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🏛 | Will it be “in the middle of growth strategy”? Prime Minister Kishida and WEB3.0


Will it be "in the middle of growth strategy"? Prime Minister Kishida and WEB3.0

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The Prime Minister immediately responded to this point, and the Digital Agency was instructed.

■ Liberal Democratic Party "WEB3.0 in the middle of growth strategy" __ "WEB3 \ .0 in the middle of Kishida Cabinet's growth strategy ... → Continue reading


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Digital Agency

Digital Agency(Digital butterfly,British: Digital Agency[12]) IsJapan OfAdministrative agencyOne of the.2021/(Reiwa3 years)9/1Was installed in[13][14].


デ ジ タ ルRegarding the formation of societyCabinetOffice workCabinet SecretariatHelp with thatAdministrationEstablished in the Cabinet for the purpose of prompt and focused execution of office work[15].Reconstruction Agencyalike[Annotation 3]National Administrative Organization LawIs excluded[Annotation 4], What you needDigital Agency Establishment LawStipulated in.

Country-Local administration OfITDigital transformation and DX (Digital transformation) In charge of the IT field for the purpose of promoting[16]..In addition, about 600 of the 200 employees at the time of inauguration are appointed by the private sector such as IT companies.[17].

The slogan is “Government as a Startup"[18].


2020/(2nd year of Reiwa)9/16Was established inYoshihide Suga CabinetIs the whole countrydigitalizationWas adopted as a signboard policy, and this movement was accelerated.After various discussions, the same year11/26The basic direction was set for the establishment of the Digital Agency, which will be the control tower for digitization, on September 2021, 3 (Reiwa 9).[19]..The period from the start of examination to the installation is unusually fast for a national organization.Minister of State for Digital ReformIsTakuya HiraiHe even surprised himself with "unusual speed".[20].

On May 2021, 5, six bills related to the Digital Agency[Annotation 5]Was established.

In addition, My numberIs under the jurisdiction ofMinistry of Internal Affairs and Communications,Cabinet OfficeShifted to a unified system of the Digital Agency from "Reiwa 4 years (Reiwa XNUMX years)2022/) At the end of the day, almost all the peopleMy number cardAim to spread[21].

Recruitment activities started as of December 100 in order to appoint about 2020 of the staff from the private sector.[22][23].

Functions and positioning of the Digital Agency

The digital strategy of the government so far isCabinet Office IT General Strategy OfficeHas been under the jurisdiction of the Digital Agency, but it is positioned as its evolving new organization.digitalizationAs a command tower for each ministry, in order to break down the vertical division between the ministries that is an obstacle for the purpose of prompt promotion ofbudgetIt is a plan to give the role of comprehensive coordination including recommendations, etc., as well as strong authority for planning and supervision and supervision including[21].

Regarding the digitization of the country, he said, "It does not mean simply improving the information system, bringing the procedure online, reducing the cost of the procedure, and increasing the online usage rate." "Service Design 12 Administrative service reform / business process reengineering (BPR) based on "Kajo"[24][25] Is the basic policy[26].

This means "Digital Government Execution Plan(Revised by Cabinet decision on December 2020, 2 (Reiwa 12)[27]) Emphasized at the beginning of "Using digital technology and data to create new value from the user's perspective.Digital transformation(DX) "itself, so-called digitization (digitization) that simply replaces the conventional method with digital, such as making it possible to simply perform online procedures that were performed on paper or face-to-face, as in the case of conventional digitization.Digitization), But digitalization () to build a new social infrastructure for the next era that presupposes digitalDigitalization) Is also embodied[26]..In addition, in the "Basic Policy for Reform for the Realization of a Digital Society" (Cabinet decision on December 2, 12nd year of Ordinance), "Open" is used as a method and idea for realizing digital transformation and digitalization.・ Basic principles such as "transparency" (public-private partnership through standardization and information disclosure), "quick and flexible" (the idea of ​​"giving small and growing big", forming a system that can flexibly respond to changes, agile ideas, etc.) Clarified.

Regarding "digital human resources" who are responsible for such drastic digital reforms and business reforms, we have a highly liquid human resources image that "creates an environment where excellent human resources can build their careers while going back and forth between the private sector, local governments, and governments."Career pathIn addition to drawing (so-called "revolving door method"), in the first half of 2021 (Reiwa 3), the "policy for comprehensive strengthening of security and IT human resources development in government agencies" will be revised.[21].. For general employees who do not have an IT background, we will improve and strengthen the "information system unified training" common to all ministries and agencies that the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has conducted so far, and "bridge human resources" ("highly specialized human resources" and "general" related to IT. A policy (especially assistant section chief level) has been set out to further enhance the quality and quantity of human resources who can bridge with the "administrative department".[26].

However, such reform attempts also eliminate the personality and uneven distribution of "information" and enhance its transparency and distribution. Therefore, organizations and strata that have used "information" as the source of power until now. Some pessimistic observations that resistance is inevitable[28].

Cabinet Information and Communication Policy SupervisorWill be abolished and a digital supervisor will be established[Annotation 6]..Equivalent to the administrative vice-minister of the Digital Agency, but unlike the administrative vice-minister of other ministriesSpecial occupationIs.For the first digital supervisor,Hitotsubashi UniversityEmeritus professorYoko IshikuraWas appointed[31][32].

Also, undersecretary levelCounselorThere will also be a Digital Deputy Director who falls under.

Target business

The Digital Agency is directly responsible for budget requests and procurement政府It is limited to the information system of the institution (national administrative agency), but as the supervision and supervision of the information system, not only the information system of the government agency but alsoLocal government, It is expected that the target business will be more broadly related to information systems related to public services.[21]..That is, eachMunicipalitiesBut eachOrdinanceIn contrast to the current situation where data linkage is hindered by building separate systems based onlaw・ It has been pointed out that instead of binding the system by ordinance, the system should be designed and then the laws and ordinances should be created accordingly, and the independence of autonomy and the independence of system data should be considered separately.[33].

herejudicialInformation systems in the field are also included, 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)7/17The "World's Most Advanced Digital National Creation Declaration / Public-Private Data Utilization Promotion Basic Plan", which was approved by the Cabinet,IT for court procedures, etc.As,JudiciaryAfter clearly stating the premise that we will respect the autonomous judgment inCivil actionIn addition to making the online submission of evidence of allegations in Japan an issue that should be realized as soon as possible,DetectiveRegarding the field,investigation-trialIt is said that it will start studying digitalization measures for the country, and it has made clear that it will cooperate and cooperate with the judiciary while considering independence in promoting the digitization of the whole country.[34](The United Kingdom, which is regarded as an advanced example of digitization(English edition)Also included judicial informationOne-stop serviceIt is a portal site of).

In addition, Local Government Information Systems OrganizationTheMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsIt is also said that it is the business to drastically strengthen the issuance and operation system of My Number Card in collaboration with[Annotation 7].


The internal organization of the Digital Agency is the law (Digital Agency Establishment Law), Cabinet Order (Digital Agency Organization Ordinance) And the Digital Agency Ordinance () stipulate hierarchically.It does not set up an organization (bureau, department, section) that regulates individual authority, but only sets a fixed number of executive staff, such as setting up a director-level supervisor and a section chief-level counselor.

Internal department
  • (Article 12 of the Law)
  • Chief(4 people) (Cabinet Order Article 1, Paragraph 1)
  • Counselor(4 people) (Cabinet Order Article 2, Paragraph 1)
  • Counselor(17 people) (Cabinet Order Article 3, Paragraph 1)
  • (18 people) (Rule Article 1, Paragraph 3)
Organization Chart
The organization chart of the Digital Agency is as follows.[37](As of October 2021, 9).

Organization chart of the Digital Agency 20210901.svg

Establishment of Digital Society Promotion Council, etc.

HistorySince the Basic Law for the Formation of a Digital Society was enacted as described above,Advanced Information and Communication Network Society Formation Basic Law(IT Basic Law) has been abolished[38]..Consists of all ministers, experts, etc. based on the IT Basic Law so farAdvanced Information and Communication Network Society Promotion Strategy Headquarters(IT Comprehensive Strategy Headquarters) is placed in the Cabinet[39].

New with the establishment of the Digital AgencyDigital Society Promotion Conference(Chaired by the Prime Minister and composed of all ministers, etc.) will be placed in the Digital Agency to clarify the responsibility system, and the Digital Minister will be the convener and will consist of academic experts.Digital Society Concept Conference[6] Will be held, and investigations and deliberations will be conducted toward the formulation of new priority plans.[7].

Executive staff

Executive staff excluding the three political affairs of the Digital Agency[Annotation 8] Is as follows[31][40][41].

  • Digital supervisor - Takashi Asanuma
  • Digital Deputy Director- Koichi Akaishi
  • Strategy / Organization Group Leader (General Manager)- Takehiro Tomiyasu
    • Deputy Director of Strategy / Organization Group (Deputy Director General) --Kazunori Yamamoto
  • Digital Society Common Function Group Leader (General Manager)- Masanori Kusunoki
    • Deputy Director of Digital Society Common Function Group (Deputy Director-General) --Shusaku Inudo
  • General Manager of Service Group for the People- Murakami Keisuke
    • Deputy Director of Service Group for the People (Deputy Director-General, Digital Agency, Minister's Secretariat, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Deputy Director-General, Social Security Reform Office, Cabinet Secretariat) --Hiroyuki Uchiyama
  • Ministries Business Service Group Head (General Manager)- Toshihiro Shinohara
    • Deputy Director of Business Services Group of Ministries (Deputy Director-General) --Nozomi Sugawara
    • Deputy Director of Business Services Group of Ministries (Deputy Director-General) --Chiyoshi Hayase

The Digital Agency has a group system, and the items in parentheses are official officials.


Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsCorporationOut ofLocal Government Information Systems Organization[Annotation 9]To share[42][Annotation 7].


FY2022 (Rewa 4nd year)General accountThe initial budget under the jurisdiction of the Digital Agency is 4720 yen.[11].

Parliament, Court, Board of Audit, Cabinet, Cabinet Office, Digital Agency, Reconstruction Agency, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Environment Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of DefenseGreat East Japan Earthquake Recovery Special AccountCo-management[Annotation 10]To do.


The number of staff is planned to be about 500[21]As of December 100, recruitment activities were started in order to appoint about 2020 of them from the private sector.[23]..As a result, of the approximately 600 employees at the time of inauguration, approximately 200 were appointed from the private sector.[17].

The Digital Agency's capacity stipulated in the Administrative Employee Capacity Ordinance is 411.[10]..Special service for this constant[Annotation 11]Is not included.

The budget for the FY2022 general account budget is 3, including 411 special positions and 414 general positions.[43].


BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorWe are dealing with.Colors may not be displayed properly depending on the viewing environment. ((Template: Color)

Digital redDigital GreenDigital blue[44]

WhiteDigital Primaly Black[44]

At the Digital Agencysymbol markWithout settingLogo typeOnly with logotypefontIs "Open source typeface"choose.Also, among the many open source typefaces, it was born from the challenge of eliminating characters that cannot be displayed depending on the environment. "Noto SansHas adopted[44].

The symbol colors are white and black, and it is explained that "Aiming for a diverse digital society, we embody the attitude of creating together while being involved in a cross-cutting manner, and we use simple colors."[44]..Besides, as an accent colorRGB"Digital Red", "Digital Green" and "Digital Blue" are adopted, which are adjusted by incorporating traditional Japanese colors.[44]. .

Related disputes and issues


  • notesCriticism of information dissemination using
    • 2021/5/13, Digital Agency officially in noteAccountWas opened and information transmission was started.[45][46]..The domain at the time of opening isnote.digital.go.jp(Hereafter, the old domain)[46], About this by security researchersHiromitsu Takagi TheCyber ​​Security Strategy Headquarters"Unified Standards for Information Security Measures by Government Agencies, etc."[47] In light of.go.jpPointed out that it is inappropriate to operate under the domain[48]..Also, like a normal note,robots.txtでWayback MachineとWeb fishTakagi also said, "This is the National Diet Library.CrawlerIt is illegal to eliminate up toNational Diet Library ActArticle 25-3, Paragraph 2) "[49].
    • same year8/26, Domaindigital-gov.note.jpChanged to (hereinafter, new domain)[50]..At that time, criticisms continued because the old domain was closed without taking measures such as redirecting to the new domain and notification of transfer within the old domain, and the reason for changing the domain was not explained.[51].
  • Joi ItoCriticism of the study of digital enlistment
    • 2021/8, The Japanese government is formerMIT Media LabIt was reported in each media that the final adjustment was made in the direction of appointing the director Joi Ito.[52][53]..Ito in the pastNational Police AgencyInformation Security Vision Development Committee Member[54] And a member of the General Security Measures Council[55] Has served as.However,Sex crimeProven businessmanJeffrey EpsteinWas funded by[Annotation 12]A series of criticisms of the government trying to appoint Ito[56]..The government was criticized and abandoned Ito's digital enlistment.[56], Digital Agency announced on September 9th after its establishment that Ito was appointed as one of the members of the "Digital Society Concept Conference", a conference of experts.[57].
  • Takuya HiraiCriticism of Digital Reform Minister's remarks
    • 2021 year 4 month,2020 Tokyo Olympics and ParalympicsDeveloped by the country forAppsTakuya Hirai, Digital Reform Minister, over the cost reduction of (Oripara App)Cabinet Office IT General Strategy OfficeIt is a contractor company to the executives of the same room at the meetingNEC"It's better to threaten" "I won't place an order with NEC even if I die (even after the Olympics)" "If I mess around at this Olympics, I'll dry it completely" I found out that I was instructing[58].
  • DomesticElimination of forces


Entertainment coverage by NTT presidents

Takuya HiraiHas received orders for the Olympic app twice, on October 2020nd and December 10th, 2, after he became Minister of Digital.NTTHirai is NTT's at the high-class membership restaurant "KNOX" operated by the group.Jun SawadaIn June 2021, he suspected that he had been entertained by the president.Weekly BunshunReported[63][64]..Furthermore, in June 2020, Shukan Bunshun said that Hirai's aide, Deputy Director Haruki Mukai of the IT General Strategy Office of the Cabinet Secretariat, was suspected of having been newly entertained for three consecutive months from October 10. Reported[64].

On September 2021, 09, Koichi Akaishi, Digital Deputy Director General, was disciplined for one-tenth (one month) of salary reduction for receiving excessive entertainment.[65]..Akaishi received entertainment for a total of about 12 yen, including food and drink and taxi fare, three times from September to December last year when he was the Chief of Innovation of the Cabinet Secretariat.[65].


Repeated information leaks and system malfunctions

  • Leakage of user's personal information occurred due to a system malfunction of "gBizID".It has been two years since the start of operation in March 2020, when a business operator can acquire user information of other companies' users by performing a specific operation when acquiring user information of its employees from the service. It turned out later.
  • When a person in charge of the Digital Agency sent an e-mail, he mistakenly entered the e-mail address entered in the BCC field in the TO field, and the person who received the e-mail was able to obtain the e-mail address of another person.
  • At the user support desk of the e-Gov general contact point of the e-government operated by the Digital Agency, the business operator entrusted with the operation mistakenly sent the reply email to the inquiry, and the email address of the person who made the inquiry leaked. did.
  • When a person in charge of the Digital Agency sent an e-mail to a reporter, 408 e-mail addresses to be entered in the BCC column were entered in the CC column and sent.
  • Approximately 1 million of the approximately 500 million individual vaccination records registered in the new coronavirus "Vaccination Recording System (VRS)" have been found to be incorrect or may be incorrect. did.Along with this, even if the data is corrected based on the medical examination slip, there is no function to lock it on VRS, and there is a problem that it is overwritten by incorrect data. Multiple examples of actual overwriting have also been reported on SNS.
  • It was found that there were about 3000 cases where the insured number was not displayed correctly, about 4000 cases where incorrect input was made, and about 180 million cases where the health insurance association did not register the individual number.


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