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🏛 | Governor of Saga "Doesn't fill the gap with the country" Nagasaki route maintenance method "Does it contribute to the development of Kyushu?"


Governor of Saga "Does not fill the gap with the country" Nagasaki route maintenance method "Does it contribute to the development of Kyushu?" Wide discussion

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"The country has been sticking to the assessment route through Saga Station.

About the Kyushu Shinkansen Nagasaki route Governor Yamaguchi said that not only the route that passes through Saga Station, which the country envisions, but also the "Full Shinkansen ... → Continue reading

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Saga Station

Saga Station(Sagaeki) isSagaSaga CityLocated in Ekimae Chuo XNUMX-chome,Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu)Nagasaki Main Line Ofstation.Station number TheJH08.


It is the representative station of Saga City, the location of the prefectural office of Saga Prefecture.All trains, including limited express trains, stop.

This station is on the line nameNagasaki Main LineAlthough it is a single station on the Nagasaki Main LineKubota StationStarting fromKaratsu LineAll of the trains run to this station, and it also functions as a connecting station for the Nagasaki Main Line and the Karatsu Line.Limited express trains on the Nagasaki Main Line do not stop at Kubota Station, so the Nagasaki Main Line is available via the limited express.Hizen Yamaguchi StationWhen connecting to the Karatsu line, you need to go to this station and change trains.Exception of passing branch stationTherefore, if you do not get off at this station, you do not need to pay the fare for the transit section (round trip between this station and Kubota station).

1987(ShowaUntil 62), the starting point is this stationSaga LineWas on board[3].

Current,2022(Reiwa4 years) Scheduled for autumnWest Kyushu ShinkansenThe opening of2024(6nd year of Reiwa)National Sports Festival-National disabled sports meetMaintenance projects are underway at the south and north exits of Saga Station toward the event.


  • 1891(Meiji24 years)8/20 - Kyushu Railway (first generation)Opened as a station[2].
  • 1907(40th year of Meiji)7/1 --Kyushu Railwaynationalization, National Railways (at that timeImperial Railway Agency) Station[2].
  • 1935(Showa10 years)5/25 - Saga LineIs open to Chikugo Okawa Station[3].
  • 1976(51)2/19 ――Approximately 100 due to the completion of the elevated construction mMoved to the north[2][4].Car freightAbolished the handling of[2](Nabeshima StationTransfer to[1]).
  • 1977(Showa 52) --Maintenance in front of North Exit Square[5].
  • 1986(61)11/1 - TickyAbolished the handling of[2].
  • 1987(62)3/28 --All Saga Lines are abolished[3].
  • 1987(62)4/1 - Privatization of the national railway divisionInherited by JR Kyushu[2].
  • 2002(14)10/5 - Automatic ticket gateIntroduced[6].
  • 2009(Heisei21 years)3/1 --IC cardSUGOCAStarted handling[7].
  • 2012(24)2/29 --Closed the west exit ticket gate.
  • 2016(28)10/21 --Renovated the concourse before the ticket gate.Installed digital signage "TERA Vision" etc.[8].
  • 2021(Reiwa3 years)
    • 5/10 --The construction of the Saga Station North Exit Square has been completed and the service has started.Until now, the north exit had separate entrances and exits, but it has been consolidated into one location and a scrambled intersection has been introduced.Previously, at a modified intersection, there was a problem that it took time for pedestrians to wait for a signal.With the introduction of the scrambled intersection, it has become possible to cross both north, south, east and west with a single signal change.There will be a taxi stand and pool (retention center) on the south side, and a general vehicle stand and parking lot (1 cars, 11 car for the disabled) on the north side.The square is about 1Square meterThere is also a space on the station building side that can be used for meetings.[5].
    • 6/1 --Maintenance work for South Exit Square begins[9].

Station structure

Island homeHas 2 lines on 4 sides (there is a headshunt on the outside of platform 1)Elevated stationThere is a station building and concourse under the overpass[1]..When looking down at the station from directly above, the elevated shape of the station is straight on the north side, while the curved shape on the south side is along the north side in the future along with the Shinkansen station and the Shinkansen elevated line. It is a remnant considering.In addition, there is a notch line in the Tosu direction of the No. 1 platform, but this is a remnant of the departure and arrival of the Saga line train, and although it is a part, the elevated Saga line remains.[1]..The escalator / elevator to the platform was improved, but the platform was not raised because the stepped railcars on the Karatsu line entered.This is 20 for regular trains cmThis is because a weak step is generated. In 2012, half of the platform was raised near Tosu, and the floor became brick-like, similar to Hakata Station.On the other hand, the construction work near Hizen-Yamaguchi has not been carried out as before, and the stop position of the diesel railcars on the Karatsu Line has moved to the Hizen-Yamaguchi side.It is no longer stopped in the center of the platform like before, so be careful when boarding.


2011(Heisei23 years)3In the revision, it came from Nishi-Karatsu Station as the last up train of the Karatsu Line at Platform 1.Kiha 125 type1-car train, the final limited express from Hakata Station at Platform 3SeagullCame as "No. 105"783 series5-car train ("NichirinVehicle)Overnight stayIs being done.The next morning, the Kiha 1 series at platform 125 will return to Nishi-Karatsu station as the first train going down the Karatsu line, and the 3 series at platform 783 will return as the first limited express "Kamome 100" bound for Hakata station.In addition, the first train going down the Nagasaki Main Line will be forwarded from Kanzaki Station to Platform 2.

On the premisesEkimachi 1-chome(Old:Dates) And other commercial facilitiesSaga City Tourist Information CenterHowever, the change of tenants is also intense.Ekimachi 1-chome Saga is divided into the East Building and the West Building.2004When the renovation was carried out in (16), supermarkets and other facilities moved into the West Building, but after a sports gym was once in the West Building, most of the West Building is now free space. Renovation work has been underway since February 2022.Due to the construction, the four entrances and exits of the West Building are closed as of March.Directly operated stationAndGreen Window-Automatic ticket gate(Automatic ticket gates are installed only at Nagasaki Station, Isahaya Station, Sasebo Station, and Karatsu Station, and are simple at stations that can use SUGOCA except Nishi Karatsu Station and Nagasaki Station / Isahaya Station in Nagasaki Prefecture. A ticket gate is installed).On the premises is a travel agency directly managed by JR Kyushu.JR Kyushu trip There is also a "Saga branch"Station automatic broadcastingHas been introduced.

Still moreSUGOCAabout2009It has been introduced since the service started on March 21, 3, but this station is the western end of the northern Kyushu area and can only be used in the direction of Tosu station.In addition, SUGOCA has been introduced at Karatsu Station and Nishi-Karatsu Station, which can be reached directly from this station by train on the Karatsu Line, but the use of SUGOCA is not permitted at all, including passing between Saga Station and Karatsu Station.note that2012(24)12/1SUGOCA was introduced at some stations in the Nagasaki area, but the Nagasaki area is independent of the northern Kyushu area to which this station belongs and cannot be used interchangeably.Isahaya Station).

Bus stop

Bus stoproutedirectiondestinationRemarks
1JH Nagasaki Main LineGoing downHizen Yamaguchi-Tara-Haikiaspect
Going upYoshinogari Park・ Shin-Tosu ・Tosuaspect
■Karatsu Line山 本-Onizuka-Karatsu-Nishi Karatsuaspect
2JH Nagasaki Main LineGoing downHizen Yamaguchi / Tara / Haiki area
□Limited expressSeagull""Green'
"Huis Ten Bosch'
Nagasaki-Sasebo-Huis Ten Boschaspect
3JH Nagasaki Main LineHizen Yamaguchi / Tara / Haiki areaOnly some trains in the morning and evening in both directions
Going upYoshinogari Park / Tosu area
□Limited express "Kamome"Hakata-YoshizukaaspectOnly the first train at this station
■Karatsu LineFor Ogi, Taku, Karatsu, Nishikaratsu
4JH Nagasaki Main LineGoing upYoshinogari Park / Shin-Tosu / Tosu area
□Limited express "Kamome" "Midori"
"Huis Ten Bosch"
Hakata area


Saga Station Campus Sales Co., Ltd. (Aratama)[10]Is for sale.There are no shops on the platform or inside the ticket gates, and they are sold at the stores inside the station building that exit the ticket gates.There are counter seats in the store, and you can eat on the spot.The main ekiben are as follows[11].

  • Saga specialty chirashizushi
  • Saga Mitsuse Chicken "Toritoro Bento"

Usage situation

2019(First year of Reiwa)Boardingpersonnel The12,348Is[12].. It ranks 11th as a JR Kyushu station, and is the most common station on the Nagasaki Main Line and in Saga Prefecture.

Many customers go to Fukuoka by train.Limited express train between Saga and HakataWest Japan Railway(Nishitetsu) operates between Saga and FukuokaExpress Bus"Wakusu issueIt has an advantage in terms of required time.

As a whole, the turnover of passengers at this station is large, and as for the unreserved seats of limited express trains, vacant seats are often conspicuous west of this station, but standing passengers may appear east of this station.From this station of the upbound limited express to Hakata station, there was a special case where you can board with a non-reserved limited express ticket in the vacant seats of ordinary car reserved seats except the last car.2018(30)3/16It ended with.Two tickets are set for this station and Nagasaki station (2 yen), but there is no two ticket for Sasebo station and Haustenbos station from this station.

年度Daily average
Boarding personnel[13]

Around the station

It is located on the north side of the central city of Saga City.Saga Prefectural Office-Saga Castle-Saga ShrineEtc. to the south 2 kmIs located in.

Bus route

Next to the east of the stationSaga Station Bus CenterGeneral route buses and high-speed buses depart from.There is a bus stop at the north exit of Saga Station on the north side of the station.

Incidentally,Yutaka TransportationThe night high-speed bus "Yutaka Liner" operated by Saga Station departs from the company's own "Saga" stop on the east side of the parking lot facing south of the Saga Station Bus Center (opposite the JA Kaikan in Saga Prefecture).

Next station

Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu)
JH Nagasaki Main Line
■Section rapid (only uphill) ・■ordinary
Igaya Station (JH07)- Saga Station (JH08) - Nabeshima Station
■Karatsu Line (Our Station-Kubota Station Nagasaki Main Line)
Saga Station --Nabeshima Station

The route that once existed

Japan National Railway
Saga Line
Saga Station - Higashi Saga Station


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