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🏛 | Japan-India, early implementation of fighter training postponed at Corona, summit meeting

Photo Prime Minister Kishida (right) and Prime Minister Modi of India, who feed the carp in the pond of the guesthouse and smile, = Motoakasaka, Tokyo on the afternoon of the 24th

Japan-India, early implementation of fighter training postponed at Corona, summit meeting

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The two men had a face-to-face meeting following New Delhi in March.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida met with Indian Prime Minister Modi in Tokyo on the 24th.Postponed due to the spread of new coronavirus infection ... → Continue reading

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3(Sangatsu) isGregorian calendarでYearsThe ninth ofMonthThere are 31 days.Winter:とSpring:It is the border season.

JapanThen,Lunar month septemberTheYayoiCalled (Yayoi) and still todayNew yearAlso used as another name for March[Note 1].

It is a name in European languages March, March, March IsRoman mythology OfMars(Mars) May mean the month.Martius Taken from.

Ancient roman calendar(Julian calendar(Before) the first month of the year3Hits. As a remnant of adjusting the number of days in the last month of the calendar at that timeleap yearWill be adjusted in February.

September is the year11Same asDay of the weekBeginning with2Is the same as

March in Japan

JapanThen.Yayoi(Yayoi),Kagetsu(Kagetsu),Katsuki(Kagetsu),Cherry-blossom viewing (Hanamizuki),Dream moon(With dreams),Sakuratsuki(Sakurazuki),SpringThere are other names such as (Boshun).

in Japan年度Replacement (mainlyfiscal year,school year) Is famous as the time. Through the moonGraduation ceremony,farewell partyIs held, and it is also the time to meet and part. Also,spring vacationAt the end of the current month,Personnel changeAnd many schools, companies, government offices, etc. become busy due to moving, transition work, and beginning of new life.


  • Kagetsu (Kagetsu)
  • Kishun (seasonal spring)
  • Kurenoharu (late spring)
  • Kenshinzuki (Kentatsutsuki)
  • Sakurazuki (Sakuratsuki)
  • Sahanasakitsuki (Sakitsuki Hayahana)
  • Sangetsu (silk moth)
  • Shukugetsu (Yukugetsu)
  • Togetsu (Momotsuki)
  • Hanamizuki (Hanamitsuki)
  • Haru is clinging (Spring Moon)
  • Banshun (late spring)
  • Hiinatsuki (Hinatsuki)
  • Yayoi (Yayoi)
  • Yume Mizuki (Dream Moon)

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  1. ^ The origin of Yayoi is predominantly the theory that the moon "Kikusai and Ohizuki", which is overgrown with vegetation, is clogged up and becomes "Yayohi", and there is no particular objection to this.


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