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🏛 | Due to conservative division ... Is the Kanazawa branch of the Liberal Democratic Party going to hold a party committee over the “support candidates” of the Ishikawa governor's election?


Due to conservative division ... The Kanazawa branch of the Liberal Democratic Party will be dismissed by some members of the Diet for the "support candidate" election by the governor of Ishikawa Prefecture.

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The Liberal Democratic Party Kanazawa Branch is planning to hold a party committee to decide the disposition of the members who helped Mr. Yamano instead of Mr. Feng and Mr. Yamada who were supported by the Liberal Democratic Party Prefectural Federation in the Ishikawa prefectural governor's election.

Will the House of Councilors by-elections be held without the lump of conservative division being resolved?The Liberal Democratic Party Kanazawa branch is Ishikawa ... → Continue reading

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