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🏛 | "I want to realize the reunion of my mother and sister and tie them together" Takuya Yokota stated his opinion in the House of Representatives

Photo Takuya Yokota, who makes a statement at the House of Representatives abduction issue special committee = 20th, Diet

"I want to realize a reunion of my mother and sister and tie them together." Takuya Yokota stated his opinion in the House of Representatives.

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"The goal is to return all abductees to their home countries immediately, and there can be no partial solution," he asked the government and the Diet for an early full solution.

Megumi Yokota, the younger brother of Megumi Yokota, who was abducted by North Korea at the time of her disappearance (13), and the representative of the "North Korean abduction victims' family liaison committee" ... → Continue reading

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    Immediate return


    abduction(Rachi) isIndividual Of自由Steal anotherPlaceCompulsionTake away.Take away.


    Aum ShinrikyoAbduction case byKorean WarUnder truceAbduction of Japanese people by North Korea,Korean abductionProblemMass mediaIt is a word that has come to be frequently reported by and has come to be used rapidly.

    Previously, the character "Ra" wasCommon kanjiBecause it was not included inNews (Chinese)In such cases, it was often written as "kidnapping",2010/Since the character "Ra" was added to the common kanji in the revision of (22), there is no problem in using the "Abduction" notation now.

    International lawThen, it is one of the forms of "enforced disappearance",Crime against humanityTreated as.

    In the creationStephen Kingof"Misery] Is famous.

    Kidnapping of children by parents in Japan (Abduction of real child) Is a major social problem, and condemnation recommendations have been issued by the United Nations and the European Union.

    Concrete example

    As a specific example of abduction,

    • As an object of perverted love, elementary and junior high school studentsChildren-studentTake away, or take away,Sexual violenceKilled or imprisoned for a long time after.
    • RansomFor the purposeKidnappingaction.
    • "Basic human rights" and "freedom of religion" are seriously violated by people and relatives from multiple organizations for the purpose of abandoning religion by relatives, recaptures, and forced conversions.This includes abduction by one parent.Sometimes referred to as kidnapping by one parent.The US Department of Justice, the Justice Program Office, and the Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Office have published detailed documents on this crime.Child abduction by one parent
    • Abducted the other party due to unsuccessful commercial transactionsImprisonmentAnd ask for the consent of the transaction, threaten.
    • Abduct diplomats and journalists for political reasons.Extremely politically unstable, with foreign troopsUnited NationsIt often occurs frequently in countries where the monitoring teams of the above are invaded.

    and so on.

    • When in captivitygagMay block your mouth.

    The abduction also includes the following examples.

    • By courtCustody(Custody) Was not recognized by one parentTake away the child —— In most countries, you will be punished for kidnapping.In Japan, it was not previously regarded as a crime (it was recommended by the family court), but in March 2006, the Fukuoka District Court announced that it was a crime.Fukuoka CityA lawyer man has been convicted of suspended sentence for abducting his real daughter who lives with his wife.[1].
    • International Child Abduction-Abducting White Children,Child pornographyAnd finally NetherlandsSuch asprostitutionTo the traderHuman traffickingThe technique of doing is known.AmericaThen, such an example occurs quite frequently.
    • In Latin AmericaArgentine,チリA large number of "missing persons" (desapare seeds) were born, mainly among those who were regarded as dissidents under the military government, and were called "enforced disappearances".In Argentina, during the military junta (1976-83), 1 to 3 dissidents and innocents were kidnapped and killed by the military (the military).Dirty war[2].
    • 2006/In the riceCIABut"terroristMainly from Middle Eastern countries, who saw it as a "suspect of the people involved"ImmigrationPeople(I.e.-パナマ-Eastern EuropeIn order to take "interrogation" to a secret camp in such places as an excuse, to imprison him without legal grounds, and to take a confession.tortureIt was reported that he was doing it (and there is a suspicion that many nations were involved).Amnesty InternationalThe government of the home country of the person who was released was set to investigate (in Germany and Italy, arrest warrants were issued to CIA agents involved and intelligence officers in the country who cooperated).The US government does not acknowledge that fact.

    Historical abduction

    Historically,戦 争At times, "humans" are regarded as lootLootingThere is a history of human abduction as part of.In addition, abductions have been carried out in order to improve the economic and technical capabilities of their own power, or conversely to hit the other party (eg).Sword's entranceTaken by farmers in Kyushu,MasterInGoryeoTaking Japanese boys and girls by (Korea)Korean troop dispatchTaking Korean potters and Confucian scholars inKakkon Mausoleum IncidentInChinese peopleThe robbery of Japanese boys and girls by[Source required]).Sengoku Daimyo OfSeparation lawTo "DisturbanceIn some cases, it was forbidden by calling it (abbreviated as "random"), but paradoxically, there were many such cases.

    • Among the Japanese who remained in China after the end of World War IIChinese Communist PartyByRepublic of ChinaSome were forcibly taken to war with the government or to acquire technology.[3]..Elementary school students for those who were taken[4] And teenagers, such as high school girls, were forced to support the war for several years.[3].
    • Seen in the 16th centuryKingdom of Castile(Kingdom of Spain), The priests accused the abuse and enslavement of the indigenous people (Indio) during the conquest of the Aztecs and Incas, and the treatment of the indigenous people became a problem.The Burgos law was promulgated by the colonial denunciation of the Monks of Montesinos, but it became necessary to clarify the grounds for Spain's rule over India, and King Ferdinand had him consider measures to justify the fight against the Indies.This was a "rekeliment" (notice / letter of solicitation), in which the authority of the King of Spain, the representative of the Pope, and the punishment would be imposed if the faith of Christ was not recognized.Colonists were obliged to read this document aloud when hunting for indios, accompanied by notaries.And if there was no reply from the Indio side, it was allowed to forcibly take the Indio.[5].

    Blackbird hunting in the South Pacific

    In the 19th century, the islanders of the South Pacific Islands used fraud and kidnapping.Australia,PeruSuch asPlantationWas sent to[8][9]..This is called "Black Bird (Black Bird)Blackbird) Hunting. "Blackbird refers to the nativesSlang.(English editionIt is said that a merchant shipping company and a businessman were involved.[9], Not implemented by the government of one country.Conversely, the Australian Government announced in 1901.White AustralianBased on(English editionIncluding these peopleKanakaThe expulsion caused tragedy such as family separation.[9].


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