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🏛 | G7 Summit to be held in Hiroshima "Late May next year"


To hold the G7 Summit "late May next year" in Hiroshima

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The government plans to hold a summit meeting next year in the atomic bombed area of ​​Hiroshima City to inform the world of the realization of the "world without nuclear weapons" that Prime Minister Kishida advocates.

The government is coordinating the G7 = 7 major summits to be held in Hiroshima next year in the latter half of May ... → Continue reading


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Summit meeting

Summit meeting(Shu no Kaidan,British: summit conference) IsInternational communityTo discuss important issues in each countryGovernment leaderGather and doConference-TalksThat is.Big talkOrSummit talksAlso called[2].Japan Ofprime ministerAmerica OfPresidentTo hold this meetingJapan-US Summit MeetingCall[3][4].

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