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🏛 | Ritsumin submits a proposal to resign from Mr. Yoshikawa.

Photo: Constitutional Democratic Party member submitting a resolution recommending the resignation of a member of the House of Representatives to the Secretary General of the House of Representatives (center) = Diet on the morning of the 15th

Ritsumin submits a draft recommendation for resignation of Mr. Yoshikawa.

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The Social Democratic Party, which forms the same parliamentary group as the Constitutional Democratic Party, also agreed to submit the resolution.

On the 15th, the Constitutional Democratic Party confronted a member of the House of Representatives, Takeru Yoshikawa, who left the Liberal Democratic Party after being reported in a weekly magazine that he had made an 18-year-old female student drink alcohol. → Continue reading

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    Submission of resolution

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      Ritsumin(Ritsumin) isJapan OfPolitical party OfAbbreviation..いずれもBothPublic office election lawAlthough it is not an abbreviation above, it is used in the press.

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