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🏛 | Supplementary budget proposal Enters deliberation from today


Supplementary budget bill entered into deliberation from today

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At the plenary session and the budget committee, it is expected that discussions will be held on the increase in defense costs promised by the Prime Minister at the Japan-US summit meeting and the sinking accident of a tourist boat off the Shiretoko Peninsula. You have to improve your attitude. "

From the 25th, the Diet will begin deliberations on a supplementary budget that includes measures to counter the rise in crude oil prices.Now that we have reached the end of the game ... → Continue reading


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Summit meeting

Summit meeting(Shu no Kaidan,British: summit conference) IsInternational communityTo discuss important issues in each countryGovernment leaderGather and doConference-TalksThat is.Big talkOrSummit talksAlso called[2].Japan Ofprime ministerとAmerica OfPresidentTo hold this meetingJapan-US Summit MeetingCall[3][4].

Historical summit


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Budget Committee

Budget Committee(Yosan is good)Japan OfHouse of Representatives,House of CouncilorsInStanding Committeeone of.


The matters under the jurisdiction of the Budget Committee are simply "budgetIs only defined (House of Representatives rulesArticle 92, House of Councilors Regulations Article 74).CabinetSubmitBudget proposalThe basic role is to deliberate on the budget, but the budget supports the national policy for one year from the financial aspect, and the preparation of the budget and the execution of the budget are under the responsibility of the Cabinet. ((Article 73 of the Constitution of Japan), Not limited to the contents of the budget, the Cabinet, which is the executing agency of the budgetpolicyThe policy, the response of each administrative department, and the qualifications of ministers will be questioned, and as a result, the Budget Committee will discuss all important matters of national affairs.In fact, problems may be highlighted in these matters through the deliberation of the Budget Committee.On the other hand, apart from procedures such as subcommittees and commissioned examinations (described later), there is almost no discussion in a series of budget deliberations to individually examine the policies and budgets of each ministry and government agency.For this reason, there is a deep-rooted debate that deliberation on budget content should be enhanced.[1][2].

The budget committeeMain Convention,Party debateAlong with, it is widely recognized as the "flower shape" of the Diet deliberations.[1],TV relayAnd there are many opportunities for online distribution.All to discuss budget proposalsMinisterIf attended, all other committees will not open at the same time.In addition, the chairperson is generally regarded as a ministerial post, and it is common to allocate experienced ministers.MinisterSeatMinister of FinanceIs fixed to sit next to the Prime Minister,Yukio Hatoyama Cabinet,Noda remodeling cabinetThen.Deputy Prime MinisterBecause the Deputy Prime Minister was not the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Finance will sit next to the Deputy Prime Minister (Prime Minister → Deputy Prime Minister → Minister of Finance).Also,Reorganization of central ministriesLaterChief Cabinet SecretaryIs often behind the Prime Minister.

Generally, it is held intensively as a deliberation of this budget from January to March in the first half of the Diet session.In addition, in addition to cases where a vote on the supplementary budget, etc. is required, it may be held under the name of "survey on the status of budget execution" even when it is not necessary to pass the budget vote.

In the local council, general questions correspond to this.

Budget deliberation flow

The flow of this budget deliberation is basically as follows.

Since the House of Representatives has the right to vote ahead of the budget, the budget proposal is firstOrdinary DietFrom the Cabinet on the day of the convocationHouse of RepresentativesSubmitted to and referred to the Budget Committee.At the plenary sessionPrime Minister OfPolicy statementAt the time ofMinister of FinanceGives a financial speech and explains the budget in the speech.At the committee, the Minister of Finance explained the purpose,Vice Minister of FinanceWill give supplementary explanations respectively.

And all the ministers attended for about 2-3 days,Basic questionIs done.In this case, until the questions of each parliamentary group are completed.NHKThen.NHK General Televisionas well as the NHK Radio First BroadcastAt, all regular programs except disaster reports were stopped.Diet broadcastIs broadcast with priority[3],versusOppositionInfluential lawmakers often ask questions.All ministers, including the prime minister, and the ruling and opposition parties face each other directly and engage in daily debates.国会It has a flower shape.

After that, by the committeeGeneral Q & AContinues for about 2 weeks, but during that time (about once or twice a week), sometimesPoliticsRegarding issuesIntensive deliberationQuestions and answers will be held in the presence of the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister in charge.Furthermore, local hearing[4], And a central hearing required by Article 51, Paragraph 2 of the Diet Act will also be held.The intensive deliberation attended by the Prime Minister has received a lot of attention, such as being broadcast on NHK.Public hearingEspeciallyCentral hearingIs positioned as a premise of the vote, so the ruling and opposition parties will fight over these dates.At the hearing, each party recommends for a day and a halfeconomist,UnionA representative of the committee and a professor who reflects the political issues of the time will make a statement and be asked questions by the committee members.

Sometimes, when scandals etc. are revealed, about itReference personBid orCall to witnessMay be implemented.

At the end of the budget deliberation, a subcommittee will be held to discuss the budget for each ministry and agency.Usually up to 8 per competent ministrySubcommitteeWill be set up and deliberated for about one and a half days (NHK will not be broadcast in the process after the subcommittee, but it will be distributed online).The subcommittees and the ministries and agencies in charge are as follows.

And finally, with the attendance of all ministersClosing Q & AAfter, each partyParliamentary groupRepresentatives give their opinions on the pros and cons of the budgetdiscussAfter that, it is submitted to the vote, and the deliberation by the budget committee is over.The deliberation by the House of Representatives Budget Committee takes about 15 days, and usually takes about 70 hours.

At the plenary session as well, after a report by the chairman of the budget and discussions on the pros and cons of each party's parliamentary group, the vote will be passed by a registered vote, and if the majority agrees, the budget will pass the House of Representatives.3/2By the time you pass the House of Representatives, according to the provisions of the ConstitutionHouse of CouncilorsEven if it is not voted inNaturally establishedAgain, the ruling and opposition parties will fight to decide the deliberation schedule.

The House of Councilors deliberates in much the same way as the House of Representatives, but the purpose is usually explained as a preliminary examination before passing through the House of Representatives.The deliberation of the budget for each ministry and agency is not a subcommittee, but a form in which each committee is entrusted with the relevant part, and after deliberation, it is reported (commissioned examination).If the budget is not established until April 4, the expenditures of each ministry and agency will be affected, so due to the delay in deliberation.Provisional budgetMay be assembled.

If the House of Councilors votes differently from the House of Representatives, the House of Representatives willHouse of CouncilsHowever, if the consultation is not concluded, the vote of the House of Representatives will be the vote of the Diet.Therefore, there are several cases where the budget was rejected by the House of Councilors, but in each case, discussions were not concluded and the budget was usually passed as originally proposed.


The number of members of the Budget Committee is 50 in the House of Representatives (Article 92 of the House of Representatives Regulations) and 45 in the House of Councilors (Article 74 of the House of Councilors Regulations).In each case, one chairperson and nine directors are elected or nominated.

Incident / Episode

* All titles are at that time.

"Bakayaro" case
1953/At the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives (Showa 28)Right-wing Socialist PartyLegislatorEiichi NishimuraThe prime minister was angry at his remarksYoshida ShigeruSaid "Bakayaro", and the House of Representatives was dissolved at the plenary session of the House of Representatives after that.
Kenji Miyamoto is a "murderer" case
1988/(63) In a question and answer session at the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives on February 2,Japan Communist PartyLegislatorSeiji MasamoriAffirm the "extremist swim policy"Liberal Democratic Party Headquarters Arson Attack CaseThe remark immediately after was quotedKoichi HamadaAfter acknowledging the statement, the chairman acknowledged the statement and said, "Since the time when our party created a situation in which the murderer Kenji Miyamoto was involved in the national affairs from the past, immediately after the end of the war, I have the greatest concern and the greatest struggle philosophy. "Furthermore, the communication with Hamada was discontinued.Minister of FinanceIsKiichi MiyazawaSuddenly interrupted Masamori, who was asking questions about foreign exchange intervention, "On December 8, 12, by Kenji Miyamoto and several others, the then director of the finance departmentTatsuo ObataIn the crotch ... ""wireSqueeze withLynchKilled in.I'll just say this exactly.Sounds good. "What I'm saying is Kenji Miyazawa[Note 1]Didn't you just say you killed a person? ", Etc.[15], The committee was raging (see:Japanese Communist Party Inquiry Lynch Case).Hamada resigned as chairman on this matter.

* Other TV programs until the early 1990sradioThere are often occasions when I get a word about the content of the broadcast and the social situation.MediaIn the industry, the remarks of the committee members were often overwhelming.

Ask questions on YouTube
2019/(ReiwaFirst year)10/10 Of200th Extraordinary DietIn the question at the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives inYouTuberAlso active asNational Democratic PartyRepresentativeYuichiro TamakiBut ownYouTubeUsing a personal channel, from the viewer to the YouTube comment sectionTwitterAsked questions at (with a refusal saying "I can't do everything!") And asked questions on the day based on them.[16][17]..Since then, similar projects have been held irregularly.[18].
Anomalous schedule due to new coronavirus
Normally, it is not held twice a day,201th Diet sessionDuring the session2020/(2nd year of Reiwa)4/29Has set the first supplementary budget for 2020, which includes large-scale economic measures associated with the new coronavirus.4/30Due to the need to establish it by the end of the day, the budget committee of the House of Representatives was held in the morning after returning the holidays.General Affairs Committee-Finance Finance Committee-Main ConventionAfter passing the budget in the House of Representatives, the Budget Committee of the House of Councilors was held in the afternoon to expedite the establishment of the budget.
In addition, revisionNew influenza measures special measures lawIntensive deliberation accompanying the extension of the state of emergency under Article 32 is also the House of Representatives in the morning.[19], House of Councilors in the afternoon[20]It was held twice a day in the order of.
204th Diet sessionSince the state of emergency was being announced in the budget deliberation, the local hearing was canceled in order to avoid moving, and it was replaced in the form of a reference question.[21]..As mentioned above[4]Since local inquiry is not mandatory unlike the inquiry under the Diet Law, such handling is possible.following year208th Diet sessionWas treated in the same way[22].


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