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🏛 | Seiko Hashimoto returns to the Liberal Democratic Party


Seiko Hashimoto returns to the Liberal Democratic Party

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Initially, he intended to stay with the Liberal Democratic Party, but he left the party after being criticized by the opposition for violating the "political neutrality" stipulated by the Olympic Charter.

Member of the House of Councilors Seiko Hashimoto, who was the chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, has returned to the Liberal Democratic Party.Organization ... → Continue reading


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    Olympic charter

    Olympic charter(Olympic games,English: Olympic Charter) IsInternational Olympic CommitteeEstablished by (IOC)Modern olympicTerms regarding.

    The current latest version was revised in August 2016.1914Drafted in1925Was established in.

    According to the provisions of the proviso of Charter 18.3IOC General AssemblyIt will be amended if more than two-thirds of the attending committee members agree.

    It is a convention established by the IOC, a private organization, and is agreed upon between nations.Treatyis not.


    The Olympic Charter is divided into 5 chapters and 61 articles in total.

    Olympic mottoFamous as "faster, higher, stronger (Citius, Altius, Fortius)"Three-word systemIs written in the 1996 edition of 14.[1].. The "Valid from 2011th July 7" edition is described in Chapter 8, 1.

    At the 2021th IOC Session in 138, "simul" will be added to the motto of the Olympic Games.[2].


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