🏛 | Governor of Tokyo Calling Ran Bon Festival Period Escape Return


Tokyo Metropolitan Governor Hou Ran Lan Bon Festival Evacuation Return

[Kyodo Co., Ltd. 8th August] Yuriko Koike, Governor of Tokyo, May 6th, Extraordinary reporter, considering the new epidemic of coronary sickness and venom, conspicuous prevention of proliferative illnesses, and rebirth of the required citizens' Lan Bon Festival period. Giving indication "This year's special summer, phone for hope landlords or people living on a line to live together". Prime Minister Abe Akira Sannami Unclaimed uniform evasion refund, total One side or more Tokyo Taemu Local government demand evasion waiver trend, large-scale, second-order convexity. Tokyo 6th New diagnosis confirmed cases 6 people, Koike 與 聇 聇 聍 词 稱, "Tokyo Too'Go To Travel' image, the number of infected people increased," the situation in Japan and other areas are different. 她 Emphasizing "Demand-considered and protected family and family-like medical treatment system". Employment Recent epidemiological indication, “Pervasive trend of perceived aged people, possible stress of control of medical treatment”. Requesting supermarkets, etc. Priority time zones for senior citizens, submissions completed. Tokyo Metropolitan Tatego no Jo, present-day household supervised survey. Due to the epidemic warning index, it is the highest among the four categories according to the level of “epidemism” and “maintenance of medical care”, and the second serious “required strengthening”. From July 360th to today's 4rd month, among the newly increased illnesses, the most common residents were due to lack of infection, 7% of the ratio, secondly the waiting-for-customer serving diners 28%, 3% for the workplace. You are over 26.0 years old. (End) → Continue reading

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