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🏛 | Foreign Minister Hayashi needs support from North Korea Corona "I can't leave it alone"

Photo Yoshimasa Hayashi, Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Hayashi needs support for North Korean Corona "I can't leave it alone"

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Mr. Hayashi seems to have mentioned the possibility that Japan will respond in step with the United States and South Korea ahead of the Japan-US summit meeting in Tokyo on the 23rd.

Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi needs to give a lecture in Niigata City on the 22nd and consider support for North Korea, where the new coronavirus infection is spreading ... → Continue reading

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Summit meeting

Summit meeting(Shu no Kaidan,British: summit conference) IsInternational communityTo discuss important issues in each countryGovernment leaderGather and doConference-TalksThat is.Big talkOrSummit talksAlso called[2].Japan Ofprime ministerとAmerica OfPresidentTo hold this meetingJapan-US Summit MeetingCall[3][4].

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