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🏛 | Vaccination for foreigners under 2 years old continues until the end of February

Prime Minister Kishida responding to an interview with a photo reporter = Prime Minister's Office on the morning of the 11th

Vaccination for foreigners under 2 years old continues until the end of February

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He also stated that necessary measures will be taken from the perspective of humanitarian and national interests regarding border measures.

On the 11th, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has banned new foreigners from entering the country in principle as a countermeasure against the "Omicron strain" of the new coronavirus. → Continue reading

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Operation at the water's edge

Operation at the water's edge(Mizugi Wasakusen) is a strategy to destroy the landing enemies at the water's edge.

Military waterfront operations

coastalToGunLay a line,地雷,mine,Barbed wireEtc. are laid at the water's edgeBaseBuild,(I.e. OfLanding craftToShellingAdd and enemiesSoldierWhen it comes ashoreinfantry OfAssaultTo destroy the enemy with.

Especially in the military field, which can be said to be the origin of this term."inlandendurance","Endurance battle'Was treated as an antonym of.Japan,United KingdomThe land is small and manyindustryWas highly densely developedModern nationThere are many particular disadvantages to inland endurance in Japan.This is a lot of generalCitizenSacrifice,landThis is because there are many downsides such as the devastation of.For inland endurance, soldiers who take advantage of the land of their own country,GuerrillaAlthough it has the advantage of being able to effectively resist tactics and reducing the occurrence of troops at the water's edge, the doctrine of the water's edge operation has traditionally been adopted by comparing the lengths of these operations.

However,Pacific WarExtremely powerful, the largest in human historyFirepower-LogisticsHave powerU.S. ForcesFought againstJapanese armyIn, the troops deployed at the water's edge are overwhelmingly largebombing-Naval shootingAs a result, many situations were lost in the early stages of the operation.For this reason, at the end of the warBattle of Iwo Jima,Battle of OkinawaSo abandoned the tradition of border operations and turned to inland endurance, resulting in many US troops with effective resistance.BlowSucceeded in stalling for a long time.[1]

For this reasonPolice reserveFrom the early daysSoviet Union ArmyThe mainVirtual enemyAndJapan Ground Self-Defense ForceBy "Annual Defense and Security Plan"HokkaidoToinvasion officialSoviet Far Eastern MilitaryTheIshikari Plain,OtoineppuPassInland endurance type that attracts the Soviet invasion as much as possible and endures the support of the U.S. militaryTacticsWas taken.

But the aim of the Soviet army isTsugaru StraitとSoya Strait OfSafeSailingFrom the assumption that1985/(Showa60) Formulated in SeptemberMedium-term defense capability development planAtJapan Ground Self-Defense ForceChanged the conventional policy and changed the tactics to the offshore waterfront defeat type.Equipment is also longRange OfGround-to-ship guided missile,Multiple rocket system,Ground-to-air self-propelled gun,Anti-tank helicopterThe maintenance of the equipment is emphasized, and the introduction of these expensive equipment is expensive.budgetWas thrown.[2]

During the Soviet invasion of HokkaidoJapan Air Self-Defense Force TheChitose base OfFighter unitAllHonshu OfMisawa Air Base,Hyakuri Base,Komatsu BaseI was supposed to evacuate to.JMSDFIs all four escortsUS Navy7th fleet OfescortIt was supposed to ensure the safety of the navigation of the US troops dispatched as reinforcements to the Ground Self-Defense Force, which was forced to endure the lonely struggle in Hokkaido.

Border operations in government offices

For border operations outside of military terms,Municipalities OfWelfare office HealthUp·EconomyFor the above reasons, etc.Welfare ActbyWelfareFor those in need of living who wish to receive the benefits, the staff in charge (commonly known as "Chief of the gateHowever, the application documents will not be delivered or accepted for various reasons, including falsehoods, in which unbearable words and deeds are lined up and the applicant is cursed.Welfare issues) OrJapanese policeIn particular, police officers from the Regional Division, Life Safety Division, etc. have asked crime victims who are trying to file a complaint or damage report for damage.Civil non-interventionThe so-called "", which gives a plausible reason, does not accept the damage report or complaint, and threatens the victim who has a questioning and protesting attitude.PrepaidThe work attitude of reducing the population parameter by "" is "Operation at the water's edge"WhenMedia,LawyerMay be called by.

Border operations in public health

Outbreak of new species year by year,trendIs confirmedHXNUMXNXNUMX influenzaOr, it occurs suddenly and causes social unrest in each country.Ebola,SARS such asInfectionMeasures,public healthIn the country's public health agency,sickSince the outbreak in Japan, prevention治療Instead of doingHarbor-空港AtquarantineReinforcement of infected peopleisolationEmphasis on prompt response and initial response at the initial stage, such as, may be referred to as "waterfront operation" in the relevant government agency or the media.

JapanThen,2009 pandemic influenza pandemicSo from the world to JapanH1N1 subtypeTo prevent being brought inMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareCarried out a waterfront operation, but there was no point in preventing the epidemic.

Border strategy in learning

Students take daily regular exams at school, or entrance exams for admission to higher school as a longer-term goal. All other exams, especially one subject, no matter how high the score is. If you have a failing score or a red score, you cannot eliminate the risk of failing even if you reduce the study time of your favorite subject that will surely give you a high score in the event of a repeat year or a failure. In addition to student language (although it is rarely used in recent years), school teachers have a policy of spending time studying subjects evenly (military force in the case of military) in order to avoid the worst situation. And cram school teachers sometimes describe it as a waterfront operation.

Actually, this is the closest to the definition of military border operations, which is the etymology of the term, and even in the case of "I did not have a very difficult question in a subject I am not good at", learning time is lost and the same waste as "military soldiers" occurs The point is also similar to the military.


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  2. ^ About medium-term defense capability development plan (Medium-term defense capability development plan September 60, 18 National Security Council decision and Cabinet decision Viewed May 2017, 5 from the Ministry of Defense website)

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