🏛 | Exemption from the request of the Governor of Japan or careful consideration


Elimination of requirements from the Japanese governor or careful consideration

[Kyodo News, August 8th] A new type of coronavirus, poisonous epidemic, epidemic, and the issue of the return of the bon festival, the governors of all over Japan, etc.Infected person with new increase in infection time interval 5 heaven again.Under uncompromising circumstances, the government in the central government should take the initiative to raise a sense of crisis.Governor Fukui Tatsuji Sugimoto Indicated "Return to Tokyo, Request for Return", Residents other than Tokyo, where epidemics are widespread, "Careful Judgment".Governor Ishikawa Masanori Tanimoto Calling: "Sufficient business volume and careful exploration of hopeful family members." Governor Akita Norihisa Satake 4rd day Press conference: The true character of the rebellious rebellion, but with sufficient support and epidemic prevention opinions.Governor Yamanashi Kotaro Nagasaki Emphasis: “Young family middle-aged elderly or patients with basic illness, considering the progress of hopeful ground-bonding winds.” ..This foreign return Yes Same 縣 內 Regional chief utterance Existence Difference situation.Aomori Aomori, Governor Shingo Mimura Indicated "Tomo Tomo, Relatives, Important Opportunities, Hopeful People, Warm Hearts, Responsive Persons." Soichiro Miyashita, Mayor of Mutsu City Infested land area return.In addition to this, Tomikazu Fukuda, Governor of Tochigi, displayed: "Thoughtful deceased, Japanese parents, bon festival, special existence. Lawless uniform request evasion and exemption." Yasutoshi Nishimura觀 點 發, "essential consideration".Q & A promotion personnel Fluid travel support item “Go To Travel” consistency, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe 1th display 將 Clear administration… → Continue reading

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