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More horrifying reality than any horror, suspense or disaster movie will fall on the people.

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Horrible reality

    Panic movie

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    Panic movie(Panic) orDisaster movie(DisasterBritish: disaster film) IsdisasterDraw people who face sudden abnormal situations such as catastrophesMovie genre..To depict various human behaviorsGrand hotel formatIs often used.Large-scale to draw an abnormal situationSpecial effects(SFX) May be used.

    Works on the east coast of the United States and Europe often depict major accidents, floods, and the spread of infectious diseases.


    Also known as the "father of the movie"D.W.Griffith 1916Produced inIntolerance』Already saw the elements of a disaster movie.the 1930sIn the work of "Kuwa Port(1936,W.S.Van DykeSome have elements of a disaster film, such as the (Director) Earthquake and the Fire of "In Old Chicago" (1938, directed by Henry King).

    the 1950sからthe 1960sEarlyScience fiction movieIsLast day of the earthThere were many things that portrayed a catastrophe.

    1970of"Big airportWith the success ofthe 1970sThe panic movie was all the rage.However, works that did not show the efforts of the staff and the good performances of the actors were made in rapid succession, and the genre of panic movies was exhausted in the mid-1970s.Ten years laterthe 1990sIn the middle of the year, advances in special effects technology made it possible to produce powerful spectacle scenes, and panic movies were revived.the 2000sAfter the second half,CGThe technology of the genre has improved remarkably, and the production of these scenes has become easier, which also contributes to the prosperity of the genre.

    Status in Japan

    In Japan, "GodzillaSince the 1950s, many movies have been made that depict the panic of the government and citizens due to the appearance of monsters such as Was called a "sci-fi movie" (or trick movie). When dither films were produced one after another in Hollywood in the 1970s, the term "disaster film" was coined to make the genre easy to understand and to have an impact.Poseidon AdventureAnd 'Towering inferno''big earthquake] And other big hits have made it popular.Since then, the term "panic movie" has been strategically used by distributors and television stations, and almost all "disasters that cause people to panic" as well as disasters are used as panic movies. It was a situation where it was advertised.

    For example,Cassandra Cross』Depicts" the horror of a train infected with bacteria ", but the scene of the climax of the iron bridge falling was particularly emphasized."The subway takeover is depicted.Subway Panic, And the horror of gun shooting at the stadium.Panic in stadium], Etc., have a Japanese title with the word "panic", regardless of the original title.These are delicate works that would normally fall into the category of "disaster film."Also, in the mid-70s, it was released in the panic movie boom and became a big hit.JawsGrizzly''Orca''Swarm, Etc., movies in which various animals and insects attack humans were released one after another as "animal panic movies"

    On the other hand, during this period (mid to late 70's), "Godzilla』Series and other monster movies have gone down,Oil shockBecause it was a difficult period for Japanese movies, Japanese movie companiesSpecial effectsThere is also an internal circumstance that he made a panic movie in order to utilize his technical know-how.Toho's "Japan sinking''The Great Prophecy of Nostradamus''Burning Tokyo Bay''DeathquakeAnd Toei's "Shinkansen blastWas a big hit, especially "Shinkansen Bombing", which was released in France.While these works featured explosive scenes in cities and complex using gunpowder, they were used to simulate the causes of earthquakes and when they actually occurred.Takeuchi Hitoshi,Nobuhiko OsakiThere is also a pursuit of reality with the cooperation of geologists and architects.

    Main works (chronological order)

    Western movies

    • Last day of the earth(1951) -1933Novel with the same nameMovie adaptation of.It turns out that two large and small stars approach the earth and one collides with the earth.
    • Dr.'s unusual affection(1964) --A military man who controls a nuclear weapon goes crazy and launches a missile, annihilating humankind.
    • Big airport(1970)-A blizzard ensemble drama at Chicago's airport.
    • Clash!(1971) --I'm persistently chased by a trailer driven by a faceless driver.
    • Poseidon Adventure(1972) --Overthrow of a luxury liner.There is also a TV work with the same title.
    • Towering inferno(1974) --Fires in skyscrapers and the activities of firefighters.A masterpiece of a disaster movie.
    • big earthquake(1974) --The Los Angeles earthquake.
    • Hindenburg(1975) --The truth of the explosion was drawn based on the explosion accident of an airship in a true story.
    • Cassandra Cross(1976) --A virus-affected limited express train approaches an old railway bridge damaged by a government order.
    • Panic in stadium(1976) --AmericaStadiumAmerican footballA mysterious panic suspense that aims at players, fans and audience seats and runs away while the game is being held.
    • Meteor(1979) --A nuclear missile attempts to destroy a meteorite approaching the Earth.
    • Poseidon Adventure 2(1979) --The story of a thief infiltrating a luxury liner that was capsized in the work of 1972.
    • Runaway locomotive(1985) - Jailbreak prisonerThe quadruple heading that we got inLocomotive DriverRunaway due to his death.The motif is a true story and the original plan isAkira Kurosawa.
    • Under Siege(1992) - Battleship MissouriIs jacked by a terrorist, and the world is targeted by the nuclear warheads that are piled up.Ryback, played by Seagal, stops it.
    • Airport Series-1970 "Big airportA series for TV that has nothing to do with
      • Airport '98(1993) --The true story of a jet airliner pilot desperately trying to rescue a light aircraft pilot whose instrument has failed by radio instructions from another pilot.
      • Airport '99(1998) --A 13-year-old girl steers a passenger plane on the verge of a crash.
      • Airport 2000(1999) --A conspiracy of the US government and people affected by a strange disease of unknown cause on board a passenger plane.
      • Airport 2001(2000)-CivilianPleasant criminalWill install a bomb on board.
      • Airport '02(2001) --During the flight, the cargo compartment door suddenly blows off.
      • Airport Flight 323(2004) --The battle of the National Transportation Safety Board investigators to find out the cause of the accident.
      • Airport '08(2007) --A fuel leak and a fire prevention device break down, and it is in a state where it can explode at any time.
    • Only to live(1993) --A group of 40 people, including a high school rugby player from Uruguay and their families and acquaintances, crashes on their way to a match in Santiago, Chile.
    • speed(1994) --A bomb is set on a fixed-route bus, and it turns out that it explodes when a certain speed drops.
    • Outbreak(1995) --Scientists struggle to rescue a local city in the United States blocked by an unknown pathogen.
    • Runaway limited express(1995) --The trans-American railroad is jacked by terrorists and hijacked state-of-the-art satellite weapons.Ryback, played by Seagal, stops it.
    • Independence Day(1996) --The activity of the US military to repel aliens who are attacking the earth in a group.
    • daylight(1996) - マ ン ハ ッ タ ンA truck loaded with industrial waste and a runaway vehicle came into contact with each other in an undersea tunnel and exploded.A former rescue worker attempts to infiltrate a deadly death to save a trapped survivor.
    • Twister(1996) --Amateur such as Storm Chaser and Tornado Chaser竜 巻Researcher, alsoChasingBecause it is a movie that depicts, the purpose is different from the panic movie.
    • Executive Decision(1996) --Special forces infiltrate the cabin with a stealth bomber to prevent jumbo jet suicide bombings.
    • Executive command(1997) --Suspense action with almost the same settings as "Executive Decision".
    • Speed ​​2(1997) --The 1994 movieluxury linerEdition.
    • Volcano(1997) --A volcano erupts in the center of Los Angeles.
    • Dante's Peak(1997) --A volcano suddenly erupts in a rural town in the United States.
    • Air force one(1997) --The president confronts terrorists on a hijacked US presidential plane.
    • Turbulence / Turbulence(1997) --The hijacked jumbo jetTurbulenceSwallowed by.
    • Titanic(1997) --Based on the sinking accident of a luxury liner in a true story, I drew people who were tossed there.
    • deep Impact(1998) --Astronaut trying to destroy a meteorite approaching the earth and a journalist telling it.
    • Armageddon(1998) --Approaching the EarthmeteoriteThe activities of oil mining engineers trying to destroy.
    • Firestorm(1998) --Wildfire.
    • Atomic train(1999) --A freight car equipped with nuclear weapons goes out of control.Runaway locomotiveIt is a development that is reminiscent of, but only the first half is significantly different in the second half.
    • The core(2003) --Scientists infiltrate the interior of the Earth to prevent anomalous phenomena around the world caused by the cessation of mantle convection.
    • (2004) - San Andreas FaultIt depicts people facing the large-scale chain earthquakes that occurred in Japan.
    • Dawn of the Dead(2004) - ウ イ ル スCaused byzombieAttacks people and begins to attack.
    • Day After Tomorrow(2004) --ModernIce age.
    • Silent world(2004) --ModernIce age.
    • Space war(2005) --Draws a family who is at the mercy of the sudden invasion of Martians.
    • Poseidon(2006) --A remake of the work released in 1972.
    • Dresden, Fateful Day(2006) --City by Germany during World War IIDresden bombingDraw.
    • mist(2007) --A mystery that occurs in a foggy city.
    • (2007) --Depicts the actual flood in Paris in 1910.
    • Day after flooding the capital(2007) --The high waves and high tides caused by the storm overlap, causing a great flood in London.
    • Blindness(2008) --The world is blind.
    • The day when the earth is stationary(2008)-"1951"地球 OfStill dayIs remade.Invasion and persuasion of aliens.
    • Diary of the Dead(2008) --The zombies that attack people and the confused society are depicted from the perspective of a movie shot by a student in the film department.
    • Happening(2008) --Mysterious all over the United StatessuicideIncidents occur frequently, and people run away to escape suicide.
    • 2012(2009) --A natural disaster occurred due to rapid heating inside the earth.The nations secretly build arks for the survival of civilization.
    • Skyline -Conquest-(2010) --A spaceship invades and people are sucked into the ship.It depicts the three days of residents hiding in a high-rise condominium, escaping the first wave.
    • Containment(2011) --A pandemic of emerging infectious diseases has occurred.Draw up to its expansion and convergence.
    • Ice quake(2011) - Alaska OfpermafrostMelts,Crustal movementOccurs.Liquidation that kills living thingsmethaneGeologists struggle to prevent the great eruption of.
    • World War Z(2013) --Around the worldウ イ ル スCaused byzombieAttacks people and begins to attack.United Nations employee Jerry, played by Brad Pitt, struggles to find out the cause all over the world.
    • Left Behind(2014) --Suddenly, a large number of people disappear and society falls into turmoil.
    • Into the Storm(2014) - 竜 巻The people of the city attacked by the tornado hunter who chases it.And a huge tornado occurs.
    • San Andreas(2015) --A huge earthquake hits California, and the main character of a rescue helicopter pilot tries to save his family.
    • Geostorm(2017) --A malfunction occurs in the International Meteorological Space Station, causing abnormal weather in cities around the world.The hero of the founding of the International Meteorological Space Station tries to save the world.

    Monster movie

    • Cloverfield(2008)-Unidentified giant creatures attack the big city.

    Animal panic movie

    Parody movie

    Asian movies

    Monster movie

    Japanese movie

    • World war(1961) --The false launch of a Russian nuclear missile triggers the destruction of humankind.
    • Gosei Goras(1962) --A rocket is attached to the South Pole to move the Earth in order to escape from the ghosts approaching the Earth.
    • Vampire Goke Midoro(1968) --Amebic space creatures transfer to humans, suck the blood of all human beings, and then invade the earth.
    • Japan sinking(1973) --Geophysicists and government agencies who predicted that the Japanese archipelago will sink into the sea struggle to save the people.
    • The Great Prophecy of Nostradamus(1974) --Abnormal scales have occurred in various parts of the globe, and food prices have skyrocketed.The human heart was devastated, and secondary disasters occurred as a result, and finally the whole worldNuclear warRush into.Even if the whole world diesNuclear missileWill continue to be fired by an automatic retaliation system, and after it is exhausted, the Earth will become a star of death.
    • Shinkansen blast(1975) - ShinkansenIt begins with a threatening phone call that he has set up a bomb.
    • Burning Tokyo Bay(1975) --Seajack, a 20-ton class tanker loaded with crude oil.In response to the threat of destroying the oil base, the Japanese government tries to deceive the criminal by broadcasting a special effects video of the destruction of the oil base.
    • August without Emperor(1978) --Japanese version of "Cassandra Crossing" work.
    • Deathquake(1980) --A direct earthquake that hits Tokyo.big earthquakeSimilar scenes can be seen everywhere.
    • Resurrection day(1980) --Viral weapons spread all over the world, killing humans other than the Antarctic base.
    • Disappearance of capital(1987) --Tokyo is surrounded by high-concentration electromagnetic materials, and communication is lost.
    • circuit(2001) --Humanity disappears from all over Japan due to a surprise attack using the Internet by ghosts.
    • Suicide circle(2002) --Mass suicides occur frequently in various parts of Japan for the same purpose as the American movie "Happening".
    • Dragon head(2003) --Draws a survival drama of three high school students who survived the derailed Shinkansen due to a volcanic eruption and a large earthquake.
    • Japan sinking(2006) --Remake of the 1973 edition.
    • Everything except Japan sinks(2006) --The above parody where the sinking place is reversed.
    • 252 There are survivors(2008) - TokyoToEarthquake directly under the capitalOccurs.Huge due to its influencetyphoonOccurs,Daiba,ShinbashiHit directly.
    • Infected islands(2009) - Infectious disease epidemicSocial function stopped at.

    Monster movie

    • Godzilla(1984) --Although it was originally a monster movie, this work is depicted as a disaster movie, such as the fear of people due to the appearance of Godzilla, the struggle of the Japanese government, and the nuclear problems during the Cold War.
    • Shin Godzilla(2016) --A monster attacks modern Japan, and the government takes measures.

    Animal panic movie



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