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🏛 | Can you dispel “anxiety about the future”? What is the reality of the “new capitalism” that Prime Minister Kishida advocated? [Sunday Moni ...


Can you dispel "anxiety about the future"? What is the reality of "new capitalism" that Prime Minister Kishida advocated? [Sunday Moni ...

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Looking at the breakdown of financial assets in households, 54% are cash and deposits.

A series of fraudulent cases involving new corona benefits.What created the "investment boom" that seems to be influential? … → Continue reading


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Financial assets

Financial assets(Kinyuushi,British: financial assets) IsCorporate accounting[1]In,cashdeposit,bills recivable,accounts receivableas well as the LoanEtc.Monetary claim,stockOther andBondsEtc.SecuritiesAndFutures trading,Forward transaction,Option trading,Swap transactionAnd similar transactions (“Derivative transactions". ) Caused by the netReceivableEtc.” is defined.

Household[2]In, "Cash and deposit[3], Stock/equity, non-stockGovernment bond,Investment trustSecurities such as[4],Financial derivatives, Insurance reserve and pension reserve[5],ゴ ル フ 場Deposits, etc.[6], Foreign claims including foreign securities investment[7]It is.

Financial debt(Kinyuu fence,British: financial debt) Is corporate accounting[1]In,Bill of payment,Accounts payable,Debtas well as the Corporate bondEtc. and the net result of derivative transactionsdebtEtc.” is defined. Household[2]InHousing loan,Installment purchase,bankOf card loans, so-called Sarah gold, etc.consumer loanBorrowing accounts mainly for borrowing[8]

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    The statistics are based on the international standard (93SNABased on the above), individual enterprises are included in the household budget, so items that seem to be business-related are not included in the list in the text and footnotes.
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