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🏛 | "I can see the scenery of the mountaintop" LDP Secretary General Motegi's motivation to post Kishida


"I can see the scenery of the mountaintop." LDP Secretary General Motegi's motivation for post Kishida

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He also said, "I think it can be passed in the current Diet session" regarding a resolution condemning human rights violations in the Uygur Autonomous Region by the Chinese government, which was not submitted to the extraordinary Diet session.

Secretary General Motegi of the Liberal Democratic Party appeared on BS Fuji "Prime News" on the 18th, and compared his future to mountain climbing, "Mountain ... → Continue reading

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Parliamentary resolution

Parliamentary resolution(Kokkaiketsu) isLegislative office National politics[Avoid ambiguity]Issue regarding matters deemed necessaryresolutionIt is a general term and a common name for.


The parliamentary bodydecreeWith or without the above grounds, it is possible to express and express intentions on certain issues, and the format generally used in that case is the resolution.[1][2].

In Japan,Legislative officeIsHouse of RepresentativesOrHouse of CouncilorsIssued on matters deemed necessary in national affairsresolutionIt is a general term and a common name for.The resolution isdecreeSome legal effect is recognized for those with the above grounds, but otherwise it is merely a de facto political effect.[3]. Japanese国会By the House of RepresentativesCabinet no confidence resolution(Article 69 of the Constitution of JapanNo legal effect other than)[2](In addition,Dismissal resolutionAlthough there are some, it is related to the internal organization based on the autonomy of the House of Representatives, and its nature is different from the resolution as an external expression of intention / statement of intention).

Ichiro AsanoIn his book, the former Commissioner General of the Legal Affairs Bureau of the House of Councilors said, "Even if there is a resolution of the parliament that is not legally binding,Article 66 of the Constitution of JapanSince the Cabinet is jointly responsible to the Diet for exercising administrative authority, the resolutions of each House are politically and morally binding on the Cabinet. "[4]. Also1970/May 6ToHideo SanadaAt the House of Representatives Commerce and Industry Committee, the Chief of the Cabinet Legislation Bureau said, "If you want to detain the government according to the resolution, you will have to enact a law." It is also possible to do it. "[4]..NormallyUnanimousWill be resolved inNo war resolutionIn some cases, the resolution is only in favor of the majority.

As a procedure, both the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors or one house vote individually.Legal caseSince it is not a form in which the same proposal is voted in the latter chamber after the resolution of the first chamber, even if both houses pass the same resolution word for word, it is ".Both Houses voted in agreementThere is no legal provision or basis that it is a unified "resolution of the Diet".

In the interpretation of legislative terms, "Diet resolution (resolution)"When"A unanimous resolution of both Houses (resolution)Is a different concept, and in that sense, there is no strict resolution of the parliament.Regarding the resolutions stipulated in the Constitution, such as the nomination of the prime minister and the establishment of budgets and treaties, there is a provision that "the resolution of the House of Representatives shall be the resolution of the Diet", so there is a "resolution of the Diet", but both houses or one houseArbitrary content resolutionThere is no provision to make "a resolution of the Diet".

On the other hand, resolutions of any content (including those of only one house) must be resolutions made in the Diet, so it is necessary to refer to the strict distinction of "integrated resolution of the Diet". It is not a mistake to express "a resolution of the Diet" in the sense of "a resolution made at the Diet" in a situation where it is not.政府Document by[5]However, there is an example in which the expression "resolution of the Diet" is used.also,Member of ParliamentOther speeches / remarks,MediaIt is also widely used in the media.


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Human rights violation

Human rights violation(Jinkenjurin) orHuman rights violationsWhat is (kenken)National power(Especially"Public authorityExerciseAdministrative body)ButConstitutionGuarantee ofBasic human rightsIs a term that refers to infringing (modern)jurisprudenceDefinition of the course. "# Human rights violations in lectures)). In addition, as a human being, face actors, bosses, employers, media, etc.Weak positionIs also used to illegally violate the human rights of people in# Human rights violations in humans)).

In the field of lawAdministrative agencyThe term "human rights violations" is often used in.As a general term, it is said that the term "human rights violations" is used.[1][2].

History and overview

Human rights abuses are a diverse concept. Historically,中 世からModern OfAbsoluteismUnder the power of the state such as the kingGovernanceIndividual (by control)human rightsThere is a history of writing texts for the purpose of not recognizing the restrictions of.The oldest enacted text isUnited Kingdom(England)ofMagna Carta[3](1215/).Moreover, in England17st century OfCivil revolutionafter,Petition for rights,Bill of RightsEtc. are provided,kingArbitrary byTaxationOr unfairArrestEfforts have been made to eliminate such "human rights violations". As a representative thinker who became that theoretical pillar,Hobbs,LockCan be mentioned.A compilation of these ideasFrance OfRousseauIt is,French Revolution(1789--1799) andJapan OfMeiji Era OfFreedom Civil Rights MovementIt also had a great influence on (1874-around 1883).[4]

But,中 世-ModernThe concept of human rights violations up toCapitalistclass(Bourgeoisie) Was limited to infringement of private property owned by (such as arbitrary taxation) and infringement of liberty, that is, personal freedom (such as unjust arrest by the king).And laissez-faire under such a concept of human rights (Lesse FehrAs a result, the social and economic hierarchy and class culture have advanced, and the lives of individuals in the lower classes have deteriorated significantly. From this reflection,World War IAfterGermanyEstablished byWeimar Constitution(German Constitution, 1919) for the first time as a basic human rightRight to lifeSuch asSocial rightsGuarantee was stipulated. However, in 1933HitlerWas established after the birth of the administrationPlenipotentiation ActThe legislation such as the (authorization law) makes the Weimar Constitution a mere form, and is the ultimate violation of human rights.genocideIt led to.

Second World WarLater enactedThe Constitution of Japan(1947) is extensive based on this history.Human rights regulationHas been set. Human rights violations mean these varioushuman rightsIs violated.

The following sections describe "human rights violations" (or "human rights violations") in the modern sense.

Human rights violations in lectures

現代 のjurisprudenceAccording to the academic definition ofHuman rights violationsIs guaranteed by the Constitutionhuman rightsIt means that the nation infringes.For example, depriving an individual of liberty or punishing him without good reason or procedure.In particular,Due processGuarantee of (Article 31 of the Constitution of Japan),Warrantism(Article 33) Deprives individuals of their freedomOther arrestThere is a view that there are many views that are human rights violations.[5].

However, in JapanSupreme CourtThere are very few cases in which the exercise of public power by state power is unconstitutional (Unconstitutional examination standards,Obvious and present dangerEtc.).From this, it is said that the Japanese judiciary, in principle, takes a judicial reluctance principle and emphasizes the humility of the judiciary.

Recently,Right to control personal informationFrom the rise of new human rights awareness such asPoliciesThere is also a view that it is a "human rights violation" that the personal information belonging to the above is held by an administrative agency without a legitimate purpose or is not properly managed.In response to thisLaw Concerning Protection of Personal Information Held by Administrative OrgansHas been enacted, and sloppy management of personal information has come to be seen as a violation of human rights (or illegal acts).

Human rights violations as a human

"Human rights violations" and "human rights violations" used in a general sense often refer to this problem.

Constitutional provisions are in place to protect the activities of private individuals from the interference of state power. And in general, with regard to personal relationships, we eliminated interference by the statePrinciples of private autonomyIt has been entrusted to (laissez-faire).However, as a result, even private human beings have different relationships (for example, huge) than those between equal individuals.CompanyWorker-consumerAndprivate schoolStudentEtc.) has occurred. Due to such a rule-dependent relationship between the socially and economically strong and weak,Social rights,Labor right,Right to lifeNew human rights such asSecond World WarIt was also established in detail in the Constitution of Japan that was enacted later.

However, the provisions of the Constitution of Japan are generallyAbstract right"Or"Program rulesIt is believed that it is, and it is not a general view that the constitutional provisions are regarded as concrete rights. That is, define specific rightslawIs generally construed as not being conferred a specific right to an individual unless it is enacted. As an inside out, Japan裁判 所When making a legal decision on whether a person is a “human rights violation”,Principles of private autonomy-Freedom of contractIn consideration of the above, it is only necessary to consider the purpose of the Constitution in the interpretation and application of specific general provisions of the lawMy human potencyreference).

Examples of human rights violations by private persons

Here are some specific examples listed for human rights abuses.

Article 28 of the Constitution of JapanThe so-calledLabor rightAs a rule embodying (Basic Labor Rights),Labor Standards Act,Labor union law,Labor Relations Adjustment ActThe so-calledThree labor lawsThere is. Violate these lawsUnfair labor practices(Article 7 of the Trade Union Law) and so-calledService overtime(Violation of Article 37 of the Labor Standards Act) is this kind of "human rights violation", and each law andLabor Tribunal LawSuch asSpecial lawIn addition,Civil law-Civil Procedure CodeSuch asGeneral lawHowever, for each "human rights violation"PenaltiesAnd remedies are stipulated.

さ ら に,20st centuryFrom the end21st centuryIn Japan over the past, in the home where there was not much interference under the legal saying "The law does not enter the home"AbuseEtc. are being regulated by law.In particular,DV prevention law(2001 years),Elderly Abuse Prevention Law(2006) has been newly established. The fact that such laws have been enacted one after another recentlyDomestic violence,Elderly abuseIt can be said that the abuse of the vulnerable in the home is also a manifestation of the fact that Japanese society has come to regard it as "human rights violations in the legal sense".

Diverse views on human rights abuses and discrimination

However, seeing as a "social vulnerable person" with the disadvantages of being in a particular attribute fixes that particular attribute as being in a "low" position.DiscriminationView that it is a positive view and preferential treatment for "socially vulnerable people" (Affirmative Action) Is for those who are considered "social strong"Reverse discriminationThere is also a view that[6].. In this way, the problem of "human rights violations" in personal life isEqual rights(Article 14 of the Constitution of Japan) AndRight to pursue happiness(Article 13) Etc., and extremely diverse views are in conflict.[7]..Details will be given to each item and specialized books.

Human rights violations on an equal basis

"Human rights violations" are not a direct problem among equal private human beings.This is because each private person is a person who enjoys human rights independently.Whether or not there is so-called "human rights violations", that is, illegality in the legal sense in consideration of the purpose of the Constitution, in such equal private human beings is the interpretation and application of the general provisions of the specific law. In, it will be judged by relatively weighing the respective interests under the specific circumstances between the two parties (My human potency(See also indirect application theory).

Media and human rights abuses

Human rights violations by mass media

Traditionally, sending large amounts of information to the massesMass communicationIs a traditionalMass media(tv set,News (Chinese),radio,PublicationSuch asNews agency), it had to be a one-way distribution. By separating the mass media, which is the "sender of information," and the masses (general individuals) who are the "receivers of information,"Freedom of expression(Freedom of the press) Was unevenly distributed. For this reason, the mass media that is the "strong man" as an artist,Freedom of expression(Freedom of the press) Is fully exercised by theRight of privacy,Moral rightsInfringement of human rights has become a problem. As a typical example,Media damage,Media scrumAnd so on (Press damage #Freedom of press and human rights abusesreference). On the other hand, the media have come to a certain extent to prevent the exercise of human rights of excessive coverage by "self-regulation".

Human rights violations in the information society

1990/From around the generationInformation societyWith the rapid development ofPC communication,インターネットFor example, a place where individuals can easily express themselves (new interactive "Mass media)) for "mass communication"[8]Has expanded rapidly.Along with this, if an individual wishes, he / she can easily and inexpensively express his / her thoughts and opinions to the masses.Such expression activitiesFreedom of expression(Freedom of speech,Article 21 of the Constitution of JapanIt belongs to the category of 1). On the other hand, through such expressive activities,PoliciesThe "human rights" of others (each ""Right of privacy"Moral rights) Has come to conflict with matters belonging to the category.

And privacy violations on personal computer communication and the InternetLibelFor such things, one after anotherLawsuitHas been awakened[9]..The court's judgment framework can be summarized as follows.In other words, it is extremely difficult to recover the right to privacy once it is disclosed and infringed, so it is easy to justify disclosure against the will of others in the name of freedom of expression. There is no.However, even if the honor and personality rights of equal private human beings are infringed by speech such as insulting remarks, they can be recovered by subsequent expression activities (counter-arguments, etc.).Therefore, we make careful legal judgments after weighing the equal human rights of "freedom of expression" and "personal rights" as equal private human rights under individual and specific circumstances (etc.). Value and profit balance).

In addition, プ ロ バ イ ダ ーGayawebIn 2001, the server installer, etc., aimed to promptly and appropriately respond to the infringement of the human rights (rights and interests) of others that occur in the distribution of information on the Internet.Provider Liability Limitation LawHas been enacted.See this item and external links for more information.

Remedies for human rights abuses

The following systems are available. See each item for details.

  1. Human rights violations by national power (administrative body)
  2. Human rights violations in private humans


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  5. ^ BritannicaAccording to the views raised in the encyclopedia. However, the actualinvestigationOften used inOther arrestWhether or not the human rights are violated, and the limits in the case of non-human rights violations, the legal scholars and practitioners (Prosecutor,judge,LawyerEtc.) The views are widely divided. As a referenceInvestigation # ReferencesSee also
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