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🏛 | Governor "It is necessary to hit like a" vaccine shower "" Mie Prefecture will open a mass inoculation venue by promoting the third inoculation


Governor "It is necessary to hit like a" vaccine shower "" Mie Prefecture will open a mass inoculation venue by promoting the third inoculation

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This is an account for "Tokai Television Broadcasting" (Fuji Television series) news.

Mie Prefecture will open a mass inoculation venue to encourage the "third inoculation" of the new corona vaccine.At first glance, Governor of Mie: "... → Continue reading

 Tokai TV

"Tokai TV Broadcasting" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Aichi, Gifu and Mie prefectures.

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Fuji TV series

Fuji TV seriesWhat is (Fuji TV Keiretsu)?Fuji TelevisionTheKey stationToBroadcaster Ofnetwork.


There are two networks in the Fuji TV series.one Fuji News Network(Fuji News Network, FNN), and the other isFuji network(Fuji Network System, FNS).The former isNEWSThe latter aims to supply programs, and the latter to supply other broadcast programs.

All member stations are TV-only, and become FNN / FNS affiliated stationsLatteThere is no station[1].

List of Fuji TV series

Terrestrial wave

Satellite broadcasting


[How to use footnotes]
  1. ^ Incidentally,Fuji Television(CX),Tokai TV broadcasting(THK)Radio stations(RespectivelyNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.とTokai Radio Broadcast) To an affiliated company.In stations that had an affiliated relationship in the pastKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(in factNETseriesCross net.At that time, ANN and FNN / FNS as an organization were not established)Sapporo TV Broadcasting(NTV seriesCross net with.Fuji TV series is not a member of FNN.The radio division was spun off after the unification of Nippon Television Network System) was also operated as a latte.

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Tokai TV broadcasting

Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.(Tokai TV Hosou,British: Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) IsChukyo wide areaTheBroadcast target areaToTelevision broadcastingDoing businessSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.


FNN,FNSTo joinFuji TV seriesAt the station, the Nagoya master stationcallsign TheJOFX-DTV.Physical channel Of 21 ch (Antenna power 3kW / ERP 34kW)Fuji Television Network, IncSame asRemote control key IDIs the only Fuji TV series "1"(Detail isLater).The English abbreviation isTHK[Note 1]However, it is rarely used and exclusivelyTokai TVIs called by the station name.

Tokai Radio BroadcastWas originally a relationship between a parent company (= Tokai Radio) and a subsidiary (= Tokai Television).The same office building was in service from September 1961, 9, and shared the program deliberation committee.Even now, part of the company building (Tokai Broadcasting Center) is shared and part of the news department is linked.[Note 2] And so on. Central Japan Broadcasting Company(CBC TV)Chukyo TV broadcasting(CTV) (Currently:Nippon TV(NNN-NNS) Was involved in the opening of the affiliated full-net station).He was the first president of the companyNobuyuki SatoIs from Tokai Television.

March 2005, 3, shares of other broadcasting stations in the name of a third partyMass media concentration exclusion principleViolation of owning beyond the limits ofMie televisionI was warned by the name of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, which is a heavy administrative punishment, because I had been to multiple broadcasting stations.In addition, it should be notedIshikawa TV (23.45%) ・Toyama TV (21.0%) has been resolved by deregulation of the investment ratio in the adjacent area (1/5 → 1/3).[5].

Tokai Radio Broadcasting Co., Ltd., which was the parent company in the past, announced on May 2005, 5.stockWas sold to Chunichi Shimbun.As a result, voting rights have dropped to 50% or less, making it an affiliated company rather than a parent company.



Capital structure

The names of companies and organizations and the titles of individuals are as of the time. Source:[6][7][8][9]

CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
1000 million yen2 million shares222
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
Tokai Radio Broadcast99 shares49.75%
Aichi15 plants07.50%
Nagoya Railway12 shares06.28%
Chunichi Shimbun10 shares05.38%
Fuji Media Holdings06 shares03.33%
Toyota05 shares02.75%
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank03 shares01.87%

Past capital structure



Rebroadcast of variety programs in the daytime from July 2009Chunichi DragonsRegarding the time difference net of the week when the war was broadcast, the aspect ratio of 16: 9 with black belts added at the top and bottom even in analog broadcastingLetter boxIt became a broadcast on.

Fuji Television Network, IncとTBS TVHas been around for a long timeMidnight animeAlsoSubtitled broadcastingHowever, in the Tokai areaCBC TVOnly had subtitles.Tokai Television used to target only reruns of its own programs as subtitles, but from October 2007, it began full-scale implementation of programs that will be broadcast in the middle of the night.Midnight animeIs no exception, and subtitles are broadcast for all late-night anime produced by Fuji TV, which began broadcasting around the same time. From the reorganization in July 2015 to the reorganization in January 7, CBC TV did not broadcast subtitles only for late-night anime, so this station was the only implementing station.

Program production

From January 2016, 4"Adult's soil dora" → "earth dora"Is broadcast on the nationwide network.Once from 1964 to March 2016Daytime band dramaIn particular, "Flower storm''Mrs. Pearl''Peony and rose』Has developed into a topic that has become a social phenomenon centered on housewives, and some of the works have also been broadcast in special editions.

There is also a live information program produced in-house, Monday-Fridayswitch!",on Sunday"Taichisan!] Is being broadcast.

Held every January, "Nagoya International Women's Marathon→ →Nagoya Women's MarathonIs also broadcast nationwide with Tokai Television as the production station.

We are producing new programs in the field of news, especially in the field of justice, "heavy door" (Nabari Poison Wine Case(Contents that approach the truth of), the first Japanese TV station裁判 所"Judge's Bento" (45th), which is closely related to the inside and the incumbent judgeGalaxy awardTV category grand prize), "Black and White" (ConfessionThe theme of the extortion problem), "Light and Shadow ~Hikariichi Mother and Child Killing Case He produces and broadcasts programs such as "The Defense Team's 300 Days" (close to the defendant's defense team, which was in a headwind at the time of the interview. The 46th Galaxy Award TV Division Excellence Award).

Yoshimoto KogyoIt is also known that the pipe with is thick, "LOL!"The Goodsun House ~ THE GOODSUN HOUSE ~"This is Kiyoshi Nishikawa!The main talent of Yoshimoto KogyoEntertainment showsIs planned and produced.All of them started as local programs only in this region, but since then, the number of internet stations has gradually increased, and in particular, "The Goodsun House" has a large number of internet stations.The show runs from April 2004 to March 4BS FujiIt was broadcast nationwide through, and it is the most well-known core station among the well-known core stations, and it is also a well-known core station close to the quasi-key station in Osaka.

Mie prefectureIndependent station-Mie televisionHas a capital relationship with Mie TelevisionProfessional baseball-Chunichi DragonsSupporting the production of war broadcast programs (Mie TV NightSee item).In addition, the program "(Uta)" produced by the same station, which was broadcast on Mie Television five times from July 2004, 7, was also broadcast on Tokai Television.The Chubu branch office of Mie Television is a facility in the Tokai Television Headquarters Annex.TelepierIt is inside.

In-house production for Tokai TV for many yearsTelevision AnimationDid not exist, but from the fiscal year ended July 2009Kansai TVCo-produced short animation withComing cat』Started broadcasting (in the Kanto areaTOKYO MXとtvkOn the net).Also, from June 2011, 6 to March 6, 2014, the company will independently use the short band program format.Midnight anime"Kayo! Chu studiesWas produced and broadcast.At the moment, there is no record of 30-minute animation production.[Note 3]

Internet status of programs produced by other stations

The special program that will be broadcast from 18:30 on Saturday will also be broadcast on Tokai TV, but it may be broadcast in a shortened version from 19:XNUMX.

"Mezamashi DoyoubiWas a jump-on broadcast from 2018:3 until March 7, but from April of the same year it shifted to full net at the same time.By the way, from 00:4 to 5:55, a variety show produced by Fuji TV and a program produced in-house (""Sukusukupon!] Etc.) was being broadcast.However, in 2013-2015 and 2017, the final broadcast of the year was simultaneously full-net.

LMetropolitan areaIn "Working Old Man Theater』Is not the only net. "The morning I got up early...Was once broadcast irregularly on Saturday mornings, etc., but from April 2011, 4, it became a simultaneous network with Fuji TV.

In October 2003Blue than indigo』Started broadcasting, so-called on Tokai TVUHF animeThere was a time when I was broadcasting irregularly.

In the past, weekday evening hours (16: 00-16: 30) were "Special Anime TheaterTitledObi programAnimated frame is provided,Three major metropolitan areasIt was the only case in the key station series of. Since changing the Sunday 2007:4 frame to a simultaneous net frame with Fuji TV in April 9"Gegege no Kitaro" (5th work)and"Dragon ball breaks], [Toriko], [Dragon ball super』Broadcast.Immediately after that, the 9:30 frame on Sunday is broadcast on Fuji TV.ONE-PIECE』Was broadcasted in-house produced programs without broadcasting, but from October 2011 it became a simultaneous net.

Long time ago"FNS Earth Special Investigation Team Diva StarWas being broadcast regularly, but since November 2007, the broadcast has been suspended.Although it may be broadcast irregularly for the purpose of filling in the blanks, the frequency of broadcasting is very low.

Remote control key ID

Digital terrestrial broadcastingRemote control key IDIs, in principle, of the key stationsFuji Television Network, Inc・ Semi-key stationKansai TVAnd many Fuji TV affiliated stations[Note 4]Is the same "2" as the analog master station of the two stations, but Tokai TV is its own analog master stationNagoya TV TowerSame as the channel of "1Is used (however, the digital master stationSeto Digital TowerPhysics 21ch is the same as Fuji TV[Note 5]).The only Fuji TV series that uses the remote control key ID "1" is Tokai TV, which had the only analog master station of 1ch in the same series.The vacant "8" is now available on commercial TV stations in the three Tokai prefectures.Gifu OfGifuhoso(Independent station) Is assigned.

Furthermore, the authorities of Fuji TV affiliated full-net stations that do not use the remote control key ID "8"Saga OfSaga tvThere are only two stations (using ID "3"), and it is also with the authorities that the remote control key ID "2" is used in the TV single station.Tottori-Shimane OfNippon Sea TV(Nippon TVseries.Mt. Hachibuseyama transmission stationThere are only two stations (1ch).In other words, these two stationsother thanAll TV stations that use the remote control key ID "1"LatteIt also means that it is a station, and even with these two stations, there is no TV station that has a remote control key ID of "2" and is unrelated to the radio station (the authorities mentioned above, Nihonkai Telecasting is a latecomer).FM San'inInvested in).

For this reason, originallyNHK General TelevisionAs a general rule, the remote control key ID of (NHK General TV) is "1However, as mentioned above, the authorities obtained the same number.NHK Nagoya Broadcasting Station-NHK Gifu Bureau-NHK Tsu BureauThe NHK general remote control key ID in is the same as the analog master channel of NHK Nagoya station (39ch for Gifu, 31ch for Tsu).3"It has become.In addition, since "1" used by NHK General Television is assigned in many areas of the country, branch numbers (011-0, 011-1 ...) are assigned when viewing in neighboring prefectures where viewing is possible. Is attached, and the position of the remote control button is "9] Etc. are allocated.By the way, at the same broadcasting station in the Chukyo wide area,TBS TVOf seriesCBC TVThe remote control key ID of is the same as the analog master channel "5Are used.

Logo eye catch

The station's logo, which uses "the number 1 surrounded by hexagons" (see the photo of the company building and Terepia above in this article), has been in use since 1965.The design is based on the theme of "eyes looking at the present age."The logo mark that was once used remains on the nameplate attached to the station building of some relay stations.The logo was designed to be slightly longer than the current "Tokai TV" typeface.

Since around April 2008, a 4-second eye catch of "50th Tokai TV" has been inserted at the beginning of some in-house produced programs (even after the end of the 5th anniversary period, the eye catch of "Now, Tokai TV!" Is still inserted. ).In principle, it is inserted locally at the start of the program for local programs, and 50 seconds before the start of the program for national online programs (set with a 5-second bansen CM).

From April 2008, 4, from the viewpoint of copyright protection, etc., on the upper right of the screen on terrestrial digital broadcasting of some Fuji TV affiliated stationsWatermarkIs now displayed, but this logo mark is now displayed as a watermark in the upper right corner of the screen even in Tokai TV's terrestrial digital broadcasting.By May 5, the same year, the size of this mark had become considerably smaller.Also, although the watermark is displayed even in 19Seg, it is considerably smaller than terrestrial digital broadcasting and in some cases it may blend in with the program being broadcast, and it is difficult to understand unless a black side panel is inserted. ..

The watermark was changed in April 2013 (it was displayed as "Switch! Tokai TV" in two lines).Furthermore, the display was changed again after January 4 (currently displayed as the mascot characters "Itchy" and "Tokai TV" of the same station).


  • October 1957 (Showa 32) --Obtained a preliminary license.
  • 1958
    • February 2-Mie PrefectureKinki Tokai BroadcastingAnd Gifu prefectureRadio tokaiEstablished as New Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (both later Tokai Radio Broadcasting).After that, it changed to the current trade name on February 2.
    • June --Opened Tokyo branch office.
    • July --Opened Osaka branch office.
    • November --Completion of the head office building (Higashi-ku, Nagoya).
    • December 12-As a private television station in the Chukyo areaCentral Japan Broadcasting Company(CBC TV) Is the second station to open.
  • 1959
  • 1961
    • April-Established Tokai Broadcasting Center.
    • August 9- Tokai Radio BroadcastThe construction of the old office building, which had been expanded for the purpose of service, is completed, and the building will be used.
  • September 1962, 37 (Showa 4)-Nagoya Broadcasting Network (Me-Tele)With the opening of the station, it will become almost a complete network station of Fuji TV.TV news also "Asahi Shimbun News''Mainichi Newspaper NewsIs discontinued, and "FNN Tokai Telenews"(Cooperation·Chunichi Shimbun,Kyodo TV news).
  • 1964
  • 1965
    • Used until now ・ Established logo mark (1 mark).
    • October-Established Tokai Service.
    • November --Gifu branch office (currently Gifu branch office), Mie branch office (currently Mie branch office), Toyohashi branch office (currently Mikawa branch office) opened.
  • October 1966, 41-Fuji TV news networkFNNJoined at the same time as the inauguration.
  • May 1967 (Showa 42)-Co., Ltd.UnimallEstablished.
  • April 1968 (Showa 43) --Tokai Broadcasting Center merged with Tokai Service.
  • 1969
    • April-Established Tokai Pack, a music publishing company.
    • October 10-Fuji TV program supply networkFNSJoined at the same time as the inauguration.
  • June 1979-Established Tokai Television Welfare Culture Corporation, a social welfare corporation.
  • August 1979, 54-Sound multiplex broadcasting started.
  • November 1988, 63-next to the Tokai TV headquarters buildingTelepierIs open.
  • September 1990-Established Tokai TV Production, a program production company.
  • 1994
    • June-Established Tokai Television International Foundation.
    • July 10-``10.8 decisive battle"broadcast.
  • November 2002-Beijing branch office opened (jointly with Fuji TV).
  • 2003
  • February 2004, 16-Completion of renovation of the head office (relocation of new office building).At the same time, analog / digital integrated master (NECMade) is in operation.
  • September 2005, 17- Aichi ExpoExhibited the pavilion "Dream Mountain" at Chunichi ShimbunCentral Japan Broadcasting Company(CBC) ・Sekisui House-Shachihata-NGK-Brother industryJoint exhibition with).
  • 2006
  • 2008
    • June 6-The Toyohashi, Gifu, and Mie branch offices under the sales bureau were promoted to branch offices (the location remains the same), and the Okazaki branch office was assigned to Mikawa (former Toyohashi) and the Yokkaichi branch office was assigned to Mie. On the other hand, some revisions were made to the organization, such as the abolition of the Shizuoka branch office.
  • 2009
    • March 3th and March 27th- Nagoya DomeHeld atChunichiOpen match with (27thOryx, 28thRakuten) Is the first Tokai TVMulti channelWe carried out professional baseball broadcast by organization.Initial press conference[10] And the broadcast time was changed.At any time during the broadcast, he was informed that he was broadcasting in a multi-channel organization.
    • Around April-The Tokai TV Award (you can get a stuffed toy with a tasuki that says "Tokai TV") will begin in the Chunichi-sponsored game.
  • 2011
  • 2016
  • February 2017, 29-Main control room (master) equipment updated.
  • March 2020, 2 (Reiwa 3nd year) ―― 27 stations in the name (4nd year of Reiwa)Chukyo TV,CBC TV,TV Aichi) And a joint distribution service for commercial broadcasters in JapanLocipo"start[11].

Company history/commemorative magazine

Tokai Television Broadcasting has published the following four volumes (as of March 4).

  • Open tomorrow(Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd., ed.) Published in 1968, p. 498.
  • Open tomorrow PART2(Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. History Compilation Committee / Compilation) Published February 1989, page 2[12].
  • 50 years history of Tokai Television Broadcasting(Edited and compiled by Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) Published in October 2009, 10 pages.
  • 60 years history of Tokai Television Broadcasting(Edited and compiled by Tokai Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) Published in October 2019, 3 pages.

Network transition

  • December 1958, 12 (Opening date)- Nippon TVRadio Tokyo (currentlyTBS TV) AndKansai TV,Yomiuri TelevisionI was receiving the program online.At this point, Fuji TV, which would later become a key station, had not yet opened.
  • March 1959, 3-With Fuji TV, which opened on this dayKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(KBC), and Kansai TV, which was connected to the Internet at the time of opening, will be connected to the 4-station network, and Fuji TV will be designated as the key station.However, the programs of other stations have not disappeared, and the programs of Nippon Television and Radio Tokyo, and Nippon Educational Television (NET TV, now, which has been online since this day)TV Asahi) Was organized in the form of including the program.At the station in OsakaAsahi Broadcasting(ABC),Every day broadcasting (MBS) also formed a program net.
  • October 1960, 2- Central Japan Broadcasting Company(CBC TV) Joins the four-company federation (currently the five-company federation), and the program of Radio Tokyo / Asahi Television Broadcasting completely shifts to the same station and disappears.Instead, the programs of NTV will shift, and the organization will be a combination of NTV, Fuji TV, and NET TV.
  • April 1962, 4-Nagoya Broadcasting Network (NBN, now Me-Tele) opens, and Nippon TV and NET TV programs disappear.After that, Fuji TV programs will be the main program, but some of the MBS production programs ("Small box of pearls] Etc.) will remain.
  • October 1964, 10- Northern KyushuDistrict net station from KBCTV West JapanChanged to (TNC).
  • October 1966, 10-Joined Fuji Television Network FNN.
  • October 1969, 10-Joined Fuji TV program supply network FNS.
  • March 1975, 3-SpeakingElimination of intestinal twist netAlong with this, MBS-produced programs will be integrated into the TBS TV series (shifted to CBC TV) and disappear.
  • October 1983, 9- TV Aichi With the opening of (TVA)Program salesTokyo channel 12 that was broadcast in the form of (→Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Program disappears.

Relay station

Digital broadcasting

As mentioned above, the only "FNN / FNS series"1It is.
  • 3 digits --- 011, 012, 013, 611 (One Seg)




Analog broadcasting

The following is the data as of July 2011, 7 when the wave stopped.

Call signJOFX-TV.


  • Nagoya TV Tower(Master station) 1ch (minus offset) 10kW- E-spoIn addition to reception problems in some areas at the time of the outbreak, in areas other than the Chukyo areaVHFIn areas where 1ch is not used, radio waves may reach and be reflected even at a distance of 1000 km depending on the situation.In addition, due to the location of the antenna on the TV tower, it was difficult for radio waves to reach the eastern and southeastern parts of Aichi prefecture even with the same output as other stations.
  • Toyohashi 56ch 100W
  • KomakiMomokadai 45ch (vertical polarization)
  • Toyota 57ch (vertical polarization)
  • Mihama 57 ch
  • Tahara 38ch (vertical polarization)



Rebroadcast outside the area

NaganoCommunication network Anan,Taifu Village Communication NetworkでRebroadcast outside the areaAre doing



In addition to the studios in the head office described below, in the case of program recording and live broadcasting that gathers a large number of viewers, the Terepia Hall next to the head office building (Telepier(Inside) may be used.


  • A Studio (approx. 85 tsubo, 3rd floor) -Used in "Switch!"
  • B Studio (approx. 85 tsubo, 3rd floor) -Used in "Taichisan!"
  • N Studio (approx. 40 tsubo, 6F) -Used mainly for news programs
  • P Studio (approx. 5 tsubo, 6F) -Used as an appearance booth and an Ana booth at N / P Studio (sub uses N Sub)


  • Coffee room studio (commonly known as) --- It was used in "Pekan TV I'm fine!" (Later "Pekan TV") when it started in 1998.Instead of a permanent studio, the coffee shop on the 1st floor of the old office building was used as a studio.

Information camera installation point

Existing installation points

Points installed in the past

Programs currently on air

In-house production / FNS affiliated nationwide network

As for the nationwide net programs produced in-house, since there is no net master installed on Tokai TV, it will be sent from the net master of Tokyo Fuji TV.[Note 7].


Sports broadcast

  • Nagoya Women's Marathon(May every year)
  • Tokai Classic(Professional golf tour, digest program broadcast at midnight before national broadcast depending on the year and tournament)
  • Baseball path - Japan seriesThe nationwide broadcast will be broadcast by Fuji TV-led production (technical aspects, real-time subtitle broadcasting, interlocking data broadcasting addition, program transmission are all in charge, and Tokai TV will be treated as production cooperation).

Special program

Tokai TV used to produce a daytime drama, and now, in addition to the drama, it produces several special programs for the national network every year. After the start of "Adult's Earth Dora", the national special program produced in-house may be broadcast in that frame during the reorganization period.

  • Sunday special frame (Sunday 16: 05-17: 20) program * HD (partial)
  • Ise ShrineGagaku(Tokai TV onlyAkafukuProvided by one company.There used to be a New Year's Day broadcast, but now it's early morning on January 1nd.

In-house production, Tokai local

Obi program
  • Itchy Oshi! (January 2018-, Monday-Sunday anytime)-Program promotion.In the past, it was broadcast as "Wandaho" → "Switch! 1".
  • FNN Tokai Telenews(Monday-Sunday anytime)
  • switch!(Monday-Friday 9:50-11:14)
  • FNN Live News days Tokai TV Local Part (Monday-Friday 11:30-11:45 / Saturday / Sunday 11:50-12:00)
  • News One(Monday-Friday 16:50-19:00[Note 9] / Saturday 17:30 --18:00[Note 10])
  • FNN Live News α Tokai TV Local Part (Monday-Thursday 23:40-Next 0:25 / Saturday 0:10-Next 0:55)

Other programs

Irregular programs
New Year special program
  • Nishikawa styleFirst dance
  • TV New Year's card (5 minutes frame in the program guide, but actually less than 3-4 minutes) --Sponsor companies / organizations (about 1 companies at a time) will be broadcast on New Year's and New Year's images.In addition to being inserted into the CM that is being broadcast during the New Year's special program, it will be broadcast independently in the early morning and late at night.

Rebroadcast frame

  • Drama One (Monday-Friday 14:45-15:45)
  • Holiday Special (holidays only)

FNS affiliated station production, time shift net

Programs without the production station notation are produced by Fuji TV.

Programs that have finished broadcasting

Tokai TV production, national online program

Tokai TV production, some regional net programs


Documentary / Travel

Tokai TV production / local broadcasting program



Living information

Documentary / Travel





TV drama

Mini show

Broadcast frame

Co-produced program

A program co-produced with Fuji TV

  • (2004) - "Caspe!』Broadcast within the frame.

A joint production program between FNS Chubu regional affiliated stations

BothNiigata General Television-Nagano Broadcasting-TV Shizuoka-Toyama TV-Ishikawa TV-Fukui TVA joint production program with.

* Once "Chunichi Shimbun TV Sunday Evening』But there was a joint production corner.

TV TOKYO program broadcast before the opening of TV Aichi

Including those from the Tokyo 12 channel era.


UHF anime broadcast on Tokai TV

Except for "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Solution," "Kyōran Kazoku Nikki," and "NEEDLESS," everything was broadcast on Kansai TV.

Other internet programs


* Persons with experience as the director of the announcement department of the organization station.


Order of joining[15].


 The first year is the year of joining the company, and the period in parentheses is the period during which the announcement was made.


Prominent employees other than announcers

Initially a general job.Later, he belonged to the club team "Tokai TV Let's Gymnastics Club (currently Kasamatsu Gymnastics Club)" operated by Tokai TV (described later).


Eyes looking at the present age (late 1960s-1970s)
"1 mark" that has been used until now (green and red coloring with blue circles in white)Roman bodyIt has been used for many years since the enactment of the "1" logo mark, which is an image of the human eye.
'90 Evolution Asson Deltars (1990)
It was a catchphrase that was adopted in the 1990s and was used only for the first year.
Ichiban ☆ I found it! (1993)
A catchphrase adopted when the 35th anniversary of the opening of the station was celebrated.
Sing, Tokai TV From this catchphrase to the start of "Yappa Ichiban!", It's almost the same as Fuji TV.
After all Ichiban! Tokai TV (1997-2007)
It is a combination of the two meanings of having the channel "No. 1" in both analog and digital broadcasting and being proud to be "No. 1" in all broadcasting stations.
Wandaho (2008-2012)
wonderful (Wonderful) Is taken from the sound when the native speaker's pronunciation is heard, and the channel number is "1" (one) Is multiplied. The meaning is "I want to provide wonderful through TV".
Tsutaru Tsunagu (50th anniversary limited catch phrase. 2008-2009)
It means to connect the "importance of the connection between people" that can only be done on TV to the future in the present age when the connection between people is weak.
Tokai TV still! (2010-2011)
Declaration of Tokai Television Principle (April 2011-August 4)
The catch phrase is "too much" and "principle", and depending on the program, it changes to a copy such as "interesting (too interesting)" or "family watching (too much family watching)".
Switch! Tokai TV (2013-2016)
The information program "switch!』I am using from.
Switch to LIVE! Tokai TV (2016-2017)
It emphasizes that live broadcasting continues from early morning to evening.
Hometown Ichiban! Tokai TV (2018-)
Adopted on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the opening of the station.Community-based and 1 channel.

Mascot character

  • Yappa-kun (1997-December 2007) & Mott-kun
    • An anime character that appears with the above catchphrase, and has a headConeheadsShe wears sharp yellow zentai. The two are brothers, Yappa is the older brother and Mott is the younger brother. Both of them look like children who haven't gone to the end of the year yet. It seems that Tokai TV is often watched on Yappa Star because it came from "Yappa Star" (it is unknown whether it is received directly or via satellite).
    • My brother, Yappa, was born in 40 as a mascot character commemorating the 1997th anniversary of the opening of Tokai Television.It was the first character created by a commercial TV station in Nagoya.Yappa's voice is Tokai TV announcer (at that time)Yumiko ImaiIs in charge.Although it is irregular mainly in the animation rebroadcast frame, a still image CM of about a few seconds of a picture of Yappa and Mott brushing their teeth was sometimes broadcast.It also appeared as a costume in mini-programs broadcast for program promotion and events sponsored by Tokai TV (Aichi Ekiden, etc.). Yappa, who was active as a character on Tokai TV for 10 years, finished his role at the end of 2007 and returned to his hometown (December 2007, 12).Chunichi SportsMore reference & citation).
  • Wandaho (January 2008-December 1)
    • As Tokai Television celebrates its 50th anniversary, a new character was born as a successor to Yappa and Mott. A mysterious creature discovered on Tokai TV on January 2008, 1.The features are a fluffy whole body and limbs that grow when needed.Based on the Tokai TV channel number "1", it changes into various forms. "Daho. Daho." Screamed in a very low voice, and the first word I learned was "Wandaho."
    • It is a character designed by members mainly from women inside and outside the company, and the name has the meaning of Tokai TV channel number "1" and "I want to deliver a little wonderful".The figure is shaped in the image of a cloud, and its pure white body contains the message that "it will return to the origin without being dyed in any color."It expresses the intention to produce a program that incorporates various personalities without being bound by one stereotype (reference & quote from Chunichi Sports on December 2007, 12).
    • In the Chunichi Dragons main game broadcast by Tokai TV, when a Chunichi player hits a home run or receives a hero interview, a Doala doll with a wandaho will be presented.
    • Retired at the end of December 2017.
  • Itchy (January 2018-)
    • Introduced from January 60, 2018, when Tokai Television celebrates its 1th anniversary[19].
    • "Fairy from a flower field in the Tokai region", age and gender unknown.It looks like a yellow bear, and features thick blue eyebrows, a tail that imitates a "1", and a paws with a "1" drawn on it.Rumor has it that he speaks Japanese, but his conversational ability is unknown.[19].
    • The yellow color of the body is the image of "a vast land," "forest," and "sunflowers blooming in the meadow," and the blue color of the eyes and eyebrows is the image of "clear sky," "spreading sea," and "pure river."The name means the channel number "1" of Tokai TV, and also includes the thoughts of "celebrating the 60th anniversary, the intention to return to the origin and take a new step" and "put the viewer first and steadily one by one". Have been[19].


List events that are becoming customary and unique.Although it is a TV station, it holds some kind of event throughout the year.

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Scandals / broadcast accidents

  • 2014/May 10From 22:41:59 to 22:52:51, the drama "Drama produced by the same station" sent from Kansai TV for 10 minutes and 52 seconds.Nice selection TAXI・ During the broadcast of "Episode 3", the screen went black and turned black, and a broadcast accident occurred in which the broadcast was interrupted for about 11 minutes.Tokai Television General Affairs Department explained that "the program could not be broadcast due to line trouble."From 23:30 on the same day, "News JAPAN"We apologize for the inconvenience caused to the viewers of" Tokai TV to apologize "(line break)" was written during the broadcast of "" An apology broadcast entitled "Apology to everyone" was broadcast.The Tokai TV homepage on that day was flooded with access after the broadcast accident, and the connection continued.[20]..In addition, "Suteki na Sen Taxi Episode 3" was rebroadcast on Tokai TV from 11:1 on November 12st.
  • 2018/May 1From 7:58:02 to 8:03:42, for 5 minutes and 40 seconds, "Mezamashi TV"as well as"Information presenter Tokudane!』Broadcast was interrupted A broadcast accident occurred. Many people could not participate in the data broadcasting of "Mezamashi Janken" (Round 4), one of the corners of "Mezamashi TV".[21].


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