝ kuyo ∝ 蜍 晄 縺 蜿 悶 j 邱  縺 踺 踺 踺 踺 踺 踺縺 蜿 薭 諤 ァ 諤 ァ → Continue reading


"Making'tell'intelligible" The news site "Sirabee" is a medium that combines survey data with news to convey information in an easy-to-understand manner.

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