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🏛 | "Fear of increase in nuclear warheads in the next 10 years" Analysis by Swedish research institute where tensions increase due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine


"Fear of increased nuclear warheads in the next 10 years" Analysis by Swedish research institute that tensions increase due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine

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On the other hand, regarding the fact that the number of nuclear weapons is decreasing at present, he said, "The government is positive about it," and "as the only country exposed to the war, the international community's efforts toward a world without nuclear weapons. Will lead. "

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    War-affected countries

    International community

    International community(Well,English: International community) Is世界 Of政府And a rough group of people,国際 関係Is a phrase used about. Generally, specifichuman rightsIt is used to imply the existence of a common point of view on problems etc. Activists, politicians, and commentators often use this term to seek the action needed. For example, in the target countryPoliticsOfsuppressionIt is used for what is supposed to be.

    The term generally refers to a consensus perspective on the issue (consensus) Is used to imply.for example,United Nations General AssemblyUsed to increase credibility in.

    Example of interpretation

    Noam ChomskyIs about the use of this word,The United States of AmericaAnd itsDependent countryAnd means an ally,[1][2][3].

    ScholarMartin jacques"We all know what the word'international' means," of course,WesternSo, neither more or less. Using the term "international community" is a way to make the West dignified, global, sound more respectable, more neutral, and superior to others. "they said[4].


    According to2022 Russia's invasion of UkraineThe "international community" has disappeared, and the "western side" of the United States, Europe, and Japan has lost the true meaning of the term "international community."[5].

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