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🏛 | "Death Note" that I wrote during the election. Would you like to make "Nagatacho Cruel Story" a thing of the past?

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"Death Note" that I wrote during the election. Would you like to make "Nagatacho Cruel Story" a thing of the past?

If you write the contents roughly
When asked about the current situation of gender equality in politics at the 2019 Welfare and Labor Committee, he said, "I also know that the LDP has the most challenges." ..

Takae Ito, Deputy Representative of the Democratic Party for the People, Takae Ito (Aichi electoral district) has what is called "my Death Note" ... → Continue reading

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Health and Labor Committee

Health and Labor Committee(How do you like this?)Japan Of国会,House of Representatives-House of CouncilorsInStanding Committeeone of.Diet lawIt is stipulated in Article 41, Paragraph 2, Item 7 and Article 3, Paragraph 7, Item XNUMX.


The Welfare and Labor Committee is a standing committee set up in the House of Representatives and the House of Councilors, respectively.The Welfare and Labor Committee was first established2001/(13)May 1It is the 151st Diet convened in Japan.The welfare and labor committees of the public are eachHouse rulesThe jurisdiction is determined byMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareIt covers the jurisdiction (Parliamentary Procedure Rule 92-7, Parliamentary Procedure Article 74-7).Specifically, the basics of welfare laborpolicy,社会 保障system,Medical-public health,social welfare-populationproblem,The labor,employmentAnd so on.Members of the committee are appointed by the House of Representatives (Article 42, Paragraph 1 of the Diet Act).All members are appointed by the chairman (Article 37 of the Parliamentary Procedure, Article 30 Paragraph 1 of the Parliamentary Procedure).In fact, eachParliamentary Steering CommitteeIn eachParliamentary groupThe number of members of each committee is also allocated according to the number of seats in the group, and individual personnel are carried out by each parliamentary group within the allocated number of members.The chairperson is stipulated to be appointed by mutual election of members (Article 25 of the Diet Law) or by nomination (Article 15 Paragraph 1 of the House of Representatives Regulations, Article 16 Paragraph 2 of the House of Councilors Regulations), but the latter case is the case. Most.In this case, it will be based on the assignment of the standing chairpersons to each parliamentary group and the candidates for the parliamentary group proposal, which have been discussed in advance between the parliamentary groups.If the chairman has an accident, the director will perform the duties (Article 38, Paragraph 2 of the House of Representatives Regulations, Article 31, Paragraph 3 of the House of Councilors Regulations).

The election of directors is mutual election of members (Article 38, Paragraph 2 of the House of Representatives Regulations, Article 32, Paragraph 2 of the House of Councilors Regulations), but all have been nominated by the chairperson since the first Diet session.The number of directors and the allocation of each parliamentary group are based on the criteria decided by the Parliamentary Group Steering Committee.electionIt will be reviewed when the composition of the parliamentary group changes significantly.

2001/(13) Conducted in JulyReorganization of central ministriesでMinistry of Health and Welfare,Ministry of LaborIs a committee established in response to the integration of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and has the character of integrating the former Welfare Committee and the Labor Relations Commission.

House of Representatives

  • The appointment of members in the House of RepresentativeselectionHeld at the beginning of the first convening session (Article 42 of the Diet Law and Preceding Collection of the House of Representatives Committee No. 9) or when required by amendments to the Diet Law or the rules of the House of Representatives (Preceding Collection of the House of Representatives Committee No. 10) In other cases, it will be regarded as a transfer and will be dealt with by the resignation of a member and the appointment of a substitute.
  • Many parliamentary groups are after the general election国会And every yearFall:Convened inExtraordinary DietSince the example is to review the composition of each member at the beginning of, it is at that time that the composition of the members actually changes significantly.
  • The number of parliamentary groups assigned to members is determined by the Parliamentary Steering Committee according to the ratio of the members to which they belong (Article 46 of the Diet Law and Precedent Collection No. 12 of the House of Representatives Committee).


The number of members of the House of Representatives Welfare and Labor Committee is 45 (Article 92 of the Parliamentary Procedure).One chairman and eight directors are elected or nominated.

Organization of the House of Representatives Welfare and Labor Committee
As of September 2021, 3 (11nd year of Reiwa)

Jurisdiction matters

The matters under the jurisdiction of the House of Representatives Welfare and Labor Committee are as follows (Article 92 of the Parliamentary Procedure).

  1. Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareMatters belonging to the jurisdiction of


  1. Matters concerning basic policies related to welfare and labor
  2. Matters concerning social security system, medical care, public health, social welfare and population issues
  3. Matters concerning labor relations, labor standards and employment / unemployment measures

House of Councilors


The number of members of the House of Councilors Welfare and Labor Committee is 25 (Article 74 of the House of Councilors Regulations).One chairman and five directors are elected or nominated.

Organization of the House of Councilors Welfare and Labor Committee
As of September 2021, 3 (11nd year of Reiwa)

Jurisdiction matters

The matters under the jurisdiction of the House of Councilors Welfare and Labor Committee are as follows (Article 74 of the House of Councilors Regulations).

  1. Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareMatters belonging to the jurisdiction of


  1. Matters concerning social security and labor issues

Minister of State in charge

When the committee conducts an examination or investigation, the committee asks questions to the government.Secretary of StateOrDeputy Secretary-General, Cabinet Secretariat,Deputy MinisterOrMinister of Parliament(Article 45-2 of the Parliamentary Procedure, Article 42-2 of the Parliamentary Procedure).Which Minister of State, etc. is required to attend is decided by the committee of each House in consultation with the chairman and directors.The main Ministers of State, etc. who are required to attend the Welfare and Labor Committee are as follows.

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Gender equality society

Gender equality societyWhat is (Danjokyodosan Kakushakai)?1999/(Heisei11 years)May 6Promulgation / enforcement "Basic Law for Gender Equality SocietyIn Japan, based on the basic lawSocial policyone of.The aim is "a society where both men and women can play an active role in all fields according to their motivation."[1] Is.JurisdictionCabinet OfficeThe English notation for "gender equality" is "gender equality".


The legal definition of a gender-equal society is that "men and women, as equal members of society, have the opportunity to participate in activities in all areas of society on their own initiative, so that men and women are equally political and economic. It is said to be a society in which people can enjoy the social, social and cultural benefits and should take responsibility together (Article 2 of the Basic Act for Gender Equality).

For the realization of a gender equality society2001/(13) January 1 The Minister of State for Special Missions of the Cabinet Office is appointed.Detail isMinister of Special Affairs, Cabinet Office (in charge of gender equality),Minister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office (declining birthrate and gender equality)See.at the same timeCabinet OfficeToGender Equality BureauWas established.Since then, a budget for gender equality has been allocated to each ministry and agency, and every year, trillions of yen have been allocated.budget(In addition, the total budget for FY23 for projects related to gender equality is about 6.7 trillion yen, of which 2.8 trillion yen is classified as a welfare-related budget for the elderly and people with disabilities. , It will be the budget for the business excluding it (improvement of working environment for women, etc.)[2].

Gender equality departments are set up in government offices and municipalities nationwide, and there are multiple full-time staff.Each participation-related department is entitled "Citizen's Awareness Reform" and is the 21st Century Vocational Foundation (Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareWe are encouraging "gender equality" such as "female economic independence (wage workerization)" together with gender equality groups under the government (jurisdiction).In addition, as a measure related to promoting the formation of a gender-equal society, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will play a central role in promoting the active participation of women and the elimination of disparities.Positive actionIs being implemented.

Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryThen,Tokyo Stock ExchangeFrom 2012 in collaboration withPromotion of active participation by womenThe listed company "Nadeshiko Brand" is selected and announced.The Nadeshiko brand is positioned as one of the companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange that is actively promoting the improvement of the environment for female employees and the utilization of female human resources.The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry describes "Nadeshiko brand" companies as "growth companies" in terms of "management ability to utilize diverse human resources" and "adaptability to environmental changes".[3].

Measures of the Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office

  1. Every year, we set up a gender equality week to carry out educational activities. (June 6-23 every year)
  2. Gender equality society creation meritorious personPrime MinisterGive an award.The Cabinet Office receives recommendations from the relevant ministries and agencies for examination, and the Prime Minister decides.
  3. Misleading and confusing to spread the concept of correct gender equalityGender-freeTo avoid using the term ""Prefectures-Government-designated citySuch asLocal governmentCall for thorough awareness [2].
  • As "promotion of gender equality in the media"[4],
  1. Eradication of sexual and violent expressions for children,
  2. We are promoting the spread of Internet filtering.

Initiatives at the local government level

In accordance with Article 14 of the Basic Act for Gender Equality, the purpose was to promote a gender equality society even in local governments.OrdinanceIs being formulated[5][6][7].

Efforts being discussed

Selective couple surname system

Discussions are being held on the introduction of a selective marital gender system (marital surname selection system) in Japan.

GlobalizationModern, selectiveFamily name by coupleIntroduced the systemmarriageIf you can choose not to change your surname, you will be able to expand the opportunities for women to advance into society and play an active role internationally.Gender equalityThere is a claim that it will be a big step forward (Masahiro Okuno)[8], Japan Federation of Bar Associations[9]).

Japan passportIs limited to family register surnames, and a system that does not allow you to choose a different surname is holding back women who are active across countries.[10][11], The claim,Mainichi Newspapers,AERAIs reporting.

Patent TheFamily registerGet by name[12],Ministry of educationSince the name of the recipient of the "Young Scientist Award" is the family register name, he asserts that it is a problem to mix with the maiden name in important situations where research results are recognized.AERAIs reporting[11].

2015/ OfNihon Keizai ShimbunAccording to a survey byWorking married woman77% of the respondents are in favor of a "selective surname system for married couples," which allows married couples to give their surnames before marriage if they so desire.Currently at workI'm using my maiden nameAs far as people are concerned, 83% agree.[13].

Quota system

Considering the abolition of the preferential treatment system for dependent spouses

Exemption for dependentsIt is argued that the system hinders social advancement by the intentional restraint of wages by dependent spouses (“103 million yen wall” and “150 million yen wall”).SimilarlyHealth insuranceFee ・Welfare pension premiumAs for the wages, the wages that are not obligatory to join as dependents can be suppressed (“106 million yen wall” and “130 million yen wall”).AlsoJapanese pensionThere is also a debate about the third insured person (preferential treatment for dependent spouses such as full-time housewives).

It is said that these systems create a structure in which the husband earns and the wife supports at home.

Social movement

"Kitanagoya Women's Association Gender Equality Committee" has a video of "Momotaro No Return", a story of a female version of Momotaro who changed the positions of men and women.AichiManufactured and distributed with the subsidy of[14][15].

Opposition movement group

Japan ConferenceIt is,housewifeCriticism that women are trying to get women who do not want to work by abolishing respect for their rolechildrenHe insists that he should concentrate on raising children while he is small, and is campaigning against various activities of gender equality.[16].

Comparison with the world

World Economic ForumHas released the Global Gender Gap Report, which indexes the degree of gender disparity in each country in the world, and Japan ranked 2018th out of 149 countries in 110 (2017 countries in 144). 114th in the middle)[17]..By field, the ranking was particularly low in the economic and political fields.

In the same report in 2012, it was ranked 135st out of 101 countries in the world.[18]..On the other hand, it has been pointed out that the improvement of the gender gap has hardly progressed, and that it has relatively receded in this field.[19].

In the countries where the couple is designated at the time of marriage,2012/At presentJapanOnly.

It is also argued that the couple's principle can be an obstacle to gender equality (Japan Federation of Bar Associations).[9]).

There are several other international indicators of gender equality, as of 2017 GDI (Gender Development Index) Is 55th / 164 countries, HDI (Human development index) Is 19th / 189 countries, GII (Gender inequality index) Is 22nd / 160 countries[20].


While this idea is in favor of equalizing the rights of men and women, positive improvement measures (Positive action) Is also criticized (Cabinet Office Gender Equality Bureau)[21]).

In the United States, it has been pointed out that "it may hinder free competition and impair the vitality of society and companies."[21].

Hideki Kakeya, an associate professor of system information at Tsukuba University, is no longer interested in whether or not the purpose is to increase the number of women in the field because of the quality gathered in the "Rikejo" project limited to Haruko Obokata and high school girls. Gender Equality is listed as one of the four soils where malicious research misconduct is likely to occur.Furthermore, when senior female researchers who had produced results only by their abilities before gender equality made harsh comments to Haruko Obokata, the supporters of Obokata made remarks such as "Aunt's sword" on the net. He points out that women who have only come by being given preferential treatment because they are women in gender equality are a nuisance to women who have taken seriously and produced results, saying that it is true discrimination against women.[22].


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Chapter 5 4 Why so many women's centers and women's government officials jumped to "gender check"
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